Lorraine looked at me after signing the contract that gave me her cunt and grinned with a sparkle in her eyes. I had not seen her so alive since we had started our little game a few months back. “Right, lets have a look at my cunt then.” I said as I opened Lorraine’s legs, to view her smooth, hairless opening. My thoughts turned on how to test my new powers. While I was thinking, I instructed Lorraine to lubricate her cunt. She started to finger herself and to my surprise obtained a bottle of lubricating liquid she had pulled from the drawer.

I could see from these actions that her first thoughts had been for me to fist her. Well no, I am in charge of her cunt. Let’s catch her off guard, I thought. I instructed her to stand up and move to the corner of our large pine bed.

She looked at me, puzzled. The bed has very large knobs on each corner and I instructed her to lubricate the one now in front of her. Her eyes widened as she realized what I was about to instruct her to do.

I wonder if she would back out and refuse, ripping up the contract. No, the reaction was the opposite. She was excited and care-free. All responsibility for her actions had been passed on to me. I could sense the feeling of complete abandonment to the situation and the excitement of her actions running through her body. She was now just a puppet for my instructions.

She positioned her cunt opening over the bed knob and lowered her self down as per my instructions. I watch her cunt open up, letting the large knob of the bed enter her pussy and slide into her depths. The knob of the bed finally bottomed out deep inside her. The whole length of about 9 inches had gone in her. The knob end is just a little bigger than my fist in diameter.

I told her to come back up and roll the knob end around to the entrance of (my) her cunt to see her lips stretched open. Her pussy was really wet now from the lubricant and her own juices. Lorraine pushed her clitoris against the bed knob and moaned in pleasure, making those wet squelching noises I am getting used to hearing.

Moving across the bed I kneeled in front of her so we were face to face and started kissing her as she pumped the bed knob. Then, without warning, I closed by thumb and finger on her clitoris hood. Then, squeezing with strong press as I twisted the skin, she came instantly, screaming into my mouth as we kissed. Losing control of her legs, she fell forward onto me, popping the bed knob from her cunt and sending me backward into the head board with a bang. We just fell about laughing, holding on to each other in our arms.

We lay there recovering. Lorraine told me how rude and exciting it had been to follow my instructions. She also confirmed my thoughts that she felt free from her inner guilt and that she truly enjoyed being controlled by me to insert things into her pussy. As she finished her sentence, I picked up the phone handset and pushed it into her cunt. Again I was amazed how easy it went in. Lorraine just pushed her hips up while spreading her legs. I twisted the phone around in her cunt, and then removed it. Her aroma and juices were smeared along the dialling face. I sniffed it. Then throwing phone to the floor, I rolled over to the bedside cabinet. I removed the four standard vibrators of 8 inches in length we had from the side cabinet drawer. I positioned myself for some fun. I placed the first one at the entrance to her cunt, looking how in a short time it now seemed lost in front of this large moist pussy entrance. Lorraine purred as the vibrations ran up through her body. I pushed the second in place with ease.

This was one of the things I had wanted to do for years but had never had the courage to do and now as I watched my wife in front of me with two vibrators up her cunt, I could not believe the difference in her as she waited for me to add another. Sliding the first two back and forth, I starting working in the third. Her cunt had no problems, it just opened up a little more and the third was in. Holding all three in one hand I placed the final one onto the top of her cunt sliding the tip back across her clitoris.

This must have been torture to her senses. Lorraine just bucked and bucked screaming, “More, give me more.” Feeling a little concerned, I asked if I should back off a little. Lorraine replied “You stop now, you bastard, and I will kill you.” “Now fuck me in your cunt with your toys.” As she made these crude statements, she orgasmed, ejaculating juices from her cunt. This enabled me to push the fourth vibrator home. Lorraine arched her back from the bed forcing her body up.

I stood up and moved to the end of the bed to observe my handy work. Lorraine was having small orgasms in front of me. Her eyes were shut, her mouth open, pushing up her bottom from the bed, lost in a world of orgasmic sensation. There she was, four vibrators wedged up her cunt the corner bed knob soaked in her juices from earlier and the entrance to her vagina looking even bigger than I witnessed in our adventures in London the week before. What was happening? She just needed more and more. How far did she wish to go in our little adventure of cunt stretching?

I looked down on her and instructed her to stay on the bed and not to remove the vibrators from my cunt until I had returned from the shower. Lorraine opened her eyes dreamily, nodded her head, placing both hands over the ends of the vibrators holding them in place. As I showered I heard Lorraine having another orgasm and wondered how she found such stamina. In the shower I decided on my next little game.

Returning from the shower, I instructed Lorraine to remove the vibrators and place elastic bands around them. I wanted to measure the diameter. The measurement came to approximately 5 to 6 inches in diameter.

I told her that now that she had the dimensions of her pussy hole she could go shopping with the measuring tape to check for items to purchase for placing in my cunt. Lorraine just stared back at me in wonderment and really seemed to revel in my crude demands.

Lorraine then smiled to herself and staggered to the bathroom. Her legs were still a little under strength from all the mornings pleasures. I took her arm and gently helped her to the bathroom where I ran her bath and gently washed her down and caressed her skin softly, enjoying the contact I had so missed earlier. She also asked if I would shave her arms and between her legs as it was now my cunt, I should look after it.

It was nice to get so close to her cunt and observe it size, which was now totally returned to normal, with no hint of the activities it had earlier. It looked so beautiful with all the hair removed. You could really see what a wonderous shape it was. Lorraine had balanced shaped cunt lips at her entrance and her clitoris hood hung down in perfect shape which matched the length of her slit.

I asked if she was ok and she replied that she had never been happier and was enjoying the extra attention I was giving her. I advised that the games were good fun, but we should limit it to once of twice a month and make love the normal way in between.

She nodded in agreement, but I could see in way she looked back at me and the way she talked after that she wanted more. Her discussions were cruder now on the subject. Every day more and more she would find any method she could to turn the situation back to the roles of cunt slave and stuff master. Her words in that last discussion stayed with me; cunt slave and stuff master, it was ringing through my mind what had we started here this was truly an addiction.

It been a few weeks now since we played the game but I noticed that Lorraine had been using the love balls nearly every day. She had them arranged on the side cabinet next to the bed with her other daily items; watch, make-up bag and rings.

She would get up earlier than me to catch the train for work, while I had extra half hour in bed. Although I pretended to be asleep she would display her cunt to my face on the edge of the bed and play with herself until lubricated enough to insert the large balls in place.

Lorraine cunt muscles were getting stronger and she had no trouble holding the balls in place. She even announced to me that she could now rotate them within her cunt, which was giving her great pleasure. By the following week I noticed in our love making she could squeeze my penis with her cunt muscles, adding to my pleasure but more interesting was the way she could open her cunt forming a large space for inserting the balls, which now hardly touch the side when inserting.

Through these exercises she developed total control of her cunt. She would sit all day at work with her legs apart holding her muscles as if needing to go toilet while pushing her inserted balls back and forth. We also saw pictures on the Internet of a number of women with larger and larger objects stuffed in their fannies. Lorraine would look at the pictures telling me that with practice she could achieve the same size or number of objects and wonder how it must feel to be so stretched.

Later that same day she returned from shopping with the normal groceries for the week but with one additional bag. Lorraine had taken the tape measure with her to the shops for some special items. We cleared everything away and then I sat at the kitchen table as she presented all the items I was to stuff into her cunt.

The first items were no surprise; here a cucumber, but then another and then one more, three in total to meet the necessary diameter I had requested. Lorraine face flashed with excitement as she laid the cucumbers on the table. Next a large marrow, which looked too large to me. She placed them on the table without a second thought. She also had the largest mango and squash I had ever seen.

The last two items really made me sit up; 1 litre and 2 litre bottles of coke. Lorraine advised we could empty the contents and fill with warm water. These items excited her the most and would stretch her cunt to new levels. I could see her looking at the bottles with her breath getting shorter as she imagined the items deep in her cunt in her mind.

“I will go up and have a bath. Please bring everything up to the bedroom.” Lorraine said as she left the kitchen.

My mind was racing at the speed in which this new game had taken off and this passion Lorraine had found for stretching her cunt. It was like she had discovered its true potential. She was now on a mission to ensure she achieved it. The intensity of her orgasms was a major attraction on this task and possibly making her addicted. She had become much easier to arouse and her senses seemed to have become much more excited; almost most to the point she had turned her soul over to sexual satisfaction.

Lorraine entered the bedroom naked after her bath. Her short blond hair was wet and pushed back behind her ears. I watched her firm breasts sway as she approached. I viewed her body, looking at Lorraine’s hips curving out from her trim waist with shiny jewel inset in the middle of her stomach, her pierced belly button. We embraced. I wrapped my arms around her, feeling her soft skin beneath my hands. I always find it extra exciting when you kiss your partner fully dressed and she is naked.

I instructed her to lay face down on the bed. I would massage her back for relaxation, I would not be rushed and it was important we took our time. Lorraine enjoyed her massage and slowly relaxed into a less urgent mood for placing the large objects into her fanny. She agreed that to achieve her desires, we needed to take our time. I put on CD of her favourite tunes to add to calming mood.

Lorraine rolled over onto her back. I carried on my massage starting with the shoulders, working my way down to her chest. My stomach turned in a knot of anticipation as I moved closer to her shaven mound. I gently smoothed my hands over her, manipulating her tits under my palms, pulling her nipples to erection.

As I stimulated her body, Lorraine spread her legs, inviting my touch. I could see her pussy swollen and soaking. I pressed my hand against her opening; I could feel her moisture leaking between my fingers. I picked up the bottle of lubricant and poured more and more over her cunt, gently lubricating all around her quivering opening. Her pussy was full open. Using her control she had fully pulled her lips apart forming large pink hole demanding to be filled. Lorraine bucked and thrashed around as I slid one then two finger in her hole. I eased all my fingers in her, maintaining the sensation, but holding her from climax, checking the positioning of the alignment of objects to fill her cunt while adding lubricant to her opening.

Lorraine’s soft pink lips spread easily around the first cucumber, her juices flowing. I watched closely as her pussy lips stretched around the second cucumber, as I inserted it in Lorraine’s writhing body. It slid effortlessly inside her. With two in place I picked up the third cucumber sliding the end in to contact with her cunt. I jabbed the cucumber up into her soaking snatch pushing the first two out the way. Her pussy lips were now fully stretched around the three cucumbers buried in her cunt. I rocked them back and forth. Her eyes rolled with each thrust.

Then without warning I removed them, as she looked up to complain I lubricated the morrow and placed it on her entrance. Lorraine smiled taking short sharp breaths as I pressed the marrow home. Her super stretched pussy lips wrapped around the marrow pulling it into her depths. A deep groan from Lorraine’s throat as I twisted the morrow around watching how stretchable her pussy was, as I enlarged it more and more.

I whispered in her ear that the mango and squash would be of no use and would not even touch the sides of her newly expanded cunt. She was on the verge of orgasm now and had been for some time. I wanted to keep the frustration until it was unbearable for her.

Her expanded cunt tried to hang onto the marrow as I pulled it out of her. She screamed, “No ram it back, you bastard.’ I just replaced it with the one litre bottle, which just fell into her open pussy as she raised her hips to meet it. I drilled the large end of the bottle into her angling it from side to side push against her inner walls. Lorraine was soaking, a slippery smear of her juices splurged across the bottle.

I slowly removed the bottle and looked at her spread out gaping hole. I poured more lubricant on her opening and just took turns pushing in one hand and then the next. Her cunt cavity felt like a chasm. My hands moved around easily manipulating, rubbing and stroking her inner walls. I squeezed my hand into a fist in her pussy and marvelled at the amount of liquid that pushed through my fingers, making a satisfying squelching noise. I could see Lorraine’s belly tightening as my actions built her up to climax. She was soon shuddering with a nerve-shredding orgasm. This was my signal to start pushing the two-litre bottle end into her cunt.

This action just increased the level of her orgasm. She just shook and trembled, impaled on the bottle. Total penetration had been achieved as she climaxed again and again in frenzy sensations as every nerve in her abyss of a stretched pussy is stimulated by being completely filled.

I moved up the bed and gently cupped Lorraine’s head in my hands kissing her affectionately while admiring her, revelling in her one long shivering orgasm. The bottle wedged in her cunt just sending her from one climax to the next, trembling from head to foot while she rubbed her clitoris with her hand.

I then had an urge to feel her excitement; I moved around and removed the bottle from her cunt, watching her lips throb in the open space. My hands moved in and out with ease, feeling her slippery opening as I urged her orgasms on and on. My wife’s beautiful cunt was now just a hollow pit, which swallowed my hands and she loved it.

Lorraine finally came back from heaven and calmed down from her orgasmic state. I removed my hands from her pussy and she lay in front of me with her gaping cunt and uncontrollable shaking legs. I will never grow tied of watching her cunt slowly collapse back into place, that final moment as her pussy lips touch back together. She cuddled up to me thanking me with tears in her eyes and her body covered in perspiration. I held her in my arms telling her of my love for her as we relaxed and fell asleep.

– The End –