Dear Diary,

I just turned thirteen a few days ago and I had my party at my best friend Stephanie’s house. It was so much fun! I have the biggest crush on her dad. Mr. Mitchum is tall and so handsome. He has broad shoulders and he is so strong. He is totally perfect!!! He lost his wife about 10 years ago and never remarried. He loved her so much. I want him to love me that much. I thought I saw him staring at me but I must be imagining things. I just wish he would notice me!

Dear Diary,

Today I walked over to Steph’s place to pick up my backpack and this is what happened:

I knock on Steph’s door. Mr. Mitchum answers it. My heart bounces in my chest and I feel my nipples get hard at the sight of him. Oh my, I forgot to wear a bra. I see him staring at my hard nipples. I’m sure he notices. He must be about Brad Pitt’s age but he is way cuter. Mr. Mitchum says that Steph is not home. That’s okay I tell him. I just need to grab my backpack. Do you know where I left it?

“Let’s go find it,” he says. I lead the way upstairs in my little short plaid shirt and tight white tee. He follows behind and I feel him looking at my white panties. We get to the top of the stairs and go into Steph’s room. The bed is unmade and her clothes are all over the floor. I’ll never find it. I bend down and look under the bed. My ass sticking high in the air and my little skirt raising up. I feel Mr. Mitchum bend over me. I jerk up and turn around. His eyes are dark with lust and I lick my pouty lips as he lowers his head and kisses me softly.

“Do you want this,” he asks. I nod my head. I feel my panties getting wet with excitement as he lowers his mouth to mine and savagely devours it. I fall back onto the bed. He lifts my skirt and touches my wet softness. “You are so cute,” he says. “You are really developed for your age. I swear you look about 16 or 17.” “I know,” I say as he starts to grab my big luscious boobs. He sucks on my tight nipples through the shirt and they get so hard. My shirt is almost see-through and he tells me how beautiful my tits are. Then he presses himself against my little pussy. He is so big and hard straining against his jeans. The power of his cock is so evident and makes me crazy for him. He thrusts his jean clad dick against my teeny twat. “I have been wanting you since you were ten,” he says. “Your breasts were getting so big and I knew that little pussy was growing soft baby hair. I have been wanting to touch it and feel myself inside you for so long.”

I couldn’t believe he feels the same way I do. I always felt like he might like me but now I know he really does. He wants me and thinks I am beautiful. “I always liked you too Mr. Mitchum,” I say.

“No Britney…I want you to call me Brad now. I am going to make you mine.” “Yes Brad, please kiss me again.”

And he does. Again and again as he rubs himself on my little panties, holding my little legs wide open.

The front door opens shocking us both. Steph is home. Brad gets off me and tells me not to tell anyone.

I know I won’t. If I told anyone I would never be able to feel him against me like that again. And I have to feel it again. It was perfection!

I find my backpack, say hi to Steph and get the hell out of there. I hope she didn’t know what was going on. I am going to spend the night with her this weekend.

THIS WEEKEND: I get to Steph’s early and we watch a few movies but I don’t see Brad. She tells me he went out on a date. I can’t believe that! I hate the idea of him with some older woman I can’t compare to. I am jealous but try to hide it from Steph. Steph gets tired early so we go to her room and she falls asleep…but I lay awake late in bed waiting for Brad to come home. It was about 1:30 when he got in. I snuck out of bed and into the hall. I was wearing my cute pink pajamas and when he saw me we just stared at each other for a long time. He walked up the stairs towards me. “Is Steph asleep?” “Yes, I say.” He takes my hand and leads me to his room.

His room is messy with his underwear on the floor and I think if I were his woman I would clean it up and take care of him. He turns and looks at me. “Do you know what I want to do to you.” “Yes,” I say. “I’ve seen it in lots of movies and Lola in my class does it with the boys all the time.” He smiles and tells me how cute I am. Then he lifts me and set me on his bed. He gets on his knees in front of me and kisses me deeply. Then he kisses a trail down my arms and to my finger tips.

He lifts up my pajamas and pulls them over my head. I am sitting on his bed in my black little panties and I quickly cover my breasts. “You are so beautiful. Don’t hide from me.” he says. I still don’t take my arms away.

“What’s wrong,” he asks. “Did you do it with her?” “Who?” “Your date?”

He laughs. “Are you jealous? Oh baby you have no reason to be upset. She couldn’t compare to you. A man has needs and I needed to satisfy mine tonight especially after what happened with you the other night.”

A jealous fire rages in my stomach; “So you did it with her?” “Yes I did but it meant nothing….I thought of you the whole time. Your young lush body so hot and wet.” He pulls my arms away from my breasts. They bounce as I let go of them. The nipples harden as the cold air kisses them.

“My god no one can compare to you Britney. You are so young and pink and cute.” Brad lowers his head to my nipple and caresses it with his tongue and mouth. He lies me back on the bed and removes my panties. “Oh God…you’re even tinier then I thought…this might hurt you.” He starts to touch me on my little clit and makes it throb getting me nice and wet then he inserts one finger in me.

“It hurts,” I say. “I know,” he says and then sticks another finger in. “But I have to get you ready.” I can feel the walls of my vagina stretching and tearing to accommodate his fingers. It hurts so much but still something feels so good, this sensation inside me that his fingers keep touching every time he goes in. I start to moan with pleasure. “That’s a girl he says…let me teach you.”

He starts to finger me harder and uses his thumb to caress my clit as the same time. The pleasure keeps building until finally I explode and orgasm around his fingers.

“Now you’re ready, sweet baby. Open up those little legs really wide. Now that you turned into a teenager you need a real man to teach you how to fuck.” He rips off his clothes and as soon as I see his huge penis I know there is NO WAY it will fit. “Stop!” He laughs at the look of horror and shock on my face. “Don’t worry,” he says. “It is too big for me,” I protest. “I will make it fit,” he says, “and then you will love it.” He gets on top of me and rubs the crown of his penis on my clit. It feels amazing and I really want him to touch that spot deep inside me again. He can tell I am ready from my moans of pleasure and he enters me slowly saying, “Because you are so young you are going to bleed this first time but it’s okay….everything will be perfect.”

I tense up a little waiting for the pain and I feel it rip as he slides in. He moans as he tears it in ecstasy and I cry out in pain. He kisses my cries away and starts to pump into me slowly. The pain starts to go away and I can feel that pleasure again. Oh yes. It feels so good. He looks deep into my eyes. He is so brilliant, mature and amazing. I must look like a child to him, I think self consiously.

He says, “You are so beautiful and tight, baby girl. You feel so good.”

“I like it too,” I say. He starts to ram it in really hard and I arch up to meet him. I can’t believe how amazing it feels to have him fill me up like this. My cunt feels like it is going to bust because his cock is so thick but my tightness around it makes my pleasure build even faster and I orgasm again. “That’s it Britney. Let yourself go,” he says. “Oh Brad, you are amazing,” I scream out. He rams me so hard and I feel myself tearing open wider. “Yes, open for me little baby…open for the big man,” he says as he goes harder and faster.

It feels wonderful and my pleasure increases and he starts to shake with me as I orgasm again. Then he shoots his cum all inside my cunt. I feel it spurting inside me. There is so much of it and it is going so deep in my body because his dick is so far up me. He falls on top of me after he is done shooting inside me. Then I feel him slip out. He looks at my sweet face. “You are the best virgin I have ever had,” he says and kisses me deeply. Then he gets up and looks at my pussy. “Oh yes,” he says. “It is so tiny and pretty. It has your blood and my cum all over it, and some of my cum is on your thigh.” He scoops it off with his finger and then shoves his finger inside me. I wince in pain because I can feel the soreness setting in. “That’s where my cum belongs, up inside you Britney. You are my little baby. I am going to do this to you whenever I want. Do you like that?”

“Yes,” I tell him and I mean it. He cradles me up in his big arms. “You are so small,” he says. “Just like a little baby.” “I’m sleepy,” I say. He kisses my forehead. “Go to sleep love…you need your rest.” I fall asleep in his big strong arms knowing that I am truly in love with this man and that nothing that feels this good could be wrong.

NEXT WEEKEND: I’m at Steph’s house again tonight. I am going to sleep here and I have been looking at Brad all night. “I see the way you’re looking at my dad,” Steph tells me. “The lust in your eyes is making me horney.” I laugh at Steph. She is joking right? But then she touches my breast right in front of her dad and leans in a kisses me on the mouth. My stomach leaps in excitement.

I never thought of Steph in this way before, but now looking into her eyes, seeing how much she resembles her dad in the shade of hazel. I know I want her. “What are you girls doing?” Brad asks and we jump. He smiles slowly and reaches for my hand then looks into his daughter’s eyes. She looks up at him and gives him a saucy smile. “I want to touch her dad. Just like I know you want to.” Brad kisses Steph on the forehead. “Only if I can watch,” he says. Steph nods yes and we all run upstairs to Brad’s bedroom. Steph flings off her clothes in a hurry and Brad tells her to slow down. He stares at her so hard I get jealous. “You look so much like your mother,” he says and he comes towards her and scoops her up. He starts to kiss and touch her and she tells him…”Yes Daddy…you are so wonderful…please touch me.”

I feel left out and Brad senses it. He reaches for me and commands me to undress slowly for them. He lays atop his naked little girl as they both watch me strip for them. Steph feels him get so hard watching me and she starts to arch against him. “I want you Daddy.”

“Have you ever done this before baby,” Brad asks. Steph shakes her head no. “Good…Daddy will teach his little girl then…but first. Britney come here.”

I stand before them naked. Brad tells me to touch Stephanie and I do. Her breasts are so soft and I put one in my mouth. She moans with pleasure. Brad tells us what to do to each other…how to touch each other and he strips and begins touching himself as he watches us together. I lick her clit…she sticks her finger up my ass. Then licks my ass as I stick a candle deep in her pussy. “Do you like how that feels,” I ask her and I can tell she does. She orgasms to it. “That’s enough,” Brad says.

We turn towards him. He is naked and so magnificent. Steph gasps…”Oh my god Dad, you have the biggest cock. Mom was so lucky.”

“I know,” he says. “And now so are you. You are both ready to be taught. Thirteen is your first teenage year and I want it to be memorable. Losing your virginity to me is much better than any horney little punks at school, so come here…both of you.”

We walk towards him. He grabs one of my breasts and one of Steph’s and caresses them until the nipples are real hard. “Kiss each other he says.” We start to kiss and use lots of tongue as he touches himself. “Good little girls. Now get on your knees and kiss this. We both go to our knees and I put his huge cock in my mouth as Steph sucks his balls.”

He throws his head back and screams out in ecstasy…”Yes!” He shoves my head down hard and I start to gag…but I love the way he fills my throat. “Now switch,” he says. I move to his nut sack as his daughter sticks Brad’s big dick deep in her mouth. “That’s it sweetie,” he says as he looks down at her lovingly. You know Daddy loves you so much.” She nods her head and keeps sucking.

He pulls away from us and tells us to get on the bed. We do as he say and then he starts to finger my teeny asshole and Steph’s pink little pussy. Her legs are so pretty as they stretch open, and he tells her she is even more beautiful than her mother.

He looks at me and tells me my ass needs to be stretched. I am scared. I know he will be gentle but still he is so big. He lubes his dick up with some jelly stuff and slides slowly in me. It hurts and I start to cry. “You’ll learn to like it,” he says and tells Steph to kiss the tears away. She does. Then I start kissing her as he reams my ass and then he tells her to spread for me and hands me a pretty pink vibrator. “Shove this in my baby and suck her clit,” he says and I do it. Steph loves it and Brad is reaming my ass so hard and it starts to feel really good and I shove the vibrator in deeper and deeper. Don’t break her cherry. That’s my job,” he says.

So I pull the vibrator out and she looks at her dad in disappointment. “Don’t worry baby girl. You’ll like me better I promise! He takes his cock out of my ass and makes me lick it clean. Then tells me to wash out my mouth as he lays his little baby girl down. “Is my sweetie having fun?” “Yes Daddy,” Steph says enthusiastically….so much fun! “Good girl,” he says. “I love you so much Daddy. You’re the best dad in the whole world. You always know what’s best for me and what I want. That’s right,” Brad says.

I come back over to them with my mouth clean. He tells Steph he is going to enter her now and that it will hurt but will feel much better soon. “I want you Daddy,”Steph says. He turns to me. “Britney,while I fuck my baby I want you to lay behind me and lick my ass.” That sounded like so much fun and I knew I would have the best view.

He enters Steph slowly and I hear her cries of pain turn to ecstasy as she screams “Yes, Daddy,yes. I love you so much. Don’t stop please! Yes!” “I’ll never stop,” he says. I’ll do this to you every night if you want.” “Yes Daddy,” she cries out. “Me too,” I ask. “Yes baby,” he says to me as he jams further into his little girl. I lick him deeply and he moans out. I see the virgin blood seep out of Steph and drip down on the bed.

Then Brad tells me to come around and suck on Steph tits so I do. He lifts up her legs and fucks her harder and I suck on her big titties until she cums.

Then he flips her over and enters her doggie style. He tells me to bend over next to her and shoves the dildo up my ass hard. He puts his cock in her ass now and reams us both. It feels so good and Steph and I turn to each other and kiss as Brad fucks us so hard.

We all cum together. Brad takes his cock out before his seed spills and turns us over. We lift our faces up to him and he cums on both of our faces and then tells us to kiss again.

He holds us both in his arms and we sleep naked with him all night, but before we fall asleep Steph tells him what a wonderful dad he is and how much she loves him. He kisses her deeply and tells her he loves his baby girl too. Then I reveal how much I love him and he tells me he is in love with me too and kisses me passionately. Then Steph asks if she can bring some of her other friends for him to teach as soon as they turn thirteen because he is such a good teacher. He says as long as Britney doesn’t mind. But how could I let my jealousy stand in the way of a little girl having the best experience of her life losing her virginity to Mr. Brad Mitchum. So I asked if we could join him when he takes the other girl’s virginity and he said “Of course babies. You both are my favorites. No other little teen baby could replace you two.” So I said yes and I couldn’t wait to share him with all my friends. Danielle and Nadine would be 13 this next month and Cortney and Sara the month after that and now I knew what to get them for their birthdays. So I drifted off to sleep happy and completely in love.

– The End –