Heather was 38 and had been a partner at the law firm of Locke & Fulbright for four years and an associate for eight years prior to becoming partner. Locke & Fulbright was a large firm in Dallas with over four hundred lawyers and occupied eight floors of the prestigious Trammell Tower in downtown Dallas. Heather s office was a corner office looking over the West End and Arts District of Dallas. She had the indicia of power all about her.

Heather was a modern woman with a modern temperament and although she had the option to get married a few times in the past she had always gravitated towards brief periods of cohabitation. They were brief because her meteoric rise in the law was too demanding to allow for sustained personal relationships and she had never managed to live with a guy for more than a year. And she had never lived with anyone in their house, only in hers.

Heather never suffered for lack of attention from the gentlemen. As her mom used to say, “When you look like Heather the fellas come around.” She might be 38, but she could pass for much younger as she was almost religious in her nutrition and work out regimen. It was probably the only thing in her life, outside of her career, for which the word religion would be an appropriate adjective.

Dan was a third year associate and a damn bright lawyer. Heather knew smart when she saw it and Dan was smart. Dan was 29 and, like Heather, had graduated from SMU Law. While Heather was a Cornell graduate, Dan had attended SMU as an undergraduate where he gained mild notoriety as an all-conference wide receiver on the football team. In his senior year the game day program had Dan listed at six foot three inches tall and 220 pounds. But after football he had lost some of the weight the coaches demanded he gain and now was a svelte 210 and he wore it well on his masculine frame.

After college Dan had married his college sweetheart and went to work with his father-in-law in his insurance business and a few years later decided to return to school to pursue the law. Dan s wife was vigorously opposed to law school and the marriage did not survive the first, and most demanding, year of law school. There were no kids involved and as Dan like to say, No harm, no foul.

Dan was one of those associates that the partners at Locke would fight over. Smart, tall and good-looking, Dan had what Heather referred to as the bearing of a lawyer. He commanded the kind of respect that comes out of the genetically programmed fiber in all of us to respect the alpha male. Not so much for what he accomplished, but just because he looked like an alpha male. And he stirred something in Heather. She felt it the first time he walked in her office as a Summer Associate, a sort of intern, over five years ago. He was still a law student at SMU at the time. He had everything on what she called the Heather List, blue eyes, brunette wavy hair, tall, muscular build and distinctly masculine. And an ass that looked like it could power lift a thousand pounds. But she was a partner and he was an associate and she hadn’t reached this stage of her career by letting her little girl crushes on the male associates exist anywhere except inside her head. Where they could be contained. But when he would leave the room, she looked.

Heather and Dan had worked closely over the last year on a number of files, but most recently they were engaged in what Dan would call a Caged Death Match with another large law firm in Dallas.

The associates, without exception, hated Heather. Given a chance they would all fuck her in a minute, but that was sex and this was career. If they could, they would fuck her over professionally, but she was too bright and politically astute to allow herself to be vulnerable. Needless to say, she was difficult to work for and their nickname for her was Law Diva. Dan had coined the phrase and none of them hated her more than Dan.

Unfortunately, none of them were assigned to more of her cases than Dan and his distaste for working with her had reached the point that he began interviewing with other law firms and was now pondering two different offers. He was leaving Locke, the only questions were when and where. But when would be soon and where would be decided in the next day or two.

Heather awoke on this Friday feeling particularly lonely. The fellas, or at least the right fellas, were not coming around lately. That was mostly her fault as she had been working insane hours, but still. As she showered she was thinking about the last time she had felt that sense of being desired by a man. That feeling that only a woman could have that comes from an aroused man advancing on you, taking you, and satisfying that need placed in him by his creator. It had been awhile. As she showered and thought about the last time she had felt that way she decided to go through the usual preparations that came when there was a man in the picture. She paid particularly close attention to shaving. She wasn’t a big fan of shaving her pussy, but when she was satisfying an aroused man, that was always part of the plan. And shaving her pussy today brought back many fond memories of sexual exploits past. Afterwards, it felt smooth and as she passed her hand over her freshly shaved girl parts she issued that little sound that an old boyfriend had called The Heather Purr. Where is a man that knows how to use a tongue when you need one? Today would be a thong day. She picked out the lacy red thong from Suzanne s that had the matching, and very sheer, bra. Suzanne s was one of her favorite places to buy unmentionables as her mom would say and this ensemble perfectly matched her mood today.

It might be Friday, but there was more work to do than either Heather or Dan could get to. They would be in trial on Monday. The Caged Death Match was finally going to be resolved by twelve good citizens from Dallas County that were not smart enough to avoid jury duty. It was after 10 PM and they were worn out. But they still needed to review the testimony of their trademark expert before they called it a night.

The air conditioning in the building turned off at 7 every night and although it was late October the building had warmed up slightly since then. Not uncomfortable, but you could tell it was a couple of degrees warmer. Heather was wearing a silk blouse that buttoned up the front. The buttons strained against the bosom they were trying to contain and Heather had unbuttoned the top two buttons for comfort. Her skirt, like all her skirts, was above the knee with a small slit and when she sat down you could catch a glimpse of her well-toned thighs.

Dan liked to play a game when he was with Heather. The game consisted of looking up Heather s skirt whenever she crossed her legs. If he could see all the way to her panties, that was one score and if he could tell the color of her panties, that was another score, etc. Dan kept score in his head. Heather noticed that Dan s attention would divert at those times. This would happen with lots of guys in her office. Some would disgust her as they were married and twenty years older than her, others were inconsequential but Dan s gaze up her skirt would always make her smile inside. It always thrilled her when a desirable guy explored her visually. So giving Dan a chance to look up her skirt was always part of the drill. She never sat behind her desk when Dan and she would meet; she always sat on the couch and Dan in one her client chairs. This way she was sunk in the couch with her pelvis tilted up. When she crossed her legs she knew Dan could see all the way to the Promised Land. Just like she liked it.

On this day she was more deliberate. As they discussed the expert s report she was looking at the report and; knowing Dan was watching, crossed her legs in a very slow and deliberate manner. What normally took a fraction of a second now took over a second. Dan watched her movements and made note of the red colored thong. Dan may not like her, but she was an attractive woman. She had pulled her long frosted blond hair back in a ponytail using a designer hair clip. Suddenly she reminded Dan of the sorority girls at SMU that vied for his attention when he was in his glory years.

Then she did it again and he knew this was no accident and he felt the subtle shift of power. She might be the partner and he might be the associate, but in human terms he was the male and she was the female and for a few moments the female was making herself sexually available. And in that world he wasn’t just a male, he was an alpha male and he knew it. He stood up as though to go back to his office and she stood as well. He walked over to the door of her office, closed it and locked it.

“What are you doing?” she said, her heart instantly racing.

He advanced upon her and simply said, “you know”.

He pulled her over to her small conference table and turned her around so that they were spooning, but standing up. He pulled her against himself and reaching around her allowed his hands to explore up and down her form. But slowly, very slowly. She let out a sigh and thought that, as expected, he knew what he was doing.

“We should stop,” she said. Be quiet is all he whispered in her ear as he kissed the nape of her neck.

“I want your pussy. Again,” in a whisper. The Heather Purr began. It was involuntary and she couldn’t stop it. “I want to unzip your skirt, slip off your panties, bend you over this conference table and fuck your pussy.”

” We shouldn’t,” she said. But she could already feel her clit throbbing and her pussy was wet. Her resistance was melting away like sugar in hot coffee.

He continued to whisper, “I don t care what we should or should not do. I am going to bend you over this conference table and fuck your pussy right here, right now. ”

With that he found the zipper on the side of her skirt, unzipped it and the designer skirt fell to the floor. She instinctively flipped it with her foot off to the side.

He ran his hands over her ass and appreciated how intensely feminine Heather was. She had curves in all the right places and while Dan knew that before, he was experiencing it now and that is something completely different. His dick was rock hard and he pressed against her now as she leaned in to him.

He removed his trousers and boxers and exposed his dick, gleaming from the pre-cum that had already been expelled.

She moaned as he pushed his dick between her cheeks and between her legs. She was bent over the table now with her legs spread apart. He was slowly rocking his hips causing his dick to rub against her thong. She reached between her legs to feel his dick. It was slick from the semen that was seeping out. She brought her hand to her mouth to lick his fluid off her fingers.

Then he turned her around and in calculated movements removed her blouse and her bra. He took a quick glance at her. She was wearing only the thong and her high heels. This was a view of Law Diva many had wished for but few had attained and he could have stopped here and been satisfied, but there was so much more and he was beginning to appreciate this side of Heather. Naked and vulnerable, she suddenly seemed almost sweet.

Her breasts and erect nipples were as tantalizing to Dan as her lovely thighs and beautiful ass. He began licking the nipple to his right. Slowly, first by circling the nipple with his erect tongue and then moving in to the hardened nipple and squeezing it with his lips. She had grabbed his head with her hands and was guiding him now. The Heather Purr was audible now and Dan knew he was right where he needed to be.

After a few moments Dan began to kiss her on the mouth. He reached behind he and grabbing her ass pulled her against himself. The kiss was Dan s trademark. Slow deliberate and on the lips. Slowly he pushed his tongue in to her mouth and began to explore her. She had no taste, but was very soft.

He reached down and pulled her panties away from her body. The thong hit the floor and Heather flicked it over to the pile of her clothes on the floor. If anyone walked in now there would be some explaining to do. Dan immediately noticed that her pussy was shaved and his excitement jumped even further. In his imagination he had always assumed she shaved, but to experience it in real life was a joy he wanted to savor. He ran his hand over her shaved pubis and admired God’s handiwork.

“Did you shave your pussy for me? ” Is your pussy wet?” The only response she could muster was a louder version of The Heather Purr.

As he held her naked form he whispered, ” I need to lick your pussy.” Heather went limp in his arms and Dan caught her. Her level of arousal was now so high she could not stand up; Dan would have to support her. He leaned her back against the table and pulled the client chair over to the table. He spread her legs apart and began to lick her pussy. Slow, long strokes down one side and then the other. He had not touched her clit yet and she was about to scream.

“Lick my clit,” she moaned. Terrified that someone might hear her.

“Not yet, there is time. We’ll get to it.”

The anticipation was building and her clit was ablaze. No man had made her wait like this. She was thrilled and exasperated at the same time.

Then he gradually began to flick her clitoris. She groaned loudly. At first it was a brush, almost an accidental flick, but then he began to circle his tongue around her clit and she was pressing her pelvis in to his face. Then he flattened his tongue against her button of pleasure and almost instantly the waves of her orgasm began. As she began to hit the zenith of her excitement Dan slipped the middle finger of his right hand in her pussy and began to stroke her g-spot. She was wet and receptive as she began to shudder. Her body, shaking with pleasure, began to glisten from the sweat that was building from the release she was feeling.

Dan continued his slow and deliberate movements for several minutes. He gently sucked her clit and eventually she begged him to stop. But as waves of release and comfort and joy gripped her, she could not resist him and for the first time in her life she experienced the miracle of multiple orgasms. Dan finally stopped and she began to regain her senses. She was lying back on the table and he tried to enter her, but she stopped him.

She slid off the table and to her knees and as she came face-to-face with his cock she began by licking the underside of its head. She circled the head of his dick with her tongue. He could tell she intended to fulfill his hopes and dreams for this moment and, like him, was in no rush to be done with it.

As she began slowly and gently stroking his balls with her finger nails she slid his dick in her mouth. She knew to keep her mouth and lips closed tightly as she did this so the head of his dick could feel the sliding sensation as he entered her.

Almost instantly he wanted to come. Dan knew that if he looked down at the magical acts being performed at that moment he would go off like a roman candle. So he kept his eyes closed with his hands on Heather’s head and felt the gentle swaying of her head. Later he would reflect back on the fact that her approach to this ultimate act of admiration involved a greater commitment to slow, wet rhythmic movements than any he had ever experienced before and for the first time he hoped this wasn’t a one-night stand.

He was about to reach the point of no return when he felt her stop. He looked down and she looked up at him. Their eyes met for a moment as she licked some semen from the head of his cock.

“I thought you were going to bend me over this table,” she purred. Without a word he started to lift her up from the floor. But she resisted and instead reached for her purse and pulled out a ribbed Trojan, her favorite. He moaned as she glided the condom over his hardness. Then he pulled her up from the floor and without resistance turned her around. She spread her legs as she bent over the table. She reached out with her hands and grabbed the opposite side of the table and braced herself for his climax.

But as she was prone on the table he began caress her ass and run his hand between her open thighs and to feel the outer lips of her pussy. He felt her shaved pussy and smiled as she squirmed on the table, enjoying his touch. Finally he entered her from behind.

She relished the sensation of the deep penetration this position gives, but her rear was wet from this lovemaking and she was surprised at how much she enjoyed the feeling of his coarse pubic hair on her wet ass. She began to moan with each thrust of his cock deep inside her.

He was so close to climax he could barely control himself. He had a technique for dealing with this situation where he would count his thrusts and try to get to 200. So he attempts to thrust and count and not to think about the beautiful lawyer who is a partner at Locke and is now spread-legged across her conference table while he is fucking her like an animal.

But her moans get his attention and he looks up to see their reflection in the window. He can see her face clearly and the effect of his piston-like action on her.

And suddenly he cannot control those urges God has placed within him and in a flash his cock fires off like the old 12-gauge shotgun he has at home. Heather actually yelps at the experience. A girly, high pitched and dainty little yelp involuntarily escapes from her.

And with that they collapsed on the couch that was nearby. He put his arm around her and she put her head on his shoulder, her fingers tracing his now only slightly erect penis.

Finally, she spoke.

“What was that?”

“That, my dear, was my two weeks’ notice.”

– The End –