Lisa passed the KY to Matt. He turned it over in his hand and gave her a questioning look.

“But, baby, we’ve tried that before. I’m just too big, remember?”

Lisa kissed him. “I know, but I’ve been . . . working on the problem.” Matt shot her a confused look. She laughed. “Let’s just say I’ve been doing some stretching exercises.”

Jen and Alyson watched them curiously. Finally Jen spoke up. “Do you mean you want him to stick it in your . . .”

“Ass,” Lisa said, finishing her question. “Uh-huh. It feels great, but Matt’s so big we’ve I’ve never been able to do it with him. So I started using butt plugs to stretch myself. I think I’m ready for him now!”

Jen and Alyson exchanged a look. “Really?,” Alyson asked, trying to imagine Matt’s thick cock in her tiny asshole.

“Oh, yes!,” Lisa replied as she lay down on the bed and pulled her legs up to her chest. “Could you girls help us out by spreading some lube on my asshole and Matt’s cock?” Alyson took the tube from Matt and unscrewed the cap. She squeezed some onto her hand, then passed it to Jen. Jen squeezed it directly onto Lisa’s asshole, then spread it around with her finger. “Get it inside, too,” Lisa said as Jen spread the slippery cream. Jen hesitated a moment, then pushed a finger against Lisa’s puckered hole and was surprised at how easily it slipped inside. Lisa sighed and lay back, closing hr eyes. “Mmmm, that feels good!,” she murmured.

Alyson spread a liberal amount of the slippery gel onto Matt’s cock, coating the tip and the entire shaft. When she finished, Matt stepped up to Lisa and pressed it against her tiny puckered asshole.

“C’mon, lover, give it to me!,” she growled seductively. Matt paused.

“Are you sure about this?,” he asked, still looking doubtful.

Lisa spread her cheeks with her hands and her hole opened slightly. “Yes!,” she hissed, her eyes wild. “Fuck my ass!” Jen and Alyson watched in stunned silence as Matt applied pressure and the head of his cock slipped into Lisa’s ass with relative ease. She cried out and grabbed Jen’s arm, causing her to jump in surprise.

“S . . . sorry!,” Lisa gasped, letting go of Jen’s arm.

“Are you ok, honey? Do you want me to stop?,” Matt asked, watching her face closely. She shook her head.

“Uh-uh! Keep going! It feels so good!,” she gasped. Matt slowly pushed his cock further and further into Lisa’s bowels, constantly studying her face for any hint of pain or discomfort. He could feel her sphincter squeezing his cock, tighter than Jen’s pussy had done just a few minutes ago.

Jen dropped down and watched from only inches away as Matt pushed his entire cock slowly into Lisa’s badly stretched ass. Then a thought occurred to her.

Lisa was lost in the intense pleasure of finally having Matt’s big dick in her back door. Suddenly, she was aware of hot breath on her pussy. She opened her eyes to see Jen kneeling beside her on the bed with her head between her legs. As Matt began to slowly pump in and out of her tight ass, Jen began licking her pussy and she immediately felt her orgasm starting to build.

‘Oh my god!,’ she thought, ‘I’m going to cum right away!’ She started moving her hips to meet Matt’s inward thrusts and her hands went to her tits, teasing and pulling on her erect nipples. Alyson noticed this and bent over her. She moved her hands out of the way and began sucking and nibbling on Lisa’s perky tits. Lisa signaled her approval by holding Alyson’s head to her breasts. Jen stuck her tongue deep nto Lisa’s pussy while Matt continued his assault on her ass. When Jen also began teasing her clit, she lost it.

“Oh, shittt!!!,” she groaned. Her body began to quiver and shake, then she let out a loud cry and began jerking on the bed uncontrollably. Jen had to move her head and Alyson also moved away, giving Lisa some room. Matt thrust deep inside her steamy back door. He was getting close to his own orgasm, and Lisa’s reaction was the final straw. He felt his balls contract and the cum rising through his long shaft.

“Oh, yeah! I’m cumming!,” he groaned.

Lisa opened her eyes, still overcome by her intense orgasm. “Oh yeah, baby! Cum in my ass!!,” she cried before flopping her head back and closing her eyes. Matt felt the cum literally being squeezed from his cock as he shot a huge stream of semen deep inside Lisa’s bowels. It felt like he came for a very long time in one long, continuous stream of hot cum that left him completely spent, his legs like rubber.

Lisa moaned and exclaimed, “Oh yeah, baby! I can feel your hot cum inside me!” Matt made a few more feeble thrusts, then collapsed against her, his deflating cock still buried in her ass. Jen and Alyson watched as Matt came, amazed at the look on his face. It almost looked like he was in some kind of intense pain. Jen wondered if that’s what she had looked like. Lisa held Matt tightly with her legs and looked over at Jen and Alyson. She smiled and waved them over.

“Come here, girls. I need a group hug!,” she said with a smile. They each crawled to one side of them and joined them in their loving embrace. They remained like that for a few moments, just enjoying their special intimacy. Finally, Matt pushed himself up and pulled his semi flaccid penis from Lisa’s ravaged asshole. As it slid out, a flood of semen was released, running down Lisa’s ass cheeks to the sheets, forming a large puddle.

He grinned at her. “Looks like we made a mess!”

Lisa smiled and hugged the girls. “Well worth it!”

Jen propped her head on her elbow and looked questioningly at Lisa. “I can’t believe you came so hard from that!”

Lisa laughed and kissed the pretty blonde. “Baby, I started to cum from almost the minute Matt stuck his cock in. When you began licking my pussy, I knew it was going to be a real good one!” She grinned. “And, boy! Was I right on that!” She held Jen’s hand and looked into her bright blue eyes. “Maybe later I’ll show you just how good it can feel!”

Jen looked at her, her eyes wide. Lisa laughed. “No, no . . . I don’t mean I’m going to ram a dildo up your ass! But there are ways I can show you just how sensitive and erogenous your anus can be!”

Jen looked doubtful, but relented. “Well, ok . . . I guess.”

Lisa smiled at her and sat up. “Right now, I need a shower! There’s room for two. Anyone care to join me?” Alyson spoke up.

“I will.” She went over to Lisa and took her hand.

“Be right back!,” Lisa called over her shoulder as they went out the door into the hallway. Jen and Matt both watched their hot, naked bodies as they disappeared out the door.

He turned to Jen and gestured toward another door. “There’s another shower in there. Wash my back?” He grinned and reached out for her hand. Lisa giggled and took it.

“Sure! Why not?,” she replied. Matt helped her to her feet and they walked hand in hand into the adjoining bathroom.

Lisa checked the water temperature of the shower and adjusted it slightly. Satisfied, she stepped aside to allow Alyson in first. Alyson stepped in and allowed the warm water to flow over her face. She felt Lisa step in behind her and begin to massage her shoulders. Then she picked up some soap and a sponge and started washing Alyson’s back. She relaxed under Lisa’s tender, loving touch and leaned her head against the shower wall under the spray. Then Lisa turned her around so they were facing each other and washed her arms, breasts and stomach. When she finished, she looked into Alyson’s eyes and smiled. Alyson returned her smile and Lisa leaned in to kiss the green eyed beauty, probing at her soft lips with her tongue. Alyson hesitated, then parted her lips to allow Lisa’s tongue in, touching Lisa’s tongue with her own. They held the kiss for several moments as the water ran over their naked flesh. Lisa finally pulled away, and Alyson licked her lips sensuously, her eyes closed, as she savored the affectionate and passionate kiss. She opened her eyes and smiled warmly at Lisa.

“That was . . . nice!,” she said. Lisa smiled. For the first time, she felt like Alyson was actually letting her guard down. Sure, she had participated in the bedroom, but this was different. She was starting to open up to her.

Lisa dropped to her knees and began washing Alyson’s legs with the sponge. As she reached her thighs, she was looking directly at her pink pussy, and her lips were still swollen. The aroma of her sex was strong, even here in the shower, and Lisa breathed it in deeply. She washed Alyson’s inner thighs, watching as the water beaded on her scant pubic hair before rubbing it with the sponge. Alyson sighed and parted her legs wider. She put the sponge on the shelf and stood up.

“Have you ever thought about shaving your pussy?,” she asked, running her fingers through the dark, curly hairs.

Alyson shrugged. “No, not really. I trim it a little so I can wear a bikini, but that’s about it.” She glanced down at Lisa’s bald pussy and remembered that Julia’s had been bare as well. “Does it feel good?”

Lisa shrugged. “I guess so. I first shaved mine when I was about your age and I’ve kept it shaved ever since.” She picked up the sponge and passed it to Alyson. “Do me now?” She turned around and Alyson washed her back. Then she turned back to face her so she could wash her chest and stomach. Alyson knelt down to wash her legs and found herself staring directly at Lisa’s bare twat. She stood up.

“Would you shave me? Show me how?,” she asked.

Lisa smiled. “Sure! Come on, we can do it right now!” She turned off the shower and they stepped out. They toweled off and Lisa pointed to the steps leading up to the whirlpool bathtub. “Take a seat over there. I’ll get a razor and shaving cream.” Alyson sat on the tile step while Lisa gathered up her shaving supplies. She returned with a razor, scissors, a basin of warm water, and a can of shaving gel. Kneeling in front of Alyson, she spread her legs wide and began by clipping the hair as short os she could with the scissors. Then she covered the entire area with shaving cream and picked up the razor. She looked up at Alyson.

“Try not to move too much, ok?”

Alyson grinned. “I’ll try, but you behave!”

Lisa laughed. “Oh, all right!” She winked. “But only until I’m done shaving you!”

Alyson smiled. “Ok – deal!”

Lisa began the slow, careful task of shaving Alyson’s hot little pussy. After about ten minutes, she wiped away the remaining shaving cream and surveyed her handiwork. “Hmm . . . not bad,” she said, examining Alyson’s labia for any missed hairs. Satisfied, she sat back and held out a hand. “Well, what do you think?”

Alyson looked down at her bare twat, then ran her hand over the soft flesh. She made a face. “It feels weird! But I think I like it!”

Lisa put away the shaving supplies and swept the loose hairs into the trash can. “So will your partner,” she said. “They’re more likely to go down on you if you’re shaved.”

“Really!?,” Alyson said, raising one eyebrow.

Lisa nodded and knelt at her feet. “Really. I personally love licking a nice, smooth pussy!” She grinned and lowered her head between Alyson’s legs. Alyson sighed as Lisa’s warm tongue sought out all her sensitive spots.

Matt watched as the water flowed over Jen’s beautiful tits, droplets forming on her erect nipples before dripping to the shower basin. Jen opened her eyes to see him staring at her. Their eyes met and she smiled, then turned off the water and stepped out.

Matt passed her a towel. “You are so hot when you’re wet!,” he exclaimed, unable to take his eyes from her slender, sexy body. Jen glanced over at his semi-hard cock as she dried off.

“So it would seem!,” she said, moving her eyes from his cock back to his.

He looked down and grinned. “I can’t help how I feel!”

Jen laughed and finished drying off. Matt tossed their towels into the hamper and they walked hand in hand back to the bedroom. Lisa and Alyson still hadn’t returned so they both sprawled out on the bed. Matt reached for the remote and turned on the large plasma screen TV hanging on the wall. A porno appeared on the screen, showing two women undressing each other in front of a naked man. When they were both naked, they kissed, then dropped to their knees and began giving the man a blow-job, taking turns. Jen gave Matt a dirty look over his choice of movies, then noticed that his cock was nearly back to its full hardness. He saw her gaze, grinned and shrugged, going back to the movie.

Jen was getting aroused herself, although her pussy was still tender from the pounding Matt had given her earlier. She looked back over at him, but he was watching the action on the TV. ‘Typical man,’ she thought. ‘A naked woman lying beside him and he’d still rather watch TV!’ She sat up and crawled across the bed so she was face to face with his erect cock. She glanced up at him. He was alternating looking at the TV and her, with a quirky smile on his lips and a twinkle in his eye. She grasped his thick, hard shaft and started to stroke it slowly. He watched her and took a deep breath, tossing the remote onto the night stand.

Jen stuck her tongue out and gave the long member a healthy lick, hen sucked it into her mouth. Matt gasped as she sucked it to the back of her throat, her tongue working back and forth across it. She continued stroking the remainder of it while she did. She kept this up for several minutes, then began to suck and lick his balls, teasing the sensitive skin with the tip of her tongue. Matt moaned and sighed and she went back to sucking his cock voraciously.

Matt laid his head back on the pillow, loving the feel of her warm mouth on his hard dick. She would bring him to the brink of orgasm, then go back to his balls, like she had done before. This kept him on the verge of cumming without pushing him over the edge. It was something she had learned from Julia.

She moved from his balls back to his cock and Matt looked up to see Alyson and Lisa watching from the door. Because of her position and her concentrating on Matt’s dick, Jen hadn’t seen them. Lisa raised a finger to her lips and grinned. Jen began sucking hard, her mouth making loud slurping sounds as her head bobbed up and down. Matt placed a hand on her head and pulled her long hair from her face. She looked up at him, his cock still in her mouth, then pulled it free.

“Stand up,” she said breathlessly. Matt obeyed and she slid her lips over the hard shaft again. She adjusted her position, then pushed it further into her mouth. Matt watched in amazement as she swallowed half, three quarters, then his entire nine inches! He gestured for Lisa and Alyson to come over. Jen began bobbing her head slowly, her throat contracting on the long shaft as it slid in and out. She glanced up as Lisa crawled onto the bed, her eyes wide, but she continued to deep-throat Matt’s dick.

After a few more strokes, she pulled it out, coughing a little. Lisa stared at her in wide-eyed wonder. “Where did you learn how to do that? At the . . .” The word ‘brothel’ stuck in her throat. She was sorry she’d brought it up, not wanting to ruin their wonderful night together with bad memories.

Jen didn’t seem bothered. She nodded. “They forced us to do it there. But tonight, I wanted to do it.”

Lisa looked at her fiancé, who was panting. “So, how was it, stud?”

Matt grinned. “Unbelievable! I’ve never felt anything like that before! I could feel her swallowing it! It was so erotic!”

Alyson sat on the bed next to Lisa. Lisa grinned and said, “Alyson has something to show you!” They both looked at her and she felt her face getting hot. “Don’t be shy, honey, show them.” She slowly got to her knees and spread her legs, showing them her bare twat.

“Oooo,” Matt exclaimed. “That is sexy!”

Jen grinned. “Nice! Can you do mine later?”

Alyson cringed. “Maybe Lisa should. I wouldn’t want to cut you.”

“I’d be happy to,” Lisa said, grasping Matt’s hard cock. “Anytime at all.” She stroked it absently while looking up at the TV. The two women were still sucking on the man’s cock. She looked at Jen and said, “My turn?” Jen grinned and backed away. Lisa slipped Matt’s hard dick into her mouth and began to bob her head p and down on it. Matt looked over at Alyson.

“Mind if I sample your new look?,” he asked. Alyson seemed hesitant, but Jen nudged her.

“Go ahead, Aly. You’ll like it. I promise,” she said, locking her eyes on Alyson’s. She looked over at Matt, who gestured for her to come over to him.

“Come on, honey. It won’t hurt,” he said. “Just straddle my head and push your pussy to my mouth. I’ll do the rest.”

Alyson watched as Lisa sucked on Matt’s dick while Jen watched her, patiently awaiting her turn. Bracing herself on Lisa’s shoulders, she swung her long leg over Matt’s head and pressed her pussy to his lips. She felt him grab her hips and pull her into position. His hot breath caressed her pussy, then his tongue began moving across it. It seemed even more sensitive now that she was hairless. As his soft tongue slid into her slit, she gasped and closed her eyes, giving in to the sensations.

A few moments later, she heard Lisa saying her name. She opened her eyes. Lisa was no longer sucking Matt’s cock. Neither was Jen. They were both looking up at her from between his legs. Lisa was stroking it and looked down, then back up to Alyson.

“Would you like a turn?,” she asked. Alyson looked down at the huge, almost purple head only a short distance from her face. At that moment, Matt shifted his attention to her clit, sucking and nibbling on the little bud. She gasped as a wave of pleasure washed over her and before she realized she was doing it, she had his cock in her mouth, sucking on it noisily.

She could feel herself getting closer and closer to orgasm as Matt kept touching on all of her most sensitive areas. She began bobbing her head up and down faster, enjoying the feel of his velvet-soft tip on her tongue. Suddenly, Matt pulled his mouth from her cunt.

“Oh, shit! I’m gonna cum!!,” he cried, then dove back into her pussy with renewed vigor.

Alyson continued to suck on him with the same vigor. Lisa spoke to her. “Swallow some if you want, but save some for the rest of us!” Alyson was completely caught up in the moment and surprised herself by sucking even harder, actually looking forward to making him cum in her mouth.

Matt cried out and moaned, his voice muffled by Alyson’s pussy and she felt his cock twitch a second before her mouth was filled with his warm, salty jism. That was all it took to set her off and she released his spurting cock as her own orgasm gripped her. Her mouth dropped open, but a low gurgle was the only sound that came out. Cum dribbled over her lower lip and ran down her chin. Her body stiffened, then began convulsing uncontrollably as her pussy contracted and spewed her own cum into Matt’s mouth.

Lisa quickly grabbed the spurting cock and sucked on it, catching the second shot and swallowing it down. She smacked her lips and moved aside so Jen could have a taste as well. Jen managed to get a small mouthful, then stroked it as she sucked the few remaining drops from it before licking the tip clean.

Alyson was slowly coming down from her orgasm despite the fact that Matt was still trying to lick all the cum from her over-stimulated pussy. She lifted herself from his face, unable to handle any more of his probing tongue. She rolled off him and collapsed on the bed next to Jen. Lisa and Jen kissed passionately, then Lisa crawled up to lick Alyson’s cum from Matt’s face.

Jen lay down next to Alyson and kissed her beautiful tits. Alyson quivered in pleasure and pulled Jen’s face to hers. They kissed long and deep, two lovers completely lost in each other. Then exhausted and totally spent, they fell asleep in each others arms.

Matt and Lisa watched the two girls sleeping for a few minutes, then Lisa pulled a warm comforter over their naked bodies. She crawled up next to Matt on the king size bed and they slid under the covers.

“I think I’m in love,” Lisa murmured as Matt held her. “With all of you.” Matt kissed her forehead.

“I know exactly how you feel,” he said. Then they, too drifted off to sleep.

Alyson awoke in the now familiar position of Jen’s arms. She could feel the comforting warmth of her naked flesh next to hers, her breasts crushed against her back. She got up, being careful not to wake the others, and went into the bathroom.

When she came back to bed, everyone was still asleep. Matt and Lisa lay to one side, her head resting on his chest. Jen had rolled over onto her back. Alyson gazed at the sleeping bodies, her eyes finally settling on Jen. Her long blond hair was spread out across the pillow with some spilling over her shoulder to partly cover one of her perfect tits. The comforter had been thrown aside during the night and both of her breasts and one leg were exposed. Alyson watched as her breasts rose and fell with her breathing and found herself becoming aroused.

Still naked herself, she crept over and carefully pulled the comforter from the rest of Jen’s nude form. She paused for a moment, staring at her beautiful body, then moved to the end of the bed near her feet. Very gently, she pushed her legs apart a few inches at a time, until they were open far enough that her pussy was exposed. She quickly crawled up between her legs and pulled up so that her face was inches from her best friend and lover’s pussy. Jen was still sound asleep, as were Matt and Lisa.

Alyson breathed in the musky aroma of Jen’s pussy, then stuck out her tongue and licked her slit. Jen murmured in her sleep and subconsciously spread her legs a little wider. Alyson grinned and gave her twat another slower, and deeper, lick. Jen moaned louder this time and her hand went to her pussy. Alyson began licking with more passion, her tongue pushing deep into Jen’s pussy. She looked up to see Jen looking down at her, a sleepy smile on her face.

“Good morning!,” Alyson whispered.

“Hi, darling!,” Jen whispered back. “What a way to wake up!”

Alyson winked at her, then went back to licking and sucking on her recently deflowered pussy. Jen leaned back on her pillow, closed her eyes, and gave in to the wonderful sensations Alyson was creating in her still tender pussy. A moment later, she felt a hand squeezing her breast and opened her eyes to see Lisa smiling at her.

“Morning, honey!,” she said with a cheerful smile. She looked down at Alyson. “Hey, baby! Having an early breakfast?” Alyson raised her head, her lips and chin glistening with Jen’s juices, grinned, and went back to work. “Personally,” Lisa said as she tossed the covers off her and Matt. “I prefer a little cock in the morning!” With that, she lifted Matt’s flaccid penis, took it into her mouth, and began slurping noisily on it.

Matt moaned, then opened his eyes. He looked down at Lisa sucking his cock back to life, then over at the girls. Jen was squirming and moaning, very close to her climax.

“Oh, god, yes!! Oh, Alyson!! Yes!! Yes!! Ahhh . . . don’t stop!!” She began thrusting her hips upward, trying to push Alyson’s tongue deeper inside her. The orgasm was building deep in her womb and spreading rapidly outward. She grit her teeth as it enveloped her, her muscles contracting, and her eyes squeezed tightly closed.

“Oh, shit!! Oh, shit!! Ohh . . .!!” Her mouth opened and it looked like she was trying to say something, but the only sound that came out was a low, guttural groan. It seemed to build into a low wail as she neared release.

Alyson kept her mouth locked over Jen’s clit, her tongue flicking rapidly across the sensitive little sex organ. Suddenly, Jen climaxed, her body convulsing with each wave of orgasmic ecstacy. She cried out, her screams of pleasure filling the room. Alyson continued teasing her clit until Jen begged her to stop, claiming she was going to pass out from pleasure.

Alyson lifted her lips from Jen’s over-stimulated pussy. Jen lay limply on the bed, her hair disheveled and her breath coming in short gasps. Alyson crawled up slowly, leaving kisses on her stomach, tits, neck, ears, and finally, her sweet lips. Jen returned her kiss passionately, their tongues dancing together erotically.

After they pulled apart, Jen looked into her lover’s eyes. “Oh, god, Aly! That was wonderful!,” she gasped. Alyson stared back into Jen’s sparkling blue eyes.

“I loved doing it,” she said. “It really turns me on making you feel good, and I really love watching you cum!”

As they gazed longingly into each others eyes, Jen knew she was telling the truth. She also knew now what she had suspected for some time. She was head over heels in love with Alyson, and she knew Alyson felt the same way about her.

Matt’s moans brought them back to the present. Lisa was hard at work, sucking on his fully erect cock with great enthusiasm.

“Oh my god, Lisa! I can’t take much more of this!! Ungh!” He grunted as Lisa picked up the pace, her head moving so fast that her hair flew wildly. She pulled his cock from her mouth and jerked it rapidly, her eyes wild.

“Oh, yeah, baby! Give it to me!! Come on!!” She winked at Jen and Alyson, then slipped her mouth back over the huge purple head and resumed sucking. Alyson and Lisa lay in each others arms, watching the action. They didn’t have to wait long.

A few moments later, Matt’s moans became louder. “Oh, yeah!! I’m cumming!! Unghh!!” He groaned loudly as his body tensed and Lisa felt his balls contract a split second before her mouth was flooded with his hot seed. She swallowed quickly, then again and again until Matt finished shooting his hot cum and flopped his head back down on the pillow.

“Mmmm,” Lisa murmured as she licked and sucked the last few drops from his wilting cock. “You had a good load that time, baby!”

Matt grinned sleepily, his eyes closed. “You just turn me on, honey!” He opened his eyes and turned to look at the two teens. “Not to mention you two!,” he added with a grin as he stroked Alyson’s hair. Alyson smiled at him, enjoying his tender, loving caress. She found herself really starting to trust him. Of course, she liked Matt a lot. Lisa, too. But after what Bob had done to her, the idea of a man touching her hadn’t been something she was real comfortable with. But Matt seemed different. She found herself thinking more and more what it would be like to have sex with him, to feel his hard cock inside her. Not brutally ravaging her, but making sweet love to her, body, mind, and soul. After watching Jen give herself to him the night before, and the way he was with her, she was even more convinced that maybe she could do it after all.

“Alyson?” Matt was looking at her questioningly.

“Huh? Oh, sorry,” she said, smiling. “I guess I was daydreaming.”

He smiled at her. “I asked if you wanted to help me with breakfast.” He got up from the bed, but made no move to put on a robe or to otherwise cover his nakedness.

“Uh, sure,” she said, getting to her feet.

He took her hand and grinned. “Great! Why don’t we cook ‘au natural’!?” He spread his arms wide, then struck a body builder’s pose. Alyson giggled and snuggled up to him.

“Sure, why not?” Then a naughty idea came to her. “Why don’t we all spend the entire day naked?” They all looked at her, stunned silent that she was the one who suggested such a deviant thought. Then Lisa grinned.

“I think that’s a great idea! What do you say, shall we make it a Naked Saturday?” She paused, thinking. “Uh, it is Saturday, right?”

Jen laughed and hugged her. “Well, whatever day it is, I’m in!”

Matt chuckled. “Sure! I have no problem spending the day with three beautiful, naked women!” He took Alyson’s hand and they went out the door, talking about breakfast choices.

Jen and Lisa watched them go, then Lisa turned to her and said, “I believe Alyson’s starting to come around. Two weeks ago, she wouldn’t have been alone with Matt for any reason. Now, they’re cooking breakfast naked!”

Jen reached over and ran her hand down Lisa’s torso and over the gentle curve of her hips, then looked into her eyes. “We, uh . . . really like you guys . . . a lot,” she admitted. “I mean, I don’t think it’s any secret how Alyson and I feel about each other.” She studied Lisa’s eyes for her reaction but saw only love and understanding in them.

“I know, Jen. So does Matt. And we think it’s wonderful.” She smiled and brushed the hair from Jen’s pretty face. “I know what it’s like to be in love, ” she continued, her face turning serious. “Because I’m deeply in love with Matt.” She paused, staring directly into Jen’s clear blue eyes. “And you, and Alyson.”

Jen just stared at her, momentarily stunned by her words, then smiled cautiously. “Really? You’re in love with . . . all of us?”

Lisa smiled and nodded. “I hope it doesn’t scare you, but yes, I am. Matt is, too.” Jen thought about it. Well, why not? There’s no rule that says you can only be in love with one other person. And they didn’t just have sex last night, she realized. They were making love.

“Are you ok with this, Jen?”

Jen looked at her. “I think so, but . . .” She paused, looking for the right words. “I don’t think I love you . . . I mean, of course I love you, and Matt, but not the same way I love Alyson.”

Lisa smiled, her eyes sparkling. “That’s ok, honey.” She slid over and took Jen’s nude body into her arms. “Maybe that’ll come later.” They kissed passionately, their tongues intertwining. When they pulled apart, Lisa looked down at her pubic area.

“Are you still tender?” Jen reached down and gingerly touched her pussy. It was still a little sore, but not bad.

“A little, but not too bad,” she replied, then eyed her suspiciously through narrowed eyes. “Why?”

Lisa’s eyes sparkled. She jumped up and bounced over to the dresser she had gotten the unused dildos from the night before and rummaged through a drawer. She returned with a long, double-headed dildo. “Wanna fuck?,” she asked, a mischievous grin on her face.

Jen stared at the strange looking object. It was made to look like a real cock, with life-like bumps and veins. It was even flesh colored. But it reminded her of a long snake with a cock head at each end.

“I’ve been dying to try this out!,” Lisa exclaimed, dropping onto the bed next to Jen. Jen picked up the two foot long device and studied it. It was firm, but also flexible..

“How does it work?,” she asked, turning it over in her hands.

Lisa picked up one end. “We sit on the bed facing each other with our legs spread and we each put one end into our pussy. Then we lay back and push it the rest of the way in and start fucking!”

Jen was intrigued, but the long thick toy was big, even longer than Matt’s formidable dick. Lisa seemed to read her thoughts. “If it’s too much, we can stop whenever you want. You don’t have to put it all in you.”

Jen thought about it for only a second or two. “Ok, let’s do it!”

They positioned themselves on the bed. Lisa picked up the dildo and passed one end to Jen, then lowered the other end to her bare pussy and pushed it in a couple of inches. “Mmmm . . . nice!,” she murmured. “Ok, your turn!” Jen rubbed the end of the huge fake cock along her still swollen lips until she located her opening and slowly fed it into her still tender hole. When she put it in as far as it would reach, they both leaned back on their elbows and started inching closer together. The long dildo slowly disappeared into their pussies as they both moaned and sighed. Jen didn’t realize that she had taken it’s entire length until she felt Lisa’s wet lips rubbing against hers. They were both amazed at the feeling of having a foot of fake penis inside them, but even more amazing was the erotic tingle of their pussies touching together.

“Are you ok?,” Lisa gasped. Jen opened her eyes and smiled wanly at her.

“Uh-huh! Feels . . . great!” Lisa began grinding her cunt against Jen’s and Jen responded in kind. Soon, they were pumping the big dildo in and out, pausing to rub their labia together every couple of strokes. Lisa soon felt the tingle of an impending orgasm.

“Oh, Jen! I’m so close! I’m gonna cum real soon!”

Jen was already experiencing a series of small orgasms, but she could sense a bigger one building as well. The grinding together of their pussies, combined with the feel of the huge dildo in her pussy, was the most erotic feeling she’d ever experienced in her brief, but colorful, sexual experience!

Lisa began moaning louder. “Oh, yeah, baby! Fuck me! Fuck me, now! Harder!!” She began grinding harder against Jen’s pussy, their exposed clits rubbing together. Jen could feel her own orgasm boiling to the surface as their bodies slapped and ground together in sexual abandon, the sounds of their moaning and grunting filling the room. She felt herself tipping over the edge.

“Oh, god, Lisa! Fuck me! I’m cumming!!,” she cried, slamming her body against Lisa’s. She felt her pussy clench down on the rubber cock as her body tensed and the orgasm built and released. She writhed on the bed, her legs pulling Lisa’s body tight to hers and holding it there. She came over and over, her cries of ecstacy loud in the confines of the room.

As Jen’s orgasm started, Lisa felt her own becoming stronger. When Jen finally came, it set Lisa off, her orgasm exploding inside her as Jen wriggled against her. She came over and over and was vaguely aware of her pussy squirting cum from around the sides of the dildo, soaking her, Jen, and the bed underneath their spasming pussies with her sticky juice. She cried out again as yet another wave coursed through her body, then another, until she finally collapsed to her pillow, completely spent.

As they lay on the bed panting for breath, still connected by the double-headed dildo, Lisa reached out and took Jen’s hand in hers. “I love you, baby,” she whispered, twisting her head so she could see Jen’s face. Jen smiled and squeezed her hand, but said nothing. They lay there a few more minutes until Lisa said, “I wonder what’s taking them so long?”

– To Be Continued… –