Michelle and Dr. Wellhung had been writing emails back and forth and chatting on instant messenger for nearly a month before she finally decided to follow through with her desire to undergo an examination. She was nervous, she was apprehensive, and she was also driven by a desire that was relentless. That was her dilemma. She was an intelligent and responsible woman, and she was about to do something that any intelligent and responsible woman would think was absolutely crazy. In fact, the whole thing was crazy. Michelle had found the “Dr. Wellhung’s Gyno Clinic” web site on the Internet. She had written to him and, damn, he had actually written back to her! Now she was going to meet him.

It was difficult enough meeting someone new for the first time, but that was child’s play in comparison to this. She was not just going to meet someone new; she was going to a hotel room with a total stranger whom she had met on the Internet. She was going to take her clothes off. This “Dr. Wellhung” was going to have full access to her body and he was going to do things of the most intimate nature, externally and internally. Even her bi-annual pelvic exam was nothing compared to this!

As Michelle showered and dressed she still could hardly believe that she was really doing this. Although her appointment had been scheduled for a week it still did not yet feel completely real. Dr. Wellhung had arranged to meet her at a Quality Inn about fifteen minutes from her home. He had proposed that they meet in their cars in the parking lot and then go for coffee or breakfast. Now she almost wished that she had taken him up on the offer. Instead she had told him that it would be more exciting for her to just go directly to his room. The Doctor agreed and told her that once he had checked-in he would call and let her know that it was time.

The doctor told Michelle that he thought that he should be calling her sometime around 11:00am. As it got closer to that time Michelle felt the butterflies churning in her stomach. She also felt another sensation, a tingling between her legs. She was looking at the clock for what seemed like the hundredth time when her cell phone rang. She knew this was it. She answered and heard the Doctor’s voice for the first time.

“Michelle? This is your Doctor. It’s time for your examination.”

“OK” she answered.

“I am all checked-in, Room 628.” he told her. Michelle thought that he had a nice voice.

Michelle said that she was on her way and would be there shortly. Now that she had heard his voice the sense of unreality that she had been feeling began to change to something else. She put her coat on and took her purse and keys. She walked to her car and got in. The fantasy she enjoyed when she had masturbated alone in the middle of the night was becoming real. Those many nights, especially since she and the Doctor had been communicating, Michelle had laid there in her bed with her knees pulled up to her chest. Her vagina throbbed as she used her Hitachi Magic Wand, and she had dreamed about getting an erotic examination. In those late night secret fantasies of hers she tried to imagine the feel of a speculum entering her there.

Now it was going to really happen. It wasn’t the middle of the night; it was a few minutes after 11:00 in the morning. There was real traffic and real stores and real people going about their business. There was a real Michelle and she was driving in her real car, and yet those fantasies were also just as real in her mind as she drove to her appointment with the Doctor. She tried to put them out of her mind for fear that the Doctor would find her panties already soaked when she disrobed. That would be so embarrassing. Beyond embarrassing, mortifying! She tried to will those thoughts away and she tried to will the tingling between her legs to stop, but she could not. Michelle’s imagination was vivid and suddenly an image flashed into her mind. It was that picture the Doctor had let her see, the one where a woman’s hand was clutched around the base of his penis and it was fully erect and standing straight up. The vivid memory of that picture sent a jolt through her body, beginning there between her legs. She felt her vagina spasm and, oh no, she was sure that she felt a squirt of fluid escape.

The drive to the hotel seemed to take seconds. “This is it” she thought. Michelle pulled into the parking lot and as she did she briefly thought of turning around and leaving. She was so nervous and all she had to do was leave and that would make the butterflies stop churning in her stomach. But then she thought of how Dr. Wellhung had driven over three hours to meet her and how he had already spent the money for the hotel room. She couldn’t do that to him. She also thought of how, after all these years, her fantasy could finally come true. If she turned around she would be letting herself down as much as she would be letting him down. Her fantasies would never be realized. And even now as she thought of what was about to happen she could feel that throbbing between her legs. No, she would NOT leave.

Michelle parked her car. When she got out of her car she could definitely feel dampness in her panties. It was not her imagination again; it really was damp down there. She walked inside and found the elevator. She pushed the button for floor six. The door opened immediately. Her heart was pounding in her chest. After a few moments the door opened again on floor six. Michelle got out and walked down the hall. Her heart was really racing now. 620, 622, 624, 626, oh geeze – Room 628.

For a couple seconds that felt like hours Michelle stood there in front of the door to Room 628, her heart pounding and her stomach in knots. She already knew that her crotch felt moist and now she felt that her nipples had become hard. Not that too!!!

The knock on the Doctor’s hotel room door was so light that he almost missed it. It was a tentative little knock, as if the woman on the other side of the door was, even at this last minute, not quite sure that she was actually going to do it.

Doctor Wellhung opened the door and Michelle stood there in front of him. This was the first time Dr. Wellhung had seen her. She had described herself for him, in some detail in fact, but she did not have a picture to send him by email. Nonetheless, the Doctor was very pleasantly surprised. Michelle was a most attractive woman.

She came in the room and the Doctor closed the door behind her. Even before removing her coat he took her in his arms and he kissed her – deeply – and Michelle kissed him back, just as deeply. It was not just a little “glad to finally meet you” kiss of two strangers meeting for the first time, there was passion there too.

The Doctor took Michelle’s coat and hung it from the hanger in the closet alcove. She saw that the room was nice enough, a suite, with a Jacuzzi right there in the main room. There was another room as well, and it was darker in there, and in the other room was a huge king bed with a lamp table on each side. Candles burned on the lamp tables. She also noticed that Dr. Wellhung had a bottle of sparkling wine chilling in an ice bucket next to the Jacuzzi.

Despite the early hour Michelle accepted the Doctor’s offer of Asti Spumante. While he uncorked the bottle and poured them both small glasses she looked in at the bed. “Ohmigod!”, she thought, that was where it was going to happen. So far the doctor seemed nice enough but still she was so, so very nervous. Her hand trembled slightly as she took the glass.

Michelle had told the Doctor several times how nervous she was about the prospect of getting an examination. Even as she finally made the decision to meet with him she wrote “After much thinking over the weekend, I want to make an appointment with you. The constant thought of you giving me an examination is more than I can handle and I realize that the nerves will be there whether its in 2 weeks or 2 months”.

In consideration of her nervousness Dr. Wellhung had promised Michelle that he would begin by giving her a massage before doing anything else. All she would be agreeing to initially was to the massage. The Doctor promised to allow her to leave her lingerie on while getting her massage, and that he would not be as much as touching her in any of her private areas. He would give her a massage, and if after the massage she was not able to relax and feel comfortable enough to undergo an examination, then her appointment would be over with no questions asked.

As soon as the Doctor had removed her shoes and socks and began to massage her feet Michelle knew that would not happen. He was using a very nice warmed lotion, and he was taking his time, gently yet firmly rubbing her feet as she lay there enjoying the sensations. There was no rush, just pleasure. The Doctor thoroughly massaged the lotion into her feet, ankles, and even her calves to the extent possible with her jeans still on. Several times he came up and kissed her passionately.

“Michelle, I am going to massage your legs now,” the Doctor said while undoing the button of her pants. Her response was to raise her hips to help him slip them down. The doctor unzipped her jeans and worked them over the curves of Michelle’s hips. He was careful not to slip her panties off at the same time. Her jeans were tight but once he got them down past her hips the rest was easy. Michelle was amused that he took the time to fold them neatly and place them on a chair in the corner of the room.

When the Doctor returned to sit on the bed next to his patient he took the tube of lotion and squirted a generous amount into his hand and rubbed his hands together to warm them. As he was doing so he took a moment to look at her now that she was no longer wearing pants. Michelle was right, she did have very nice legs. He also noticed that despite the fact that her legs were closed demurely, the fullness of her white cotton panties revealed that Michelle’s vulva was well developed. He could also see a slightly dark shadow showing through the fabric and he was pleased that she had followed Doctor’s Orders and not shaved her pubic hair.

Dr. Wellhung devoted a very enjoyable and long time massaging Michelle’s shapely legs. He started with her ankles, and then moved upward to her calves, and then her thighs. He would add more of the warmed lotion frequently and while warming it in his hands he noticed that his luscious patient had a much more serene and relaxed look on her face. Her eyes were closed and she was even smiling slightly. The Doctor continued his massage to her upper thighs moving tantalizingly close to the edge of her panties. He slipped his fingers in between her legs there to coax her to open them a bit. He heard a slight gasp as Michelle felt his fingers there in the warmth of her inner thighs, and when he looked she had parted her lips slightly. She had also parted her legs a little more, not fully spread but certainly open enough so the Doctor had full access to massage all the way up.

Once Michelle had opened her legs a little the Doctor had a much nicer view of her crotch area. The form of her outer labia, and even the cleft between them was quite apparent. Had it not been for his promise to begin with a non-sexual massage only, the doctor most certainly would have touched her there. As it was he remained true to his word and he limited his caresses to those areas not covered by her lingerie. He rubbed the lotion into that exceptionally soft skin between her legs and he could feel the heat emanating from Michelle’s crotch. He wondered if when he touched the white cotton there he would find it damp.

“Michelle, I want you to roll over now so I can massage the back of your legs” the Doctor instructed.

Michelle dutifully did as told and turned over so she was lying on her stomach. This time she left her legs slightly apart, not wantonly, but enough that the Doctor did not need to coax her to open them again. Again, he applied lotion to his hands, warmed it, and then began low on her legs, working up. While he massaged her he admired her body. Michelle was in very good shape for a woman in her late forties. She obviously exercised and took care of herself. She had a most womanly form. The Doctor could see that her buttocks looked firm under the thin white cloth of her panties. She had chosen her lingerie just as instructed. He had told her to dress as if she was going to her usual bi-annual exam and she had done so.

Doctor Wellhung massaged the warmed lotion into the skin of the back of her legs as thoroughly as he had done the front. He noted that this time when doing the insides of her thighs that Michelle slightly opened her legs even further. It was so tempting to touch that taught fabric there. It looked even tighter now, as if her vulva had become swollen. The heat from her sex seemed even more distinct. As the Doctor massaged the back of her hips just beyond her pantyline he did so with both hands in a manner that slightly pulled her cheeks open with his kneading. Michelle responded to that with an almost imperceptible undulation of her hips.

The bedroom was rather dark due to the fact that the only light was from the two candles and what came in from the adjacent room, but Dr. Wellhung also noticed what seemed to be a damp spot beginning there in the crotch of Michelle’s panties. It was hard to be positive, but it sure seemed as if the white cotton was a bit darker there right at the point where Michelle’s vaginal opening would be.

The Doctor hands moved further up now, above the elastic waistband of his patient’s panties and slightly underneath her sweater, rubbing the warmed lotion into the muscles of her lower back. It was time to give her a back massage now so he told her that he would be removing her sweater. She did not at all resist when he began to pull it upward and she raised herself up off the bed enough that he could pull it beyond the mounds of her amply filled bra. Once he had it off he excused himself briefly and took that sweater, folded it, and placed it on the chair with Michelle’s jeans and socks.

He returned, squeezed more lotion onto his hands, warmed them and then proceeded to massage his patient’s back. There was no rush and he took his time, doing his best to help her to relax. He brushed her silky blonde hair aside and massaged her neck and shoulders. He also massaged her arms. He could feel tension in the muscles of her shoulders when he started, but as he continued those muscles loosened. Then he went lower, lightly lifting the straps of her bra and rubbing the skin below.

When Doctor Wellhung had finished with her backrub he told Michelle that she had to roll over again so he could do her front. She hesitated just a moment and then turned over on to her back again. Their eyes met. The anxiousness that he had seen in them now was nearly gone. She smiled shyly and the Doctor leaned over and kissed her again, a long, deep, and passionate kiss.

“Are you doing alright dear?” the Doctor asked her.

“Yes” Michelle said and smiled softly, “much better now”.

“Good, now put your hands behind your head and I will finish your massage” the Doctor replied and squeezed lotion into the palm of his hand.

Michelle complied with his instructions and again laid her head back and closed her eyes. Dr. Wellhung again admired his patient’s most attractive form. Her tummy was softly rounded and had great tone. That was amazing considering that she had two pregnancies and both were large babies. He knew from her Medical History Form that she wore a 33B brassiere. The Doctor was not a man who was greatly turned on by the women one typically sees in men’s magazines such as Penthouse. Instead, he appreciated a woman’s more natural appearance, no breast implants, no collagen injections, and although he did appreciate how shaving could reveal the form of a woman’s vulva, he just as much found full pubic hair appealing. The Doctor could tell that Michelle’s body was all-natural and she looked appealing indeed lying there in nothing but her panties and bra.

The Doctor rubbed the lotion over Michelle’s tummy, right to the very edge of the elastic band at the waist of her panties. He moved upward to do the skin just below her bra, then higher yet again to the soft swells of her breasts.

Her lips were slightly parted and he leaned over again and lightly brushed his own across hers.

“Michelle, its time for you to decide if you want me to give you your examination. Would you like to stay longer?” Dr. Wellhung asked her.

“Yes Doctor, I will stay” she answered without hesitation. It was only a small sentence but it had a great meaning. It meant that Michelle had given herself over to the Doctor’s care. She had committed herself and now all those secret fantasies were about to be realized. The butterflies returned but not nearly as bad as earlier. When she felt the Doctor’s hand slip into the cup of her bra and touch her nipple it signified that he was beginning.

Dr. Wellhung slid an arm under Michelle’s back and lifted her upright to a seated position. She felt his fingers behind her back, felt him undo the clasps of her bra, felt the release of tension as he opened the back strap. He removed her bra completely and then surprised her by squeezing lotion onto his hand once again and finishing massaging her back as she still sat upright. Then he got up and put her bra on the chair with the other articles of clothing he had placed there earlier.

Michelle sat there, topless now; awaiting what would come next. Doctor smiled at her as he again applied more lotion to his hands. He rubbed them together to warm them and then he sat on the bed slightly behind her and reached around and cupped her breasts, and gently rubbed the lotion into the skin that had been hidden inside the cups of her bra. As he did so the doctor felt Michelle’s nipples hardening against his palms.

“Now lay back dear and I will be examining your breasts.” he instructed.

Michelle did as he told her, again with her hands on the pillow behind her head. The Doctor ran his fingertips across the skin of first one breast and then the other, feeling every bit of the tissue for form and firmness, encircling the edge of her areolas to observe how her nipples responded, feeling the little bumps as they stiffened under his touch. He lightly squeezed her nipples to check for any discharge, first one and then the other. While manual expression did not reveal any discharge, Dr. Wellhung did have another procedure to perform. He got up and went to the table where the case containing his medical instruments was. He returned to his patient with the first of many instruments that he would be using.

Michelle had her eyes closed as she lay there and was not sure what to expect next. She felt the doctor applying lotion around her nipple and then something hard being placed over it. Then she heard a click and a soft humming sound. Almost immediately she felt a tugging sensation there. Dr Wellhung was using a breast pump, and the sensation as it sucked at her nipple was most noticeable. He held the pump in place let it run and slowly cause her nipple to swell. At the same time he used his other hand to stimulate her other nipple. Michelle was becoming even more aroused. She was not aware of it but the Doctor did notice that as he was checking for nipple discharge his patient had gradually opened her legs and her hips were moving ever so slightly.

The breast pump the Doctor was using was adjusted at the minimum setting when he started, and gradually he turned the power higher. Michelle’s nipple was becoming quite swollen and enlarged enough that it now filled the apex of the clear plastic cup and was being drawn into the neck. The tip of her nipple was fully erect and nearly twice the size of her other nipple (which was also erect but not under suction). The doctor cycled the vacuum release button and observed how her nipple was being suckled in and out of the neck. For a moment Michelle raised her head and looked down at her nipples. She had felt the way the Doctor had been manually expressing one breast and the pump was milking the other. She could feel a tingling there in both nipples but was unable to see if there was any lactation. Dr. Wellhung was also watching for the same and he did not see it. A different approach was clearly necessary.

The Doctor used the vacuum release button again and removed the pump from Michelle’s left breast and switched it to the right side. Her left nipple was still greatly engorged and pointing straight up. He leaned over and licked around the bumpy edge of her areola and his patient gasped at the sensation. He sucked her nipple in between his lips and began nursing from that stiff little bud. She gasped again. While sucking and pumping her nipples the Doctor felt it would be a good time to see if Michelle was showing additional signs of arousal. He slipped his free hand down the soft skin of her quivering tummy and then over the waistband of her panties and down the mound of her vulva.

Michelle opened her legs and slightly raised her hips to meet his touch. The Doctor fingers found the indentation in the crotch of her panties that marked the opening of her vagina. The fabric was very damp, nearly soaking. He rubbed his finger there and she responded by opening her legs fully and slightly gyrating her hips in time with his strokes. The doctor slipped his finger back up the slick fabric, following the crease between her labia. He found her clitoris, hard under the soft cotton. He rubbed his finger up and down the sides of it, palpitating the root and she moaned in pleasure. As Dr. Wellhung rhythmically stroked Michelle’s clitoral shaft, he sucked even harder with his lips on her nipple and cycled the vacuum release button, thus causing the suction to milk her other nipple at the same time. Michelle’s breathing became faster and her hips moved sensually against his fingers.

The Doctor momentarily stopped sucking her throbbing nipple and moved to kiss her again. This was no light touch of the lips, it was a deep and lustful kiss, and his tongue probing into her most willingly opened mouth. At the same time Dr. Wellhung did other probing. He slipped his hand under the waistband of Michelle’s panties, slid is fingers down between her silken inner labia and inserted one fingertip into her vagina. She kissed him back even more passionately. He felt how completely wet and accommodating her vagina was, and he pushed his finger deeper inside. It was as if Michelle opened up down there, and as soon as the Doctor’s finger was well inside, she squeezed. He could feel that Michelle’s g-spot was extremely swollen and rough, and she was very obviously bearing down to make it easier for him to rub that bulging bit of tissue there inside her vagina. The Doctor slipped a second finger inside Michelle’s vagina and with both together he reached them just beyond her g-spot and, applying a slight pressure up and out, he stroked it. The technique caused intense stimulation of her g-spot and urethra at the same time. Michelle involuntarily bucked her hips and her vagina clenched in spasms. The Doctor could tell that Michelle was in the proper state of arousal to get the most out her examination.

Just when a climax seemed imminent Dr. Wellhung removed his fingers from his patient’s vagina. Using both hands, he closed her legs and slipped her panties down and off. He got up and placed them unfolded across the arm of the chair so that the damp crotch area could dry. Then he went to retrieve more items from his case of medical equipment. This time the items he selected were for patient control. Among other things, Michelle had told Dr. Wellhung that it was her fantasy to be examined while restrained and blindfolded, helpless and vulnerable and with the Doctor fully in control of what would be done to her.

It was Dr. Wellhung’s responsibility to learn what would be the most exciting for his patient, what specific procedures she really desired to have done, and in what manner. Then he would do his best to be the Doctor she desired and conduct her examination in accordance with her turn-ons and fantasies. A woman might prefer a Doctor with a stern and commanding nature, quick to administer discipline for any infraction. She might find excitement in the embarrassment of being made to disrobe and the Doctor noticing (and of course pointing out) the fact that her nipples were hard or she seemed to be experiencing an unusual amount of vaginal secretions. A woman may wish to be blindfolded like Michelle, or she may find arousal in watching the Doctor at work. She may want to experience something rather different such as being catheterized or she may want an examination during which she must bear uncomfortable procedures. She may want extensive breast stimulation and induced lactation. She may crave being treated as a submissive and naughty little slut and a plaything for the Doctor’s enjoyment. Dr. Wellhung was very astute and he took the time necessary to understand his patients’ mind before scheduling any examination of her body.

Michelle did want a full range of procedures, but nothing painful. She did not want to be treated like a naughty girl or slut. She wanted to be teased, she wanted to be controlled, and she wanted to be sexually gratified. She also wanted her examination to be conducted with a focus on tenderness and sensuality. Michelle thought that so far Dr. Wellhung was doing a very, very good job at making her fantasies all come true.

She was lying on the bed on her back and still breathing somewhat quickly. She had kept her legs closed after the Doctor had removed her panties. That position limited what the Doctor could see but that would not be the case for much longer. He sat on the bed next to her and lifted her left wrist and fastened a cuff around it. Michelle’s heart rate jumped when she felt that.

Dr. Wellhung demonstrated the function to his patient.

“Now dear” he explained, “these cuffs are held closed with Velcro. There is a tab here that you pull to release them.”

He unwrapped the Velcro with its characteristic ripping sound and then reattached it. “Now you try it” he told her. Michelle used her other hand and unwrapped it herself. The Doctor wrapped it again. He continued, “The cuffs are attached with these little spring loaded snap hooks. You could unlatch them yourself. If the restraints get uncomfortable then you need to tell me and I will readjust them or take them off. Now remember this Michelle, if you feel panicky just say so and I will take these off immediately. Do you understand?”

“Yes Doctor.” she replied.

“Alright then, I will finish getting you in position.” he said and then he leaned down and lifting each of her feet slightly and fastened another set of Velcro cuffs around Michelle’s ankles. Next Dr. Wellhung assembled the spreader bar. It was another of his creations, made of chrome tubing with stainless steel eyelets on the ends. He made it in two pieces so it would fit discretely in his case. The two halves joined rigidly in the center and once together the spreader bar would hold the patient’s ankles fully 30″ apart. The Doctor moved down to the foot of the bed and attached the snap hook of one ankle cuff to one of the eyelets of the spreader bar. Then he took hold of the snap hook on Michelle’s other ankle and spread her legs enough to fasten it to the other eyelet.

This was the first time that Dr. Wellhung had a clear view of Michelle’s vulva. Her pubic hair was nicely full and a medium brown color. As her legs had opened it revealed that Michelle had very well developed genitals. Her outer labia were large and full. Her clitoral hood was apparent and the tip of her clitoral bud was clearly visible. Her inner labia were also prominent and had parted slightly. They were glistening wet with her vaginal secretions.

Dr. Wellhung now grasped Michelle’s ankles and moved them further up the bed, thus raising her knees. He reached and took hold of the snap hook around her left wrist and pulled it down until he could snap it to the ring on the cuff of her left ankle. He did the same with her right wrist and ankle. This left Michelle very effectively immobilized and her crotch area completely accessible.

Dr. Wellhung got up off the bed and then leaned over his bound patient and again kissed her. She had the urge to put her arms around him but she could not do so. In fact, she could not do anything. The feeling of helplessness and vulnerability was incredible! The Doctor ended their kiss and the last thing that he did was to use a hand to slightly lift her head from the pillow. He put a black satin blindfold over her eyes. Michelle’s world went dark.

Michelle was restrained in a position that was reasonably close to that of a woman on a real gynecological examination table. Her knees were raised and her legs were held apart as effectively as if she were in stirrups. Her pubic area was fully accessible. There was one last matter to attend to. With her wrists and ankles attached together it had pulled the spreader bar up tight against Michelle’s bottom. Dr. Wellhung took a pillow and folded a towel over double on top of it and told Michelle to lift up while he slipped them under her buttocks. This raised her pelvis enough so that the chrome tube was no longer in the way. Now her anus was as accessible as her vagina. The Doctor stood for a moment and admired his work, and was extremely pleased. The black satin blindfold contrasted nicely with Michelle’s shoulder-length dark blonde and highlighted hair and the black blindfold, black cuffs and chrome spreader bar had a distinctly SM-like appearance. On the whole, Michelle looked very beautiful and exceptionally erotic. Geeze, he loved his work!

With the blindfold covering her eyes, now the Doctor was free to get some light on the subject. He turned on the overhead light, turned on the two lamps beside the bed and he turned on a lamp in the corner as well. Then he went to the table where his case was and unfolded a towel there and began removing and preparing his medical equipment. On the towel he laid out four different speculums, a digital thermometer, several vaginal and anal plugs, a black inflatable plug with squeeze bulb, a pocket rocket and an insertable vibrator, a sealed bag with sterile catheters, a penlight, the rectal probe, an enema kit, a douche kit, several different types of lubricant, a pack of moist wipes, and various attachments. The Doctor checked to be sure that all the battery-powered implements were working, and he was pleased that as usual everything worked perfectly. Finally the Doctor took the breast pump he had been using earlier and he assembled a clear vinyl tube into the neck of the nipple cup. A soft silicon rubber cap was fit over the end of the tube. Then he went into the bathroom and washed his hands thoroughly. When he returned the Doctor was ready to begin his examination of Michelle’s pelvic area.

Doctor Wellhung sat on the foot of the bed. He began by placing his hand on Michelle’s tummy just above her pubic bone and gently pressing in to feel for any enlargement of her ovaries or womb. Despite not being formally trained the Doctor did have a reasonable amount of medical knowledge, and he also knew his patient. Michelle had been extremely apprehensive so the Doctor was taking care not to move forward too quickly. He was giving her a chance to get used to the feel of his hands on her again prior to more intimate contact. After a few moments he then slipped both his hands down to the inside of her thighs and moved them in to open Michelle’s labia for a visual examination.

When the Doctor spread Michelle’s full outer labia, her inner ones flowered open as well. He had a most intimate view of the structures within. Michelle’s vaginal introitus was not fully closed. The pink bulge of her still swollen g-spot was evident just inside. Just above her vaginal opening the Doctor could see the little slit that marked the opening of her urethra. Her clitoris was prominent and it was still in an erect state with the little pearly pink end projecting from her hood. Her inner labia were dark pink and engorged. Dr. Wellhung slipped his hands a bit lower and spread her again. The lower position of his fingertips caused her vagina to open even more and he could see somewhat inside. He parted her cheeks and saw that Michelle’s anus was smooth and somewhat darker than the skin of her inner cheeks. She was not clenched and had responded to his spreading by relaxing and allowing her anus to be opened ever so slightly. It was wet with the secretions from her vagina. Overall, the Doctor thought that Michelle’s pelvic area had a very attractive and womanly appearance and she showed very obvious signs of sexual arousal.

Dr. Wellhung used KY Liquid to lubricate Michelle’s clitoral area. He carefully avoided touching the little turgid bud itself but did apply the lubricant all around it. Then he took the breast pump and placed the soft silicon rubber cup over her clitoris and turned it on at a medium setting. Slowly the suction had its effect. Michelle’s clitoris began to swell and lengthen. The Doctor always marveled at how big a woman’s clitoris would become as the vacuum worked it magic. Bit by bit that little organ was filling the vinyl tube. He briefly touched the vacuum release button and it retracted slightly. Again he let the vacuum build and now increased the setting to full. Michelle gasped and her hips twitched. Below the pump sucking at her clitoris a single translucent whitish drip of her feminine secretions emerged from her vaginal opening. The drip grew and then slowly crept downward to wet her anus.

Doctor Wellhung let the pump work on Michelle’s clitoris for a good five minutes and in that time he cycled the vacuum as if it was mechanically nursing her clitoris. By the time he finally hit the vacuum release button for the last time and removed the pump Michelle’s clitoris was hugely engorged and Michelle was straining against her cuffs with the need for a climax. The Doctor knew just what it would take to send her over the edge. He moved his face very close to Michelle’s quivering vulva and breathed lightly – directly on the swollen tip of her clitoris. Her hips bucked. Doctor Wellhung licked the end of her clitoris. Michelle went over the edge and a shattering orgasm exploded from her groin.

The Doctor did not let her recover. We did not let her come down. When he felt the first wave of spasms subside he inserted a finger into her vagina and rubbed her g-spot and she went off again, gasping and laughing/crying from the intensity. Her vaginal spasms finally stopped and so Dr. Wellhung took her clitoris in between his lips and sucked and took her to never-never land again. Each time the greatest intensity of her climax would pass the Doctor did something to push her back up again. He rubbed the side of her clitoral shaft while spearing his tongue into her vaginal opening. She came. He licked just above her vagina, stimulating her urethral opening and she came again. He used two fingers to stroke up and down the length of her clitoral shaft and she came. He licked the swollen tip of it again while rubbing a finger over her wet anus and another climax washed over her. He slowly inserted a finger into her anus and she came yet again. Whether these were multiple orgasms or a single long orgasm with multiple peaks was irrelevant. His patient was responding very well to treatment.

Dr. Wellhung kept his patient in the orgasmic state until she was cried out “enough”. He stopped to let her rest and got up and kissed her. She could not much kiss back as she was gasping for air. The Doctor went to the table and selected several instruments for the next procedure. When he returned he saw that in her throes of ecstasy Michelle’s blindfold had become slightly askew. He fixed that for her. He resumed his position at the foot of the bed. He noted that her clitoris has still slightly swollen but mostly returned to its normal erect size. Her entire vulva was glistening with her juices and there was a small wet spot on the towel under her.

Dr. Wellhung used his fingers and opened Michelle’s labia. He upended the bottle of KY Liquid and dripped some onto and the opening of her vagina. Some ran inside. He gently inserted the Collins speculum. The feeling of the cool metal entering her must have been shocking because Michelle moaned slightly. Then the Doctor remembered that in one of her earlier letters she had written about imagining how that would feel. He realized that she had moaned because of finally feeling what she had imagined countless times. The Doctor began turning the little thumbscrew that opened the blades. A Collins speculum spreads horizontally. The blades are attached at the bottom and open at the top. The spreading of her labia accentuated her clitoris and the little pink bud was still quite engorged and projecting from its hood. As he opened the blades further he could see deeper and deeper into her vagina. Her cervix came into view, a dark pink little dome deep inside.

Dr. Wellhung used his penlight to examine her internally. The tissues inside her vagina were firm and a healthy shade of pink. They were also very wet. A clear white mixture of the KY and her vaginal secretions had accumulated at the bottom and there was so much that it that it almost seemed as if her cervix was floating in it. He g-spot was a prominent bulge on the top wall of her vaginal barrel, just inside the opening. Just above her vaginal introitus, Michelle’s urethral opening was visible. That reminded the Doctor that he had forgotten to take her temperature! Now he had a dilemma. The hinge of the speculum blocked access to his patient’s anus and her vagina was far to open for a vaginal temperature reading. He would have to take her temperature urethrally. Dr. Wellung took a moistened wipe and lightly cleaned the area. Then he opened the little case and removed the digital basal thermometer. It was pre-sterilized and unbreakable and the tip was small and rounded, perfect for his purposes. He opened a fresh tube of KY and squeezed a bit of the gel on the tip or the thermometer and then a little more gel directly on that tiny little opening. The Doctor turned the thermometer on and carefully inserted the tip into Michelle’s urethra.

Michelle had no idea of what was coming. Suddenly she felt something being inserted in a place that she had not been expecting. It was an entirely different sensation, not painful at all, but certainly noticeable. The tip was a constant small diameter about the size of a regular glass thermometer for a length of about an inch long. Then it gradually tapered larger to the size of the body of the thermometer. The Doctor wanted a good internal temperature reading and slipped the tip fully inside Michelle’s urethra. It felt strangely erotic to Michelle as it slipped deeper into her urethra. He held it there until it beeped and he noted 99.8, which was within the normal range for a woman in a sexually aroused state. He momentarily let go of the thermometer and it stayed in place. Michelle had a small urethra. If he were to catheterize her he would probably need to use a size FR8 or FR10. “Damn” he thought; all he had was a FR12 and FR16.

Dr. Wellhung took a small soft vibrator and turned it on. It hummed softly. He introduced it into the opening of the speculum and let it essentially slide into place so the end was resting and vibrating on Michelle’s cervix. The vibrator was nearly all the way inside her. The base hummed against her g-spot. It did not take long at all before Michelle was again responding with a familiar rocking of her hips. Doctor Wellhung also noted that her clitoris and nipples were both erect again.

Soon Dr. Wellhung could tell that Michelle was again approaching a climax. He selected another of his instruments that he was sure would push her over the edge. It was a battery powered electric toothbrush, the children’s type with the very soft bristles. When it was applied to a woman’s clitoris the effect was devastating. However, before he could even use it she began climaxing yet again. When she came she bucked her hips. The muscles of her tummy clenched. Her fingers gripped the sheets and her anus clenched too. Undoubtedly, her vagina would be clenching as well, but the speculum prevented that. The Doctor did not stimulate her further at that point. He left the vibrator in place and waited until Michelle’s spasms had stopped and residual aftershocks were all that was left. Then he very carefully touched the spinning bristles to the very tip of Michelle’s clitoris. She thrust her hips upwards and came all over again. The Doctor smiled and thought that it must have been another real good one because she was laughing/crying again.

The Doctor kept the brush there just barely touching her clitoris until Michelle had been in climax for at least three or four minutes continuously. Then he let her catch her breath. He removed the thermometer and he grasped the base of the small vibrator and removed it from the speculum. He used the penlight and noted that Michelle had even more feminine secretions pooled at the bottom of her vagina. He also marveled at how engorged her g-spot was. That most sensitive area was very visibly swollen and projecting down between the rounded stainless steel blades of the speculum. Dr. Wellhung gently pushed the speculum inside until it was again fully seated and the flared ends of the blades were pressed against her labia. Her g-spot was right there now, extremely accessible. He barely needed to insert his finger to touch it. It felt it firm and somewhat rough as he gently rubbed it. To Michelle it felt incredible. The stimulation was so focused; just her g-spot and nowhere else. She felt the tingling and warmth building in her genitals yet again. Her hands closed into fists and she needed to cum so bad it was driving her crazy. She was desperate for the Doctor to do something to take her there again. In her mind she was screaming “Lick my clit!” but she could not say the words. Then just as she was at the very brink, teetering over the abyss of pleasure, the Doctor stopped rubbing her g-spot.

“Oh no don’t stop now!” she gasped.

Then she felt something that drove her even crazier. She felt the Doctor’s warm breath INSIDE her vagina. Every nerve was alive. Electricity built in her loins and coursed through her body. She leaned impossibly far over the abyss… but could not fall! The muscles in her thighs, her calves, and her stomach were all rigid in anticipation.

When Michelle felt the tip of the Doctor’s tongue touch her g-spot she totally lost it. It was as if the rope holding her from going over had been cut. When she felt him start to lick her there, inside her vagina, she was not just falling any more, she was being blasted down into the abyss as if there was a rocket strapped to her back. The electricity she felt before became a lighting bolt. It started in her vagina and hit inside the top of her head. He licked and the lightning kept coming, a lightning bolt that did not stop. Every muscle in her body contracted at once just as surely as if she had been struck by a million volts of electricity. She felt like she was inside an explosion. Michelle saw stars, her mind went blank and she came as close as humanly possible to passing out.

The orgasm finally passed and Michelle went completely limp. She sobbed softly. Dr. Wellhung closed the blades of the speculum and withdrew it slowly and carefully as not to pinch her. Even with the speculum removed, the opening of Michelle’s vagina gaped enough that her cervix was still visible. She was well dilated, but the Doctor knew that she could take more. He selected another implement. This one was an inflatable buttplug. He had other devices that he preferred for anal dilation, and he reserved this one for vaginal use exclusively.

The plug was made of black rubber with a short hose and squeeze-type inflation bulb. There was a little valve that released the air pressure. Dr. Wellhung closed the valve and squeezed the bulb twice to give the plug enough firmness so he could insert it. He lubricated it with KY and gently pushed it fully into Michelle’s vagina. Only the base flange with the protruding hose remained outside. He began squeezing the bulb and counting the squeezes. At first his patient did not react. Being blindfolded prevented her from knowing each new instrument the Doctor was using. She could only feel what was being done and from the sensations she was feeling try to derive what instrument the Doctor was using.

This was something entirely different, a slowly building feeling of pressure and fullness inside her vagina. By the time the Doctor had squeezed the bulb eight additional times Michelle was feeling very full indeed. She could not know that the plug was now inflated to the shape of a small football with a biggest diameter of almost three inches. Even at the base flange the thing had her vaginal opening stretched to almost two inches diameter! The Doctor squeezed the bulb again making it eleven squeezes total and Michelle groaned. Besides her groan he knew that she was really being filled because it was getting harder to squeeze the bulb. He could also see that now Michelle’s vulva was beginning to bulge from the huge object now filling her vaginal canal. The Doctor slowly squeezed the bulb a twelfth time.

“Stop! Stop! Stop!” Michelle cried. She couldn’t take it. Her vagina felt so full it had begun to hurt.

Immediately Dr. Wellhung opened the valve and the plug deflated with a hiss of escaping air pressure. He pulled on the hose and the mostly deflated plug slipped out of Michelle’s vagina. The plug had returned to it’s normal uninflated shape, but her vagina did not react as quickly. Her labia had remained apart and between those swollen folds of tissue her vaginal opening was a gaping dark pink hole big enough to drop a Ping-Pong ball through! Dr. Wellhung noted that Michelle had been able to take the plug inflated to eleven squeezes of the bulb and twelve was too much. Dr. Wellhung let all remaining air out of the valve and then closed it tightly and pumped the plug back up to eight squeezes. It again resembled a small black football, with a diameter of over two inches – and it was slick with his patient’s juices. Slick but not slick enough the Doctor thought and he squeezed more of the KY Liquid over it.

Michelle’s gaping vagina had begun to close, but not yet fully. Dr. Wellhung positioned the pointy end of the plug and with a slow but steady push he reinserted it into his patient. Even though it was not nearly as large as it had been at maximum inflation this time he was inserting it pre-inflated. When it passed through Michelle’s vaginal opening it was still much bigger around than the initial insertion and she felt very stretched. Once it was inside she felt it slowly expand yet again as the Doctor slowly squeezed the bulb twice more, inflating it to ten squeezes total. This was slightly less than the size she had tolerated before, but nonetheless it felt huge in her vaginal canal. Again her vulva was bulging outward somewhat, her labia were held apart and inside her there was a steady pressure applied to her g-spot.

Then Michelle heard a new buzzing sound. She suspected a vibrator of some sort, and she was correct. Dr. Wellhung had selected a Pocket Rocket clitoral stimulator for his next procedure. He had an objective in mind. He was going to make Michelle climax again, but this time something would be different. He knew that when Michelle had an orgasm she experienced very strong vaginal contractions. Her contractions would tend to expel the plug. However, it would not be easy because it had been inflated to eight squeezes when going in, but now it was at ten. Pushing the widest part of the plug out through her vaginal opening would mean that Michelle would experience a degree of vaginal dilation much greater than before when the Doctor had used the speculum inside her. It would be like getting fisted in reverse. It would be akin to the birthing process!

Dr. Wellhung knew better than to immediately touch the powerful little vibrator right there to the tip of Michelle’s throbbing clitoris. Instead he used it more along the sides of her hood, pushing firmly enough so that she could feel it in the shaft and even the root. He used the vibrator below her clitoris, up and down the insides of her silken labia. He also used a finger below her vagina, first rubbing her perineum and then circling her anal bud, and then finally rubbing directly on her tender anus. Gradually and teasingly he brought his patient ever closer to yet another climax. She began to show the signs that she was close, the twitching of her thigh muscles, the ragged gasps of breath. The Doctor maintained a steady stimulation of her clitoral shaft and her anus. Her anus was very slick with her secretions and it would have been easy to penetrate her but he did not insert his finger again; he just rubbed the opening externally.

Closer and closer she came to climaxing. Michelle had begun thrusting her pelvis upward. Her mouth was opened and she was moaning again. The Doctor maintained a steady pace with the vibrator up and down the sides of her clitoral hood and his finger massaging her anus. He could see the stomach muscles tightening and the bulging of her vulva became more obvious. He felt her anus clenching at his fingertip. She was going through pre-orgasmic contractions. The base flange of the plug was now visible moving in a rhythmic in and out manner as the contractions got stronger. Michelle’s clitoris was fully erect and projecting from its hood. The Doctor rubbed the vibrator up and down the length of Michelle’s clitoral hood, stimulating that stiff little buried shaft from the root almost to its tip.

She was ready and it was time to let her go. Dr. Wellhung simultaneously pushed his fingertip into Michelle’s anus and touched the buzzing little vibrator to the end of Michelle’s clitoris. Michelle gasped and began orgasming. The Doctor kept a steady pressure on her clitoris and pushed his fingertip a little bit deeper into her clenching anus. He could feel every squeeze and they were hard squeezes indeed. He could also see that Michelle’s stomach muscles had visibly tightened and her vulva was really bulging now.

“Push it out. You can do it!” he urged her.

“Uuuuugggghhhh!!!” she moaned with the strain of her exertions and the intensity of her climax.

Inexorably slowly the huge black plug began to emerge from Michelle’s birth canal. As it did so her labia were separated even wider and the pink tissues of vaginal opening were taught against slick black rubber stretching them so open. The plug emerged almost to the widest diameter but did not come out. Michelle gasped and momentarily relaxed slightly between spasms. When she did so pressure of her vaginal contractions suddenly lessened and the plug appeared to be somewhat sucked back into her vagina. The Doctor had maintained the clitoral and anal stimulation and when the end of the plug again touched her cervix another wave of climax hit his patient like a Mack truck. She squeezed. She pushed. She felt a stretching of her vagina like she had not felt since her last child was born. The tension there, the pressure and the stretching only increased the intensity of her orgasm. Just when she thought that she could take no more the thickest part of the plug passed through her formerly tight hole. The huge plug shot out of her body with a “pop” sound and left her feeling suddenly astoundingly empty.

Michelle looked as empty as she felt. In fact it was easy to see that there was nothing in her vagina. The Doctor did not need a speculum or even a penlight. His patient was so dilated that he could see fully into her vagina. The hole that had earlier gaped large enough to accept a Ping-Pong ball now looked like it could take a tennis ball! Before she could close up again Dr. Wellhung pushed the still inflated plug back in, all the way in to the flange. It went in quite easily and that was amazing considering that it was inflated to almost three inches diameter. Michelle gasped at the unexpected intrusion. The Doctor pulled the plug completely back out. Again and again Dr. Wellhung used the plug like a dildo; literally fucking it in and out of his patient’s greatly loosened vagina.

It only took a few seconds of that to bring her to orgasm again. He fucked her with the plug and she actually thrust herself back against it. She was now taking it over and over again through her vaginal opening inflated to a size just one pump short of the maximum she could bear internally before. Without interrupting the strokes in and out the Doctor gave the bulb a half squeeze. She was still taking it and aggressively at that, thrusting herself back against it. Another half squeeze, that made a total of eleven now. Even though he had some considerable experience in these matters, the Doctor was amazed at her vaginal elasticity. Such a petite woman taking such a huge object.

But she could not take it for long and she finally gasped “enough!”

It wasn’t so much the stretching that got her as it was the orgasm. Her thighs and her stomach muscles were cramped. Her chest was damp with sweat. Her crotch throbbed. She needed a break and she told the Doctor so. That was fine with him, he did have some preparations to make.

The first thing the Doctor did was release the snap hooks that held the spreader bar. Then he undid the ones attaching Michelle’s wrists to her ankles. He removed the cuffs as well, as much to give her a chance to stretch her muscles as in preparation what the next procedure. Michelle lay back on the bed, legs finally straight again. She didn’t bother trying to close them demurely because the Doctor had already seen everything. She thought that he had probably even seen more than her regular gynecologist had. The it occurred to her how strange it might feel the next time she went in for her bi-annual exam. Other thoughts ran through her mind. The Doctor had got up off the bed and she heard him doing something. She was still blindfolded and unable to see so she wondered what would be next. She wondered when she would get to see everything of his. Thus far, he had remained dressed in a hospital scrub shirt and black dress pants. She wondered how it would feel to make love with him. She wondered how many orgasms she had. She wondered what time it was; in all honesty she did not have the faintest idea. She wondered how long the throbbing in her vagina and tingling in her clitoris would last.

Michelle felt the bed move when the Doctor returned. He leaned over and kissed her again and told her how gorgeous she looked. This time she was able to put her arms around him and pulled him close for a nice long passionate kiss. She thought that he really was a very good kisser. While they kissed she ran her hand down his back and wanted to go even further down, to feel his ass, or to feel the bulge in his crotch. Despite who knows how many orgasms Michelle still felt very aroused.

“There are several more procedures left to be done my dear” Dr. Wellhung said.

Michelle answered “Alright” and expected that he would be putting her back in the restraints, but he did not do so. Instead he reached for her glass and helped her sip more of the wine. He sat next to her for a while, caressing her. He would lightly run his fingers across her skin, down her arm, her leg, over her breasts, across her stomach, through her pubic hair. Despite the fact that her legs were quite open he did not touch her there between them. She wished that he would. He did however lean over and she felt his tongue lightly lick around the edges of her nipple. She felt it stiffen immediately. He sucked it lightly and she sighed “Mmmmmmmmmmm” with the sensuous pleasure of feeling his mouth on her again.

“Michelle” he told her, “I am going to be removing my pants how”.

“Mmmmmmmmmm” she answered, now really wondering what would be next.

In a moment she felt him sit down on the bed again. She wondered if he had taken off everything. He kissed her again and she took the opportunity to do some examining herself. When she put her arm around him she felt that he still had the scrub shirt on but when she slipped her hand lower she felt nothing except bare skin. The thoughts that came to mind were instantly arousing. It was also arousing how the Doctor had lifted her chin and kissed her neck, and then lower yet, right between her breasts. She was definitely enjoying this procedure.

Dr. Wellhung kissed Michelle’s nipples, stopping briefly to suckle those stiff little buds as well. He kissed the underside of her breasts. He kissed her tummy too, then even lower, along the top of her pubic hair. Then she felt him move, get up off the bed and then get back on again at the foot between her most enthusiastically opened legs. That was where she felt his lips next, the inside of her ankle where the Doctor had kissed to spot where the cuff had been. Michelle’s craving and anticipation grew when she felt his lips moving further up, to the inside of her calf, inside her knee, inside her thigh. She felt his fingers gently spread her labia and then she felt what all that anticipation and craving was about. The Doctor kissed her clitoris and then he closed his lips over it and began to suck on it as he had sucked on her nipple minutes before. Michelle loved the sensations. She loved it more when she felt him insert his fingers into her vagina and stroke her g-spot in time with his nursing of her clitoris. It only took a couple minutes before she felt the heat building there between her legs again.

“Don’t stop” she implored him.

The doctor did not stop. He sucked and he rubbed and pleasured his dear patient orally and digitally. He did not stop when he felt ver vagina squeeze down hard on his finger and her thighs close to clench his head between them. He did not stop when she cried out in passion and lust and thrust her vulva upward toward his searching tongue. He did not stop when he tasted her passion and lust, womanly and fragrant on his tongue. He did not stop until her legs loosened their grip on him. Then he did stop.

Michelle lay there again in bliss, slowly coming back from her never-never land. She vaguely felt him get up and then return to the foot of the bed. She did not resist when he placed his hands under her knees and lift them. She obligingly pulled her feet back to the position in which she had previously been restrained. However, this time the Doctor coaxed her legs even higher, up to her chest. Michelle pulled them up and used her hands to help keep them fully raised like that. She briefly thought about how fully exposed she must look. The doctor briefly thought about how she had told him of her masturbating in this position with her knees up to her chest. It was an arousing thought. Perhaps he should make her demonstrate her technique? No, not now, there were other things to do first.

Michelle felt a cool slippery lubricant being applied to her anus. She was highly sensitive there and it felt good. It was very stimulating, not only physically but mentally as well. The Doctor was teasing her most private spot, doing as he pleased with her. All her openings were available for his pleasure. Nothing was taboo, even back there, even IN there, she thought when she felt his well lubricated fingertip push inside. The previous times he had only inserted his fingertip, and only deep enough to barely pass through her inner sphincter muscle. This time he went further. He slowly pushed the whole length of his finger through that muscle and inside her rectum. Then he withdrew it, added more of the thick lubricant and did it again. She wondered what he would do next. Was he lubricating her anus in preparation for putting his cock inside? The thought both thrilled and scared her.

Moments later she had her answer. She felt something hard, smaller and more rounded back there. She felt it enter her. Slowly it went deeper into her rectum, even deeper than his finger had been. The Doctor had inserted a douche nozzle into his patient’s luscious little anus. Watching that slick white plastic nozzle slowly disappear into her enticing little opening was hugely arousing for him and his cock was fully erect for what seemed like the hundredth time today. The nozzle was attached to a silicon rubber hose. The hose was attached to a red rubber enema bag, filled with almost two quarts of lukewarm water and held high in his other hand. Only the little flange at the base of the nozzle remained visible now. He momentarily released his grip on the nozzle and was pleased to see that it stayed in place in Michelle’s rectum.

Michelle was not positive what the doctor had inserted up her anus. She thought that he might be preparing to give her an enema, but before when she had been given an enema in the hospital the nozzles had always been much smaller. The feeling of the warm water suddenly gushing into her bowels dispelled all doubt. She gasped at the sensation. Not only was the doctor giving her an enema, he was gently stroking the nozzle in and out a little, further heightening the sensation. The other sensation that she felt was one of increasing fullness in her tummy.

“Can you feel it going in Michelle?” the Doctor asked her.

“Oh yes” she said softly.

“You’re not too full are you?” he asked briefly pinching the hose to stop the flow.

“No, not yet” Michelle answered. She felt the flow resume, and the sensation of fullness inside became more pronounced. She had no idea how much was in her but she could tell that this was not one those little 4.5oz disposable enemas.

She was correct. Dr. Wellhung gave his patient nearly half the bag before closing the clamp on the hose. Then he slowly withdrew the nozzle. The sight of it emerging from her body doubly aroused him. Just a few drops of water leaked from her lovely little anus when the rounded end of the nozzle finally slipped out. Once it was withdrawn the Doctor got up and took the enema kit to the bathroom and hung the bag from its hook over the shower curtain rod.

When he returned he saw that his patient had remained in position, holding her knees up to her chest. She looked soooooo hot. Just as she had thought, she was indeed very fully exposed. Both her openings were clearly visible. And even more exciting, she showed visible signs of arousal. Her clitoris was erect and her inner labia swollen and flowered open. The Doctor sat on the bed next to her. He told her that she could lower her legs, and she did until her feet were on the bed, but she kept her knees up and her legs still apart. The doctor lightly touched rubbed her tummy and asked if she felt full. She said that she did feel full. He bent over and found her soft lips again and they kissed, long and passionately, and while doing that the Doctor slid his hand down through her hair and very lightly stroked her clitoris and between her warm and wet labia.

When the kiss ended Michelle almost whispered “I want to feel you inside me.”

“Not yet dear, soon” Dr Wellhung answered and kissed her lightly on the lips again. He wanted to feel himself inside her every bit as much as she wanted it. However, there was the quart of water that she was holding in her bowels to consider. This was the first time he had given her an enema and they were on the only bed in the hotel room. He knew that she had very strong orgasms and the urge to expel might come suddenly. So, instead of indulging their present desires, the Doctor felt it would be better to wait until she was not so full inside. He did however pass the time my gently caressing her, enjoying the feel and look of her lovely body, and the pleasure of more kisses. Finally, he decided that she had held the water inside her long enough.

He lifted her head slightly and removed her blindfold and told her, “Michelle, it’s time to go let that all out. Let me help you up”.

She opened her eyes and was momentarily blinded by the light after being in total darkness for so long. She sat up. Dr. Wellhung stood and extended his hand to help her to her feet. She saw that now he was fully undressed. He was also fully erect. She stood but was wobbly for a minute as a result of all the orgasms, being restrained for so long, and also the fullness in her tummy. The Doctor held her until she could see and walk and then he led her to the bathroom. She sat on the toilet, feeling a considerable need to expel but Dr. Wellhung told her to hold it a bit longer. He reached for the hose, which he had earlier draped over the shower curtain rod. It was a long hose, much longer than the cheap plastic hose that originally came with the enema kit.

Dr. Wellhung held the nozzle over the bathtub and momentarily opened the clip to purge the air from the hose. He knelt next to the toilet and reached behind his patient and gently reinserted the nozzle into her rectum. He released the clip and then using his other hand, he began stroking her clitoris. The remaining quart of water flowed into Michelle’s bowels while the Doctor masturbated her. A little bit of the water was leaking out from around the nozzle but the majority was going in. Just as the bag was collapsing empty Dr. Wellhung felt his dear patient shudder again. He knew she was starting yet another climax. He gently slipped the nozzle from her anus and heard that she was starting to expel more earnestly.

“Dear, I will let you finish in privacy” he said and then closing the bathroom door behind him he returned to the bedroom where he spent the time straightening up and placing a few yet unused instruments out on the table.

Several minutes later Michelle returned. She looked at him sheepishly. He wondered if she felt embarrassed. She sat on the bed. He told her to turn over and lay on her stomach. She did so and then the Doctor slipped the towel-covered pillow back under her hips. He took the cuffs and he secured them around her ankles. He attached the spreader bar. Michelle lay there on her stomach, her legs spread and held open. The feeling of helplessness and vulnerability returned.

The Doctor helped her to relax again by sitting next to her and rubbing her back and shoulders. He helped her to become aroused again by touching her down there between her opened legs. Then he knelt there between her thighs and he used his fingers to open her labia. He could not reach her clitoris with his tongue in that position, but he most certainly could reach her vaginal opening. He licked her there, up and down between her soft and damp inner lips, there at the opening of her vagina, there inside her vagina. She was moaning softly with the pleasure of his mouth on her genitals. She was definitely becoming aroused as well. She pushed back against him, lifting her hips slightly to meet his tongue. The Doctor continued to pleasure her, and although he could not reach her clitoris with he tongue he could reach other places.

Michelle sighed when she felt his fingers spreading her cheeks and his hot breath there between them. She sighed when she felt his tongue again lightly caressing her perineum. She gasped at the first touch of his tongue even further back between her opened cheeks. He was driving her crazy now. She was tingling back there. He was teasing her to an incredible level. So, so close she felt his tongue. In her mind she was begging him to please lick her back there, but she could not make herself say it. Instead she endured the teasing, the sweetest of all possible tortures. Then she felt him move upward behind her, felt him kiss her on her tailbone. The Doctor knew what his patient wanted. He traced his tongue down between her spread cheeks, starting just at the beginning of her crack and then ever so slowly down, down, all the way down.

When the Doctor’s tongue touched Michelle’s tender little anus she gasped and flinched but she did not pull away. On the contrary, she raised her hips back to give him better access. He pleasured her more there, and he teased her, and he made her so fantastically aroused that she absolutely had to have him.

“I really want you inside me now” Michelle begged him again.

This time Dr. Wellhung had no reservations. He knelt behind his dear patient. As she lay there with her legs held open and her pelvis elevated by the pillow, he positioned the head of his cock between her labia and he took her vaginally. On her Medical History Form there was an area for Consent to Treatment. One of the procedures was “Vaginal Penile Capacity Evaluation?” and her selection was “(x) authorized”. With one slow but steady thrust the Doctor determined that this petite woman’s vaginal penile capacity was at least equal to the entire length and thickness of his own penis. She took every inch – and damn, did it ever feel fantastic to finally be inside her! If felt fantastic for the both of them. The Doctor evaluated her vaginal penile capacity with long deep strokes over and over until he felt those spasms that he had become so familiar with. The sensation for him was remarkable. It felt as if her vagina was milking his cock when she came. She was lubricating so copiously that her womanly fluids wet his balls. She came and she squeezed and he thrust in and out as she did. He felt her rough and swollen g-spot rub the underside of his cock with each stroke. He felt her grinding her cervix back against his cockhead when he penetrated her fully. He saw her vagina again gaping most invitingly when he finally withdrew.

Michelle lay there basking in the aftershocks and Dr. Wellhung got up and got the last few yet unused instruments. He returned to his most willing and incredibly sexy patient. He told her to reach back and spread her cheeks and she did so. The Doctor took a small jar of petroleum jelly and applied some thickly to her anus. He used a fingertip and pushed a little bit inside her. He had various instruments suitable for an internal rectal examination and he had chosen to use a rectal speculum this time. He lubricated the blades. This was a stainless steel instrument and it had three blades that when closed formed a little round-nosed cylinder smaller than a typical cigar tube.

With Michelle still holding her cheeks apart Dr. Wellhung gently eased the speculum into her anus. Then he squeezed the handles a little. That caused the blades to spread apart equally. This was a procedure that had to be done slowly and in small steps. As the blades spread a thumbscrew was used to hold their position. The Doctor took his time gently opening Michelle’s anus ever wider. He would lightly stroke her labia and clitoris between adjustments. He did not attempt to cause her to climax as the speculum was quite rigid and clenching spasms might be painful to her. Besides his goal was to gently dilate her anus in preparation for when he would eventually perform the (also authorized) Rectal Penile Capacity Evaluation.

Michelle tolerated the procedure without complaint or indicating any pain. The Doctor had taken about five minutes to open her anus to a diameter that was roughly equal to the thickness of his cock. This was a good indication that she would be able to take it in her anus as well. When fully opened she could feel the coolness of the air inside her rectum. The Doctor could see that the enema had worked well and her rectal cavity was clean inside. He took the bottle of KY Liquid and opened it and squirted a bit directly inside Michelle’s opened rear passage, lubricating her internally and causing her to moan softly at the feeling of the cool liquid on her warm tissues. Then he slowly unscrewed the adjustment screw and let the blades close, not fully so as to prevent pinching, but enough that he could slip the instrument from her anus without discomfort.

One last instrument remained to be used. Dr. Wellhung got up and put the anal speculum away and returned with the rectal probe. He turned the knob on the base of the vibrating end and it buzzed to life. He assembled the plastic over the vibrating end and then lubricated the end and about half the length of the tube with petroleum jelly. Michelle was no longer blindfolded but she did have her eyes closed. When she felt the rounded end of the probe buzzing against her sensitive anus she was not aware of how deeply it would be going inside her. It felt nice back there. The vibrations were stimulating for her. It was not too big around to be at all uncomfortable as her Doctor inserted it. It even felt pretty good as the vibrating end passed in through her anal ring. It looked more than “pretty good” to Doctor Wellhung. In fact, as he gently eased the probe into Michelle’s rectum it was so arousing for him that his balls literally ached. Inch by inch he fed the black rubber tubing into the restrained woman’s anus. As before, he was lightly stroking her vulva to maintain her state of arousal. However, this time she was much more responsive because probe had intensely stimulating effects as well.

Dr. Wellhung was very careful as he continued to ease the probe into his patient. He added lubricant around her anus, as he felt necessary. When he encountered resistance with it about six inches inside he knew that he had reached the juncture where her rectum transitioned to her bowels. He turned the probe slightly and felt the resistance become less. This meant that the vibrating tip had entered her bowels proper. He had almost ten inches of the probe inserted when Michelle softly said “ouch”. No doubt the vibrating tip had encountered a turn in her bowel or another obstruction. Generally the probe could be manipulated to follow the turn and inserted further. However, Michelle was already very close to another climax and the Doctor felt that the probe was deep enough to be effective. He slowly withdrew it a couple inches, not so much as to have the tip exit her bowels, but enough so she could feel the movement of the end buzzing so deep inside her body. Then the Doctor eased it back in by nearly the same amount, while masturbating her at the same time. The Doctor stroked the probe in and out and rubbed her wet vulva and his patient lay there on her stomach helpless to stop the orgasm that she knew was inevitable.

Dr. Wellhung upped the psychological ante. He stopped masturbating Michelle’s vaginal area but continued working the probe, now with even longer and deeper strokes. All the stimulation she was getting was a result of the rectal probe. Michelle was panting and gasping and humping her crotch down against the pillow and then back up against the probe. The Doctor saw how her leg muscles quivered and strained against the spreader bar and how her anus was clenching at the slick black rubber tubing sawing in and out of her back there.

“Do you like getting fucked by this probe Michelle?” the Doctor goaded her.

“Yes!” she hissed between clenched teeth.

“Are you gonna cum like a naughty girl with this probe up your ass Michelle?” he persisted.


And cum she did. Michelle’s orgasm was intense enough that it felt to her like every muscle in her body contracted at once. Dr. Wellhung felt her squeeze down so tightly on the probe that if he had not used plenty of lubricant would not have been able to move it. Fortunately he had used plenty, and he kept stroking and prolonging her spasms. Only when the Doctor felt her grip on the tubing and the spasms lessen did he stop moving the probe. Then he began to withdraw it very, very slowly. He liked the way that it looked slipping back out of Michelle’s sexy little puckered rear entrance. Inch after inch came out. She was moaning from the sensation of the vibrating tip traveling through her insides.

The doctor had withdrawn over a foot of the black tubing when he saw her anus start to bulge slightly as the thicker vibrating tip was about to come out. The effect of the vibrations suddenly concentrated right there at that most sensitive area pushed her beyond the point of no return. She climaxed yet again, a sudden jolting mini-orgasm (or maybe just an exceptionally strong aftershock?) as Doctor Wellhung pulled the probe tip out through her straining anus. Even after the last of her spasms subsided the way that Michelle’s inner labia remained engorged and flowered open betrayed the fact that she was still highly aroused. Those open lips were shining with her nectar.

A big part of the excitement for Michelle was the feeling of helplessness. In one of her letters to the Doctor she had written “I want to be tied down and blindfolded on my back with a pillow under my behind and spread eagle to the bed, very very vulnerable to you to tease and use as you please, then turn me over on my tummy to do the same”. Dr. Wellhung mounted his helpless patient from behind. He positioned his cock at her wet, open, and willing vagina and penetrated her fully with one long thrust. He was using her vagina as he pleased. He fucked her deep and hard like that. She was so wet that his thrusting and her bucking back against him made squishy sounds. Michelle’s fluids were so copious and thick that when the Doctor finally withdrew his cock there was a whitish froth between her vaginal lips and the towel under her crotch was wet.

Dr. Wellhung used her other hole as well. He spread her cheeks open and dripped some of the KY Liquid on her tender little anus. He set his cockhead there at her backdoor and pushed very slowly but firmly. Michelle did not have much prior anal experience and even though she had recently been dilated, she was still quite tight. However, she did her best to relax and gradually that little muscle back there yielded to the pressure and the Doctor’s cockhead popped through her anal ring and into the exquisite heat of her rectum. Michelle moaned at the moment of penetration.

Dr. Wellhung waited until he felt that she had relaxed as much as she was going to and then he carefully eased more of his length into her. She involuntarily clenched at the further invasion of her nearly virginal rectum. Dr. Wellhung paused again until he felt her relaxing again, and then he told her to try pushing herself back against him. As Michelle pushed a little and the Doctor did too and he saw and felt (both were equally and enormously arousing for him) another inch of his slick cockshaft disappear into Michelle’s anus. Gradually and with some moaning and the occasional clenching, Michelle managed to take the majority of Dr. Wellhung’s cock inside her. She actually took it deep enough that she had the thickest part inside her straining anus. Considering her lack of anal experience, her generally small stature, and the fact that Dr. Wellhung was indeed pretty well hung, she had made admirable progress.

The Doctor dripped more of the lube between her cheeks where it ran down coating her stretched anal tissues. He tried to stroke a bit and as he withdrew slightly her grip was so tight that he could actually feel the precum being squeezed out of his shaft. Michelle did manage to relax and loosen somewhat as Dr. Wellhung slowly eased his cock in and out of her. The feeling was remarkable, almost like getting a handjob from a woman wearing a greased velvet glove. The sight was equally remarkable. Her anus gripped his glistening shaft tightly and when the doctor was withdrawing the tautness of her grip would cause her whole anal area to pull out slightly, then go back as he pushed in deeper again.

Michelle had pretty much stopped moaning and the Doctor knew that from that point on it would be easier and easier for her. If he continued sodomizing her in all likelihood soon enough she would be able to take every last inch of his cock. However, the sensations were so intense for him that there was no way that he could hold back his own climax for long, especially once he felt his cockhead enter her bowels as the tip of the probe had done earlier. He wasn’t ready to cum yet, so he withdrew from the tight and hot confines of Michelle’s rectum. She sighed as he popped out, probably a sigh of relief he mused. The next time he sodomized her he would be using Millennium lubricant and prior to penetration he would have to spend more time dilating and stimulating her.

That was the conclusion of the medical procedures that the Doctor performed with his patient Michelle. Fortunately, she did have a little time left before she had to leave and they were able to enjoy relaxing in the Jacuzzi and some other extremely sensuous and exciting activities afterwards. The Doctor pronounced her very fit and with exceptional sexual responsiveness. However, there were a few more tests and procedures that he felt would be beneficial, and she did need to learn to relax enough to accommodate his full length anally. They agreed that a follow-up examination should be scheduled as soon as mutually convenient.

To Be Continued…