My wife Becky, is the most beautiful woman I have ever known. 5’3″ 105 lbs soaking wet. She has an ass I can hold in one hand. We had been married about 5 years and had told each other most of our secret fantasies. When ever I told her that I wanted to share her with another man, she told me that it wasn’t her cup of tea, but when we fucked, she was wet as hell and came like she needed it. She was a dancer before we ever got together and it turned her on to be naked in front of strange men.

When we would go out to clubs, guys would always ask her to dance. I always said OK, have fun. They would grab her ass and it would drive me crazy with jealousy. Although at the same time I would get a rise. Just to piss me off she would grind her pelvis into their leg or run her hands over their body. I think she knew what she was doing to me and liked it.

One night we had rid ourselves of the kids and prepared to go out for the evening. She wore a short, clingy, white dress that showed off her panties when she bent over. Underneath she wore a tiny pair of white panties and no bra. God, she looked hot standing in front of the mirror with just those panties, putting on what little make up she wore and doing her hair. She laid out my clothes for me. She had bought me a thong with lightning bolts on the front and black levis and black and red cowboy shirt. She liked cowboys and wanted to ride a bull. Little did I know that’s just what she wanted to do that night.

We went out to a cowboy club that had a mechanical bull. My wife made a beeline straight towards the bull and was soon in the saddle having the time of her life. She did not care that every guy in the place was watching her, so they could watch her body gyrate with the movements of that bull. Her dress would ride up, showing how high cut her panties were and she was expertly riding that bull for all it was worth. The guy that took the most notice of her was the guy running the machine. He knew how to get the most out of her, then throw her to the ground showing us all her most womanly attributes. He started off slow and kept building up pace until she couldn’t take any more. She responded by hugging him after every ride and he responded by giving her more free rides.

In my jealousy, I started flirting with 2 ladies (Renee and Tawnya) who were telling me that she was acting like a slut. I was better than her and I shouldn’t put up with that. I said “ladies help me show her what she is missing”

About 1:30 am, Becky came and asked me to get a room at the motel next door, since neither of us were in any shape to drive. I asked her if we could have a party with my 2 new friends and she said “only if I can bring my new friend”.

What could I say, my head was swimming with possibilities. Would I get to watch my beautiful wife take a new dick inside her and would I get to fornicate with my new mistresses. I immediately went next door and booked us a room. By 2:00 am I had us all a room and a case of beer and a couple bottles of wine.

I went up to the room with my new friends and Becky told me she would be up soon. I was in the room drinking and carrying on with the girls when Becky came into the room with Jack.

She said ” Jim, I know you have wanted to watch me fuck someone else for along time. I want you and your friends to watch and then I want both of you men together at the same time. I want to be a slut and I want to be used by you all. I wish you had another guy, cause I want alllll my holes filled at once.

And with that she reached over and unzipped Jack’s pants. She stripped him down to his boxers. She said put on some music and she started to dance around the room like she was on a stage. She danced in my lap, but I was not allowed to touch her. She then went and sat in jack’s lap with nothing on but her tiny panties. She then asked Renee to pull off his boxers Renee did this and started stroking his dick, making it hard. Tawnya went to my wife and peeled down Becky’s panties. Tawnya then began playing with my wife’s pussy, alternating between licking it and rubbing her clit. Becky told Renee to suck Jack’s dick and get it nice and hard for him to fuck her. Renee licked the underside of his shaft and the enveloped the head in her mouth. Becky began to come from Tawnya’s attentions to her clit and said “No, not yet. I want my husband to watch me come with another man’s cock deep inside me. I want Jim to place his cock at my opening and ask him to fuck his wife.” So with a shaky hand I grabbed Jack’s dick and rubbed it up and down Becky’s slit. I asked Jim “please fuck my beautiful wife.” With that he started pushing into her cunt. Becky and I locked eyes has he was sliding into her. She loudly announced how good his big cock felt in her. He entered her slow and when he was fully in her, he began to move it around in her. She was so gorgeous with that prick in her.

Renee began to suck on my member while Tawnya frigged Becky’s clit. He began to slam into Becky forcefully; grabbing her hair and telling her that if she didn’t come quickly, he was going to fuck her in the pussy and have me fuck her in the ass. I watched this for about 15 minutes while having my cock sucked expertly by Renee. Becky was howling with desire the whole time and had at least 3 orgasms.

I told Becky that this was the time of reckoning. I didn’t believe that she had been fucked like the slut she was. Jack pulled out and lay on his back. Becky eagerly fed his dick into her pussy with her on top. I slid my dick into her ass crack asking her if this is what she wanted. She please fuck any hole you want. Renee moved her cratch in front of Becky’s face and told her to lick her pussy. That was more than I could take. I pushed my cock into Becky’s ass. She was screaming. At first I thought I was hurting her but, she asked for more. Jim and I soon found rhythm and were coming within miutes. And that is how the night started.

– The End –