I threw Curtis and Warren out the door, cussing at them as I did. I belittled them for the fact that they couldn’t even get me hot or horny. I slammed the door. I went behind the bar, grabbed me a mug and got some Bud Light. I like Bud Light as it relaxes me and gets me all horny. As I drank the beer, I started to look around, realizing that I was alone, still hadn’t been fucked and that my body needed one now. I walked around the bar one last time. Making sure everything was in its place. I started shutting the lights off, the last one that needed to go off was in the pool room.

As I walked in and went to shut off the lights, I realized that these pool sticks would make great fuck partners, since now one else was around. I took a pool stick off of the rack, unscrewed the handle from the top and suddenly found myself with a nice sized dildo. I climbed up on a pool table, sat the handle next to me and proceeded to remove my clothes again. I took my top off and rubbed my nipples through my bra. It only took seconds for them to get hard and stretch the bra cup. I removed my shoes and for the first time all day, I realized that my feet hurt. I rubbed them a bit and then went back to stripping. I got my jeans off and rubbed my ass and pussy. My pussy began to react to my touch. I could feel it start to warm and wet. I rubbed my clit through the thongs for a few minutes. Once the crotch got wet, I took and bra and panties off. I tossed my clothes on the floor and prepared myself for some fun. I started by kneading my tits and pulling at my nipples. I licked the palms of my hands and began to rub them over my nipples. My nipples hardened even more, and my pussy juices really started flowing. Once my nipples were as hard as I figured they could be, I lifted each breast one at a time to my lips. I ran my tongue all over my nipples, flicking them. I sucked my nipples into my mouth, rolling them around in my moist salvia, biting down on them gently at first, then harder. I let my tits go and ran my hands down my sides and around to my pussy. I teased my clit with my fingers, before inserting one. I could feel the heat building in me. I stuck in a second, a third, and finally a forth. I worked them in and out slowly. When the slushing sound got loud, I began to pump my pussy. Twisting my hand to the side as I did. I used my free hand to tug and pull on my clit. I was really getting hot and horny and was soon grinding my cunt into my fingers. My pussy got real slick and I was soon fisting myself. Waves of pleasure were running over me. I had to have more. I pulled my fist out of my pussy and grabbed the handle. I rubbed the handle up and down my slit, inserting it slowly and then pulling it back out. Every now and then, I would rub it hard against my clit, sending vibrations of pleasure through me. I found myself spanking my clit with it, my free hand groping my breasts. Being alone, I could moan as loud as I wanted. I did just that, when I shoved the handle into my pussy – driving it all the way in. I twisted a nipple, as I thrusted my hips to meet my hands. I was in business fucking my pussy. I continued to use one hand to toy with my tits, the other continued working the handle in and out of my cunt. I reached a good rhythm. The handle working in and out of me, my hand squeezing my tit and nipple. I could hear the handle sliding in and out, feel the heat of my pussy on my hands. I swore that the handle was going to burst into flames. I started to twirl the handle as I worked it in and out, tugging on my nipples as the fucking continued. All this made me moan louder and I could feel my body starting to shake. A wave of horniness hit me, as I grinded my pussy into my hand, forcing me to pick up the pace. I began pinching, tugging and twisting my nipples as I pumped myself harder and faster with the handle. Then, my body shook uncontrollablely and I yelled out in pleasure as my orgasm rode over me. I felt my juices sliding down the handle, onto my hand. I bucked and gyrated around on the handle, as my orgasm slowed and finally finished.

I rested for a moment. I was still very horny and had this urge to be treated like a slut. What better way to be a slut then to have two holes filled (I just love double-penetration). I looked around and noticed that the legs of the barstools were just about as round as a big cock. ’And stiff too’, I thought to myself, thinking back to Curtis and Warren‘s disappointing pieces of manhood. The stools were about 3 feet high, but hell, I was all for taking a ride. I took the pool stick handle with me and I flipped one of the stools onto its cushion. I shoved it around on the floor a bit, I had to be sure it wouldn’t slide. Once satisfied with the stools stability, I began to rub my clit and slit up and down the stool. I grinded my clit against it as I worked up and down, building friction and getting a real sexual high out of it. I then turned around and worked the stool leg up and down between my butt cheeks. For kicks, I got down on my knees worked my tits around it and then began to lick the length of the stool leg. I was really hot, I straddle the stool leg and slowly, lowered myself down onto it. A slight moan escaped me as I shuddered, feeling the large object between my legs penetrate my pussy. I worked up and down the leg slowly, making sure not to take it in too deep for fearing of splitting my pussy in half. Now, I have fucked a lot of things over the years (and plan to fuck a lot more in the coming years), but never something this high off the ground. Especially considering the fact that I was going to have to support my weight (which is about 170 pounds on a 5’5” frame – I’m chubby and told I’m very sexy because of it) with my legs while riding a stool leg and fucking my ass with a pool stick handle. I really didn’t think much about whether I could do this or not. Horny gals fuck, not think about fucking. Once the leg started sliding in and out easily, I took more and more of the stool leg into me. Listening to the sound of the leg going in and out of my pussy, and the sweet smell of my juices, reminded me the reason I was fucking the stool leg. I brought the stick handle to my mouth. I ran my tongue all over it and began to deep-throat it. I stroked it, while sucking it. I was getting into my blow-job mood and I sucking a piece of wood. ‘Damn, I’m one horny slut’ I said to my self. I took the stick out of my mouth, and began rolling my nipples around with it. I After a few minutes on my nipples, I spanked my titties a few times with it. I then proceeded to rub my clit with it as I worked up and down the stool leg. It felt good, so I went one step further, and began to spank my clit with it. The sensation was more then I could take. I shuddered and groaned as I orgasmed. Still working up and down the stool leg, I brought the handle back to my mouth and started sucking on it again. Once I had the handle real slick and wet, I inserted it into my ass. I moaned in pleasure and enjoyment. I soon felt like a slut again. With that, ’God – I’m getting two holes filled at once’ lust coming over me, I began to enjoy the feeling of the stool working in and out of my pussy and that handle pounding away at my ass. The more I thought about all the fun I was having, the faster and more furious my ride of the stool’s leg was. I found my myself begging and urging it not to stop, to fuck me harder. Here I was talking to a bar stool while having sex with it. Thinking back to Curtis and Warren, the bar stool was the stud I needed. I continued working up and down that leg, like I was the last slut on earth and this was the last fuck for all mankind. Even though my pussy was having a lot of fun, my ass also was being pleased. I was pounding away at my backdoor with the handle. I twirled it and worked it around in circles as I rammed it in and yanked it out of my hot ass. I was driving the handle deeper and deeper into me with each stroke. As my asses passion for its fucking partner grew hotter, so did the speed at which I worked away at my ass. I began to pant and sweat heavily as I worked faster up and down the stool. Swishing as I worked down, slurping as I came up. My juices slid down the leg, making my fucking go even faster. I worked the handle deeper and deeper into my ass. Twirling and twisting it as I did. I groaned and shuddered. I could feel my orgasm building, my cunt and ass begged for more. For more attention, for more pumping, more poking, more fucking. I worked on jack hammering down the leg, taking it deeper into my pussy, as I rammed the handle up my ass at the same time. After a few hard strokes, my body gave a hard shudder, my hips gyrated and I screamed and shock as my orgasm overwhelmed me. I felt my legs go weak as my vaginal muscles squeezed the bar stool leg for cum that it did not have. I fell forward, taking the stool with me. I landed tits first, a bit dazed, but nothing more. I let go of the handle in my ass and gently kneaded my tits. ‘Yep, their okay’, I said to myself. I got up the strength to pull the handle out of my ass. As the handle slid out, I found myself grinding my pussy into the bar stool leg. I moaned and came a third time. I waited a few moments, then slowly slid off the leg. Before making it all the way off, my body gave another shudder, as another orgasm hit me. As I rode the orgasm out, I was able to finish getting off the bar stool leg. The leg was covered with my cum and my juices. I licked up and down the leg, collecting up as much of my pussy honey that I could get. Then, I just laid back on the floor for about 5 minutes as I regained my senses. ‘Whoo what I fuck’ I said to myself.

I got up off the floor and cleaned up the chair, table, and pool stick handle. I returned the stool and handle from where I got them. I grabbed my clothes, and quickly got dressed. I grabbed me a beer for the road, locked up the bar, and left for my car. As I headed home, I felt very satisfied.

To be continued…..