C h a p t e r  F i v e

As I knew he would, the slave shot his load. From the moment I put the rubber gloves on I had begun stroking my false cock, giving myself a series of orgasms. I wanted to whip him now so badly I could taste it.

Paul loved watching me enslave and especially whip this pathetic shit. It turned him on, he had told me. I would never tell either of these men that between them I actually experienced sexual satisfaction. Paul’s cock and his ability to use it amazed me, and the slave’s tongue was good. He was a complete one, allowing me to experience everything I wanted in that realm.

“You lousy piece of shit, no one gave you permission to cum.”

I grabbed the cat-o-nine tails and began to lash the slave’s ass as hard as I could. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Paul working his cock’s head with his hand furiously as I lay on the lashes. I worked the dildo between my legs furiously also.

By stroke five I came and, once I reach a certain point cumming from a whipping, I can continue getting off for an hour or more if the slave can take it, or if you have a stable of slaves to use. The latter was my goal. I would take an ad out as soon as possible and get two more in here for next weekend and be able to spend all afternoon whipping and cuming!

Switching the whip to my other hand, I grabbed his wank. It was still as hard as ever. This slave would be worked every weekend. Soon he’d be begging to be whipped so he could cum. His asshole was still open, and I knew how much Paul looked forward to fucking this slave up the ass.

I leaned next to the Cumslut’s ear and whispered, “If you cum again without my permission, Cumslut, I have a steel dildo I will heat up with a blowtorch and shove it up your ass. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Now lick up the cum on the sheet and suck the areas of the sheet that are already soaked up.”

I motioned to Paul it was time to fuck this slave from both ends. Paul would shove his cock in the slave’s mouth while I rammed my strap-on up his ass, and after a minute or two we would switch places, over and over until Paul came. Paul got the bottle.

“Cumslut, present your ass, now!”

I knew the slave couldn’t keep from cuming once we began fucking his brains out. Amazingly, the slave was ass-trained in one session. What a complete faggot-slave he was. I had the blowtorch ready and would scare the hell out of him.

Paul fed him the bottle; I slowly ran my hands over the slave’s ass, inserted a few lubricated fingers while Paul did his thing. I could feel him responding. As soon as Paul inserted his cock in the slave’s mouth, I rammed my strap-on up his ass, an eight-inch, hard rubber dildo, approximately two inches in diameter. The slave resisted as I drove it in as deeply as I could, but within a minute he was riding his ass back onto the strap-on loving it! Soon his asshole-pussy would be the center of his sexual universe, sort of asscentric.

The angle was great; I only had to thrust and inch or two, keeping most of the dildo deep in him. Paul was making eyes at me, letting me know he wanted to fuck the slave’s pussy. I wanted to stay on it myself because I was building toward an immense orgasm.

It started deep within and I just smashed that strap-on into him and ground away. Truly a profound cum, and I just rode his ass, each second better than the last. I shuddered and Paul withdrew his cock from the slave’s mouth. I did too and we switched.

Paul wasted no time and drilled his ten-inch monster deeply into the Cumslut. I had picked up the slave’s head just as his eyes bugged out and Paul hit bottom. The slave emitted a moan of pain/pleasure as I pushed my strap-on, coated with his own inner mess, through his lips. Open wide, Cumslut, and suck my cock clean and swallow every drop.

I loved the look on a slave’s face when you make him eat his own waste; it sends a thrill through me. And I truly can almost cum when he relents and gives in to his true bliss and that pleasurable expression comes on his face as he swallows it and grunts and sucks for more. From the look on my cumslut’s face, he’d enjoy an open mouth brown shower. Right then–I couldn’t wait to have his lips glued to my asshole.

I glanced up at Paul; the look on his face was one of total enjoyment: his eyes closed and hands on the slaves’ hips. He pounded the cumslut’s asshole, pulling his monstrous cock almost all the way out and then ramming it in until he hit bottom. Paul was doing it exactly the way I told him too. After this fucking, the Cumslut could take anything up the ass and he’d have plenty tomorrow night to look forward to.

The Cumslut was here for the entire weekend, and he didn’t know what I had planned for him Saturday night. Paul was bringing three of his buddies over to have their way with the slave; each, I insisted, must be hung at least eight inches in length. Paul guaranteed they’d be eight or more in length. Also, Paul asked if two could each bring a young black girl to play with the slave. At first, I thought that would be too much, but in the shower I told him to bring the girls. I also insisted that Paul let them know I was completely in charge and that they must follow my directions. Paul again guaranteed it.

“Paul,” I said, and he opened his eyes. “We’re going to the floor with the slave on his back. You can continue fucking him like the true pussy he is.”

Paul immediately withdrew his cock. I unplugged the dildo from the slave’s mouth and commanded he get on the floor on his back. He obeyed instantly. Yet I could see he was becoming spent as far as energy went, so I knew this would be the last scene of the evening. I’d send Paul home and lock the slave up in the basement, take a long warm bath and go to bed.

I undid the strapon, freeing my bottom for the slave’s mouth. Paul had placed a cushion on the floor with a sheet over it to prevent stains. The slave’s cock was hard as ever –the ring made sure of that. I picked up the thin leather paddle I had used on his cock earlier and settled over the slave’s face.

As I picked up the slave’s cock and had it resting in the palm of my hand, I said, “Okay, Cumslut, you get your tongue up my ass and lick and suck it like a man starving.” And I began to slap his cock, knowing it would cum shortly.

Paul was back to pounding ass, and the Cumslut had his tongue deep in my ass. I pressed my full ass down on his face, smothering him, knowing he’d touch my ass when he needed to breathe.

The pleasure from his tongue had me on the edge of cuming in a matter of seconds, and I gave into it and took the pleasure. And almost as if by magic, Paul began his ride to his end as I wiggled in orgasmic surrender and as the Cumslut’s battered cock spit its messy load into my hand. A rare triple cum! And that pushed me into even further wiggling, so deeply into my own pleasure I had stopped slapping the Cumslut’s cock and was jerking the little fellow off.

The Cumslut’s hands gently touched my ass; I moved my ass up and looked at Paul. He was resting deep inside the Cumslut’s ass; his eyes opened, and he said, “Baby, this was the greatest.”

“Come around here to the slave’s mouth and have him clean your cock with his mouth, Paul.”

I spun around after wiping up the slave’s cum onto my fingers, and before Paul got to his face I had the slave lick all his own cum from my hand and fingers. I looked deeply into the slave’s eyes as he did this and I could see that look of acknowledgment, of total surrender to anything I commanded, of complete acceptance of what I willed was exactly what he wanted and needed. It was only an acknowledgement of what I had known for hours, but that sight in a slave’s eyes is so fulfilling and inspiring.

“Now open and clean Paul’s cock, Cumslut, lick off all his mess and your own. Make his cock as clean as possible, slave.”

I moved my ass down and away from the Cumslut’s face, grabbed his hair and raised his face to meet Paul’s cock as he knelt. The Cumslut’s cock touched my ass, and I did something I had sworn I’d not do with this slave. I knelt up and grabbed his cock, which was still hard, and slid it into my pussy. She wrapped herself around it and lust overcame me.

I released the Cumslut’s head; Paul grabbed it and lifted it to meet his softening cock. The slave did not hesitate but began to lick and suck off the cum, lube and shit from the cock eagerly.

The sight raised my heat. I sat full on the slave’s cock, and it seemed to rise up –and it found itself deep inside me. And I began to ride it and, as Paul’s big cock disappeared down the slave’s throat, I rode the cock up and down furiously. My one hand began to finger my clit and the other went to my right nipple, pulling and squeezing it. Eyes closed–I rode into another orgasm, and another I’m not sure how many, but when I tired of it, Paul knelt, his cock clean as the proverbial whistle and now beginning to get hard again as he stroked it–staring at me.

“Paul, hand me the lube. Now stand over the slave. I want your cock in my mouth but first go and wash it.”

Paul went to the bathroom…running water…and I lubed the slave’s still stiff cock and gently guided it into my ass. I wanted what I wanted right then and there and didn’t care what anyone thought, or what I had promised myself. I simply took.

Paul came back, stood over the slave and I gulped that massive thing as I slid up and down the slave’s cock. The slave moaned deep pleasurable grunting sounds –and inside I knew I would have to, and also wanted to, punish his ass when I finished. Enjoy it now because you will pay soon, I thought, as I lost myself in my lust, Paul’s cock creeped down my throat as far as I wanted and the slave’s cock slipped up my asshole in a frenzied rush to pleasure. And it did not take long before I began to cum and cum. I finally had enough. Now I needed the whip in my hand to finish the evening, knowing I’d whip this Cumslut for having his cock inside me, for giving me pleasure and because I just wanted to!

Pushing Paul away as I began to get up, the slave’s cock slid from my ass and Paul stood aside. I sat full force on the slave’s face. Clean your Mistress’ pussy, slave! My internal rage at myself for losing control of my planned execution I sublimated into a gashing, mashing pussy fuck of the slave’s face. Pleasure disappeared as I used his face as toilet paper to clean away the invisible and self-induced soiled remains of fucking this slave. He enjoyed it! No matter how furiously I banged his head about under me, he opened his mouth to receive my pussy with an incredible willingness that only infuriated me more. Oh, was I going to punish him!

“Get up, slave.” As he got to his feet, I grabbed the handcuffs. “Turn around, put your hands behind you.” My tone of voice was calm and directed. I cuffed him, pushed him toward the chair, and made him bend over it. Then I tied a leather cord about his neck, fished it underneath him to his cock and balls and tied it firmly about the package. Then I brought it up the crack of his ass and tied it to his neck. The panties I plucked from the zip bag and stuffed them in his mouth, secured them with a ball gag, and reached for the whip. Once in my hand, a calm and resolve overcame me.

Speaking would ruin the mood I was in. I just began to systematically whip his ass, legs and back in even measured strokes, gradually building in intensity until I could see his legs shivering. My own sex dripped as the pleasure of seeing the pain I was inflicting registered in the slave before me. I was laying the whip on him by then as hard as I could muster. The welts were rising in a kaleidoscope of red and purple over his body. I had reached a sadistic fever-zone I had not been in over a year. I wanted to stay in it for as long as I could; I touched my clit and came so deeply I missed the rhythm of the lashing, again with each flick of my finger my clit pounded out an intense orgasm. It was now that I wished I had another slave here to suck on my clit as I lashed this useless Cumslut.

Thankfully, my clit began to ache from so much pleasure, and reality sunk in. The slave would either pass out or cum or both any second. One more, one more and the slave came and collapsed as he passed out. I dropped the whip to my side; my other hand fell from my clit. Out of the corner of my eye I saw and heard Paul finishing himself as he shot hot cum over the slave’s unconscious face. The session was over.

“Paul, I need you to leave now, and please be careful about what you say to our guests for tomorrow. Only I can whip this slave this hard understand?”

“Sure, baby, no problem. This was fantastic and tomorrow night will be too. I’m sure.”

Paul kissed me and went to dress himself. I had to rouse this slave and store him in the basement for the night. Exhausted and ready for bed, I could’ve asked Paul for help, but I wanted Paul out of the house ASAP. A long warm bath –and then sleep.

— The End —