To say my husband is not jealous of me is an understatement. After eight years of marriage, we had grown very used to each other, and our sex life became mundane. One night he decided that we needed to put some zing back into sex and we started playing with various ideas. One of those ideas was bondage. I would put up a fight, and we would see if he could subdue and tie me to our king size bed. It took him about twenty minutes to win, and I felt myself hornier than I had been in some years. After tying my hands to the head board, he pulled my tube top down so my tits were exposed and then undid my cutoff’s and pulled them, along with my panties off. Then he spread-eagled me and tied my feet to the foot board. All that was left was for him to blindfold me, which he did rather quickly. I pretended that I was being raped, and I begged him to let me go.

All of this made him more excited than I could remember seeing him in quite some time. He straddled my face and ordered me to suck his cock, which, because it was so huge, seemed to be a different one. I sucked it into my horny mouth and then into my throat as he pushed it farther in. Finally, the entire length, about nine inches, was buried to the hilt and his balls rested on my chin. I continued to suck and lick his beautiful cock, and even came just from it being in my throat. I felt like a slut, and I loved it.

Soon after my own orgasm, he began to fuck my mouth, and before too long, he was shooting a load down my throat. After he came, he pulled out, still hard, and went to work on my pussy. He began by licking and sucking my inner thighs just inches away from my hot cunt. I was going nuts as he would lightly brush my clit, going from leg to leg. He kept getting closer and closer to my leaky cunt, and finally he took my clit between his lips and sucked and bit at it. I came again as he drove three fingers into me. Then he stopped and kissed his way up my belly, and then to my nipples which were fully erect. He licked and sucked and nibbled at them, until I again felt the heat rising in my pussy. He then moved to my neck and started kissing it. Then I felt his cock begin to rub up against my cunt. He started sliding it in and he filled me completely. I think I began to cum almost immediately, and kept on cumming ’til he finally blasted his second load into me.

Then he rolled off of me and left me tied up there on the bed. After a while, he got up and closed the door as he left the room. I heard movement out in the living room, and about thirty minutes later, the door opened again. He got on the bed and started to eat me again. Lying there in anticipation of what was going to happen next, had it’s effects on me and I was horny, thinking about what his next move would be. He again moved up my body and straddled my head once more. He rubbed his cock all around my face and finally, he parted my lips with it. I sucked it in and as he sunk it into my throat, I realized that it was even bigger than before. He continued to slide it in, and I realized that this time it had grown at least two inches longer. Then I just barely perceived more movement on the bed, and felt a cock press against my cunt. I tried to move my head so that the cock in my throat was removed, but it was too large and stayed lodged there. I tried to speak, but that’s impossible with almost twelve inches of spasming cock in your throat. The other cock filled me and stretched my pussy out, and it seemed like it would never stop pushing more and more into my pussy.

I could only lay there and take whatever was going to happen. What I do know is that my body reacted much differently than my mind wanted it to. I was becoming hotter and hotter as these two cocks ravaged me. The excitement was greater than I had ever felt and I was soon cumming. As I moaned around the cock in my throat, I felt it grow rock hard, and as he fucked my mouth, I could feel his dick begin to spasm, knowing that I would soon find my mouth filled with sperm. He came what felt like a bucket load, and I struggled to swallow it all down. Then the other cock started to really fuck my pussy hard and soon, that cavity was filled to overflowing. He came so much and so hard that his cum shot out of my cunt as he fucked me.

Then, my husband pulled off the blindfold and I could see that I had just been taken by two black men. They untied me and told me they were far from finished with me. I went to the bathroom and came back out, ready for more action. This was my first time in having two cocks at once, and I was soon to be introduced to being fucked by all three men. I climbed on top of one of the black men, and slid down on his black fuck pole. The other one knelt to the side and had me suck him. Then my husband got in behind me and I felt him rub my asshole. Then I felt his cock press into me, and I told him NO! but he was determined to fuck my asshole and he continued to push it in. After the initial pain wore off, I found myself becoming very hot again. The black man I was fucking pulled my hips down until my cunt engulfed his entire length. His cock was going deeper than I had ever experienced, and he stretched me out.

Meanwhile, my husband had all nine inches of his meat buried up my ass, and my throat was filled with the other cock. Soon, my husband shot his cum deep into my ass, and the black in my pussy followed suit shortly after. The one in mouth pulled out as he came, spraying my face and hair with a gigantic load of sperm. They continued this all night long, even after I passed out from exhaustion. When I awoke the next morning, the other two were gone, and my husband had his cock in my pussy from behind. After he came, we showered and ate breakfast.

That night was just a fore runner of the things to come. Another week, he had me dress like a slut and we went out to a bar. I proceeded to get very drunk and soon, men were all over me. They had my tits out and my skirt pulled up to expose my pussy. They all took turns at feeling me up and soon one of them pulled out his cock and had me blow him right there in the bar. As I sucked this new cock, I felt myself being moved around to a lying position, and then another cock began to enter my cunt from behind. All in all, about 18 men fucked me that night right there in the bar. As we drove home, I lowered my head to my husband’s cock and gave him the best blow job he ever had. The next day, after he went to work, there was a knock on the door. I answered it, and a very handsome man stood there. I asked if I could help him, and he replied that I sure could. I could give him some more of what he had the night before. Then it hit me that he was one of the men who had ravaged my pussy.

He came in, and I felt very awkward, being there alone with him. He took me in his strong arms and kissed me, causing me to start to get horny. This was different than any other time as my husband wasn’t there. I told him that, and it didn’t matter, he was going to have me again. He told me to lead the way to our bedroom and followed me there. He pushed me down on the bed, and I knew that whatever I did to try to resist was going to be fruitless. My only hesitation was that in my mind, I felt I was betraying my husband by allowing another man to fuck me while he wasn’t there.

My body on the other hand, opened up easily to him. He stripped me and started to lick at my tits, and feel my pussy which was already soaked. Then he kissed me and my hand sought out his dick. It was about twelve inches in length and bigger around than my forearm was. He slid in two, then three fingers up my cunt, and began to move them around and in and out. Then he added a fourth, and I began to feel really weak. I continued to squeeze and stroke the large cock in my hand and it began to leak out pre-cum. Then I moved down to suck it and he moved under me so that we were sixty-nining. He continued to fuck me with his hand and suck at my clit. I rode his face, grinding my cunt harder and harder against his mouth.

Meanwhile, I had taken most of his cock into my mouth and down my throat. He thrust up into my cock hungry mouth, driving it deeper into my throat. As he thrust up, I pushed back down with my mouth. I watched as his balls began to tighten, and knew that he would soon be sending a load down my throat. This made me ready to cum, and we both climaxed at the same time. His cock maintained it’s hardness and he moved around and slid it into my waiting, swollen cunt. He slid in inch after inch, and I wondered if he would ever get the entire length of it into me. Finally, his balls slapped at my ass, and his groin rubbed at my clit. Then he pulled it back out slowly, and slammed it back into me. My cunt gripped his rigid pole as he pulled out, making it very tight. Hell, with his size, any pussy would be tight. We fucked for at least two hours before he shot another load up my cunt. After that, we talked. He was married, but his wife wouldn’t let him fuck her too often. She was afraid her pussy would get stretched out too big. I told him that mine was getting that way, but it felt so good. He told me that he would come to see me at least three times a week and give me his huge cock. I told him I would have to clear it with my husband first.

When Pete came home that night, I told him what happened, and what the plans were. He loved the idea and got so horny he bent me over our table and fucked me right there. Then he ate me out, licking out his, mine and the cum of the man who had me earlier that day. Then he told me that he wanted me to tape my indiscretion’s on video so he could watch it later. He set up the camera in the next room, and went out and bought a one way mirror to hide the camera behind. I would just have to turn it on before I went in the bedroom with this new lover, whose name was Mike.

The next day, he knocked at the door and I answered it nude. We made our way towards the bedroom, and I had him go in and strip, telling him I needed to use the bathroom. After I came out, I went in the next room and turned on the camera. When I entered the bedroom, he was naked on the bed with his cock rock hard. I lay down and immediately began to suck him. Finally, he pulled me off without shooting his sperm into my mouth and laid me back on the bed. He mounted me and entered me fully with one long hard thrust. He continued to fuck me, making me cum repeatedly. After about forty minutes of ramming my pussy with his big dick, he came, filling my cunt with his seed. Still not soft, he had me get on my hands and knees and I felt him start to push in my asshole. I knew he was too big, and told him he’d never be able to get it all the way in.

I grabbed some KY of the night stand, and he coated my asshole and his dick with it. Soon, he had the head in my ass and I felt a tremendous pressure. He managed to get about half of it in me, and contented himself with that. He fucked my ass, hard and fast for an hour. By the end of that time, he had managed to insert the entire length up my ass. This feeling made me cum so hard that I almost passed out. Finally, he began to moan and soon was shooting his cum up my ass. After he left, I watched the video and was soon horny again. I got a dildo out and went back to the room where I watched the tape and began to fuck myself. After my relief, I rewound the tape and went about the things I had to do. Later that night, after Pete got home, he watched the tape and then took me, cumming more quickly than before. I had become a slut, and both of us loved every minute of it.

We went on vacation to the Caribbean and before we were there a half day, a local black man had gotten into my panties. I was on the beach, sunning in my very brief bikini thong, with no top on, and he sat next to me. I didn’t bother covering up, and he reached out and began to massage my nipple. I warned him not to start anything he couldn’t finish, and he pulled me to my feet and had me follow him to a clearing in the jungle. He stripped and I was amazed to see the largest cock I had ever seen. He told me that I would feel his prick where no man had ever been. Standing there, his cock reached down to his knees and was indeed a monster. It was every bit as long as sixteen inches, and I found myself getting very wet between my legs. He pushed me to the ground, and climbed on top of me, pulling my thong aside and then entering my pussy. He managed to get almost all of into me before he pushed against the back of my cunt. He used me like a slut, for that was what I was. In giving pleasure to other men, I pleasured myself. As he fucked me, he took my nipple into his mouth and sucked and bit at it until it was raw. Then he went to the other one. He shot his cum deep inside of me, indeed, where no man had ever been before. As he came, the cum ran out between my legs as he filled me to capacity.

We agreed to meet later that night, and we both left. I got back to the room, and Pete asked me if I had fun. I told him about it and about the meeting later that night. His cock was rock hard, and he fucked me, noting that my cunt was huge. I told him how the black man had stretched my cunt out, and he really began to fuck me hard. After he came, he ate me out, licking out all of the cum in my cunt.

At 9:00 PM, I left the room, and went to the beach. The black man met me there, and we went to his car. We drove to a house that was isolated and went inside. There, I saw about twenty other men, all naked. Their cocks were very large, the smallest being about a foot long. I looked at the man who brought me there, and he said that they were all going to fuck me. Then he unzipped my dress and let it slide to the floor. I was naked underneath, and they had me lie on the bed in the center of the room. They stood in line, and took turns fucking me, emptying their balls into me. They were taking me three at a time, filling all of my holes to the fullest. Each of them fucked me at least twice, some three times, and two of them four times. When I got back to our room, the sun was coming up and Pete was just getting up. I was covered with sperm, most of which had dried on my body. Pete made me get into bed with him before I showered, and we had some very wild sex. Because of the size of the studs who had taken me earlier, my cunt was so stretched out that Pete could hardly get any traction, no matter how hard I squeezed.

Even though my asshole had received these big cocks, it hadn’t stretched out like my cunt, so Pete fucked me there. He told me what a whore I was, and this excited me even more. He pinched my very sore nipples, bringing out pain, yet pain coupled with the most excruciating pleasure. Finally, he shot off into me also, and I fell on the bed, passed out from exhaustion.

The whole week went that way, me getting fucked all night long, then slinking back to our room at daybreak where Pete would ravish me again. I was sorry when we boarded the plane to come back home. I wished this could have gone on forever. I felt so bad, knowing I was a slut, yet loving very second of it. I loved being filled in all my holes at the same time. I hoped that some of them would visit us back home.

One day, I received a phone call. It was one of the men from the island we stayed on. They had come to the states and wanted to look me up. I gave them directions and awaited their arrival. I was surprised to find six of them at my door as I answered it naked. No small talk, they all just seemed to pounce on me like they did the week we were there. They were all still fucking me when Pete got home, and he joined in also. They stayed for two weeks, and hardly a minute out of the day passed when they weren’t fucking me. God I had missed this! One of them stayed when the other’s left for home, and now he lives with us, his job being to fuck me all day long. And, he excels at his work! House boy has definitely taken on another meaning with him there now!