I used to work in an office for a while. I had been tempted by some of the female staff there, but I never took it anywhere as I felt I was too close to home and I might get sued if the thing went wrong. However, there was one girl in accounts who clearly felt something for me as she started flirting with me as soon as she arrived at the company. Her name was Annefrid, but she called herself Anne.

She was the stereotypical Nordic type, with long, almost platinum blond hair (her real colour) very pale skin colour and bright blue eyes. She was about average height but she had truly massive tits. She must have been a 40 double G and I often wondered what it was like having 3 to 4 kilo’s of waving flesh hanging in front of you. She didn’t seem to mind and still walked straight up, not a hint of embarrassment or a hunch.

Unfortunately she also had a bit of a belly, so the fact that her tits were so big was a bit disguised, but once, in summer when she took off her jacket, straight in front of me (just to tease me I’m sure) I noticed how large they were. I didn’t see any nipples through the material of her shirt but that could have been because of the heavy bra she wore.

She used to send me suggestive email messages every now and then, but I tried not to react to them. One Christmas party I nearly let it go too far, but I controlled the situation and she was obviously disappointed as I didn’t get any messages for a while, but later on they started again.

Then I found a new job and at my leaving party I decided, what the hell, I don’t work there anymore, let’s see where we can take this. I wouldn’t mind having a little fun with her and if that lead to a more permanent arrangement, so much the better.

It was on a Friday evening and she arrived a little late with another friend who, by the way, was quite tasty as well, but more of that later.

I greeted her by kissing her on the cheek whilst laying one hand on her shoulder and one on her bottom. When I told her how great it was to see her, I gave her ass suggestive squeeze, which was a little harder and longer than a playful one would have been. She didn’t react so people would notice, but her eyes widened a little and she smiled. I left my hand where it was and to little to my surprise she moved her ass backwards so my hand became trapped between her and a table corner. She obviously wanted me to grope her, so I did. Hard. She flinched a little, but again she let o-one notice and took a sip of her beer (I love women who drink beer).

As the evening wore on I had to mingle and lost her for a bit, and towards the end I was getting quite drunk, but not enough so I didn’t remember what I was planning and how my initial meeting with Anne had gone. I saw her across the room and winked at her. She looked at me and continued chatting to her girlfriend, who suddenly turned around and looked at me as well. She smiled at me. Hmmm, what was going on?

I decide it was time to go. I made my rounds saying goodbye to everyone, including her. As I kissed her goodbye, her girlfriend eyed us closely. I deliberately put my hand on Anne’s ass again and squeezed it hard again, in full view of the girlfriend. My grip was so tight Anne gasped a little and the girlfriend smiled up at me, obviously approving of my actions. Anne kissed my cheek and then nuzzled my neck.

I leaned over to the girlfriend to whisper something to her and as I was doing so sneaked a peek down her also ample front. She sidled up to me a little, obviously to let me have a better look and turned her ear towards me. I softly asked her if she could send Anne out after me as I would need some help getting home, but that I was a little embarrassed to ask her. She moved a way and smiled, the turned away.

I disentangled myself from Anne and made my way out of the bar. Once outside I crossed the street and waited. Sure enough, Anne came out, by herself some five minutes later. She saw me and walked over. Her heels were medium, but still she teetered a little from the drink and that made her breast sway deliciously.

Without a word she leaned against me full frontal and French kissed me. I groped her ass and kissed her back hard. ‘Oh, I have been waiting for this for three years’, she said. I return I grabbed a full hand of her hair at the back and brought her mouth hard against mine again. She responded by kissing me hard again, her tongue wriggling around mine and started grinding her hips so her cunt was rubbing the bulge in my jeans.

I moved my hand under her jacket and under her tight lycra shirt, behind her back and unclipped her bra. Her breast dropped and inch or two and I felt her sigh of relief as the straps stopped digging in her flesh. ‘Ooh, much better’, she said. ‘But we can’t do it here’. I moved my hands up and my forearms took up the lycra shirt. With my thumbs I pulled her bra up and all of a sudden her massive boobs popped out under the shirt and were gloriously exposed to me. They were huge, very pale in the streetlight, with big flat pink nipples! ‘He!’ she exclaimed, ‘What are you doing?’, as she pulled back a little. I put my hands under her tits and squeezed, hard enough to have a good hold of her, but not so hard as to hurt her. Her eyes opened a little wider in surprise. I pulled her towards me again by her breasts and our mouths met again. She yielded and leant against me, started rubbing her cunt against my cock once more.

After some more hard kissing I pushed her away so I could have a good look at her tits. My hands were still holding them and her hands were on my shoulders. ‘If you lean forward a little, your jacket will cover them from the side’, I said. She complied. I weighed each boob in my hand and revelled in the meaty weight of them. I couldn’t wait to get into her proper!

‘Come on’, I said, ‘Let’s go’. ‘Where?’ she asked. ‘Just follow me. Have you still got your office entry card?’ ‘Yes’, she answered. ‘OK, let’s go’, I said, pulled down her bra and pushed her off and turned back towards the office. She still had to lift her boobs back in, hook it up and pull her shirt back down and it took her a while to do all that. I stopped and turned to look at her struggling. Lovely. Dizzy, big breasted blond in the street arranging her clothing, but making a mess of it. I walked back to her, grabbed her hand and dragged her with me. ‘Stop, I’m not ready yet!’, she pleaded, but I just kept pulling her along. ‘Don’t worry’, those will come off very soon anyway’, I said.

We walked/stumbled the two minutes to the office and went around the side to the cycle entrance, which lead to the basement. ‘I didn’t know about this door’, she said, one hand clutching her jacket closed to cover her huge front. ‘You obviously don’t cycle to work’ I answered. I swiped her card and the door opened into the dark passage. I pushed her in and followed. We were on a small landing with concrete stairs going down. There was only a red emergency light giving a dim glow.

The door closed behind us and as it did I pushed her hard against one of the concrete walls, pinned her down, and started kissing her hard again. She let go of her jacket and after I slipped it off, her hands went around my shoulders again, her tits crushed against my chest, her mouth hard against mine, tongue working overtime. I had her where I wanted.

I slid my hand down the front of her belly towards the top of her trousers and she pulled back a little to give me room. I pulled her zip down and slipped my hand inside, down into her panties. The whole area was hot and damp. I slid my hand down to her cunt and cupped it with my fingers. She moaned a little in my mouth and pushed her wet vagina on my hand. She was very wet and I slipped the top of a finger inside her. The action opened her up and more moisture covered my hand. I withdrew, satisfied that she was ready for the next step. A little disappointed cry came from her , but she kept on kissing me. She was so hot and horny she would do almost anything to get satisfaction. Well, I was going to make her work for it a little and have a little of my own, perverse fun with her.

‘Lift your hands up in the air’ I said as I pulled back for her embrace. She looked at me questioningly. ‘Lift them up!’ I said, a bit more urgent now. Slowly she lifted her arms in the air. Her tits stood out and I moved my hands under her shirt and slipped it half way up, just over her tits. Then I lifted the front over her head and slid it back down her back, folding her arms down in the process. The lycra shirt was now wrapped around her upper arms and round her back, effectively pinning her arms against her sides.

I then took the left bra strap, lifted up her left arm so it folded at her elbow and wrapped the strap twice around her wrist. I quickly did the same with the other wrist and then squeezed her against me to stifle any protestations. But she didn’t, she just continued to nuzzle my neck again, as if she had been expecting this.

‘Now let me have a good look at you’, I said and stepped back to admire her. She just stood there against the wall, looking at me in the dim red light, with her arms pinned to her side and her wrists tied to her shoulders, her tits bulging out of the bra which was now pulled tight against her chest. Maybe it was the drink, but she was definitely subjecting herself to me. Her eyes were wide and looked at me expectantly.

‘This picture is not complete yet’. I said and stepped back up to her. I held her bra with one hand while with the other scooped one of her big tits out. Then I doubled the material of the cup over onto itself, effectively halving the cup size and forming it a kind of a shelf whereupon I placed her tit. I did the same with the other and now her ample jugs were on magnificent display, supported by her half-bra. The position of her arms made her stand up straight with her shoulders back and this enhanced the effect of those massive tits with their big pink nipples pointing out at me.

I stepped back again and took a long look at her. She stared back, but her head was a little bowed, indicating she was waiting for me to tell her what to do next. Marvellous!

‘That is a magnificent sight’, I said, ‘and now I want to see that in better light. Come with me.’ I hooked my finger under the bra strap between her breasts and pulled her down the stairs. She stumbled a little and my finger slipped out. I continued walking down and at the bottom of the stairs looked up to find her gingerly stepping down the stairs, her big tits heaving and wobbling with each step, her hands at her shoulders and obviously not in the least bothered that I had tied her up and she was on complete display.

Once down the stairs I pushed her towards the door of the cycle shed through which we had to go to get to the lift. ‘No, what if anyone is in there’, she protested, trying to turn away from the door. I grabbed a handful of hair at the back of her neck, opened the door and pushed her through. ‘You like displaying your tits for me, why not for anyone else?’ I asked. She gave a little cry and stumbled through the door. There was no-one in the shed. ‘Pity’, I thought, but I could see the relief on her face.

We made our way to the lift at the other end. There was good lighting in the cycle shed. As we were walking through the shed I saw a security cable some cyclist had left behind. It was a metal cable surrounded by a soft plastic coating, with two loops at each end so lock could be fed through. There was no lock to be seen, but I picked up the cable. ‘That would maybe come in handy later on’ I thought to myself.

I made a show of looking over her fully exposed boobs served up on her converted push-up bra as we waited for the lift to come. I knew then I wanted her for myself, totally and she was going to give herself to me, totally, to use and abuse. MY mind was made up.

I moved towards the back of the lift and pulled her in front of me, facing the lift doors. I slid one hand around her and pinched her nipple to keep her in place and with the other hand I teased her by moving over the office floor buttons. The lift doors often opened up right into the open plan offices, so if anyone was still in the office still, they would clearly see her, if I decided to push an office floor button.

‘Please ‘ she pleaded quietly, ‘I still have to work here’. ‘OK’, I relented, ‘are you going to be a good girl for me then?’ I asked, twisting her nipple a little as I spoke, to give emphasis to the fact that she was going to be under my control by force if necessary. ‘I’ll be a good girl and do what you want, but please don’t show me to people in the office.’ She said. ‘I just want to be with you and please you, I’ll do anything you ask me’.

‘There’s a good girl’. I released her nipple slightly and rolled it a little to ease the pinch I had given her. She shuddered with pleasure. I pushed the top floor button where all the big meeting rooms were. ‘Where are you taking me?’ she asked, looking at me in the reflection of the lift door mirrors. ‘Somewhere where you can show me all of you and where I can take a good look at you without being disturbed.’

The lift doors opened and I took her out and into to one of the client toilets. These were big and roomy decked out with mirrors and marble. I pushed her into the ladies’ as those were invariably cleaner and closed the door. ‘Stay there for a minute, I’ll be right back’ I said.

I walked over the floor and checked each meeting room. The floor as deserted. Good. I walked over to the lift and pulled open the maintenance panel. I knew there was a key to prevent the lift from going to a particular floor as the building once had some competitors of ours on one floor. I found the key and disabled access to the top floor. I then took a chair from one of the meeting rooms and wedged it against the stairway doors. Now we were alone on the floor and could not be disturbed. My ace was that Anne didn’t know this and I was going to play on her fears a little.

I walked back to the toilet and opened the door. She was stood up straight, her big white tits facing the mirror, obviously admiring herself in the down lights that the executive toilet was equipped with. ‘You like looking at yourself like that?’ I said. She startled and blushed. ‘Yes’, she said. ‘I like being with you and you being in control. I have never been tied up like this, but I trust you and so I don’t mind. I am yours to do with what you want.’

‘Are you going to be by fuck slut then?’ I demanded. My rude choice of words startled her and she looked up in slight shock, but when she saw I was deadly serious and expecting an answer, she cast her eyes down and answered meekly: ‘Yes, I am your fuck slut’. ‘Say it again, but with a bit more conviction this time’ I said harshly. ‘I am your fuck slut! Do with me what you want!’ she said aloud, straightening up as she did, pointing her big nipples towards me.

‘Good’. I sat down on the closed toilet seat. I pinched her right nipple, pulled her towards me, undid her trousers and pulled them down. Her sheer black knickers were completely wet. She stepped out of her trousers and glanced at herself in the mirror again. I tweaked her nipple hard and she cried out. ‘If you are my fuck slut, you will do exactly as I ask and not admire yourself so much.’ Her eyes were watering and she was breathing heavily. Did I see some anxiety in her big blue eyes?

‘Turn around, I want to see your ass’. She turned. Her knickers turned out to be a tanga as there was but a thin strip of material running in between her butt cheeks. She bent over a bit as I squeezed her butt and her legs moved slightly apart. ‘Nice’ I said. Then I slapped one of her butt cheeks. To my surprise there was no reaction from her. I slapped it again, a bit harder this time. Her flesh wiggled a bit and started to go red a little. Still no reaction. I looked at her reflection in the mirror. She had her eyes closed and her mouth was slightly open. Her face was relaxed, so she was obviously enjoying this! Do you like being my fuck slut and under my total control?’ I asked. ‘Yes’ she whispered with her eyes still closed, ‘please smack me again, harder this time as I am a whore and need your hand to control me’. I smacked her one more time, this time as hard as I could and she cried out in pain and surprise. A big red welt immediately appeared on her left as cheek. ‘Good’, I said. ‘There will be more of that to come, I’m sure, but first I need to see the rest of you.’

I pulled down her panties and made her step out of them. I then turned her around and stood up, cupped her left breast as best I could (they were so big my hand was too small) and started to nibble the right nipple. ‘Ooh yes, suck it hard, they are all yours, please’, she moaned. I continued to lick and suck her tits and groped her ass with my right hand. My fingers slid down in between her butt cheeks, over her anus hole and into her wet sopping cunt. Once I had enough moisture on my fingers I slid them back over her asshole and so lubricated the whole area. She continued to moan and thrust her massive jugs in my face.

I suddenly turned her around and bent her over the sink to face the mirror. Her ass stuck out and I sat down on the toilet again. Her tits were dangling on the cold marble slate and her nose was inches from the mirror. I looked at her face reflected in the mirror. ‘OK’ I said, now you can have a good look at you self and see close up what you like and what you don’t.’ I slapped her hard across the butt cheeks a few times and she cried out each time. But I noticed she was still looking at herself and her jangling breasts. I felt her pussy again. She was still dripping. I smeared some more cunt juice over her asshole and just lay my thumb against her anus. It contracted, but after a few seconds relaxed a little. I immediately shoved my thumb up her ass and she winced in the mirror.

‘Hmm, how do you like that my little tight cunt? How do you like being used by me like that?’ I asked. I continued to wriggle my thumb and then with my remaining fingers started playing with her cunt lips. She groaned and started to writhe against my hand. I stood up and place my other hand on her back, pinning her down onto the marble top. ‘Oh no, you cannot make yourself come, you can only come when I say so. Remember you are my slut and I tell you what to do. If you don’t you will be punished. If you do I promise to make you a happy little cunt.’ She stopped moving and looked at me pleadingly in the mirror. ‘Please’ she whispered. ‘Please don’t tease me too much, I’ll do anything, just let me come.’

I took pity and wriggled my fingers a little and brushed up against her clit. Her eyes closed and she breathed in deeply. ‘OK my little angel’, I said ‘when I say come, you can come. Are you close?’ She nodded her head eagerly and I said, ‘OK, you can come now’ and I thrust two fingers into her sopping cunt and pushed my thumb a little deeper into her anus.

She came immediately, convulsing on the marble top and shaking all over. ‘Oh YES! Aaahhh’. Her cunt juices flowed richly over my hand and she squeezed my thumb tightly with her sphincter. Here bright blue eyes were wide open and she was staring at herself as she came. She moaned loudly and started crying a little and then bent her head down as the after shock subsided.

When she was done I slipped my fingers out of her and gave her a minute. She was still out of breath when I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up. I stood behind her, cupped one breast and looked over her shoulder into the mirror at our reflection. She was leaning back to me, her hands still tied beside her, her throat slightly exposed, her massive tits pointing at the mirror, her face slightly red and a small tuft of blond cunt hair just peeking over the marble sink top. I tweaked her nipple and it hardened again. ‘Did you like that?’ I asked. ‘Oh yes’, she panted. ‘Please can I have some more?’

‘Not so fast my little angel’ I said, ‘first you have to do something for me.’ I slapped her butt cheek again and turned her to face me. ‘Come with me, I have always wanted to fuck you on the board room table’.

Her eyes went wide. ‘Oh no, please don’t’, she pleaded, but I had already picked up the bicycle cable and fed one end through the loop at the other end. ‘Come here’ I said, indicating she was to put her head through the noose I had made. ‘Nooo’, she pleaded and stepped back a little. ‘Come here!’ I demanded angrily and stared at her.

She was stood in the corner of the toilet and seemed to deliberate what to do for a moment. ‘Come here fuck slut, or else I will punish you like you have never been punished before’. I hissed. ‘You promised to obey me and you will. Come here now!’

She looked at me and finally stepped forward, accepting her fate. This was a major turning point in our relationship as now she was going to give me complete control, effectively sealing her destiny as my sex slave. It was obvious she was still reluctant, but that is what turns me on the most, a reluctant sub. If it is all too easy, there is no challenge. There must be a bit of a fight to make it interesting.

I held the noose in front of her. She stepped up close to it and looked me in the eye. ‘Put you head through this loop and subject yourself to me’ I said. She hesitated once more and I gave her a withering look. ‘If not, you will be in for worse’.

She bowed her head and stepped forward putting her head through the noose and straightened up. I looked her in the eye as I tightened the noose and said ‘Good girl. You are mine now, completely.’ She nodded and smiled. ‘No need for this then anymore’, I said, and removed her wrists from the bra straps and pulled her shirt and bra down in one motion. She was now completely naked except for her shoes.

‘Come with me’ I said walking into the corridor and pulling her along on the cable. She wobbled a bit on her heels and everything shook deliciously but she then caught up and walked a step behind me towards the meeting rooms. Strangely enough, she didn’t seem to be anxious anymore that anyone would see her. It was almost if she had given over all responsibility for her actions to me and had lost all her inhibitions. In fact, she walked deliberately straight up and almost proud of herself. That could only mean that she now considered herself as someone who had no control over what was going to happen to them; a slave. A sex slave to be exact.

I had what I wanted.

– The End –