“You’re hot and wet, aren’t you, slut?” the message appeared on the screen.

“Yes, sir,” the woman typed, responding. She still wasn’t sure why she’d ever logged on to this particular chat room. She’d been doing it for months, and she still wasn’t sure why.

She was a happily married woman, after all. Her husband was loving and caring, as well as a good provider. Her one son was the joy of her life. And it wasn’t like she wasn’t getting enough sex, either. Her and her husband’s sex drives seemed a perfect match, and when they made love it was good.

But lately, something just seemed missing. She couldn’t put her finger on it. Then her girlfriend told her about this virtual place, and told her to check it out. “If nothing else,” she had said, “You’ll get a good laugh.”

She had logged on and selected a newbie area, telling everyone present that she knew absolutely nothing about BDSM, but was curious and wanted to learn. Everyone seemed friendly and pleasant. It was hard to imagine any of them standing over her with a whip in hand, prepared to beat her senseless.

Then he showed up. His screen name appeared in the “who’s on” list, and for some reason, it attracted her. A simple name, really. Free of the sexual terms and hidden innuendos that most had chosen for their screen names, it was just ‘LordRahl’. When she saw it, she smiled briefly, remembering the character from Goodkind’ series.

She had continued to talk with the others in the room, and after only a few minutes, noticed that LordRahl had sent her a personal message.

“I gather from watching your conversation that you’re new to the lifestyle,” he said. “If there are any questions you’d like answers to, feel free to ask. It is, after all, the main reason I created this newbie area, and set the rules such as they are.”

She blinked in surprise as she read his words, then glanced again at the ‘who’s on’ list. She hadn’t noticed the symbol next to his screen name indicating his status as admin for the chat room before.

“Thank you,” she replied simply, and before she knew it, the questions started rolling out of her fingertips and appearing on the screen.

Thus it began, and several months later she was still regularly logging on to this chat room, asking questions. She had even roleplayed out several scenes with him, her sex hot and wet and badly in need of release by the end of each of them. Until their first scene, she hadn’t realised how submissive she was. She hadn’t realised that anything was missing from her sex life. Now she knew and couldn’t stop herself from logging on to the chat room if she’d wanted to.

“Why are you so hot and wet, slut?” he sent, and she could almost hear the hidden mirth in his question. “Is it only because you’re a submissive little slut, and you know that I can give you what you need? Or is it because you know you’re doing something you shouldn’t be?”

She blinked in surprise at this question, for it hinted at knowledge that he shouldn’t have. “What do you mean, sir?” she typed, her fingers trembling as she did so.

“I had an interesting talk with a man the other day, slut,” the answer came back. “Who, interestingly enough, was logging on to the sight from the same IP address as you. This caught my attention. Apparently, you are married, and never bothered to mention it.”

The color drained from her face, and she suddenly felt cold, though it was the middle of summer. “I can explain, sir,” she typed quickly.

“No need, slut,” he replied, and she could almost hear him chuckling at his own computer. “You aren’t the first married woman to log on here, looking for something her marriage was missing. But you might want to explain it to your husband.”

That’s when she felt her husband’s hand settle softly onto her shoulder, and she gasped in surprise. She didn’t, couldn’t turn around to face him. She couldn’t bear to see the look of hurt and disappointment she knew must be present on his face.

“Honey I…uh,” she stammered, trying to find the words.

“Shhh,” he said calmly, soothingly. “No worries, love. After all, it’s not like you were cheating on me. What happens in that chat room isn’t real, after all. I’m not upset about it.”

“You’re not?” she asked, blinking in surprise. The tone of his voice rang true, but she still didn’t dare to turn and look at him.

“No, love,” he replied his hand kneading her tense shoulder, then moving up to stroke the back of her neck under her long hair. “I’m not upset about you going into that chat room at all.”

With a quick motion, his fingers entwined in her hair and clenched roughly, pulling her head back. “What I am upset about, slut, is that you never asked permission before doing so,” he said then.

The sudden pain of her hair being pulled, and the cold power and menace that almost seemed to drip from his voice almost made her orgasm right there. Her eyes fluttered closed in pleasure and a low moan escaped her lips when she realised that her husband was finally going to give her what she had been craving all along, though she hadn’t realised it until recently.

“Now, slut,” he continued, his voice rasping softly in her ear. “Say good night to LordRahl. I wouldn’t want you distracted by the computer while receiving your punishment.”

She sighed happily as she typed in her goodbyes to LordRahl, and she could almost hear the humor in his own farewell. “Have fun.” was the last thing she saw appear on the screen before logging out and shutting down the computer.

“Oh,” she thought to herself leaning back in the chair to look up at her husband’s face. “I will.”

Her husband then tugged on her hair once more, pulling her almost bodily to her feet. He stood behind her afterward, and her eyes dropped submissively to the floor. Though she’d never done this in real life, she’d roleplayed enough scenes like this online to know how to show the proper respect.

“Strip, slut,” her husband’s voice came from behind her as he released her hair. “It’s time you learned who your true Lord is.”

She quivered in anticipation as she quickly removed her clothing. She didn’t even think twice about leaving the expensive garments just lying on the floor in a heap.

“Oh,” her husband said, almost as an afterthought. “In case you’re wondering, our son is spending the night at his friend’s house. We’re all alone until tomorrow morning. Don’t plan on getting any sleep.”

She did climax then, her sex already quivering in anticipation of her husband laying claim to what was rightfully his. She gasped slightly as the tiny orgasm burst through her body, making her tremble slightly. She then moaned softly as he felt her husband’s naked chest brush against her back, his already hard cock rubbing softly between her ass cheeks as his arm reached around her to fondle her breast.

“Your safe word, slut,” his voice whispered in her ear, “will be Red. As in the color your ass will be by the time I’m through with you. Understood?”

“Yes, sir,” she moaned softly, her eyes drifting closed as she began anticipating what was to come. “This slut understands.”

Her husband chuckled softly, almost evilly at that, then shoved her in the direction of the bed, causing her to fall face down on it. She exhaled sharply in surprise at his actions and lay there for a moment before he spoke again.

“Get up on your hands and knees, slut,” he said calmly. “You need a spanking.”

She quickly moved to comply, pulling herself up on her hands and knees, her bare ass pointing at her husband. She heard him approach, and her breath caught in her throat as his hand impacted against the cheek of her ass, causing the flesh to jiggle and her skin to warm under it. She squealed briefly in surprise, as her fantasy suddenly became reality.

Up until that moment, when her husband’s hand smacked hard against her ass, she felt as if she were in a dream, floating in a fog and simple hoping to not awaken before the dream had run it’s course. Now she knew it was all real, and her body responded with yet another climax.

“So, slut,” her husband said, his hand shifting down to stroke her sex from behind and drawing a low moan from her. “How long have you been acting the little slut slave for LordRahl?”

“Three months, sir,” she moaned, feeling his fingers teasing her clit before tickling her anus.

“That’s what he told me, too,” he replied, chuckling. “At least you’re not compounding your misbehavior with lies. I believe I’ll give you five smacks for each month, slut. Then, I’m going to reclaim every one of your holes with my cock so you’ll remember who you must ask permission of before acting the slut with others.”

“All my holes?” she thought, the words startling and arousing her at the same time. Surely he can’t mean my ass, too?

As if in response to her unasked question, she once again felt his fingers, slick with her own juices, teasing around her anus once more. She and her husband had never attempted anal, as she’d no desire for it and he had respected her wishes. But now, the idea of him just using her as he saw fit; not to give her pleasure but to claim what was belonged to him, sent shivers of pleasure running along her spine, and she moaned again in response to his ministrations.

He began spanking her in earnest then, his blows drawing pleasured squeals and his fingers playing through her sex between blows eliciting low moans. Her juices flowed freely now, and in her mind her sex gushed its juices like a river. She couldn’t remember ever having been more aroused than she was at this moment. Her whole body was hungering for her husband’s manhood now, aching for his touch.

After what seemed an eternity of pleasurable torment, the fifteenth smack finally rained down upon her ass, and her husband’s fingers once again played with her sex. Her moaning had increased in volume over the course of the spanking, and she had lost track of the number of orgasms she’d experienced.

“Turn around and face me, slut,” he said, his hand leaving her sex. She quickly moved to comply, scuttling around on her hands and knees like some animal until she was looking directly at his cock. His hand reached around the back of her hair, grasping it tightly as he spoke again. “Open your mouth.”

She opened her mouth, knowing already what was to come as her husband pulled her open mouth over his cock. She had always enjoyed performing oral sex for him for some reason, but it only took a moment to realize this was different. Her husband wasn’t interested in her performing oral sex, he was simply fucking her mouth so she remembered it was his. She moaned softly around his cock as it dawned on her, then did the only thing she could think of, she tightened her lips around his cock and began sucking to increase his pleasure.

Her husband continued fucking her mouth, the head of his cock bouncing repeatedly against the back of her throat as he used her for his pleasure. His thrusting became more ragged, his breathing more labored, as he neared his orgasm.

She moaned softly in pleasure at the expected discharge of his seed, her whole body tingling at the thought. When he thrust a final time, and she felt his come shoot out of his manhood against the back of her throat, she squealed briefly around his cock before beginning to swallow hungrily, gratefully downing his fluids. When he finished, and pulled himself from her mouth, she responded automatically, as if she had been born to serve him.

“Thank you for using this slut for your pleasure and giving her the gift of your come, sir,” she said, keeping her eyes downcast.

He chuckled as he stood over her, his hand leaving her hair. “Turn back around, slut. I’m not through with you yet.”

She hastened to comply, turning around and once again presenting her ass to her Lord.

“My Lord….” the thought hit her like a ton of bricks, bringing with it a thrill she’d never felt before. This is what I’ve been missing. At last. She sighed happily as she felt something cold and slick pressing against her anus.

With a bit of pressure, the foreign object slid past her sphincter and lodged itself in her anus, spreading her open and filling that passage as it had never been before. She whimpered softly at the new sensation.

“A little toy I picked up the other day in preparation for this afternoon, slut,” her Lord said, patting the object in place. “An anal plug. You’ll appreciate the fact that it’s stretched you a bit when I ram my cock up your ass.”

She moaned softly at the thought, finding that she now welcomed the idea of her Lord claiming her back passage, making her entirely his. The thought surprised her a bit, but she revelled in it, laying the side of her face on the bed as she waited for what was next. She sighed in anticipation when she felt the head of his cock nestle against the opening of her wet sex.

His hands grabbed her hips then, and with one quick, almost brutal thrust, he buried himself in her to the hilt. She gasped at the sudden penetration, feeling both her holes filled at once, and almost immediately she could feel her orgasm start to build. She was tempted to reach back and finger her clit, to spur it on, but she knew her Lord wouldn’t want her to do that. To tell the truth, she didn’t want to either. She wanted to be sure that every orgasm tonight was a result of what he was doing, and had nothing to do with her own actions.

Her Lord groaned slightly as he began thrusting into her, the increased tightness caused by the plug in her anus increasing his sensations. As he moved in and out of her, she could tell that it wouldn’t take long for him to come once more, filling her sex with his come. She delighted in the realization that he was enjoying dominating and using her as much as she was enjoying being dominated and used.

It took him longer to come this time, his earlier orgasm alleviating some of the need, but less time than it usually took for his second time in one night. She felt his approaching orgasm as his body began to tremble, and the rhythm of his brutal thrusting began to suffer. As he shot inside her, it triggered her own orgasm, and he groaned loudly as her sex clamped down around his member. All the strength seemed to flow from her body then, and she didn’t think she could have lifted her head off the mattress even if he’d demanded it of her.

She whimpered softly in disappointment as she felt her Lord withdraw from her sex, the sudden empty feeling threatening to consume her. When she felt him tugging on the plug embedded in her ass, though, she remembered his promise to claim that hole as well, and her disappointment fluttered away to replaced by sheer longing. She had never felt this way before, and she wanted so much to be possessed fully by her Lord that her earlier misgivings about accepting him up her ass seemed those of a different person.

When she realized how much larger his cock was than the recently removed plug, she almost changed her mind. It’s large head pressing slowly against her sphincter, stretching it further than she had thought possible, brought her safe word unbidden to her lips. Before it escaped her mouth, however, the head slid past her sphincter and nestled there for a moment. She bit off the unuttered cry that would have called an end to this as she realized that he had passed the difficult part.

She moaned loudly, once again feeling completely filled as he slowly pushed his cock into her bowels. When she felt his coarse pubic hair press against her ass, she knew he was completely within her. She heard him groan softly as his testicles nestled against her sex, then his hands grasped her hips once more as his hips began gyrating, moving his cock in small circles within her to make her sphincter relax and make his fucking of her ass easier.

Once again, this time much to her surprise, she felt an orgasm start to build within her. She had read about women having orgasms during anal intercourse, but had never believed it. But then again, she hadn’t realised how much of a submissive little sex slave, just begging to be used by her Lord, she was at the time.

He began thrusting in her ass eventually, the different sensations, coupled with the complete submissiveness of her situation, began to increase her pleasure. She found herself wanting so badly for him to come again, fill her ass with his fluids, and claim that last part of her the way he should. It surprised her when she felt his hand in her hair, lifting her torso bodily off the mattress as he continued fucking into her.

“Who’s ass am I fucking, slut?” his voice rasped in her ear, his question punctuated by a sharp thrust into her.

“Your ass, sir,” she could barely get the words out past her ragged breathing. She almost failed to answer.

“And what about the mouth and cunt I fucked a little while ago, slut? Who’s were they?” Another sharp thrust to punctuate his question.

“Yours, sir,” she uttered around a moan as she neared orgasm once again. “All yours. Please, sir, use your slut the way she was intended to be? Please fuck this slut until she passes out, then fuck her sleeping form some more.”

Her Lord chuckled evilly into her ear, his free hand reaching around to tweak her nipple sharply. The unexpected pain sent her orgasm crashing down on her, and her Lord proceeded, with great delight, to do exactly as she requested.

– The End –