C h a p t e r  T h r e e

A short year ago I was highest paid dominatrix in an underground house in San Francisco. I grew tired of the pathetic wretches I enslaved, so I picked up the phone and within thirty days had this house, a new car and a respectable job paying almost six figures in a city three thousand miles away from the house. A few special sessions repaid the favors months ago, and then I meet this wretch.

He wasn’t my type, but his intelligence and wry sense of humor allowed me to say yes to a date. By dates end I realized I had been acting on my sixth sense. I wouldn’t admit it to myself, but I knew he was a Cumslut, a complete masochist.

I did everything to guide him to what he should be doing sexually, but to no avail. So at a certain point I let him go on like a fisherman giving out slack in the line, knowing that full well I’d reel him in completely. I decided to take him so deeply into enslavement that he be would be completely useless when I trashed him. At least that’s what I thought as he knelt before me.

Stick out your tongue, Cumslut, and as he did I picked up a small plate splattered with his cum. I painted his tongue’s surface with cum and then had him lick the plate completely clean. His little wank swelled and almost burst as he swallowed the last of it.

Maybe I wanted to set Paul’s mind at ease, or maybe I’m getting soft, I don’t know, or maybe I wanted to reassure myself of just how pathetic and malleable this slave was. An arrogant gesture, maybe, a gamble. No, for I was sure of his response.

“Slave, I release you from your commitment of the third question and offer you one more chance. Say the word, yes, and I’ll release you, and you can leave completely free.”

“Mistress, I wish to serve you,” his answer was swift, no hesitation, and I knew all my plans for this slave could and would be realized.

Stand, cumslut, I ordered and he did.

Using the analgesic as lubricant, I slid a very tight fitting cockring down to the base of his cock. Its veins popped out as it grew and hardened to a size he never knew before. I attached a small s clip to the ring, which pinched the skin; the slave let out a yell; I adjusted it and slapped his balls.

“Keep your pain to yourself, for that was nothing, Cumslut. Do you understand?”

He tried to answer, but it came out it spurts. I continued on. I looped a rawhide cord on the s clip and began to wrap his balls with it, pulling on them so they were as taut a sack as possible.

“Turn around, Cumslut,” I ordered. I stood and placed a dog collar around his neck, tight but leaving enough for breathing purposes.

“Now bend over, slave and present your ass to me.”

I spread his ass checks, and turned to Paul. “I could never get this Cumslut to take it up the ass at the Garden. Later, as promised, when this pussy is ready, you can rape it to your heart’s delight.”

“I can’t wait, baby.”


A large glob of the analgesic I squeezed into the palm of my hand, and reaching between his legs grabbed his cock. The slave was as hard as ever. As I stroked and applied more of the heat to his cock, I realized I could make him cum again in less than thirty seconds, so I applied the heat to his balls and ran it the inside length, up to the ass and over both cheeks. This would light him up for sure; tears would be streaming down his cheeks soon. I heard a low guttural sound from the slave; the heat was beginng to work.

The butt plug, a medium width. I almost coated it with heat but thought I’d leave that for another time. No use ruining him so soon. The butt plug I used regular lube on; placed it against his puckered ass and pushed and rotated it, teasing the tip slightly into it.

“Paul, feed him the bottle, both nostrils.”

“Cumslut, I want you to beg me to shove this butt plug up your ass.”

“No, Mistress, please, not that, please.”

I didn’t say a word; I stood, placed my palm against the plug’s base, grabbed the handcuffs, and when Paul capped the bottle after the four hits, I shoved the plug in, pushing with effort for a second, and then he opened up and accepted its length. He let out an exclamation, more sound than words. I spun him around and stuffed the panties back into his mouth, applied the ball gag. And with my hands, made him kneel before me. I instructed Paul to take the cord from his balls and attach it to the back of his collar.

Tears streamed down his face; I checked his cock it was still hard as a rock. His tears were a triumph, yet it always made me feel like inflicting more when they cried like a baby. I felt that sadistic tingle growing between my legs; I wanted to whip him right then, but my plans were otherwise. It could wait until I was totally all aglow. The tingle increased as I picked up the nipple clamps. Yes, why not. I set them for a low pressure, then a medium, and then applied them, and he whelped like a baby then only from deep within him, muffled and pathetic like a true slave.

Tears increased; the tingle increased.

I grabbed his hair and commanded him to stand. I led him to the sofa’s edge and bent him over; told Paul to hold his head the cord pulled his cock and balls to their limit.

I grabbed the cat-o-nine-tails. My pussy streamed. I didn’t speak but began to lay it on him in regular lashes. After ten, I stopped and grabbed his cock; pre-cum flowed. He was into it as I suspected; I could do whatever I wanted to him.

I fingered myself as I again began the assault with the whip. Almost with each lash I came. The slave’s legs quivered almost to the extent of his collapse; at thirty I stopped.

I leaned over the slave and whispered in his ear, “Nod yes or no if you’re happy to be my slave.”

He nodded affirmatively, but not as enthusiastically as I wished. Do you want me to whip you some more, Cumslut?

He nodded affirmatively, slowly, and I felt a little better. I stepped back and began another quick five.

I looked at Paul and his expression was really weird, as if he were watching an alien spaceship land. But his monster cock was as hard as the slave’s cock.

On his knees, In front of the sofa, I placed the slave; yes, his cock was hard.

“Fuck my brains out, Paul. And, Cumslut, you watch every thrust, or I’ll shove a red hot iron dildo up your ass.”

I lay on the sofa, spread my legs, and as moist as I was his thick, black monster cock slid right into me, and I came within seconds. The fuck machine pounded me as the slave knelt there and watched. I was in control enough to check the slave out of the corner of my eye. The look of astonishment on his face and the subsidence of the tears allowed me to surrender to this glorious fuck and cum a dozen or more times before Paul shot his load deep within me.

-To be continued…-