I always get to work early, around 7 am. This makes it easier for me, what with the traffic, morning coffee, etc. One of the advantages of early arrival is also that I am there alone and if the opportunity arises I can masturbate safely if the mood arises.

Now about 12 months ago I became very aware of one of the women in our company. Her name is Hilda and she is about 34 years of age. She is of average height and has been working in the admin section of the company on the third floor. I have always had a breast fixation I just love breasts and in particular bras. I noticed Hilda’s breasts, not that I could see anything in particular, just that they were of a nice shape and size. She is married and keeps her dresses in a fairly modest form. In the summer she does wear dresses of thinner material so it is possible to see some of her underwear, especially her bra.

One morning I was looking out of the office window, our office is on the first floor, when I saw Hilda walking from the parking ground up the street to the entrance of our building. As I was alone, it was only about 7:15 I thought that I would watch her and masturbate at the same time. My cock was half erect before I got it out of my pants and it only took a few strokes to achieve full erection. I had about three minutes to watch her walking up to the entrance when she would then enter into the ground floor of the building. Those three minutes were very pleasurable; I managed a nice spray of sperm on to the wall beneath the window while looking down on her breasts from my vantage point above. I naturally imagined putting my cock between her breasts and pumping my warm sperm over her bra and tits. I also thought of sliding my cock into her cunt and filling her pussy with my cum.

This morning toss continued for a few days until I felt that I needed more involvement with my masturbation fantasy with Hilda. I realized that Hilda always took the lift up to the third floor, and as our building was not the best maintained, one of the lifts had badly closing doors, they gaped by about two inches and allowed a glimpse of the inside as the lift travelled up to the next floor. It was also possible to get the other lift to be stopped on our floor so that she would have to use the other lift. The next morning I got into the office early enough get the good lift to our floor and switch it off. Hilda would have to use the lift that had the badly closing doors. I watched until I saw Hilda drive her car into the parking ground. I had already stripped off my clothes and was slowly masturbating awaiting the arrival of my fantasy toss. As she left the car and started to walk her usual way up to the office I stroked faster on my penis until I was fully erect. I watched Hilda’s breasts from the window until she was nearly at the building. I then ran out and stood naked, with my erect cock in front of the lift doors.

I was of course masturbating at the same time with long tight down strokes and soft light up strokes. I heard the lift start and the possibility that it might stop on our floor where Hilda would then see my penis in full erection, increased the sexual tension in my stiff penis almost unbearably. The lift passed our floor without stopping but I could see through the gap in the doors and I had a good view of Hilda’s breasts as the lift passed. She did not see my cock as she was looking across the lift away from the door. I then pumped my load out of my cock and went back into the office to get dressed.

This stage of the fantasy masturbation continued for a few weeks, most days I was lucky and could have a good toss but some days there was someone else around and I could not masturbate. One morning I found that the lights had failed on our side of the building, and I had the opportunity to show Hilda across to the other front entrance of our building. Hilda had a thin material blouse on and to my cock’s joy, I could see while walking behind her the label of her bra which was not tucked into her bra strap. I found that Hilda has 34C cup breasts. She was wearing a Madienform bra. As you can imagine the next morning my masturbation to her breasts was better than ever.

The next stage of this fantasy started when we had to start a new system at work. I found that my work put me into some contact on a day to day basis with Hilda. I still masturbated each time I could of course whenever she was available to my breast crazy eyes. Hilda was being brought to work by her husband, from time to time so this slowed down the volume of sperm I was tossing out for Hilda. One day I had some things regarding the system that I need to check with her and I had the chance to sit down in front of her desk. She has her own office and I realised that I could actually get my cock out and masturbate while she was going over the details that I had bought her. I leaned forward over the desk and while she was checking the figures on the documents that I had given her, I eased my penis out of my pants. I have a foreskin and I could just rub this over the head of my cock while she was checking the document. I could see the swell of her 34C breasts and the outline of her bra beneath her blouse. Her bra was a light yellow in colour and just before I came I thought that I could almost see her nipple on her right breast through the material. I pumped my cum out over the floor of her office as she finished the document check. I managed to hide my wet cock and after a few moments got it back into my pants without her seeing it. I never managed that again which was just as well for my job prospects.

The final stage of my Hilda masturbation fantasy happened after a large company function to which I was invited. Hilda was not there but the party was long and very boozy. At about midnight I was brave enough to go and pick up a prostitute and bring her to the office. There was no one in our part of the building and as I had the keys I knew I was quite safe. I told the young lady that I had this fantasy with Hilda and wanted her to be Hilda. I stripped off my clothes as soon as we got to the office and started masturbating in front of my Hilda. I got quite erect when she stripped and took my cock in her mouth and sucked it. Her breasts were quite big, a little bigger than Hilda’s 34C but very nice for a tit fuck. I managed not to come for a while when I said to her that I wanted to shoot my entire load into her in the following way. She was to suck my penis until I just started to come then pump some cum on to each breast with her bra still on and finally put my cock into her cunt for the last of my cum. This we managed to do and she was amazed at the amount of cum that I had for her. I also rubbed the still warm come deep into her bra and told her that she was a very good substitute for Hilda. Finally about 7 months later after not having seen very much of Hilda I saw her in the building and she was pregnant. She had apparently gone on leave at the time I was having my sex fantasy with the prostitute, imagining her to be Hilda, and she had fallen pregnant while on holiday. I like to think my mouth, breast and cunt fuck of the Hilda substitute resulted in my real Hilda getting pregnant at the same time. I’ve just come again while typing this story for you.

– The End –