Rick arrives home mid morning and finds Lynn in the process of finishing off the housework, when she spots him standing in the doorway she drops her duster and runs to him throwing her arms around him and kissing him passionately, “Oh How I’ve missed you” she says, “Well from what I saw on the web cam last night I didn’t think you would have had time to miss me, but it’s great to be home!”.

Rick quickly unpacks his case and calls to Lynn “ lets go out for some lunch, I thought we could go to Mulligan’s and have that sea bass you like so much”, in no time at all they are in the car and on their way to the restaurant, Rick’s a little disappointed she wearing trousers, that’s not like her at all. She explains, “with all the attention I’ve been getting these last few days I thought it would be nice for us to go out, just the two of us and spent some time together without any flashing or grouping. “Your right” he says things have got a little out of hand of late and I’m sorry, it’s just that when I get started I never seem to be able to stop, always looking for something newer, better or kinkier”.

The couple spend a very pleasant afternoon at the restaurant which goes remarkably well, Rick has managed to keep his hands off her throughout and they have discussed where all the recent events is leading them. “Do you trust me Rick, or do you think I’ll be off with any man that takes my fancy”. Rick pauses for thought for a moment and tells her “Well yes I do trust you and I suppose that incident with your boss was all my fault as you were a little set up after all, it’s just that, when I watched you having sex with those other men I just get so turned on and you seem to be having so much fun”.

“Well you right the sex with the other men was very exciting, but I’m just wondering where it will lead us too, you seem to like to watch me getting fucked and I’m wondering is that’s what you prefer, rather than making love to me yourself. Have I become a play thing or am I still your wife”.

Rick looks Lynn in the eyes and tells her that the experiences of the last week have been unbelievable and they have been some of the most erotic moments of his life, but compared to being alone with her they pale into insignificance, she is and always will be the centre of his universe and that if she wants to stop now all she has to do is say so and it will never be mentioned again. “Lynn smiles and says “well tonight, I’ve decided to take thinks into my own hands and treat you for a change.

Rick, a little shocked that Lynn has taken the reins from him, just weakly smiles and agrees with her plan, they leave the restaurant and head home, after a quiet afternoon which they spend napping, catching up on the hours of sleep the two of them have lost since last nights activities. Rick is woken by the sound of Lynn as she showers, he watches her reflection in the mirror as she soaps down her firm body and washes her hair, through the glass screen of the shower cubicle she notices that he’s awake and is watching her and not only is he watching her, he has his hard cock in his hand and is gently wanking off. She never thought that watching her shower would be that much of a turn on but it seems to have had an effect, as Rick’s cock looks like its just about ready to explode, She calls out to him “I’d leave that alone if I was you your going to need all your strength for tonight”.

Rick smiles at her through the mirror he hadn’t realised that she’s seen him, he gets off the bed and goes into the bathroom just a Lynn gets out of the shower and says, “well have we got time for just a quick one before we have to go out”, “No” Lynn replies and you’d better hurry up I said we’d be there at 8:30 so you’d better get a move on. “ Where are we going “ he asks, “you’ll have to wait, its my surprise for you tonight”. Rick gets into the shower and soon he is back in the bedroom, “What shall I ware” he says to Lynn as he watches her putting on her red satin Basque, “ I don’t think its that formal just smart casual will be fine “ she says. He settles for a pair of black trousers and an open necked short sleeve shirt. Lynn by now has her Basque on and puts on his favourite black fully fashioned nylon seamed stockings, she wears no panties or bra and quickly pulls a red all in one dress over her head and finishes of her outfit with what must be the highest heeled shoes he has ever seen, they must have a least seven inch heels. “Well how do I look” she asks, “like a goddess” he replies.

Lynn takes his car keys and leads the way to the front door, Rick enters the code for the alarm and they climb into Rick’s BMW and Lynn starts the huge engine and they speed of down the street, they drive through town and out the other side, Lynn seams to be having a little difficulty driving in the huge heels but she’s the only one that knows where there going so Rick decides to let her struggle, after all tonight is her call. She seems to be concentrating very hard as if she’s never been wherever there going to before and is looking for land marks to find he way, they drive out towards the country side and the bright street lights leave them behind and all that can be seen is the illumination of the car headlights, all of a sudden Lynn pulls into the side of the road and says to Rick “In the glove compartment there’s a blindfold I want you to put it on” Rick not sure if he likes the idea of being the pawn in Lynn’s game slowly takes the blindfold and looks at her and says “are you sure this is necessary”,” I promised that you’d not be able to see when we arrived, but don’t worry just like the way you blindfolded me at the hotel, I’m sure you’ll like what you find when you get there.”

Lynn checks the blindfold and makes sure Rick can’t see anything then she roars of again down the road for what seems like an age until finally the car slows to a halt on what sounds like loose gravel, Lynn beeps the car’s horn and says, Wait I’ll come around and get you out of the car, your still not allowed to see anything until everything’s in place and your ready”. Rick not wishing to spoil Lynn’s fun does as he is told, but as he gets out from the car he feels two strong hands grab hold of him on either side and as he is guided through the gravel of what must be some sort of courtyard, he is unsure how many footsteps he can hear.

Lynn approaches a large mansion house and as she approaches the huge doors open and she walks into an enormous marble hallway and is greeted by a black man who must stand a least seven feet tall, “My dear you must be Lynn you are everything and more than we were expecting and this must be your husband Rick” as the black man looks over to Rick who is being guided into the hallway by two large black men, one on either side still wearing his blindfold. “Are you sure my dear that you are ready for this and do you think Rick is ready for this”, Lynn replies ”I must confess that I’m not sure if this is for us, but I would like to try it and then make a decision as to weather we join or never bother you again, but at least for tonight we are here, and here to explore all that you have to offer”. “Well my name is Philip and I will be looking after you both tonight, are you ready to make a start?” Lynn looks into Philip’s dark eyes and wonders what she has let herself in for, the light reflects off Philips dark baldhead and she answers, “Yes lets do it”.

“Very well by dear, now will you please come with me whilst my associates will get Rick ready, and Rick please don’t look so worried you never know you just might enjoy what we have prepared for you”. Rick’s more than a little concerned, not only is he blindfolded but his arms are being held so tightly he’s hardly able to move, he’s led away from Lynn as he could hear her talking to the guy that greeted them but her voice was getting further and further away and then silence as a door slams behind him so loud that it makes him jump.

Lynn is led to a large room which looks a little like a dinning room for kings and queens, it has a large oak table and to the side of this is a large roaring open fire, the flames are very tall and the room feels very warm considering its solid block walls like the inside of a castle. “Well my dear Lynn, do you know what you’ve let yourself in for, you do understand what our brotherhood expects from its followers and do you think you are ready for this and does your poor husband have any idea of what he is about to see”. “ We have only one rule here and that is there are no rules, nothing is forbidden and you, if you join, can do anything to our following or have anything done to you and you or they must comply, we have only one way of stopping and that is if you call out one simple word, if you do this everything will stop and you will be escorted from this place, but you can never return, the word is enough its that simple, if you’ve had enough we will leave you alone and anyone that doesn’t will be most harshly punished as only you will know when you’ve had enough. So my most beautiful Lynn are you ready to be our slave for the night and let that poor husband of your watch as we take you”.

Lynn pauses for a moment and again looks into Philips dark eyes and says “I think so at least I’m going to give it my best shot, just please be gently with me”, “My dear sweet Lynn we are never gentle its not in our nature, you will be used and abused by us all and you’ll feel degraded and humiliated, but you’ll also be satisfied beyond anything you have ever experience so now is the time to call this off if you have any reservations at all, we ask a lot from our brotherhood, but the rewards are exquisite”.

Lynn again pauses, not sure if she has done the right thing, but having got this far there’s only one way she’ll ever know and that to go through with it, Well Philip lets do it and see how we get on”. Philip moves closer to Lynn puts his hand on her shoulder and says “an excellent choice, but just one thing before we start, from now on you call me master and I will call you whatever I want too is that clear you are my slut tonight”.

Lynn a little shocked at Philips tone quickly responds “Yes Master”.

Rick confused and a little scared is not sure what the hell Lynn has let them in for, he is marched forward by the two arms that hold him securely, the thoughts running through his mind made worse by the fear of the unknown and the envelope of darkness that the blindfold creates. At last someone talks to him it’s a female voice soft and reassuring.

“Please Rick don’t be alarmed you’ll soon know what this is all about, but you have to be patient and let me prepare you for your entertainment” with this Rick can feel hands undoing the buttons of his shirt, his arms are released one at a time as his shirt is removed. He lifts his hands to remove his blindfold only for each arm to be grabbed again and the soft voice says “No my dear, not until we are ready, then you will see everything”. Rick feels the hands of the soft voice in front of him running down his chest and to his belt buckle which is quickly released followed by his trousers and his shorts, he stands naked and blindfolded in the company of complete strangers, he’s guided to a seat, the cold leather against his warm skin causes him to shiver, as his shoes and socks are being removed the warm voice again speaks to him, “relax your in safe hands, just remember that your wife wants this for you, so relax and make the most of it”.

Rick takes in a deep breath and tries to steady his nerves, but before he can relax he feels his hands and legs being tied to the chair he is sitting on, he’s got no chance of relaxing now, blinded and bound what on earthy has Lynn got them mixed up in. All of a sudden he feels the chair rise from the floor as if he’s being carried through the air, he hears the sound of a door opening and within seconds the chair touches back down on the floor, it feels warmer here, wherever he is? And he has the feeling that there are more people around him.

Rick hears the unmistakable voice of the person that greeted them when they first arrived and listens intently “Brothers, we may have some new members, tonight, Lynn has decided to sample the delight of our following and has brought along her husband Rick, so that they can decide if they would like to join us, and we can decide if they have the qualities required to join us.”

Rick feels pain as the light from the room hits his eyes as his blindfold is removed, he sees a large old room with a huge open fireplace behind a large oak table, Lynn is stood next to the large black Philip as he finishes his speech he looks over to Rick, “welcome Rick, I hope tonight will be the start of a new beginning for you”, now lets get thing started, the soft voice again speaks to Rick, she is a small naked beauty, she has soft brown skin with dark hair, apart from a pair of high heeled shoes she is naked. Her breasts are small with pierced nipples and no pubic hair at all. She leans over Rick and slips a ball gag into his mouth and ties it around his head, I’m sorry Rick, but tonight Lynn has control and the master doesn’t want you interrupting proceedings.

Philip walks up behind Lynn and bends down, he runs his hands up and down Lynn stocking covered legs and says “shall we all see what we have tonight”, in a moment three large screens much larger than a television burst into life, they show the scene before Rick of Lynn as Philip runs his hands up her legs, but you can see them from three different angles and they focus in on Philips black hand getting high and high as if each screen has its own cameraman. Philips hands lift the hem of Lynn’s dress and he starts to lift it higher and higher above the dark band of the tops of her stockings, up revealing her naked pussy, past her red satin Basque and flat stomach and up over her naked breasts, she lifts her arms in the air and lets Philip remove her dress, she stands naked except for her Basque, high heels and black seamed stockings.

“Lynn let me introduce you to my wife, this is Lucy” and Philip extends his arm towards Rick, the naked woman standing along side Rick walks over to Philip and Lucy shakes Lynn’s hand “She will take you through the first of tonight’s proceedings”. Lucy moves behind Lynn and runs her hands over Lynn shoulders and across Lynn breasts, as she does so she stops to tweak Lynn’s nipples until they are fully erect, then she moves to the side of Lynn and runs her right hand down across Lynn’s tummy and lower onto her pussy, her left hand turns Lynn’s head and she kisses Lynn fully on the mouth, the camera’s zoom in as there tongues entwine and as Lucy’s fingers rub between Lynn’s pussy Lips, Lucy looks over to Philip and says, “I think she’s lovely and she feels ready for us to make a start”.

Philip speaks again “Lynn to be a part of our group Lucy must start tonight by fist giving you the symbol of your readiness and this requires that your nipples are pierced”. Lynn a little shocked had been unaware that this was part of the proceeding, but nods her head in acceptance, Lucy collects a small stainless steel tray from the oak table whilst Philip gets Lynn to lean back again the edge of the table, Philip moves Lynn’s head to the side and he starts to kiss her, as they kiss his hand goes between Lynn’s legs and starts to work between her pussy lips, he feels the hard nut of her clit rise to his touch and the moistness start to rise between her pussy lips, whilst Philip kisses and caresses her Lucy takes a needle from the tray, she pours some kind of fluid over Lynn’s nipple and in one thrust forces the needle through Lynn’s nipple. Lynn wants to call out in pain, but Philips mouth is locked over hers, she feels the needle being withdrawn and then again she feels pain as a stainless steel ring is inserted through her nipple, a small amount of blood runs down her breast, but this is quickly wiped away by Lucy.

Philip moves to the other side as Lynn’s other nipple is pierced; again the blood is wiped from Lynn’s breast as Philips fingers find they’re way into Lynn’s pussy and his tongue feels like it’s down her throat. With the pain subsiding Lynn breaks away from Philips kiss and looks down at her pierced nipples, she never realised until now that with the rings in place her nipples would now always be erect, the positioning of the ring seemed to hold her nipples forward, she feels Philip grab her head with both hands and he says “I’ll let you know when I’ve finished kissing you” and once more forces his mouth over Lynn’s, he pushes his tongue deep into her mouth and his hands reach up and pull at the new nipple rings gently, making Lynn jump in pain.

Philip brakes away from Lynn and says “ I think you should thank Lucy for her handwork, now up on the table, he lifts Lynn and places her naked backside on the cold wooden table, Lucy climbs onto the table with her and soon the two are locked in a deep embrace and kissing passionately. Lucy gets Lynn to knee on the table and starts to kiss Lynn’s backside, she works her head between Lynn’s ass cheeks and starts to lick both her pussy and her ass. Rick watches as the huge screens on the walls focus on Lucy’s tongue probing Lynn’s holes, Rick can’t move for the restraints and he is unable to speak but he can feel his cock start to rise as the excitement of watching Lynn being reamed before him unfolds. Lucy feeds finger after finger into Lynn’s saliva soaked pussy until she has her entire hand fisting her, all the time licking the bud of Lynn’s ass hole, Lucy moves her head and places her other hand on Lynn’s ass, she gently works her finger in and finger fucks Lynn, gently at first and slowly adds another and then another finger until she finally has her whole hand working into Lynn’s ass. Rick can’t believe his eyes, Lynn is being fisted in both her pussy and her ass at the same time, he would never have believed it was possible. Philip walks to the other side of the table and lifts Lynn’s head up from the cold wood; he looks into her eyes and asks, “well my sweet, is my wife pleasing you”, Lynn can hardly speak, her attention is focused on the hands working in and out of her body, Philip not waiting for her reply, lowers his pants and frees his enormous black erection. He rubs his hand up and down his shaft a few times then guides it into Lynn’s mouth. Lynn lost in a world of her own grabs his cock with her hand and sets about licking and sucking the black monster, Philip inch by inch feeds her more of his cock until his pubic hair is on Lynn’s nose and his cock is buried deep in her throat.

Rick watches the screens on the walls as one shows his wife’s ass and pussy being hand fucked, the other two show Lynn’s sweet lips wrapped around Philips black cock and the motion of it sliding in and out from her throat to her mouth. He wishes he wasn’t tied up at least then he could relieve the frustration and rub his rock hard cock. All of a sudden the room is filled with the sound of Lynn screaming as she has a multiple orgasm. Philip looks at Lucy and commands, “I think she’s ready will you look after Rick while we move Lynn on to the next phase”, Lynn feels Lucy’s hands being gently withdrawn from her ass and pussy, despite the initial shock Lynn is amazed that she actually enjoyed being fisted, never in her wildest dreams would she have ever considered it possible to let such a thing happen to her let alone achieve a shattering multiple orgasm.

Lucy walks away from the table leaving Lynn’s ass high in the air as she feeds on Philips cock, She looks at Rick still tied to the chair with the ball gag in his mouth, she kneels in front of him and grabs his legs at the knee pulling him forward so that his ass is perched right on the edge of the seat, she looks into his eyes and says “lets see how you do”, Lucy dips her head and takes the tip of Rick’s cock in her mouth and starts to, inch by inch suck his cock deeper and deeper into her throat at the same time her hand slides between his legs and runs to the underside of his balls, working towards his ass, her head rises from his cock for a moment and her hand leaves his balls, she licks her hand and then spits onto her fingers, and say “Lets see if you can do what Lynn has done”.

Rick’s wide eyes speak a hundred words as Lucy again dips her mouth to his cock and her fingers force the cheeks of his ass wider and start to probe his ass hole. Rick glances over to the table to see that Philip has removed his cock from Lynn’s mouth, he looks up and focuses on one of the screens as he watches Philips cock snaking its way into Lynn’s wide open pussy and in seconds he is hammering that huge cock into his darling wife’s pussy. Rick’s attention on Lynn is soon forgot as he feels Lucy pushing harder and harder working her hand into his ass, its not painful; just a little uncomfortable, but the pleasure his cock is receiving as it slides into Lucy’s throat is a weird and wonderful experience. Finally with one final push Lucy looses her hand totally into Rick’s bowels and it’s as if the gate has finally opened. Rick settles and starts to enjoy this new experience as Lucy pushes her hand ever deeper into him whilst his cock slips and slides down Lucy’s throat. He looks over to see his wife, but six tall muscular black men surround her, Rick looks up to the screens and see’s that each is mauling her beautiful body, Philip is still fucking her without mercy, forcing that black monster cock so deep into her womb, whilst another has his cock in her mouth, the others are all touching her breasts squeezing her nipples and feeling her stocking clad legs. On one screen Rick can see Lynn’s face as the cock in her mouth is withdrawn and like a fire hose, cum sprays all over her face, she can hardly catch her breath with the volume of cum spraying over her face, the cock is then pushed back between her lips and she licks it clean, this is soon replaced by another cock and the scene is replayed three times as cock after cock explode cum over her face.

Philip looks down at his new toy; he glances over to see his wife working her fist into his playthings husbands’ ass and sucking hard on the white boys cock, He motions and a naked woman with long blonde hair walks from the side of one of the recesses into Rick’s line of sigh, she walks up to his chair and climbs onto it so that her feet are on the arm rests to which Rick’s arms are tied. She has a little trouble getting her balance but then settles and pushes her hips forward so that her pussy is in line with Rick’s eyes and she starts to masturbate rubbing her long red fingernails into her pussy, over her hard clit and into her dark haired wet pussy hole. Rick is very pleased to see this very attractive woman playing with her pussy right in front of his eyes and would love to kiss and lick her pussy if it wasn’t for the ball gag in his mouth, but he’s far more interested in seeing what’s happening to Lynn, he tries to look past her and even between her legs to catch a glimpse of Lynn on one of the large screens but he is suddenly blinded by a stream of hot urine that splashes in his eyes and all over his face, he can taste it as he’s unable to close his mouth due to the ball gag. His eyes feel the terrible pain and burning sensation of the hot piss in his eyes, as the tears start to fall down his face, The blonde is far from finish and he can feel a river of piss spraying all over his face and running down his body, its hot and has a very strong taste.

Rick a little shocked by this experience, eventually manages to open his eyes as the gorgeous blonde climbs down from his chair, he has trouble focusing but can see a crowd of men surrounding Lynn all naked, foe some twenty minutes he watches as cock after cock fill her mouth ass and pussy, as each cock comes it covers her with cum, it looks like she’s had a cum shower there is so much of it running over her body. Lucy increases the tempo on Rick’s cock and he can feel he is about to explode, just as he cums Lucy pulls his cock from her mouth and pulls her hand from his ass, the sensation is overwhelming and Rick shoots spray after spray of cum all over Lucy’s beautiful face, in her mouth and all over her naked breasts. Rick can never remember an orgasm lasting this long and never in his life has he ever shot this amount of cum, it practically covers Lucy’s face and fills her mouth as well. Lucy dips her head and sucks the last of Rick’s cum like a vacuum cleaner.

When Rick’s head finally comes back down to earth he looks beyond Lucy and can see that the gang of men that had surrounded Lynn have all left and Philip is helping her to her feet, the two walk towards Rick and Lucy, Lynn looks a mess her hair, her face, Basque, stocking and even her feet are awash with cum, as they walk up to Rick, Lucy get up and stands behind Philip, he pushes Lynn to her knees and says “she has one more load that I’ve been saving for her and I wanted you Rick, to see this up close. Philip pushes his large black cock in Lynn’s mouth and within no more than a few thrusts fills Lynn’s mouth with his cum, there is so much of it that Lynn can’t swallow it all and it runs from the side of her mouth and down onto her breasts, Philip pulls his cock from her lips and sends a further five or six really massive spurts of cum over Lynn face and it runs down her body. Philip finally spent says “I do hope that you both decide to join us, Lucy will take you now to clean up, I must join our other guests, If you have any energy left your welcome to join us, if not, we really do look forward to hearing your decision”. Philip looks down at the cum covered Lynn and says ”It really has been a pleasure tonight Lynn, its not often we get someone of your quality looking to join our group we usually have to make the first contact, but you’ll both be more than welcome at our meetings”.

Philip walks away and into another room as Lucy releases Rick from his bindings as both he and Lynn get to there feet they go to each other and kiss in a passionate embrace, Rick can taste the sperm on Lynn tongue, whilst she can smell the strong scent of urine coming from Rick’s body, Lucy leads them to a large luxurious bathroom and leaves them to bath and shower, both Lynn and Rick say very little until they are both clean again and dressed, Just as Lynn is about to ask Rick if he enjoyed the night the bathroom door opens and Lucy enters asking if they are both OK, They both nod there head in agreement and follow Lucy out and into a long corridor, she stops half way down and slightly opens a door that leads to another vast room and says “your welcome to join the rest of tonight’s activities if you wish or you may leave now, as you both have already had quiet an experience. Lynn and Rick look passed the naked Lucy into the room and can see a sea of bodies of all colours and sizes all in various stages of having sex with each other, men and women, men and men and women and women, its as if nothing is taboo.

Lynn looks at Rick and says I think I’m worn out, I need to go home and sleep, “I understand” says Lucy and walks them to the exit, Lucy kisses them both and hopes that they’ll return again soon. Lynn and Rick climb into the car and speed off into the night.

– The End –