It is a beautiful, sultry day. A good day to play hooky from work, and get away for a few hours with my Master. I will be picking him up shortly and we will spend a glorious day in the arresting beauty of the mountains. A day of sunshine and outdoor sex. I can’t wait, I just love being up in these mountains and having sex out there, nothing wets my appetite more. I am wearing the apparel he requested. Short body tank top, no bra, so he can get hold of them with ease. Short, shorts loose in the legs, no underwear, so he can get access to my cunt at will.

I know the perfect spot, about 10 miles off the dirt road. Mossy, soft ground for a nice, comfy, make shift bed, privacy but exposed to filtering sunlight through an umbrella of pine trees, a crystal clear pool of mountain clean water at the base of a 10 ‘ waterfall, that’s centered in a semi circle of rock bluffs, bold colors of reddish brown glistening like diamonds from the spray.

So, I have put together a little picnic. Food, wine and sex, can a day get any better!!! The quad is on the truck and I am anxious to get started. As I pull up, there he is, waiting out by his shop. As he gets in he leans over and give me a kiss, deep tongue action that shivers my whole being, a little twist of the tit and rub of the clit, just to let me know what is down the road and even though today will be different he is still lord and master.

As I drive to where we will park the truck and then continue our journey on the quad, we are just listening to the music. Master lays his head on my lap, gently rubbing the inside of my thighs, putting his hand up my shirt to caress the nipples and erect them by his touch. Playing just lightly enough to heighten my sensual awareness, but not enough to distract me. We are there, lock up the truck, take the quad off, load the picnic and we are off. I get to drive, to feel the power and vibration between my legs, actually makes my cunt muscles pulsate. Master is sitting on the seat behind me and we are off to our final destination.

It will take us about 20 minutes to get to the waterfall. As we head on our way zig zagging along the incline that will get us to the site, I feel master cup my breasts. His skin is rough, sending quivers of delight down to my snatch, as he glazes them over the nipples. With the cooler air blowing on my face and chest, he pulls down the front my shirt so that it comes to rest under my breasts, exposing them to the breeze. Milking and twisting one brown eyed puppy, he reached into his pocket and produced a nipple clip which he instantly put in place. Repeating his actions, my other puppy got clipped as well. I feel the tingling sensation on both breasts. Stopping the flow of blood, they start to throb. As he lightly bites my neck and shoulders I feel his fingers rubbing circles on the now very protruding nipples, making me groan with pleasure. He slides his hand down my body and into my shorts, he touches the wet excitement between my legs. Massaging the lips over my clit, I can feel the cool air go between cloth and skin from the opening he created with his hand, it slaps my clit, that is reaching out to be touched. I can visualize his engorged cock resting up against my backside, just waiting to be released.

Thank god we are here, I don’t think I could concentrate any longer, my cunt is wet, my tits taunt, everything is pulsating out of control. As we shut down our machine and get off, master grabs my arms, turns me so I am facing him. He slides down his shorts, puts his hand behind my neck, and utters, knees bitch, I do it instantly. On my knees, I take that ohhhhhh sooooooo awesome penis into a hot, wet, waiting mouth. As I suck Dicky he is in fucking motion, thrusting faster, deeper, his head is hitting the opening of my throat. He just loves to have it close around the head while the gag reflex takes over. He keeps driving it back as I dig my fingers into his butt cheeks, one last thrust and he is down my throat. As he pulls back I taste his pre-cum sliding down to my belly. His hands reach for my breasts, he grabs hold and squeezes the claps, I utter a silent moan of pain and sigh of pleasure, as he lifts them up, motioning me to release him and stand. His fingers twist the throbbing nipples as he tugs on them making a small groan of pain escape my lips. Letting go he clamps his hands on my wrists, spins me around and places them spread out on the seat of the quad, forcing me into a 90 degree bend over the seat. Placing one hand in the middle of my back the other slides between my cheeks to my pussy. As he goes by the opening of my cunt he sticks in two fingers getting them coated with cum. I feel a sting on my ass as he swats each cheek hard leaving small red welts. Pulling his fingers out he drags them back to my ass where he rams them all the way in turning and spreading, stretching the hole, ripening it to receive his throbbing cock. As I start to fuck his fingers he pulls them out, and starts to massage my bud , placing it between his fingers he presses them together fiercely as he pulls it down, what excitement is cruising through my body. He slides his cock into my cunt, covering it with the juice that I just released. In and out ramming it in, harder and faster as I clamp down tight each time. As I moan my pleasure and let him know I am cum-ing, he lets his cock slip out and he fires it straight into my ass. With his fingers playing and taunting my swollen, red bud, he rams his huge engorged cock deeper in to my ass. My cunt spews out cum as a hot, erotic sensation surges through my being. The harder I fuck him, the more intense his thrust become. My cunt has gone into spasms, I cry out, I’m cum-ing, god I’m cum-ing, I feel the cum shoot out and run down my leg. I receive two sharp stings across my lower back, then holy shit, one, two, dynamite stabs of his thick dick, sending my belly up against the side of the seat as he releases his very essences deep in my ass. As he removes his cock, he watches the cum that seeping out both ass and pussy. What a glorious start to a great day this is. Giving us both a couple minutes to catch our breath, he send me to the falls to clean up.

Reaching over, I grab a towel from the basket, and head for the waterfall. Carefully walking over the small rocks, I stand under the spray of water, facing into the little cove. Ice cold water, gushing over my body, goose bumps tingling, it is cold, but so revitalizing. I reach up to remove the nipple clamps, as my nipples are now very numb. I feel breathing on my neck and a whisper in my ear, don’t you dare. Master had come to join me. As he motioned me forward into the cove, light spray hitting our bodies, he turns me around and gently releases the clamps. Feeling the surge of blood go to the ends, ohhh how they hurt. He gently snags one in his mouth and suckles it. Warming and soothing it as he sucks the pain away. Switching to the other one he does the same, sending a hot flash straight to my cunt. Thinking this could go on forever, it felt so great, but then I received a quick swat on the ass and as he suggested we get dried, dressed and go for a walk. There were things he wanted to find, for later. What a superb way to warm up after a icy cold shower.

Walking along the path, arm in arm enjoying the quiet, distant gently sounds of the day, birds chirping, squirrels chattering, a soft breeze blowing, so relaxing. Every now and then he instructs me to pick certain things. So far I have wild rose stems, small wispy pine tree branches, and now I am to pick some wild berries. We have come across some huckleberry, strawberry, and raspberry bushes. Tasting them, they are sweet and plump with juice. He picks a couple raspberries and lifting my breasts out of my shirt, he put a raspberry on each nipple. They are warm and wet. As he eats them from my tits, the yearning sensations for him to do more is uncontrollable as I put my hand behind his neck and force more than the nipple in his mouth. He obliges by sucking it hard, then gently he bits the nipple with his back teeth. Rotating it lightly between his molars, has cum dripping from my cunt. He slides his hand up the leg of my shorts and the instant they are in, I frantically fuck them as he moves them about. He lets me have one hell of a orgasm. With cum covered fingers he rubs some on my nipple, then as he licks it off, he trails his fingers across my lips, I open my mouth, and pull them in, like eating a sucker I clean to the stick.

As we head back to our love haven, master informs me that, today, anything I want him to do (to me) he will. But, if I cum and every time I cum before he enters me, he will decide the punishment. So in a dreamy state we wander back. Me thinking of all the sexual thrilling things, while he’s contemplating all the torturous things he will be able to inflict. And he knows there will be a few!

Reaching our little oasis, I lay a blanket on the puffy, green moss, set out our light lunch. Before I sit I need to get the wine that we had earlier set in the stream to chill. So while I am there I will quickly wash away the remains of our steamy walk. The cold water is giving me high beams, and it’s very erotic feeling for my pussy. I better get out of here now before I start dripping.

Sitting down to please our appetite of a different kind, Masters asks what he will be doing. I let him know that I want my nipple to end up very taunt, I want to feel his cock sliding between my breasts so I can sip intoxicating liquid from his dick, he will drink from my nipples, and he will eat a berry, sparkling pie. Won’t be a problem he informs me. Master hands me the wild rose branches we had gathered and tells me to gently braid them, making two separate strands. Very puzzled I make two, three stranded braids, all the time pondering how they will be used????

As Master stands, I get up, then slowly running my nails down his sides, put my hands under his shirt, gently running my hands, fingers spread, upward lifting of his top. Trailing kisses and nibbles up his chest, leaving a couple hard nipples on my way by. Walking my fingers to his waist band I very softly hook it, releasing what is MY, crammed, hardening cock and tight butt. Lingering my lips just long enough to taste and savour the flavor of my lolly pop, and definitely not forgetting to enjoy the large jaw breakers on my way by. As he steps out of his shorts, I remove my clothing.

Master commands me to lay down, hands behind my head and legs spread eagle. He picks up his shorts and what ever he has taken out from the pockets, he places close by on the blanket but out of eye sight. But filled with such anticipation and desire I quickly let the wondering pass.

Straddling my mid section, he grabs both breasts and milks them. Cupping them at the base and slowly pulling, drawing the blood to the ends, making them ache with longing. Sucking the ends now as he continues milking. Tantalizing them with flicks of his tongue, bites of pleasure, sucking harder he takes in more, moving from one to the other. Ohhhhh they are getting so hard, yearning is building with every succulent mouthful he takes. Gnawing passionately, my orgasm is building, the aching for more is almost unbearable. My body is starting to quiver, I feel cool liquid on them, sending a fantastic sensation throughout my whole being, as he pours a little wine on each and drink from my nipples. I must hold back my release that is almost out of control. He pulls his mouth away and tells me to cup my tits and keep the pushed together, and rest my chin on my chest. As I do this he starts to slid his exquisite, hard penis between them, hitting my lips as he fucks away. Each time I place it between my lips and flick the end with my tongue, sighs are released from both our lips. I know the cum will not wait long, before it is spewing from my hot, wanton, pussy. As his cock reaches my lips again, he says open, as I do, I taste the combination of pre-cum and wine go down my throat as he slowly pours wine on his cock and it runs between my breast and down his shaft into my awaiting mouth. Swallowing each time with just the tip in my mouth, is so erotic that my involuntarily spasms, shooting cum out so it drips right to my ass. I open my eyes and see that look, that look of I know what you just did and you shouldn’t have. Master grabs one nipple and stretches my breast straight out, reaching to his side with he other he places a nipple clamp just behind his finger, leaving the nipple exposed for his pinching pleasure. He repeats this on the other one. I feel the pain instantly, shooting from the tip to down into the center of my tits. They are starting to throb now, I feel the pain/pleasure sensation as he takes one between his teeth and the other between his finger tips, biting and squeezing repetitively has me moaning and groaning. The arousal I am receiving is quite intoxicating, and has my pussy pulsating with desire. As he removes his mouth and fingers, I groan my discontent, looking into his eyes to see that, just wait for what’s to come look, as he slides his body off and positions him self between my legs.

With his hand just under my butt, he massages the cum into my ass with is thumb, as his tongue flicks my clit like a snake striking his victim. Repetitively he licks my clit in an upward motion, striking my clit, applying more pressure each time. The awakening that he is creating will soon have me eject my cum again. With a voice full of wanting, lifting my cunt every time his tongue reaches my clit, I’m moaning, Ohhh god, Ohhh my god, I am going to cum, louder I get as he continues. And then with one good push of my hips and a holy fuck escapes from my lips, I have juicy cum just cascading out and a thumb up my ass. I sigh and wait for what is to follow. I don’t have to wait long. He swings his hand forward from under my butt leaving his thumb inside, he places two fingers in my cunt. Squeezing them together with his thumb he gives a pull and a juggle. Shit how that hurt. Jiggling, staking, pulling, I am starting to enjoy this new found sensation. I feel how wet I am and so does master. Taking out his thumb and fingers, catching the warm juice that just flowed out of a very hot cunt, into his waiting hand.

You wasteful little bitch, was all I heard as he took the cum and wiped it over my breasts, smacking the side of them and giving the exposed nipples a hell of a twist that sent shock wave of pain shooting to my groin. You will learn to keep that deep inside of you until I am ready to have it come over me. He grabbed the rose stems that I had braided, taking my hands, pulling my arms up over my head he had me grip the base of a very small tree that was just above my head. Wrapping the thorny, braided strands around my wrists I have too keep hold of the tree while he finishes. The thorns are digging into my skin causing a constant pricking sensation. Picking up the pine branch we had brought back, he whips my bosoms, causing little red welts to appear. As I start to beg for him to stop, he give each nipple one sharp twist that has me gasping for air. Please, no more, please, I will control myself, Please I promise. Not wanting to hear me, he makes me bend my knees and spread them out ward, exposing a very sweet, tender bud. Smacking it with the branch sends pain throughout my cunt, not stopping there he whacks the inside of my soft thigh, leaving raised welts. Please , Master Please, I promise Please stop. As I am pleating with him to stop, I feel the pain change to a weird form of pleasure. I find myself softly panting with excitement.

We will try this again and if you don’t cum you can have me, OK. He places one hand under my butt and lifts it up. I feel a hard rim and cool liquid enter my pussy. Placing the other hand under me, he lifts my ass even higher, his tongue is in and out, drinking the wine that is coming out as he moves in to drink up. Shit, Ohhhhh, my god, Fuck me harder, Please master please, I need more. He stops, removing his hands, I feel and smell the berry’s as he begins grinding and squishing between my pussy lips and into my clit. Such a mind boggling experience, I start thrusting my pelvis into his face as he eats his berry pie. He is biting, sucking, licking, not wasting any juice. I feel the little seeds on the end of his tongue as they circle my clit, in for a bite, sucking ohhh so hard, he is taking it all, ravishing my clit , cunt, I hear my voice , louder, raspier, fuck me now, please, please, I need your cock deep inside, please fuck me, ohhh god fuck me please. As he sticks his tongue into my cunt I expel the cum I could not hold back any longer. All I hear is you fucking bitch, as he comes up and deposits the wasted cum into my mouth forcing me to swallow.

Reaching beside his leg, he grabs a clamp and chains. Hooking the chains to the nipple clamps, he then puts the clamps on my clit. Fuck, I scream as the pain shoots straight to my head, tears escape, Please no Master no, I plead with him. Now we wFinally, he shifts my legs so they are on his chest. I raise my ass up to meet him. Putting his hands on my knees, he pulls me forward as he drives his huge, engorged Johnson, deep up my cunt. Ohhhhh, fuck he feels so gooooood. Thrusting his cock, faster, faster, harder, please harder, I plea as he rams it deeper and deeper. OHHHH god I feel the juice, need to hold back, want more, fuck me fuck me I groan. God master I love your cock inside me. I clamp my muscles around that enormous cock, holding tight as he pulls away, over and over. I am starting to lose control, I scream, my cum is going to erupt, fuck me harder, pleaaase, Oh god, ohhhh god. Suddenly he pulls out, taking hold of my legs, he flips me, as he tells me to turn over, and on my knees. Ohh boy, love it this way. I get my ass in position in record time, he grabs my hips and pulls me in, ramming me against his groin. Now I start to really clamp and pull, moving forward, backwards, clamp release, clamp release, my muscles squeezing on his cock. He hits my g spot every time, sending such erotic jolts. Fucking him harder, faster, ohh god can’t hold back. I scream fuck me now, drive it home baby, drive it home. He hammers his cock in again and again. He is ready, like a sledge hammer driving a spike he whacks it in, so hard, sooo deep, he releases his cum, ohhh yes babe, yes babe, I’m screaming as I spew my cum all over his luscious cock. He removes his cock, watches as the cum runs out of my cunt, and down his cock. He lays down beside me, pulls me into his arms. Both of us exhausted from such exhilarating pleasure. Before he drifts off for a quick replenishing nap, I hear don’t for get to clean me up.

I lay there, relaxing, listening to his heart beat, taking in the smell of his very essence, thinking what a awesome day this has been. Butt it is not over, I reach for the bottle of wine, and with the little that is left, I take a small mouthful, hold it and taking his soft, succulent cock in my mouth, I rinse it with the wine. Swishing my tongue and the wine around, it is cleaned, I swallow. Wine and combined cum, sweet nectar of the gods. Now that he is cleaned I get up and take the short walk to the falls, washing myself, the icy water is so rejuvenating and invigorating. God I have never felt quite so good.

Knowing it is almost time to start back, I leave the falls. Master is stirring, as I kneel and give him a very deep, sweet tasting kiss, he grabs me, pulls me down close as we finish our kiss clutching each other in a embrace of utter fulfillment. Getting up, we both get dressed, load our stuff on the quad and get ready to leave. This time he’s driving and I get to sit back and enjoy.

I am really an insatiable bitch. Still feeling the glow of our fucking session, I start to kiss his neck, nibble his ear lobe, moving my hands up his shirt and over his nipples. He lets a sigh escape his lips, with one hand teasing his nipple, I let my other one wander down between his legs. Cupping his balls I lightly give them a squeeze and rub. I can feel his cock growing, I slid my hand into his shorts, cupping his cock in my fist, I start to move it up, down, around. Rubbing my thumb on its head. His ahhh’s of pleasure are turning into moans of anticipation. I whisper in his ears, Master I need all my holes filled, my stomach is growling with hunger for you. You have fed my ass and cunt but not my gut. My stomach graves substance, nourishment, as I squeeze my hand tighter around his now throbbing, pulsating dick. Up the road he turns down into a small, but grassy, parking area. As he gets off he says, OK bitch satisfy your appetite.

As he places his arms slightly behind on the seat, his groin is sticking out slightly. As I get o n my knees, I release his tally whacker. Gripping one hand on his butt and let the other one play with ying and yang, I slowly ease my lips over his very abundant manhood. Apply tongue pressure as I slide my mouth up and down his shaft, taking him in and out, up and down. When I get to the head I insert the tip of my tongue in his opening, plundering it in and out. I start to suck it back in, slowly taking it deeper, sucking harder, taking it further back each time. God he tastes so good. As I continue to savour this sausage, I feel the juice dripping from my cunt. He stands up straight and places his hand behind my head. Ramming it into his groin I feel his cock hit the back of my throat. Gagging and chocking, it closes around his cock, he is panting and thrusting harder and harder, getting his cock just down into my throat. One then two dynamite hits of his pelvis sends the head of his cock down my throat. Juice is ejecting out of my cunt as his nectar goes shooting down my throat, feeding my hunger. I feel it running down into my stomach, as I swallow, closing even harder on his shaft. With a hard thrust of his cock his moans of pleasure escape his lips, as he pulls back slightly. I suck and suck, milking the last of his essences and swallow, he is now drained and completely empty, while I am deliciously full.

Standing up, I put his shorts in place. Sticking my hands down my shorts, I insert two fingers into my cunt, letting them get covered in my juice. Removing them I gently trace his lips with my nectar, he then slowly takes them into his mouth and removes the juice. As I take them out, he puts a hand on my neck and draws me to his lips. With our tongues entwined we savour our combined nectar in a deep and passionate kiss.

It’s time to head home. We mount the machine, both lost in our own dreamy thoughts of this magical day of sex in the enchanting outdoors.

– The End –

Sobbing and sighing I have no choice but to relax. As he runs his tongue over my nipples and pulls the chain I feel the pleasure of pressure on my clit sending electric, erotic shock waves through out my body. He moves down to my clit, enticing it with his tongue he inserts three fingers in to my cunt. Fuck them bitch and don’t you cum. My clit is throbbing from the pleasure of his fingers, rubbing and teasing, gently tugging the chain. I start thrusting my ass, fucking his fingers, faster and faster. He thrusts them in harder with every clamp on my spasming muscles, he tugs on the chain. Sending erotic, painful, but tantalizing surges throughout my entire body. Your cock I scream, please your cock, I need that huge, rock hard, cock. He continues to finger fuck, I hold back, fucking harder and harder. Still holding back, but it is becoming to much, fuck me with that cock of yours, Please, Please, Ohhh god please I beg you master, fuuuuuuck me. Finally I feel his fingers leave. I feel the rush of blood go to my tits and clit, as the clamps are released. Shit the pleasure/pain sensation is soooo thrilling. If he doesn’t get in there soon I will cum again.