It was the summer after my freshman year of college. I was relieved to get out of school, but part of me wasn’t. Before I always had something to do, and now, I had nothing to do. A friend of mine asked if I wanted to help him with his job. He was a sixth grade teacher at the elementary school. He said he needed help watching the kids when they take a field trip to the swimming pool. He told me he’d really appreciate it since he had thirty kids to watch, and only a few life guards to help. I agreed to help. He told me to meet him in his classroom the next day at noon.

The next day I received a call at seven in the morning. It was my friend. He told me to bring my swimming trunks. I hung up on him ’cause I didn’t feel like being woken up for a call like that. I fell back asleep and woke up at eleven. I got showered and dressed. I ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, grabbed my swimming trunks, a towel, and some other things, stuffed them in a backpack, and drove to the school. I met my friend in his room just as his class was getting ready to leave. We walked his class down to the pool since it was right next to the school. On the way there, he informed me that a few seventh graders that were in his class the previous year would be there to help us. We arrived at the pool and were greeted by two young girls. My friend introduced me to them. “Meet two of my favorite students, This is Sara”, he said pointing to the blonde girl. “And this is Kyleen”, he said pointing to the brunette. “or as some call her, Killer”

I could see why she was called Killer, she had a killer body, even being that young, She was a short girl, about 5’1″, not more than 85 pounds. She had cute rosy cheeks, beautiful brown eyes, and shoulder length, light brown hair that was tied up in a bun. She was slim, nice and sleek body with medium breasts that were very noticeable through her baby-blue bathing suit. I greeted both girls, and said hi. We lead the class to the dressing rooms. The entire time I was watching Kyleen’s cute little ass as she walked. The class went into their dressing rooms, changed and jumped into the pool. Once the dressing rooms were clear, my friend quickly changed while I watched the kids. Kyleen and Sara were already in the water playing with the kids. Kyleen was in the three foot area playing around, while Sara was in the deep end supervising the kids on the diving board. My friend came out in his trunks and told me to get mine on. So, I went and changed into my black trunks and jumped into the pool. The water was cold in the deep end. I don’t like very cold water. I decided to make my way towards Kyleen.

“I can see why you’re over here,” I said to her. “Ya, it’s freezing in the deep end, but it’s warm over here,” she replied. “Or are you just afraid of the deep end?” “No,” she began. “I just don’t want to get my hair wet. Chlorine raises hell with my hair, and there’s a ton in here.”

“OK, I’ll just stay here with you and keep you company.” “Good.” Kids were playing around us. One boy was seeing how far he could swim underwater. A girl would stand in the swallow end of the pool and the boy would start from ten feet away, then swim underwater, through her legs and come up behind her. Then he would back up five more feet and do it again. Soon he did it from twenty feet away. “Wow, that’s pretty good”, Kyleen said. “Could you do that?” “Sure,” I answered “How about from thirty feet?” She dared. “Let’s see.” Kyleen stood in the two feet deep area. I backed off thirty feet. “Ready?,” she asked. I nodded and she said, “Go.” I inhaled and went under. I swam toward her. As I approached her, I suddenly got an idea. As I passed through her legs, I looked back as to not accidentally kick her, and as my legs passed through, I raised my right foot and slid it across her pussy. I then popped up behind her.

“Almost didn’t make it,” she said. “How about you try from forty feet?” “OK,” I agreed, pretending to be winded.

I slowly swam back to where I had started and paced off ten feet. When I was ready I held my breath and went under. This time, as I came up on her, I decided to get more daring. As I passed through her legs, I reached back with my left hand and slid two fingers across her pussy. When I came up behind her, she turned to me and said, “Are you doing that on purpose?”

“Doing what?” I asked innocently.

“Oh nothing.”

“Even if I was doing something, would you stop me?” I asked. “Why don’t you swim through and we’ll see, but this time from fifty feet.” So I backed up and went for it. I was going for the kill now, but if I were going to succeed, I’d need more air. So, I stopped just shy of her and came up.

“Couldn’t make it,” I said.

“Well,” she said. “You can still finish.” Bingo. I took a big breath and went under. I got my head between her legs and turned over so my face was right under her pussy. With my index finger, I moved the bathing suit aside to expose her lovely cunny. She didn’t resist me, so I was in good shape. I put my mouth up to it and searched the slit with my tongue before plunging it into her. Her legs almost clamped shut on my head instantly. I licked inside of her until I could no longer hold my breath. I came up behind her. She didn’t move and she was breathing heavily. Slowly, she turned to me.

“I can play this game too, you know,” she whispered. She put a hand on my chest and guided me to the side of the pool. Since the pool was crowded, no one noticed us. Once I was up against the side she moved me to the four foot area. I put my back up against the side of the pool. She faced me and reached down. She took hold of my trunks and pulled them down to my thighs. She grabbed my hardon and asked in a baby voice, “Somebody want something?” God did I ever. She held on to my manhood with one hand and with the other she pulled my trunks down past my knees. Then suddenly she let go of me, took hold of my trunks with both hands, and yanked them off. It was quite easy for her to pull me off my feet since we were in the water.

“Come on class, time to go,” my friend yelled. “Oh shit,” I sighed. Kyleen said, “If you want these back, meet me in the dressing room once the class is gone. Your towel is right behind you.”

She then got out of the pool and folded my trunks into her towel and walked toward the dressing room. As soon as no one was looking. I quickly leapt out of the pool and wrapped my towel around my waist. I waited for everyone to change and leave the dressing rooms. My friend came out of the men’s dressing room. I told him I was going to go straight home after I dressed. He said it was fine and then rounded up his class. Once everyone was assembled, the class left. A few minutes later, Sara left the dressing room. I waved bye to her and then slowly walked into the women’s room. There sitting on a bench was Kyleen, still in her bathing suit.

“Well, I see you do want them back,” she said. “You’ll have to earn them back.” I walked up to her. She stood up. I leaned to kiss her. Our lips met in a passionate kiss. I slid her shoulder straps off and down her arms. I pulled her suit down to expose her beautiful, perky breasts. Her deliciously pink nipples were hard. I broke the kiss to stare at them. I licked one nipple and then the other. I laid her down on a towel which she had previously spread out on the floor. I pulled her suit down more until it was just above her womanhood. I then pulled the suit down her legs, past her knees, then her ankles. I threw it across the dressing room. I lowered my head to her hairless pussy where I once again inserted my tongue into her once again. She held her breath as to try not to alarm any life guards.

I licked and lapped her. I plunged my tongue in and out of her until she almost came. When I felt her orgasm coming on, I raised up and positioned myself over her. I took hold of my hard cock and put it up to her entrance. I rubbed the head into her slid. I slowly slid it into her. She moaned out loud in pleasure. I was about to sink the rest of my hardon into her when a lifeguard yelled into the room, “Anyone in here?”

Kyleen sighed, “Yes, I’ll be right out,” she looked at me. “let’s go to your place.” I got off her and put on my trunks. I peeked my head out of the dressing room to see if anyone was watching. When nobody was, I raced into the men’s room. I quickly changed into my clothes and left the room. Kyleen was waiting by the door for me. She was wearing her bathing suit, but had a long shirt over it. We walked to the toward the school, to my car. I got the door for her. I walked around to my side and got in. To my surprise she was completely naked. She didn’t have her bathing suit on under the shirt after all. I should have guessed that was why her shirt didn’t get wet.

“People will see you,” I said.

“Not if I duck down.”

Before I could respond, she ducked down and put her head in my lap. I started the car and drove off. As I was driving down the street, Kyleen undid my jeans. She pulled my manhood out of my boxers. I was still rock hard. I felt her lips surround my cock. Her tongue circled around the head before she lowered her head and took the whole thing into her mouth. I almost came right then. Needless to say, I drove extremely fast to my place. Driving was very difficult. We pulled up to my place. She immediately jumped out of the car. I followed right behind her. I quickly unlocked the door and guided her to my room. While I stripped off my clothes, she found my video camera.

“Why don’t we use this?” she suggested. She didn’t allow me to answer. She just turned it on, set it on my dresser, and aimed it toward my bed. She laid down on my bed. I once again positioned myself over her. I grabbed my cock and put it up to her entrance. I inserted the tip very slowly. I watched her face for any signs of discomfort. I pushed forward and slid in another inch.

“I’m OK,” she said. “Come on, fuck me.” I pushed forward again and slid all the way into her. She let out a loud moan. She was so tight and wet, I almost came right then. Kyleen let out a little shriek and stopped moving, stopped breathing. I was a little scared, then she started breathing again. I slowly thrust in and out of her. Her tight little pussy felt like it was trying to choke my throbbing cock. As I moved in and out of her, I leaned forward and sucked on her nipples. I bit one softly and it drove her crazy. She started bucking her hips in retaliation. Between her moans she instructed me to stop.

“Let’s change positions,” she said.

She then turned over and propped herself up on her hands and knees. I had no idea where a twelve year old learned this position, but I was glad she knew it. I came up behind her and slid my aching pole into her hot, wet cunt. I started pumping as fast and as hard as I could. I slammed my cock into her pussy like there was no tomorrow. Each time I withdrew my dick, it seemed wetter and wetter. I rammed it back in to the hilt. I felt her clench her pussy muscles giving me even more pleasure. I knew that Kyleen was close. I felt her pussy muscles clench tighter. I could hardly move inside her. Her legs started shaking as she let out a loud scream and came. I continued to fuck her as hard as I could. I slowed down some to allow Kyleen to catch her breath. Once she got enough air, she said, “Do it again.”

I removed my cock until just the head remained. I took a few short strokes before totally exiting her. “Come on, put it back in. Give it to me,” she cried.

With that I shoved my dick back into her sweet tight love channel and picked up where I had left off, pumping as fast as I could. I felt her muscles clench against me once again. She started moaning loader and loader. Her moans only added more fuel to my fire, and I picked up the pace even more. I could no longer control myself. I was coming soon. So was Kyleen. Her legs started shaking as I thrust in back and forth. She arched her head back and let out a tremendous scream that shook the walls as she came. I followed right behind her and filled her virgin cunt with my cum. Slowly she sank down into the bed and passed out.

I laid next to her and held my sweet little Lolita in my arms and fell asleep. After a few hours we woke up and watched our video tape. We relived that moment right there on the couch while the tape played. Since then we have seen each other quite often, and have made our own small video library.

– The End –