Sophie slept fitfully but sleep she did, more from sheer exhaustion than from any wish of rest. Nonetheless when she finally started to wake properly and finally she was aware that someone else was nearby. She opened her eyes and focused on a woman, perhaps in her mid twenties, dressed in what was almost a traditional maid’s uniform. Almost because the girl’s wrists and ankles were bound in the sort of leather cuffs that she knew too well from her bondage games, although in this case there was no chains, just a simple ring on each one.

Just as she saw this and awoke fully then the pain surged over her and she felt the itchiness of the dried cum sticking to her head. Her half-hope that it had all been a dream was swept away in the recurrent surge of pain and humiliation.

The maid undid the chains that held Sophie in place but left the actual leather cuffs in place. Sophie moved and even movement caused her more agony.

“I have to get you cleaned up and presentable,” the maid said in an almost cruel and certainly uncaring way, “so stop laying there, get up and follow me.”

Sophie pulled herself up and stood alongside the bed. Every movement was agony in her branded and ripped ass. The whipping she could live with but her ass just burnt like fire. It was worse even than the pain of the branding. My God they had branded her. Tears welled in her eyes and she stood motionless. She was snapped back to reality by the flat of a hand across her wounded breasts.

Sophie screamed in shock more than pain and slowly and painfully followed the Maid from the room. Her hands felt back at the brand but she balked at actually tracing the mark as soon as she felt the intense pain of just touching the area. Walking along the cold stone floor for no more than a few yards Sophie was led into a large, no huge, bathroom.

At one end was a shower area with three heads, large enough for a small gym. One of the heads was already running and Sophie was ushered under it. The water was fairly cool and eased some of the pain she felt. The Maid washed Sophie’s wounds and whole body, surprisingly gentle even though Sophie couldn’t avoid crying a little.

Continuing her ministrations the Maid shaved Sophie’s pussy area and then told the girl to kneel down just outside the shower water. Sophie understood instinctively that her shaven head was to stay just like that and carefully the Maid shaved her totally and a smooth as her mons. Even her eyebrows were shaved off.

“This will be done every day, and twice if you are wanted at a Party.”

Sophie shuddered. A Party was what she guessed she had gone through last night.

A dressing was put over Sophie’s brand. It stung but was strangely soothing. And finally, or so Sophie thought anyway, she was gently towelled dry.

“One final thing, turn round, spread your legs and put your hands flat on the wall”

Sophie complied, in terror that she was about to be hurt again. Out of her sight she didn’t see the Maid uncover a butt plug and strap at least as big as the one that Sophie had been cruelly buggered with the night before. Nonetheless Sophie felt the urge to look round and began to turn her head.

“Stay looking at the wall.”

Sophie obeyed instantly and didn’t see the Maid put a large amount of lubricant on the plug. She didn’t see but she felt and screamed with all her might as it was roughly and brutally forced straight up her battered and abused hole in one swift movement. With a speed born of long practice a belt attached to the plug was fastened around Sophie’s waist.

“Why ?. Sophie wailed through her tears. “Why hurt me again?”

Tears rolled down her face but the Maid simply spun her around and attached another strap coming up between her legs at the front to the belt.

“No-one can get at your cunt with this on, of course, but then again they can still use your mouth and this is what they want. Guess they’ll take it off if they want your tight ass. Oh I forgot,it’s not going to be tight when you get used to this plug and the next sizes up.”

Sophie collapsed on the floor of the bathroom as the Maid locked the belt in place and left the room. Sophie tried standing but the pain of the plug was just too much and she stayed on the floor, weeping.

She didn’t know how long she lay there, not long she guessed, but she suddenly felt the toe of a boot kick her brand and she screamed as she became aware of a woman behind her. Sitting up she saw the Girl from last night standing over her. She was fully and fairly demurely dressed but was wearing long boots that disappeared below her knee-length skirt. She leaned down and fastened a broad leather collar around Sophie’s throat. It must have been some two inches wide and very solid as though it were steel, or lined with it, and Sophie felt her head pushed up.

A chain was attached to the front of the collar and unceremoniously the girl hauled Sophie onto her feet.

“Personally I would have attached the chain to one of the rings in your pretty little cunt lips, but everyone else was afraid that if you fell over it would simply tear out. I said it didn’t matter but luckily for you I was in a minority. So collar gets it.”

The girl was staring Sophie straight in the face. Her eyes were bright blue but cold and cruel. Sophie shuddered with the certain knowledge that the girl would actually have like to have torn a ring out through her lips.

“Why are you doing this?” Sophie started to ask but received a blow across the face from the Girl’s hand.

“SHUT UP. And next time I won’t be so gentle” the Girl spat back and hit Sophie again for the sheer joy of hearing her cry out.

Sophie was dragged behind the girl, stumbling along with the pain of the plug in her ass; every movement rubbed against her bleeding hole. She followed up the stairs into the entrance hall and then through a door into what was obviously the library with rows of leather bound books and large comfy looking leather chairs.

The girl led Sophie between the two large leather armchairs, which stood either side of the empty fireplace. Both were occupied, the man on the left she knew from last night, the other she didn’t recognize but that meant little; she had seen too little of too many men last night.

The girl bent and gave a long deep kiss to the lips of the man Sophie knew, the one who was obviously in charge here.

“Thank you Helen. Take a seat.”

The girl sat in another chair a little across the room. The unknown man turned Sophie so that he could see her ass. He ran his fingers along the whip marks and weals causing Sophie to whimper a little. Unexpectedly he pushed at the butt plug through the belt, Sophie cried out.”

“It’s two and half inch diameter and eight inches long, very uncomfortable but necessary if she is to be fully stretched as you asked. It was the man that tore her ass last night but no matter it will heal, and the one advantage is that as it heals it helps the stretching.”

“I want it bigger.”

Sophie’s mind panicked. Bigger. It was already two and a half inches.

“Don’t worry. You were very precise with your instructions. It will take a little while but this is just the small one. I have them up to slightly larger size than you specified, but she’ll be all that you ordered.”

Unbidden tears rolled down Sophie’s cheeks at the mere thought.

“Why don’t you tell her, Charles? Tell her what we are going to do.”

So that was his name, Charles. But who was he and what was going on? Sophie was so close to asking, to pleading but she knew that it would be pointless and simply get her more pain than she was already suffering.

“Mmmm. Perhaps you are right…Slut you are being trained to be the complete sex slave, with one little alteration of my own. Your little tight ass hole will not be little or tight any more. It will be stretched to the point where I can fist it easily, maybe even to getting both fists in there. Just a whim, you understand.”

“During your training you will be whipped regularly and used at a number of parties in any way that we choose. Your brand is a mark of your slave status, as is your shaven body and head. You will not again be allowed to grow any hair either on your cunt or your head. When I get bored with you of course I don’t care what you do.”

“Will she be at tomorrow’s party?” Charles was addressing the man.

“Yes but she’s a bit bruised. I’d like to see her stretched a bit more before she serves, so my intention was that she be used as one of the toilets. You approve Charles?”

“Excellent idea. Now I think I’d like to hear her scream so, with your permission, I will have her whipped until she passes out”.

The man laughed and simply replied, “As you wish.” and motioned Helen to attach Sophie.

Sophie’s arms were pulled up and spread apart and then attached to rings set in the ceiling. Her ankles were likewise pulled wide and attached to similar rings in the floor so that she was spread like an X. Sophie was already crying with pain as her legs were pulled apart and the pain in her ass became more intense.

“Actually, like this I think we could get a bigger one in already. Sophie !”

“Yes father, of course.”

Father. My god, this place was worse than she thought&!

“You will see Charles in just a moment how stretched she already is and how, err, accommodating she can already be.”

Sophie returned a few moments later with an identical belt to the one that Sophie was already wearing but this had an even larger plug. She took pleasure in showing it to Sophie.

“Three and a half inches. You’re so willing I thought that we’d skip the three inch one.”

“Oh, and no lubrication to get it in. Charles wants to hear you scream let’s give him a show shall we?”

Sophie felt the belt undone but had her eyes tightly closed. She couldn’t watch her own humiliation and pain any longer. What she couldn’t deny was the wetness forming in her at this total degradation, at the pain, but also at the thought of being a total sex slave with an ass stretched to an unbelievable size.

Helen pulled the plug out in one swift movement. It didn’t hurt anywhere near as much as Sophie expected. They were right. Her ass was already stretching. But as she relaxed she felt the tip of the new plus against her and she knew this would not be as good. Helen pushed as Sophie let out a blood-curdling scream but although the plug forced Sophie’s ass open without lubrication it did not seem it would go in.

Helen stepped back. The plug stayed in, but barely two inches of its eight was inside Sophie’s ass. Helen pulled it out roughly.

“Back in a moment.” she said to the others who stood calmly watching the whole thing.

She returned after literally a few moments and stepped straight behind Sophie, who couldn’t see the croquet mallet she held. Sophie screamed again as the plug’s tip was again forced in but when Helen hit the plug with the end of the mallet it went home in one swift unbelievably painful movement. Sophie screamed and passed out.

The two men congratulated Helen as she fastened the belt around Sophie, whose ass was again bleeding.

“God that made me horny. Pity she’s unconscious.”

“I’m not and I’m here, ” said Helen mischievously. “Although you can only have either my mouth or ass. Which seems right. Two men, two holes.”

Both men laughed as Helen removed her clothes and swiftly stood naked except for her boots in front of them.

When Sophie came round some moments later she could see Helen in front of her with Charles’s prick in her mouth and her own father in her ass. Sophie wanted to be sick but admitted to the fascination of the sex taking place in front of her.

Both men climaxed soon after Sophie came round, but what happened next Sophie did not expect. Helen moved to Sophie and, forcing her mouth open, spat Charles’ cum into it. She then scooped the cum dripping from her ass and fed that to Sophie too.

To her own surprise Sophie swallowed greedily and felt proud of the pain that was in her ass. Three and a half inches, that’s enough to make any woman proud, surely.

“I think I’ll rest a bit and come and whip her later, before the party.” It was Charles. “She okay there”.

“I think so.” replied Helen. “I suppose she can sit down if she gets tired. Oh no. She can’t sit with your plug up her ass, Charles.”

The three were laughing as they left the room and Sophie, wondering how much further into this she could go before they killed her. But why did she feel the pride and the excitement that she did? She didn’t understand herself any more. Some part of her deep inside was enjoying this.

To Be Continued