Even though I had just spent the night fucking Scott and his three friends, it was Ted who was on my mind while I drove home. Had he really seen the whole thing? I couldn’t remember seeing a camera but then it could have been tiny. In retrospect a couple of things didn’t look good. Scott had kept in the background until the end and he never turned down the lights in the living room. I was lost in the moment and didn’t even think about it. Now I wondered how upset Ted was going to be. I couldn’t believe my husband was watching while those guys worked me over.

Ted was waiting when I arrived home. He took one look at me and said, “Get in the bedroom, now.” I knew by his tone that he had indeed been watching. In no time he had his cock in my mouth and was telling me what a nasty girl I was. I guess I shouldn’t have been worried. Ted was incredibly excited. “You looked so hot and sexy fucking those guys,” my husband said. “You really put on a show honey.” His words were making me hot all over again but I was way too sore to have sex at this point. So I focused my energy on sucking his very hard cock. In no time Ted was spurting in my mouth. He came hard and with a loud moan.

Obviously, Ted found the whole thing very erotic. After that night we replayed the scenario over and over again while making love. It turned us both on to recount the details. It seemed to make our relationship even stronger too. Having an outlet for our honest sexual desires had a wonderful effect on our lives. Luckily, our desires coincided. Then again, maybe that’s why we were married.

Things returned to normal. Ted only brought up Scott during sex and other than that it was like it never happened. Except that Ted was always in a good mood now, and more affectionate than ever. About six weeks went by until one Saturday afternoon Ted received a call on his cell. As soon as he answered he went outside. When he came back in, I knew something was up. “Guess who that was,” he said.

My heart was pounding in my chest. No need for a guess, I knew who it was. The inside of my mouth had gone dry but I had to ask, “What does he want this time?”

Ted was looking at me with pure lust in his eyes as he said “He doesn’t want me to tell you.”

“Did you agree to it already?” I had to put up some kind of show even though inside I knew I was ready for anything Scott had planned.

“It’s always up to you honey but yeah, I did.” His words sent a thrill through me. Even though I knew I was becoming a slut, it got me hot. Ted was standing there still holding his phone, staring at me. “Should I have said no?” he asked.

I went over and kissed him on the lips, sexy and passionate. “You did the right thing sweetie,” I said as I pulled my mouth away.

“Then we need to block off the last weekend of this month,” Ted said with a smile. I kissed him again and again, all the way up the stairs and into the bedroom.

The week before my date with Scott, I started to receive instructions via email. On Tuesday I was given appointment times at a chic spa as well as an exclusive hair and makeup salon for Thursday. Then Scott told me not to have sex from Wednesday on. I thought Ted might have a problem with this but he went right along with it. The spa saw my body scrubbed, rubbed and defoliated. Wow! Then the salon cut my hair short and dyed it jet black. They seemed to have been given instructions about how I was to look. As this was going on, the girls went though all kinds of makeup combinations until I finally left with a bag of eyeliner, lipstick and so on.

On Friday I still didn’t what was going on for the weekend. By the time Ted came home from work, I was dying with anticipation. He simply explained that we should we have a mellow night because we needed to get an early start tomorrow. We had to be at Scott’s by 9:00 AM. I was bursting on the inside. I couldn’t wait to find out what was to come next. Then I realized that he had said we. “Are you going too?” I asked with shock.

“Scott wants me in on this one,” he said with obvious glee.

“Seriously, he wants both of us there no later than nine.” I didn’t know what to say. I had never thought of Ted being present while I was with Scott. I wondered if I even could have sex with another man in front of my husband. Ted seemed downright thrilled about the whole thing so I guess it was time to find out.

I awoke early, flush with excitement and anticipation. It was a shower and quick breakfast before we were on the road to our latest wild adventure. After what seemed like an eternity in the car, we arrived at Scott’s. He answered the door and saw us in. Scott welcomed me with a sexy kiss and then shook Ted’s hand. Scott wasted no time on chit chat. Whatever he had planned was to get started right away. Once again I was taken upstairs to get dressed.

Scott was taking me to the same bedroom as before and right as we got to the door he stopped. He turned and said, “We are going to have a wonderful time here sweet Rachel and I bet you would love to know what is about to happen. Am I right?” He looked into my eyes and brought his hand up to my chin. He raised my mouth to his and gave me a deep kiss. I could only nod as he released me. Scott paused to revel in my anticipation before he began, “Last time was so beautiful that it seemed a complete shame to have been so fleeting.” “I thought a more lasting tribute to your incredible sexuality was in order.” I didn’t see where this was going and Scott found that amusing. “Dear Rachel, you are going to make a movie today.” He was watching my eyes as he continued, “Your husband is going be our camera man and I, of course, am the director.” “So let’s get you ready as we have lots planned.” I was stunned. Had Ted really agreed to this? He must have because here I was. Scott opened the bedroom door and I met with yet another surprise. “Rachel meet Sandra, she is going to be helping us today,” Scott said as I was presented to an attractive blond standing next to the vanity where I had applied my makeup last time. “Pleased to meet you Rachel, shall we get started?” Sandra asked in a friendly voice. I stammered some response as Scott guided me into the room. He sat me down and then gave instructions for Sandra to bring me down in 45 minutes in wardrobe number one. It seemed so movie like as Scott left the room. Sandra got right to work on my hair and makeup. Soon it was time to get dressed. As I removed my clothing I felt a little self conscious in front of Sandra. She quickly made me feel comfortable as she complimented me and told me how sexy I looked. The first outfit was a two piece bikini, a short little robe thing and stiletto heels. Everything was black.

Once I was dressed, we headed downstairs to the pool. Outside, Ted and Scott were waiting. So was the camera. It appeared very professional and it was on an industrial looking tripod. Ted was standing behind it, getting it ready. Scott eyed my body and pronounced me ready. “You look stunning darling,” he said, “Open your robe.” I did as he asked and let his gaze travel over me. “Perfect,” Scott declared. “Now let’s get started!”

The first part was easy, I was to walk out onto the patio, drop my robe and take a quick dip in the pool. I did as Scott directed. The water was cold when I dove in but I didn’t let that stop me. I swam the length of the pool and then turned and did the backstroke on the way back. I watched the camera follow me as I moved through the pool. When I reached the wall I looked towards the camera. I pushed my hair back out of my face and tried to look sexy. I gave the camera a little pout and let my breasts rise up from the water. Scott seemed pleased.

After I climbed out and toweled off, Scott explained the next shot. It was to be what he called a solo scene. He wanted me to masturbate for the camera in a lounge chair. Scott told me to take my time and use my imagination. As I took a moment to compose myself, I thought of my husband not only watching but filming me. I became more turned on as I considered his excitement at seeing me perform for Scott. With this in mind, I was ready. Scott had me put my heels back on and take a seat on a canvas lounge chair. It allowed me to half recline while keeping my feet on the deck. This pose let me show off the heels and what they did to my legs. Through a toothy grin Scott instructed me to just act natural.

And when the camera started, that is what I did. First, I trailed my hands up and down my body until they stopped at my breasts. I rubbed them for a moment through the sheer fabric and then pulled the straps from my shoulders. I allowed my top to fall and then let my fingers run over my exposed flesh and hard nipples. I teased and pinched for a bit then moved my right hand down to my soaked bikini bottom. My index finger traced a line between my lips as I ran it down between my legs. I moved my knees apart and offered a better view to my husband and Scott. Then I slipped my finger under the bikini and into my incredibly excited pussy. My eyes closed as rubbed my clit and let my finger wander into my entrance. I was rubbing my breast with one hand and fingering my self with the other as both guy looked on. After a few moments, I opened my eyes and licked my lips. Then I hooked my thumbs into my bikini and pulled it down to just below my knees. I let my legs fall apart and stretch the fabric tight as I exposed my very wet sex. Quickly, my finger resumed its position between my lips. I rubbed myself and got very excited for the camera. I displayed my pussy wantonly, like a real slut. My fingers moved in and out and held my lips apart. Then I slowly moved my right hand up towards my mouth. I licked the length of my finger before taking it in my mouth and sucking it clean. Then I returned my attention to my pussy. I was so excited that I knew I was going to orgasm soon. Both hands were busy bringing me to the edge of release. I closed my eyes and got ready to cum.

“What the hell are you doing?” a sharp, female voice demanded. I was jolted back to realty. Sandra was standing above me and looked pissed off. My finger was still inside me as I mutely stared back at her. I was almost naked in front of Sandra and was beginning to feel embarrassed. I removed my finger my soaking pussy and tried to cover myself. “You know master will be very upset with you,” Sandra scolded. “You enjoy his hospitality but ignore his rules? He is going to be livid.”

Then it occurred to me that the camera was still rolling and this was all part of Scott’s plan. My role was becoming clear. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was against the rules,” I attempted to explain.

“Shut up and follow me,” Sandra barked. Then I noticed how she was dressed. She was now wearing a tight little sun dress that rode quite high on her leg and showed some cleavage too. I stood up and let my bathing suit fall to the ground. Sandra turned and walked toward the house and I followed.

Scott yelled “Cut!” and Ted stopped shooting. “Wonderful job ladies,” Scott said to both of us. “Now let’s get ready for the next scene.” Then Scott and Ted began moving equipment inside as Sandra freshened my makeup. I was naked the whole time. After about 15 minutes everything was set. When I walked in to the house there were very professional looking lights set up and the camera was in position. Scott moved me where he wanted me and we were ready to go. As Scott helped me into position, he felt up my breast and toyed with my nipples. “You are doing great,” he said. “This scene is going to be fantastic, you’ll love it.” Then he chuckled and moved back. “Action!”

Acting as if we had just come inside, Sandra turned and inspected my naked body. The high heels made my ass stick out like I was on display. “We are going to have some fun, you know,” Sandra purred as she came closer. “The Master sure knows how to pick them.” She was now right next to me. I could feel her breath on my neck. “When I tell Master what I saw just now, he is going to punish you.” “You do realize that?” Sandra asked in a menacing tone from over my shoulder. Then she reached around me and cupped my breast, leaned in close to my ear and said, “Unless we can come to some kind of arrangement.” Her fingers rolled my nipple slowly and then suddenly I felt her tongue run along my ear.

“I’m sure we can work something out,” was all I could say.

“Excellent!” Sandra said, “Let’s get started.” With that she had me sit on the couch, the very same one that had seen so much action just two months before. As a sat, Sandra shed her dress and walked up to me. She wore no bra so now all that remained on her lovely body was a lacy thong and heels almost as high as mine. “Lick my tits,” she demanded. Then she took hold of my head and brought my lips to her breast. I did as I was told. My tongue snaked out and flicked her nipple. It hardened immediately, sensitive to my touch. I ran my tongue around the areola and then pulled her nipple between my lips. Sucking gently, I let my tongue caress the tip of her breast. Then she guided my head to her other tit. Her breasts were so gorgeous, larger than mine but very firm. When Sandra let out a moan, I realized how much I was enjoying making her hot.

Sandra then pushed my head back and turned around. The camera was now behind me as Sandra slowly lowered her thong. Then she bent over and spread her legs apart. “You know what I want,” she said and I did. I placed my hands on her ass cheeks and pulled her open. Then I leaned in and licked between her legs. She tasted sweet and musky, a wonderful combination. I licked her quivering pussy right up to her anus. Then I moved one hand down to her open sex and rubbed between her lips while still licking her in long strokes. I teased her clit and then slowly entered her with my index finger. I could tell how much she liked me licking her ass so I tongued it as hard as I could. The camera was right over my shoulder getting a perfect view of my tongue probing Sandra’s tight little ass. I replaced my finger in her pussy with my thumb which drew a squeal from Sandra. Then I used my finger to rub her clit. She was really getting into it. Her hands were braced against the coffee table as she ground her ass into my face. Soon she was moaning like crazy and approaching orgasm. As she came, her juices squirted onto my hand and chin.

Sandra then stood up and turned to face me. “That’s a good start honey,” she said as she ran her fingers through my hair. After that Scott had Ted change camera positions. They got shots of me eating Sandra’s pussy from all angles. I ate her on the coffee table, Sandra on her knees on the floor and on my knees as she stood over me. Scott’s favorite seemed to be with her on the couch on her back, legs up and spread and me lapping away. By the time I was done my tongue felt sore. I don’t know if I had ever done so much licking. Then Scott had us break for lunch.