Have you ever wondered what your wife gets up to when she is away at work? Does she come home later than expected, and rush upstairs to wash and change before you even have chance to exchange a few words? Does she avoid intimacy on the excuse that she had a tough day at the office? Does she wear inappropriate underwear for work? If all of this sounds familiar you should read on.

I would like to share a story with you about a situation which developed at work a year or so ago. At the time I was working in the busy service department of an electrical retail company. There were about ten guys servicing all kinds of domestic appliance. We had a couple of girls working on the help desk and customer reception down stairs, but our floor was pretty much a male dominated environment, so you can imagine the delight amongst the guys when our service manager employed a really pretty young cleaner. She only worked part time but watching her breasts wobble as she wrestled with the electric floor polisher every morning became quite a distraction. At 11:30 she would make the tea and coffee and bring it round to each of our desks on a tray. The guys would always be up to mischief, tickling her while she had the tray and generally fooling around. She was a bit embarrassed at first, but it wasn’t long before she was giving back as good as she got.

She had a fantastic body, which she squeezed into a tight little white nylon overall, she always seemed to have the top couple of buttons undone, revealing just enough cleavage to have all our tongues hanging out. It was all I could do sometimes to keep from just grabbing a handful when she bent over with my coffee.

Then one hot day in the summer we had persuaded her to stay and wait for us after her shift so that she could come out to the pub with us for an extended lunch. Our boss was away on leave and no one was intending rushing back. We all had quite a few drinks and Sue was clearly getting a bit tipsy. She was flirting with the guys, sitting on their knees and putting her arms around their necks while she laughed and talked. After lunch instead of going straight home the guys persuaded Sue to come back into the office for a coffee and to collect her bag. Looking at the clock and realizing that I had a lot of catching up to do I left them in reception and headed for my office, reluctantly picking up my tools and getting started. I had just started working on a product when, Mark put his head around my door.

“Come here”, he gestured, “I have something to show you”. Puzzled I followed him into his office and he closed the door behind us. I was surprised to see that Sue was inside, looking very flushed and disheveled. Her hair and lipstick were all over the place. Watch this, he said as he pressed Sue up against the wall. Sliding his hand between the poppers on her the front of her uniform he slowly popped them open one after the other, until the garment was flapping open from top to bottom. I could see her wonderful tits almost bursting out of her white lacey bra. Sue made no attempt to stop him or cover herself as he reached behind her and unclipped her bra.

“Come on”, he said, “don’t you want to have a good feel at these beauties?”

I couldn’t believe what he was doing; but in moments we had lifted away her bra allowing her full breasts to fall free. As Mark hungrily kissed her open mouth, I at last sank my fingers in to the soft flesh of those perfect tits, Feeling the warm fullness in my hands as I lowered my head to suck on her hardening nipples. I looked down and saw that Mark now had her knickers halfway down and his fingers well inside her pussy. As he probed, Sue was allowing her legs to fall further open to accommodate him. I could tell she was getting really turned on by her rapid breathing and the way she was responding to our kisses.

“Lets bend her over the desk, I am going to fuck her”, said Mark. “No”, Sue gasped, “you mustn’t”, but she was already starting to bend over the desk without our help.

I pushed a heavy box against the door as Mark held her firmly by the shoulders and slowly eased his big hard cock into her waiting pussy. My eyes were transfixed on her as I moved around the desk. A few days ago she had seemed unattainable and now here she was almost naked in front of me with her wonderful big tits bouncing as my friend relentlessly pounded her pussy.

I took hold of her by the hair lifting her head slowly from the desk and squeezing her tits as I offered my cock to her lips. She obediently opened her mouth and let me slide in. The excitement was more than I could stand and it wasn’t long before my spunk was jetting over her face. Mark quickly followed pumping his cum deep inside her.

“Please don’t tell the others”, Sue pleaded as she dried her face on a nearby towel.

It turned out that Mark had tried it on with her when we got back and she had offered no resistance at all. I guess the alcohol had played a part, but now we had gone this far there was no turning back.

It was worth keeping to ourselves, we have kind of an understanding now. While the other guys still fantasized about their dream girl, we have her any time and any way we choose. She is such a slut now, every morning we watch her kiss her husband goodbye as he drops her at the front door, knowing that in just a few minutes our cocks will be fucking that sweet mouth. Several times I have actually had my cock inside her, humping her from behind as she waved him off from my office window. She used to get as exited as we did; admitting to me once that it was not the first time she had taken on more than one guy at the same time. It turned out that when she was about 15 and holidaying in Spain with her parents, a group of about five local boys pounced on her and dragged her into their apartment. I guess with the intention of gang raping her, but in the end she couldn’t get enough of them and even returned the next night for a further session. I don’t think that she had ever shared any of this with her husband.

As time went on we became more and more daring, I was a key holder for the office and asked her to come in for a couple of hours on one Saturday morning. The office was closed of course, but she made the excuse to her husband that we were stock taking. When her husband Steve dropped her off, Mark and I were waiting in anticipation. As soon as I turned the key in the door, we had her stripped naked in seconds and started fucking her right there in reception. I don’t think Steve’s car had even quite left the car park. I had brought in a double quilt from home and we stretched her out over the canteen dining table and fucked her for a good three hours in every conceivable position.

I must have done her about four of five times and my balls were aching. Mark was just finishing off in her mouth when we heard the outside bell. I looked out of the window and saw Steve’s car outside. Instead of panicking, I can’t believe we did this, but while Mark finished off in her mouth I went down and made Steve a cup of coffee and asked him to wait down stairs in reception for her, before returning to fuck Sue one last time. We kept him waiting for another twenty minutes while I emptied another load into her. I think that it was the excitement of knowing her husband was only down stairs, which heightened our arousal again.

After she had washed and Sue had applied fresh makeup, we accompanied her down stairs.

“Looks like you have all been working hard”, Steve commented, seeing Sue’s flushed cheeks. “She works like a pro”, I responded with a smile, “I don’t know how we would manage without her.”

I don’t know what excuses she made to him, but on Monday she confided that we had made her so sore that she hadn’t been able to have sex with Steve all weekend. Fortunate that she had rested because we had another session planned for her at lunch time. We had her many times after that, both in working hours and out. Even at the office Christmas party, whilst one of our colleagues kept Steve talking at the bar, we sat Sue down between us and proceeded to finger her discretely under the table. He was just a few yards away, but had no idea what was going on. We each put a hand on her leg, forcing them wide apart and allowing us unrestricted access to her pussy. In the end I removed her soaking wet underwear completely, placing the tiny thong into my pocket as a souvenir. I remember us all getting so turned on by what we were doing that we took her into the hotel elevator and after reaching the top floor, I wedged open the door with my foot, while Mark and I had her dress pulled up and our hands all over her tits squeezing them hard making her nipples stand out. Then we made her kneel on the floor between us while we both wanked furiously into her open mouth. We took crazy risks, anyone could have come out of their rooms and caught us, but I guess that made it seem all the more exiting. When we had finished with her, some of our spunk had splashed onto her cheek and Mark wouldn’t let her wipe it off, making her walk through the hotel lobby before he would hand her a tissue. When we arrived back into the bar, Steve was still chatting and drinking and hadn’t even noticed that Sue was missing. It was that night that we pulled the most daring stunt yet. Mark and I kept buying Steve whisky until he could barely stand up, then we helped him to back to his room allowing him to pass out on the bed. We stayed talking in their room for about half an hour, and while Steve was still out cold, we scooped his wife’s tits out of her dress and played with her nipples as we talked. It was so tempting to fuck her again right there on the bed next to her sleeping husband, but we thought that might just be tempting fate a little too much.

Sadly all good things have come to an end and we said goodbye to Sue at the end of last year when Steve’s job forced them to re-locate to Frankfurt. Although I am sure you can imagine we gave her a leaving party to remember, but that’s another story.

Goodbye Sue, thanks for all the good times. M&M

– The End –