The room is just cool enough to give me gooseflesh as I wait patiently for my Master. I am naked, kneeling in the middle of the room with my head bowed. Earlier I had lit several candles and some incense in the room.

I hear whispered sounds as my Master enters the room. I keep my head bowed, not moving waiting for him. He puts some music on. I hear him cross the room. Patiently I wait. I feel him draw nearer but still say nothing. I try and control my breathing, it is coming in gasps as my senses are heightening.

He circles around me, pauses behind me, and then walks away. From out of the stillness there is a loud crack. I jump a little and gasp, a low chuckle comes from behind me, I quickly resume my patient silent vigil, waiting for him. Once again the crack, this time I am better prepared for it and I do not jump. Crack, again the whip, for I know what is the source of that crack, sounds again, this time right near my ear. I hold my breath and keep still, so I don’t get hit with the whip. Once more the whip cracks nearer me, I feel it brush my hair as the tip retreats back to my Master.

Pleased He comes near to me again. Entwining His fingers into my hair, He pulls my head up and back. His lips seek mine and kiss me, and His other hand wraps around my throat squeezing it. Causing an electric shock to race through my body, and I suck in a breath as best as I can with him kissing me so deeply.

Once more He withdraws. Once more I bow my head waiting for him. He kneels in front of me touching my wrist, I hold my wrist out for him. He fits the suspension cuffs on one wrist then the other. He draws me to my feet and positions me where he wishes me to be and then clips my cuffs to two chains hanging from the ceiling. He trails a finger down one arm to my breast, tweaking my nipple while there.

He produces a rope, slowly, sensually He drags the rope over me. Finally He sets to work. He wraps the rope above and below my breasts, then between them, making them stand out, for whatever attention He wishes to give them. He steps back, studying His work, smirking. His hand trails around my hips as He steps behind me once more.

His hand caresses my ass before it strikes. Slowly, but steadily He begins to spank me. Sighing I close my eyes. Warming my skin, slowly leading me to where He wants me to go. His hand is striking harder now, what a wonderful sound it makes, and what warmth it brings me. I feel him step away, but His fingertips of one hand still lingers on my skin.

Something new strikes me, its’ sound echoes in my ear. It brings a sharper pain to me. He concentrates the strikes in one area until I cry out. He finds another spot to torment. Suddenly there is a loud thump, it startles me, making me gasp and jump a little. The sound doesn’t equal the pain. Whap again it sounds really loud, then something soft trails over my warmed ass, tingling, caressing the warmth. My mind registers the toy, it’s a favorite His leather/furry paddle.

Again the leather side of the paddle strikes my ass, causing me to cry out in pain and in pleasure. Far away I wonder how such pain could make someone feel so good, but for now I surrender to the sensations and to him. Allowing him to direct me in His play.

I feel the bite of His strap. Across my ass the toy hits me, hard, painfully. I cry out. He takes aim and again He strikes. Once more causing me to cry out. Several times I ride the waves of pain and ecstasy that the strap can bring to me.

Breathing heavily I sense that He is in front of me. Watching me, judging where I am. Slowly I open my eyes and raise my head to look into His eyes. I am met with love, pouring out of him, in His eyes, His whole body. Slowly I smile at him, sending him love in equal amounts. I get a smirk back in return. He steps close to me caressing my face bending for a kiss. His hands trailing to my breasts.

Slowly His hands cup my breasts as He kisses me. My breasts are already squeezed from the ropes He placed there before. He increases the pressure until I gulp in air to my lungs even while He is kissing me. He keeps up the pressure for a moment lingering with His kiss. Releasing my breasts and His kiss, He pulls away and looks into my eyes.

Holding my eyes, silently asking me if I wish to continue. Trying with all of my will to show him with my eyes I want to go on, I love him, I am in His hands. This seems to be enough. I get the barest of nods from him.

He starts slapping my breasts, one at a time, in one place until I cannot take it anymore, repeating for another area. Smugly He stops and reaches for another toy. This time He reaches for the riding crop. Slapping my breasts until I cry out, and then He keeps going waiting for that cry that is on the border of too much. Hearing it He stops, reaches out and cups my tender breast softly with His hand caressing the hurt. Starting again in another place, again and again until He is satisfied.

Rubbing my breast, He once more looks into my eyes judging just how far He can push me. Grabbing my nipples between His fingers He begins to squeeze, at first getting a low moan of pleasure from me, not liking that He begins to squeeze harder and twist until I yelp with the pain. Satisfied He lets go, and steps behind me again.

Slap, slap, slap again He spanks my ass. Making sure I have not lost my color or warmth He has worked hard to bring up. He brings out the paddle for a little bit. Then I hear it, a whooshing sound. I snap alert, body tense, fearful.

His hand reassuringly caresses me. I relax with His touch. Tap, tap, tap, softly, caressingly I feel this new toy on my skin. My breathing quickens. Slowly I center myself, once more handing myself over to my Master. Tap, tap, whoosh WHACK. Unbidden a cry escapes my lips, turning to a moan as the strike radiates out from where it hit. The cane is still resting on me. My Master pauses, measuring me with His eyes, waiting for me to center again. Once He’s sure I’m centered, tap, tap, whoosh Whack, again I cry out. Ten times we do this. Each time it is getting harder and harder to go on. My breathing is heavy and coming in gasps. Occasionally in between strikes He will hold the spot He has stuck until I re-center and am able to go on.

Ten strikes are done. My breathing is hard, my ass really hurts. He places the cane on the floor. Comes around me, holds me while I am still suspended, gently cupping my ass, which feels like it’s burning. I rest my head upon His shoulder and shudder as waves of twitching form my muscles pass through me. He holds me gently through this, never speaking, just holding me.

Finally I begin to still. He’s not done with me yet. He has planned one more step on my path before He will let me go. He senses that I am ready to jump ready to fly, but I am holding on waiting for the cue from him that it’s alright to completely let go.

He stretches one hand to mine, I feel the back of His hand, He twists His hand, and something cold traces on my skin. It’s a knife. I moan, it’s like tiny prickles of electricity run down my arm as the knife traces its path. Slowly He lulls me, tracing my breasts which are so sensitive in their rope harness.

He places His leg between my legs, forcing His leg to rub against my pussy. Holding me there a moment. His other hand is at the back of my neck in my hair. Slowly His fingers grasp my hair, sensually. He growls softly in my ear, nuzzling my ear as He does so with His cheek.

Suddenly He yanks my head back and presses His leg firmly between my own, hissing in my ear, the knife tip is pressed into my throat. My nostrils flare, my heart beats fast, I gasp for breath, and I’m afraid. I don’t know where I am, all I feel is the aggression, the knife poised at my neck. One, two, three gasping breaths my heart is pounding. Slowly I relax, my senses return to me, I know I am with my Master. The knife gently traces a path down my neck.

Again He pushes me, forcefully holding me, yanking me into position, unbalancing me, making me forget I am with him. Again I am afraid. My breath is ragged, my heart is beating furiously in my chest. Again I remember who I am with and I relax.

Ever so gently His hands frame my face, my eyes meet His, but they are glassy, I am not there. Distantly I feel him brace me slightly, and from a great distance I hear him tell me He is taking my arms down. Slowly, in a daze I stay with him, mechanically moving, allowing him guide me to a blanket and letting him lower me to the floor.

I feel a blanket on top of me, but more I feel His arms surround me. I know nothing else, I am not really there, but He is besides me.

– The End –