He watched her from the bedroom while she masturbated in the big recliner. He had cut through the screen window and entered her house while she was taking a bath. He had debated whether to take her while she was in the bathroom, but had decided to wait.

She had put out a short skirt and a thin sweater on the bed. He had stalked her for a couple of weeks and knew she usually went to a singles bar this night of the week. Well, she wouldn’t need that tonight.

She had come out of the bathroom in a robe and sat down in the big recliner to listen to classical music. She wore a big flannel robe with white bra and panties underneath it – a fact that became obvious after she had closed her eyes and slipped her hand down between her legs through the open robe and down into the panties. She moved her hand slowly at first, in time with the string quartet, then gradually faster and faster. As she became more aroused, he could see her mouth open and her tongue protrude to lick her lips. He wondered if she were tasting some imaginary cock with it.

He could see her breathing become heavier, and her body began to tense with the thrusts of her hand. The robe fell free now, exposing a very nice set of breasts, the nipples showing through the thin bra, hard and dark pink. He felt his cock get harder as she reached her peak, her body arching up and a small groan escaping her lips. She stayed that way for a few seconds, then relaxed back into the chair with a sigh.

He crossed the room, blessing the thick carpeting that muffled his approach. He decided to scare her quickly and thoroughly, to avoid any chance she might try to run or scream. He always tried hard not to hurt his prey, thinking of himself as a ‘catch and release’ sportsman/rapist who only sampled the pleasures afforded by beautiful women. Only a few times had they tried to hurt him or escape before he released them, and he had been forced to use stronger measures to get what he needed. He tried not to think about those times.

He placed his left hand over her mouth, and her arms came up reflexively as if to shield her breasts from him. Her eyes jerked open, and as they did he slowly flipped the straight razor out of its holder and extended it like a barber about to shave her. He waited until she stopped struggling and focused on the razor. He had found that the sight of a straight razor inspired even more fear than a regular knife, and he used one all the time now even though they made such a mess if he actually had to cut with them.

“Listen very carefully to me,” he said. “If you try to struggle or make any noise I’ll use this to cut your throat. You’ll flop around for a few minutes and then you’ll die, but you’ll still be warm enough to fuck, which is all I want. If you cooperate, I won’t hurt you. Do you understand me?”

She nodded yes. “Do you believe me?” he said. Again she nodded yes. “I really don’t want to hurt you, but you have to do everything I want immediately. If you try anything or lie to me, I’ll hurt you. Do not speak until I tell you to or in answer to a question. Do you understand?” She nodded again. He looked deeply into her eyes for a few long seconds and removed his hand from her mouth. He moved it up to her hair and grabbed a handful firmly. He moved the razor back from her face. “Stand up,” he said.

She moved up from the chair and he pushed her forward into the center of the room. “Take off the robe and get on your knees,” he said. She slid the robe from her shoulders and kneeled down on the carpet. “Put your hands behind your back,” he said, then handcuffed her hands tightly together. “Nice tits,” he said, as he got on his knees behind her, took the belt from the robe and wrapped it around her arms above her elbows. Slowly he pulled it tighter until he could see her wince in pain, then a little tighter before he tied it off. Her breasts strained against the bra and her back arched so that the material was pulled tightly against her skin. Her breath hissed inward with the pain, but she said nothing, concentrating on not causing him to use the razor.

He leaned forward and whispered in her ear. “Good,” he said. “Now we’re going to play a little game. I’m going to cut off your bra with this razor. Since it’s pulled so tight, it’s going to be hard for me to cut the straps without cutting you a little. Now here’s the game. If you make any noise when I nick you, then I cut a little deeper the next time. Same thing the second time. If you make any noise the third time, I get to gag you and cut as deep as I want to for punishment – and I promise to really leave some scars if I do. So the object of the game is for you to keep quiet and take the initial pain, because it can only get worse. Do you understand?”

She looked at him in fear, and almost said something. A tear escaped from her right eye and her mouth opened to let a small sob out. Before she could do anything else, he pulled tightly on her hair and bent her head back. “Do you understand? Answer me,” He said very quietly. “Yes,” she whispered, her tears flowing more freely now. He could see she knew there was pain ahead for her and she was truly terrified. He released her hair and slowly stroked it with his left hand as she continued to look up at him. She was his now.

“Don’t be frightened,” he said. “I’m very good with this and I’ll try hard to cut you as little as possible, but you have to keep very still and quiet. OK”? She whispered yes, and he bent forward to kiss her soft lips. “Close your eyes now,” he said, “and we’ll begin.”

He brought her head further back as she closed her eyes, and slid his left hand down her neck then under her breasts, cupping the right breast in his hand. He could hear her breathing rapidly in fear as he brought his head down and kissed her on the neck. Her breasts strained against the bra, and the strap above her right breast was pressed deeply into her skin.

Gently he lifted up her breast from beneath, bringing the strap almost even with the skin. Slowly he drew the razor across the strap, cutting slightly into the skin underneath and nicking her breast where it exited. She inhaled sharply and made a small whimper as the strap fell free. The small cut bled slightly, like a paper cut, except where he had nicked her at the finish. There, a few drops of blood were flowing down her breast.

“Excellent!” he said. “You made a little noise but we won’t count it since it was your first time. Now that you know what to expect, however, I expect complete silence. Is that clear?” he asked. “Yes,” she said, breathing out in relief. It really hadn’t been that bad at all. In fact, she could feel her nipples getting as hard as rocks while he was doing it. She was still wet from masturbating, and she could feel his strong hand under her breasts and his breath on her throat as he cut the strap. She had been surprised when he kissed her, but she could feel the warmth spreading to her cunt afterward. She wondered if he would do it again.

Almost as if in answer to her thoughts, his lips again kissed her on the nape of the neck as he leaned forward. He could hear her breathing slow down as he caressed her left breast now. “Lean your head back,” he whispered, almost like a lover. She did and she could again feel the razor cut through the strap. The pain was still sharp. The strap had moved a little as he cut it, forcing him to cut a longer path on her breast, and he could feel her draw her breath in.

He was disappointed in having to hurt her unnecessarily, and determined to make it up to her. The second shoulder strap finally fell free, exposing the other breast. Both breasts spilled out over the bra now, and he could see her nipples were hard. Maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad after all, he thought.

Her head was still tilted back, but the tears had stopped flowing. Her mouth was slightly open and her tongue protruded out a little, just as it had when she was playing with herself. He leaned over and kissed her on the mouth, flicking her tongue with his as he came down. He could feel her mouth move against his and he knew that she was getting really turned on by the game. “Keep your eyes closed,” he said, “and we’ll finish this now. OK? Now since you’re more experienced, and I think you might like this just a little bit, I’m going to hurt you a little just to remind you who’s boss. If you make any noise, don’t forget we haven’t taken your panties off yet.”

He could feel her tense up when he talked about more pain, but that was really just for show. He moved around in front of her and faced her. She could hear him removing his clothes, and felt him standing in front of her. Then she heard him kneel down very close to her. He put his hands on her shoulders and slowly moved them down to caress her breasts. As he touched her nipples, she could feel how hard they had become.

She had moved her head forward, a so he reached up with his left arm and again grabbed her hair behind her head. Slowly he pulled her head back, arching her back even more and tightening the strap under the two now useless bra cups. Deliberately he started the cut about a half-inch above the center strap, slowly drawing the razor forward with just enough pressure to cut the skin.

He could feel her tense up still tighter as he started to cut the strap. He did it as slowly as he could, and the strap was tougher than it looked. Finally he took his hand away from her hair and slipped a couple of fingers under the strap to raise it enough to cut through. The bra slipped down her back, and he could feel her exhale in relief. Her nipples were rock solid and extended.

He leaned forward and gave her a deep kiss, which she returned tentatively, not sure how to react to this situation but definitely turned on by it. He nibbled gently on her erect nipples and slowly moved the dull side of the razor over her breasts. She could feel the cold steel and the heat of his breath on her. His other hand moved down over her stomach and slid down between her legs. Both of them could feel that her panties were soaked again. “Lay down on your back now,” he said as he put his hand up underneath her back and helped her down onto the carpet.

He stretched her legs out and looked at her. Her back was still arched from the combination of handcuffs and the strap from the robe. Her breasts jutted out, topped with deep red nipples. Her legs were spread slightly, and he could see the wetness of her cunt through the thin panties. He rolled her over on her side and cut the strap, then unlocked the handcuffs and took them off. “Keep your eyes closed,” he said. “You’ve been good and I’m going to trust you. If you fail me, you’ll regret it. Clear?”

She was surprised at her sudden freedom to move, but she knew she wouldn’t try anything. Whether from fear or not, she didn’t know, but she knew she had never felt like this before. The mixture of fear, pain and pleasure made her feel more alive than she had ever felt. She could feel every inch of her body, every fiber in the rug that pressed against her, and especially every touch and breath of his. “Yes,” she said, “I’ll keep still,” risking a few extra words.

“The panties are next,” he said, “and I’ll have to cut several times at the elastic band. There will be pain, but you are not to cry out. After the elastic is cut, I may cut the rest from underneath or from above, depending on how well you endure the pain. In either case, you will make no move or sound without my command. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she said.

He rested his left hand on her cunt, his thumb sliding down between the lips and pressing on her clit. Then he clenched his hand, pulling on the panties to tighten them against her leg, and bent over to begin the cut at the top of the panties. He began the cut at the outside of her leg where it was the most muscular and cut slowly through the elastic. She made no sound, but he could feel her cunt pressing harder against his hand as the razor did its work. He decided to continue the cut all the way down through the panties. She seemed to like it and it was really turning him on. He had never had one react this way.

She could feel the razor begin to cut, and it was as if there were an electrical connection between the razor and her body, running through his hand and down his thumb and into her cunt. There was nothing else in the universe but what she felt – pain and fear had given way to something else, something primitive locked far inside her. She wanted him to continue all the way down her panties with the razor and she could feel him doing it, as if in response to her need. Her cunt throbbed with desire, then need, then pure lust as the pain reached a high point at the cutting of the final elastic at the bottom of her panties. He had deliberately pushed inward on the razor at the end to cut her slightly on the leg, and he could see a small flow of blood go down her leg onto the carpet.

He folded up the razor with his right hand and laid it down, while with his left hand he pulled her panties down her leg. As he did, she raised both her knees and spread herself for him, not caring now whether what she did was rational – giving herself over entirely to the feelings. Her eyes still closed, she whispered “Please.”

His cock had been hard since they began, and he could see it was already wet on the end, putting out lubricant. He put both hands on her inner thighs, his thumbs on her wet cunt, and mused that lubricant was definitely not needed here. He gently massaged her and she moaned, spreading her legs even further apart. He couldn’t wait any longer. He slid his hands up over her breasts and put his arms around her, pressing his mouth over hers. Her legs locked around his and he thrust hard into her, feeling the tightness and need of her cunt. He slammed into her like an animal, and she raised her legs higher to give him as much of her as possible.

His mouth moved from hers and went to her neck. He fastened his teeth into her, and he could hear her moan with pleasure. They stayed locked like that until she climaxed – a long, shuddering climax like none she had ever experienced. Then he locked her in his arms and thrust hard, holding his cock inside her as she felt him come. They stayed like that for as long as they could, and then he rolled off to lie separately on the carpet, exhausted. They held hands, and slowly their breathing quieted. He made her come over and lick him clean, then put his cock in her mouth and suck off the rest of their juices from the lovemaking.

Surprisingly, while she was doing this he fell asleep, dropping the razor. She could hear him snoring softly next to her. Her body felt like it weighed a thousand pounds, but she knew that if she moved quickly enough she could get the razor and be out the door before he could wake up enough to do anything. She thought it over, and relived the whole experience in her mind, feeling her initial fear and terror, then submission, then passion. She might never have another man like this in her life, and she didn’t know whether to be relieved or sorry.

She thought for a long time before she decided.

When he awoke, he could feel her sucking on his cock, and he thought he had just dozed off for a second. He reminded himself to keep more alert, and decided to get up to use the bathroom. When he tried to move, however, he knew he had been out for more than a second. He looked down. The razor rested at the base of his cock, lightly held in her right hand as her left hand gripped him tightly. Despite the ministrations of her mouth, he went flaccid almost immediately at the thought of what the razor would do to him. He looked at her – there wasn’t much for him to say.

She looked up and took his cock from her mouth. “Close your eyes,” she said. After he did, she said, “Listen carefully. If you struggle or make any noise, I’ll cut this off. You’ll flop around for a few minutes and then you’ll die, which would be a shame because I really enjoyed most of what we did and you obviously won’t be much of a fuck without this. Do as I tell you, and you might get out of this alive. Turn over on your stomach and put your hands behind your back. Do not open your eyes. I have a gun, and if you try anything, I’ll have to shoot you. Do you understand me”?

He agreed and rolled over, thinking that he had finally been captured. He knew she would call the police as soon as she had him handcuffed, but he admired the way she handled things and anyway he was getting a little tired of constantly waiting for the police to figure out who he was. In a way, it would be a relief.

She cuffed him tightly and then told him to roll over on his back. He opened his eyes and he could see her with his briefs, putting them on him and pulling them up to cover his nakedness. He was touched at her kindness and thoughtfulness, especially after what he had done to her.

She still hadn’t put any clothes on, and he looked up admiringly at her body as she stood over him. He could see the red streak on her thigh where he had cut her the deepest, but it had long since ceased to bleed. She walked around to his right side and kneeled down – he saw she had the razor in her hand again and his heart went cold with fear.

“Close your eyes,” she said, “we’re going to play a little game.”

-To be continued…-