It all started on Sunday. I was chatting with a friend, Rachel, whom I hadn’t spoken with in 2 years.

I wanted her to come to me, and, luckily for me, she was willing to come. She had a week off from work and could come by that same evening. (this because I live in Holland, and she only lives about 200 km or 125 miles away from me.) It was fine by me, so she packed and drove to me.

This girl was my first love. About 4 years ago, she was the one who I fucked for the first (second and third) time. I thought that she already had a friend, but this was not true.

That evening she arrived at my house. Damn, she was even more beautiful than she was before. She had long golden hair, big, firm breasts and a beautiful figure. She came towards me and gave me a nice kiss. From then on, I knew it was going to be special.

After helping her carrying 6 (!) suitcases inside, she jumped upon me and started talking about how she had missed me. Kisses became more intense and suddenly I was standing there with only my boxers on. She was still fully dressed. I wanted to jump on her and rip her clothes off but she stopped me and walked to one of the suitcases, picked it up, asked me where the shower was and went to the shower. My hard-on was getting less aroused and at that point I began thinking about the neighbors. When I looked outside, I saw a man with a little dog that embarrassed me a bit, so I closed the drapes. Hearing the shower go on got me relaxed and I put on some music and poured a glass of wine.

After about 10 minutes Rachel entered the room with a beautiful see-thru dress on, with, as I could see, nothing underneath it. There was the hard-on again. She gazed at my boxers with pleasure and lifted her dress. She was naked and she had a shaved pussy, just shaved (in the shower). It was a lovely sight. I walked towards her and began to kiss her entire body. First her neck, her breasts towards her belly and down to her lovely pussy. I began licking and sucking and hearing her moan was enough information for me that I was doing ok.

She suddenly came hard and squirted right in my face. She did it before and she did it again; one of the things that I love when it happens to a girl.

She jumped away and grabbed another suitcase, opened it and pulled out a huge butt plug.

She put it on the table, sat on it, and it was in. I gazed with huge eyes,. I had never seen anything like that before. My hard-on was getting too hard to handle. Then she grabbed a 10 inch dildo and shoved it up her pussy. Quickly she grabbed some kind of underwear completely made out of iron, put it on and locked it with a huge lock. She pulled out the key, threw it in her suitcase and changed the code. I was still staring at her with huge eyes, open mouth and a huge hard-on. She said “No sex tonight.” That’s it. She did it again. She did something similar 4 years ago the first time. I knew I had to wait.

The next morning I woke up with a bad feeling. My arms were stretched out to the sides of the bed and chained on the poles with fluffy pink handcuffs. They looked kind of cute, but that wasn’t the first thing I was thinking of.

When I looked down, I could see Rachel unlocking her iron underwear and removing the dildo and butt plug. She showed them to me, then she opened another suitcase and out came a camera. She put the camera on a tripod and began aiming it down to my prick as she was zooming in and out…testing it.

She stepped away from the camera and walked to the bed, jumped up and spread-eagled towards the camera. Then she walks back and looks at the result. Not bad, I think, she’s laughing a bit. Then she puts the camera in another position, almost right behind me, sits down on the end of the bed and begins masturbating. Well I had never seen anything like that from such a bad position on the bed, but damn, that was horny. She stuck in 2 fingers, quickly followed by number 3 and 4. My eyes widened when she inserted her thumb next to the other fingers, gave a little push and gone was the fist, down her pussy. She had done this before, it was too easy (I had seen it before, on film on the internet, but this was my dream) So she began fisting herself in front of me and the camera. Suddenly she rips out her fist and walks towards her bag. She is grabbing a nozzle and an enema bag. I gently ask her if I could help her, but she doesn’t need my help. She fills the bag with water I think, and hangs it on a nail.

She puts on the clip and walks towards the bathroom; I can hear her emptying her bowels a few seconds later. She comes back and does the same again.

After that she asks if there is any milk, I refer to the fridge and moments later she returns with a carton of milk. She fills the enema bag with milk and lets it fill her ass. She now empties her bowels in a big bowl in front of the camera. After that she lets her bowels be filled with another load of milk. After that she sits close to my face, commands me to open my mouth and drink her fluids. So I do. It has always been a little dream to witness an enema, and surely from this close.

With a satisfied look in her eyes she walks away from me. She suggests that I could fuck her brains out right know. So I did. It was the most hard fuck I had ever done. That prick of mine had been hard for at least 14 hours straight. When I finally was about to cum, she pulled my dick out and walked away.

She walked towards her bags and pulls out 3 fisted dildos. Two for me and one for you she says. I gazed at her, and again she said, two for me and one for you. She walked towards me and grabbed me, took me with her to the bathroom and sat me down, filled the enema bag and put the nozzle in my ass. She filled the bag and let it run, ohhh, what an amazing feeling, warm water coursing thru my bowels. It was too much, she ejected the nozzle and made me sit on the toilet. I emptied my bowels in about 4 seconds. Than again the nozzle was buried inside my ass, and the same ritual began again.

After the enema she gave me some lube, and said to get yourself ready. What she meant by that, I didn’t know, so I asked. “Make your hole big enough for the fist,” she yelled back. I knew what she meant, but I wasn’t going to do that. At the same time Rachel was already in the bedroom and was sitting in front of the camera, laughs and puts the first dildo in her pussy. It went in real deep. Now it’s your turn, she says. She picks up a dildo, throws me on my back, and puts her fingers down my sphincter. I yell and she squirts some lube on and in my ass. She’s putting lube on the inside with three of her fingers that are buried in my ass. Then she picks up the fist (the smallest one of all three) and jams it in my ass. When it’s halfway, she stops and gives me a huge, nice, long kiss; then pushes the dildo inside me. What a feeling, My dick is growing and growing, it looks like he’s gonna blow. Rachel laughs and puts some lube on the other fist and puts it with ease in her ass. She grabs the two ends and begins masturbating herself with the fists. She cums real hard, then she rips out the fists and walks towards me, turns me round so I face the camera. She thrusts the dildo deep down my ass, grabs my dick and gives me a blowjob, she does that in a 69 position so I could eat her pussy out, well, I did. After 2 minutes my cock let out all the sperm it had been collecting for the last hours.

It was now about 12 o’clock so I went into the kitchen and cooked a lovely meal for us. In the meantime, Rachel was taking a shower and by the sound of it, making some phone calls. After dinner she told me that some friends would come along, but that I will tell y’all in another story.

– The End –