(A true story about about me and my 16 year old son.)

Vera and her 16 year old son, Alfred Jr. was sitting down on the sofa and Vera began by reaching down and showing Alfred Jr. what she found under his bed.

“Do these pictures excite you,” while flipping through the pages that displayed naked women? Alfred Jr. couldn’t believe this was happening to him. He was totally embarrassed that his mom had found his stash of magazines, but to sit here and have to look at them with her, well it was just too much! He was snapped back to reality when she asked, “Do these pictures excite you?” “I don’t know”, he fairly whispered, “I just like looking at them!” “Hmmmmmm,” she hummed, “do you get a hard-on when you see pictures like this one?”

“Alfred Jr. stared at the photo of a young woman who was lying back on her bed with her legs spread wide apart, which of course offered a perfect view of her young hairy pussy! “I’d think a picture like this would give any man an hardon,” his mom commented, “am I right about that, Alfred Jr.?” Alfred Jr. made an audible gulp and merely nodded his head in the affirmative! “I was sure of it,” she went on, “males are very visual in their sexuality, and a fine young girl like this would give any man an hardon, I’d have been shocked if you hadn’t gotten one!”

“I want you to do something for me,” she asked seriously. “Come over here and stand in front of me!” Alfred Jr. stood up and took his place in front of his mom and wondered what she was up to! In a short few seconds he was about to find out! “Now,” she continued, “what we are going to do now must always stay just between you and me, okay?” Still not sure what she was up to, Alfred Jr. nodded his head and replied, “Of course Mom, anything you say!” “Good,” she responded quickly, “now let me open up the front of your jeans!”

Alfred Jr. stood frozen in front of his mom as her fingers undid his belt, button, and zipper! With one fast motion she jerked down his pants, leaving only his boxers between his dick and his mom! An outline of an erect cock stood out clearly inside his shorts, and Vera reached out and gently caressed the young dick through the thin material and commented, “My oh my, Alfred Jr., you have a very big and hard dick. Do you always get like this when you look at your dirty pictures?” In a shaky voice Alfred Jr. replied, “Always, Mom, when ever I see those pictures I get hard just like this!”

“What I’m going to do next is just a test, to check your reflexes, so don’t be alarmed, I won’t hurt you,” she said. Alfred Jr. looked down at his mom, and much to his utter surprise and delight, she leaned forward and took the head of his hard dick into her mouth and began sucking on it! “Oh gosh,” he moaned, “suck mom!” Vera let his cock slip from her mouth just long enough to ask, “Is it better than using your hand on it?” “Oh, yes,” he moaned louder, “so much better, your mouth is so warm and wet!” Vera held Alfred Jr.’s dick with one hand, while cupping his tight balls with the other. She wasn’t the least bit surprised when he exploded, because just seconds before she felt his nut sack tighten up in anticipation of emptying its cum down the long black shaft and into her hungry mouth! Being as he was so young, he was also just full of cum, and it was all Vera could do to swallow every drop!

After it was over, Vera cleaned the still hard dick of every last trace of cum, reveling in the excitement of having such a nice hard black cock for her very own! Looking up at her boy, she said, “As you get older and have more women, you will find that most if not all of them will quickly become addicted to your hard dick and pretty much do what ever you tell them to do!” “Do you love dad’s dick,” asked Alfred Jr. Vera got a far away look in her eyes and replied, “Oh no, Alfred Jr., your dad can’t get hard anymore it’s almost three inches long and as thin as a pencil!” “I have not been fucked with a big dick in years, all your dad can do now is eat my pussy, Vera just laughed, leaned over and gave Alfred Jr.’s dick another kiss. “From now on, I’ll take care of your dick when ever you need it, okay?” “Okay,” Alfred Jr. answered, “okay! Vera said, Now it’s my turn, let’s go to your room and make me cum.

After entering the room Alfred, Jr. pushed his 200 lb. mom down on the bed, pulled off her big drawers, and spread her big thighs wide, exposing a dripping black hairy wet pussy. Alfred Jr.. took a deep breath and slowly lowered his mouth to his mom’s burning pussy, giving it a long deep French kiss. His tongue settled deeply into her crack, worming its way as far in as possible. Vera arched her back and pushed her pussy forward, “Oh, I needed that,” she sighed, as he licked noisily at her oozing slit. Her puffy lips seemed to be begging to be sucked! It seemed to him that she had no control over her actions, because her clit was in total command of her being. Her desire to orgasm had now completely taken over everything else. She had to cum, and it mattered not what she thought or cared about, the only thing that mattered was sexual relief! Alfred Jr. was feeling the incredible heat that was coming from his mom’s pussy, and having his mouth up against it made his dick even harder. She had taken a hold of his bald head and was pulling his mouth harder and harder into her open lips. The moans that escaped her mouth sounded almost animal like, almost a low growl! Her clit stood out from the fold of her lips and throbbed with desire. Every time his tongue flicked over it, her body made a involuntary jerk. she began to thrash around the bed, pleading for the relief only a clitoral orgasm could give her. Finally she erupted with a loud moan, “Oooooh, I’m fucking cumming in your fucking mouth, suck my black pussy, please suck it!” Only too happy to please, Alfred Jr. licked it like it was the last pussy on earth! Her orgasm drove him on to higher sexual excitement, his cock now at the bursting point! Just as she began to come down, Alfred Jr. slid on top of her and with a huge shove, rammed his full ten inches all the way into her black dripping slit. Her initial cry of pain was quickly replaced with moans of satisfaction. “Harder, fuck me harder,” she implored, as Alfred Jr. turned his dick into a sexual rod, in and out of her helpless cunt. Together they got into a rhythm, his thrusts matched by her pushes. As he drove his cock in and out of her, Alfred Jr. momentarily thought how he and his girlfriend never even approached the sexual highs he was experiencing with his mom! He came back to reality when his cock began to explode roughly into her love canal. Groaning loud and long, he screamed, “Mom, I’m cumming in your wet pussy, all over your pussy!” Hearing him, caused her pussy to tighten around the big dick and start her own vibrating orgasm. Together they both blew their loads! Alfred, Jr. rolled off his huge mom, and looked over at the now used up woman, and said, “Jesus, you are without a doubt the best I have ever had!” She just smiled, and said, “In a few minutes I will show you all over again, I may just fuck you to death!” Taking her hand she reached over and caressed his now limp dick, instantly he felt his balls tighten up and his dick begin to grow hard once again. From that moment on, Alfred Jr. knew he was hooked, “Oh well,” he thought, “what a way to go!!”

– The End –