C h a p t e r  F o u r

A filament of cum ran from the tip of Paul’s cock to my Mistress’ pussy as he withdrew it. He grabbed the base of his cock and gave it a slight flick and the filament of cum jumped and stuck to his cockhead.

“Paul, the key. Unlock one cuff,” she said.

Until she spoke, all of my perception had been in a slow motion unreality. But when my arms fell to my side, I felt a great relief in my neck and upper back, and an overpowering sense of reality returned.

“Undo the cord from your neck, Cumslut.”

I managed to reach it with effort. My cock and balls drooped normally at its release, and I realized I was still erect but had no sense of an erection. The heat through my genital region was a mild irritation; the butt plug, though a monstrous pain upon entering, now seemed at home.

A strange feeling of pleasure seemed to dance down and through my cock now–directly from the plug, and the sensation of an erection returned full-bloom. All this effort and movement brought back the pain from the nipple clamps, which up until then had been numb ever since she had whipped me. My ass and upper legs ached. I would not want to sit.

Mistress had turned while I was doing this, she had her legs raised up; her hands were behind her knees, her ass and pussy right in front of me, on the sofa’s edge. “Paul, undo the ball gag.”

“Cumslut, remove the panties; Paul, open the zip bag for him to drop them in.”

“Now, slave, turn on your knees sideways…that’s it. Now, suck Paul’s cock clean.”

Never had I sucked such a long, thick cock as this. He was still semi-erect. Stepping forward, the cock only an inch from my mouth, I could feel my own coming completely back to life.

“Suck it, slave!”

The head filled my mouth; the cum taste seemed to rush through my body like the vapors from the bottle. I licked and sucked, cleaning the cum as directed and swallowed it as if I were a starving man.

“Oh, Cumslut, you are in heaven now, aren’t you?” she asked. But with a mouthful of cock, I just moaned approval and Paul began to slide it further in until my throat refused to take anymore. I had at least six of the probable ten inches of this monster in me.

“Paul, the bottle’s behind you; fed him four hits, and then shove your cock as far down as it will go. And, Cumslut, if you want to please me, I want your nose buried in Paul’s stomach.”

I reached and took Paul’s cock in my hand and guided it to my mouth; his hands went to my head. With my eye’s closed and the bottle’s sensation rushing through my brain to my cock, his head was at my throat’s entrance in a second.

My hands went to Paul’s hips and I pulled him toward me just as he lunged at me. His cock slid slowly down my throat, only inches away from his stomach, my nose wanted to reach out and please my Mistress. The gag reflex had him pulling it back and then going again. Each time, over and over, I came close to taking it all, but to no avail. The last inch could have been a mile. It seemed an eternity; I was lost in this glorious act, yet disappointment at being a failure for my Mistress cut into me more painfully than the whip or the butt plug up my ass.

“Enough!” she commanded. “You are a complete failure, Cumslut. You can’t even do a simple act that you love to do for me, your Mistress. Crawl over here and suck out my pussy and clean all the cum out, slave. See if you can do that!”

Her words cut through me painfully. My mouth went to her like a magnet. My tongue went deeply up into her; her ass wiggled as she lightly ran her finger over her clit. After another eternity, her hand grabbed my hair and directed me to her clit; I sucked it, rolled my tongue about it, eating and swallowing ever drop of moisture. She was now just smashing my face into her cunt, pulling at my hair, around and down, and, then in a moment of complete surrender to her stimulation, she came violently, pushing my face deeply into her. I thought I would suffocate, but finally she pushed my head away.

Kneeling there, I was panting and lost to my lust. My face felt covered with moisture; my cock wanted to burst. Even the nipple clamps and the butt plug sang and danced a pleasurable tune through my body.

“Paul, help him up and take him to the bathroom.”

She followed us in and closed the drain in the tub. Cumslut, in the tub on your back. Yes, like that. Now move towards the back, further, stupid.

She stepped in and knelt over my face, settling her pussy directly over my mouth. “Now, open wide and don’t you loose a drop because every last drop will be licked up by your tongue if any escapes.”

A warm, powerful stream of her piss filled my mouth before I could swallow; some I felt going down my cheeks and chin, but I began to swallow and swallow, catching most of it before a second or two passed.

“Good God, Paul, see how much he loves it. Maybe you’d like to piss down his throat?”

“Don’t mind if I do, baby.”

Her golden stream trickled to a stop, and she was right I loved it! She spread open her pussy and had me suck and lick it completely clean. Also, I tongue-cleaned the inside of her thighs where piss had trickled. She then got out of the tub, had me kneel, and she whispered to Paul and then he stood in the tub in front of me.

“Close your eyes and open your mouth wide, Cumslut!” she ordered, and I obeyed.

His piss hit me in the face and I moved to find the stream with my mouth, but he moved the stream and some went in my mouth, but most splashed over my face. Paul must have a racehorse in his pedigree because he seemed to piss forever. Finally, it stopped.

“Now open your eyes and look at all the piss you missed, Cumslut.” She had gone and retrieved the zip bag with the panties in it. She began to sop up the piss on the tub bottom with the panties. They could not hold all the piss in the tub, so she placed them back in bag and closed it.

“Now lick, drink, whatever, the remainder of that snack on the bottom of the tub.”

And I did.

“You’re not done, Cumslut. Here use this straw and clean up every drop of piss from the bottom of the tub, now!”

On all fours sucking the tub bottom, I felt her reach between my legs and grab my hardon. “Paul, this Cumslut is hard as a rock; he loves piss. He’s a Cumslut and a piss-slut. Let everyone know tomorrow night is a cum AND piss party.”

“You got it, babe. How’s about a shower, me and you?”

“Yeah, I feel completely disgusted and dirty after watching this Cumslut drink his piss snack. Out of the tub, slut. Open your mouth,” she ordered.

“Take the panties from the bag and stuff them in your mouth, Cumslut.”

I reach in and pulled them out; they were sopping wet and dripping piss. Don’t you dare spill any of that get it in your mouth. That’s it, now lean your head back.” I obeyed of course. And she poured the remainder of the liquid into my mouth, and it spilled out over my cheeks and chin.

“This slave is useless. Turn around, Cumslut,” she spat out at me. Handcuffs, again. She poked her finger into my mouth, stuffing the panties in until I could close my mouth.

“Now close your mouth, and she put tape over my mouth. Now, work on those panties and kneel over here in the corner while Paul and me shower up.”

A reflection of me kneeling in the corner, in a full-length mirror attached to the back of the bathroom door, caught my eye. My cheeks were puffed out from the panties. Piss dripped down my throat. My cock was erect and aching, but pumped full of lust. If I were under her boot right now, and she asked if she should crush the life out of me a small piece of me might say yes. I expected to lick up the piss from the floor, and actually anticipated it, actually wanting to do it if she ordered it!

A cum and piss party! Oh, God, what was in store for me tomorrow night? Whatever would happen, I knew in that not so secret part of me, I would enjoy it, relish orally and anally servicing a room full of cocks and maybe cunts. I would do anything she commanded me to do, even eating the shit right from her asshole. The idea of jamming my mouth between her glorious globes made my cock jump.

>From the shower came steam and laughter. The translucent tub enclosure gave me a weird sight, a configuration of one body with several arms. My entire body ached and numbness crept through my arms and legs. The enclosure slid open; Paul stepped out, his monstrous member hard.

Mistress Dominique stepped out, her copper-colored body glistening. They each plucked a towel from the rack and began drying each other, ignoring me completely. Both exited, leaving me kneeling there, feeling truly useless and abandoned.

Mistress returned carrying a strap-on dildo. It was a form-fitting harness with a black, eight-inch dildo on one side of the harness and a smaller one on its opposite side. She did not speak, but stood in front of me and inserted the smaller one into her pussy, began adjusting the straps, and when finished her eight inches dangled right in front of my face.

Even with the panties in my mouth I could sense I was salivating for her cock. The sight was so intense: her beautiful, large breasts, her shapely ass and legs, and her black monster of her own!

“Stand! Cumslut,” she ordered as she assisted me by grabbing my hair in her fist and yanking upward. I struggled to me feet a brief moment of dizziness and then it passed.

She spun me around and undid the cuffs.

“Remove the gag and the panties and place them in the sink, slave.”

My cock was fully erect and aching anew with pain and lust as she grabbed it. “Well, Cumslut, Paul and I have a real treat for you, she said as she attached a leash to my collar. Now, on your knees, down all four, Cumslut, and crawl after me to the bedroom.”

Paul sat on the bed’s edge, cock in his hand, stroking what appeared to be lubricant up and down its shaft. At the foot of the bed she had me stand and bend over.

The sound of rubber gloves stretching and snapping on her hands came to me. Then, she pulled the butt plug straight out of my ass unceremoniously. Relief gave me a warm glow for just a second.

A finger entered my ass, then two fingers, and three pushing in as far as her hand would go; then four fingers, twisting and reaming. My cock jumped. The sensation was marvelous. She pulled her fingers out.

Paul had placed a padded ottoman of sorts, covered with a sheet in the room’s middle. Then, he directed me to it. “Kneel and present your ass to me, Cumslut,” Mistress ordered.

After climbing upon it, I saw Paul holding the bottle to my nose. Take deep hits, Cumslut,” she ordered.

After the second hit, her fingers, at least three entered my ass, and she began pumping her hand as hit three came and went. By the end of the fourth hit, I was leaning my ass back into her strokes. Paul brought another pair of soiled panties to my nose, and cupped his hand with them over my nose and mouth.

Rhythmic strokes, pushing in as deep as possible pure delight; Paul took the panties from my nose and poured several drops of the liquid into the panties center, folded and then returned them to my nose.

“Take deep breaths, slave. Yeah, that’s it, deeper, deeper,” she said. “Soon, Cumslut, you won’t have an ass; no, you’ll have a pussy. Do you like me fuckin’ your pussy, Cumslut?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I spat out through the panties

“Good because it’s a pussy already, Cumslut. Isn’t it, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Yes, Mistress, what?”

Yes, Mistress, my ass is a pussy.

“And pussies love to be fucked, don’t they, Cumslut?”

“Yes, Mistress, my pussy wants to be fucked.”

“Replenish it, Paul.”

Paul added more drops to the panties.

“Breathe deeply, Cumslut; yeah, another, another. Smell my pussy in there, Cumslut?”

I nodded affirmatively.

She pulled hand fingers out; my asshole quivered. It missed being full.

“Now beg me to fuck your pussy, slave.”

“Mistress, please fuck my pussy, fill me up with your hand, please, Mistress.”

“Paul, now.”

Paul removed the panties and stuck his cock in my mouth; he held my head down and his cock immediately reached the back of my throat, and, being lubed, it slid easily and deeply into me just as her whole hand plunged into my ass. Her knuckles encountered resistance; instinctively I pushed back, wanting her fist up inside of me as I had seen in gay flicks.

She pushed and a deep-seated, moaning with a cock down-my-throat noise came out of me as her whole hand slipped into ass. Pain reached another level; I felt woozy from it, and I moved away from her thrusts. She just pushed harder and deeper. Making a fist inside of me almost made me faint.

My nose barely touched Paul’s stomach. He pulled out slowly until he sensed I could breathe; Mistress was pumping her fist deep inside of me. When Paul sensed I had taken a breath, he plunged his cock as deeply as it would go and placed the panties, bottle enhanced, over my nose. I breathed deeply and as frequently as he would let me, as he would withdraw his monster cock from deep within my throat.

My balls boiled. I began to cum; my body trembled and shook as my cock spat cum. They knew I was cumming because both intensified their pumping as it began. The bottle’s influence made me believe I had cum for hours and hours, but finally it ended. His cock was out of my mouth; her hand was out of my ass.

In the brief silence before the storm, I realized, never in my life, had I experienced an orgasm as powerful as that. Also, how else could I ever experience it again, except at the hands of my Mistress. The deep pain in my ass (I swear I felt a draft going up it) started to introduce it to me, as all hell broke loose.

-To be continued…-