My wife and I were at it again. Even though we both turned fifty, sex is still great and we can’t get enough of each other. We have been together for almost ten years and were both married once before. For us, the key to good sex is trying to keep it new and different. I was rubbing my cock around Julie’s mouth while fucking her with this nice size dildo. She was moaning with delight. In the heat of the moment, I asked her, how does it feel getting fucked from both ends. She said, great. Keeping up with the dirty talk I said, think you would enjoy getting fucked by two guys? In the spirit of our little fantasy she said, ummm yes. Then I said, you ever have two guys before, baby? Hesitantly, she replied with a short quick, no. At the end of our sexual encounter we were both lying there resting. I couldn’t help but think back on her answer no, to my question about her having two guys. I just thought the way she said it sounded kind of funny. We don’t keep things from each other, but I could see how not admitting something like this to your husband would be appropriate. I was getting a little turned on about there being a remote possibility that the answer to that question could be yes. I finally mentioned it to her again and jokingly explained that her answer didn’t sound too convincing. I went on further to say, anything that happened before we knew each other didn’t matter and the idea of it kind of excited me. After prodding further and convincing her I was alright with it and really wanted to know, she started to open up. She said, babe, I didn’t lie to you. I never had sex with two guys at the same time, it was three. My dick shot straight up in the air.

We both agreed it would spice up our sex life if we shared some of our past exploits. She said she was getting aroused just thinking of that encounter. I started playing with her tits as she started telling her story. Julie said she was only nineteen when a girl friend and her decided to drive out to California from the East Coast. It was the early Seventies and life was kind of free and easy. The jalopy they were driving broke down in some small town in Kansas. Not having much money, they had to find jobs and a cheap room to survive. I was able to get a job as a barmaid at a tavern in town, she said. My friend Grace as a waitress in the diner. Grace was a dear friend, but a bit on the loose side, always bringing guys back to the room. A few times I had to take an extra walk around the block, waiting till she was done. I was no angel, but much more reserved. Guys at the bar were always hitting on me, but I wasn’t interested.

Then one night this guy Max comes in. Every one around here wears a cowboy hat, but Max seemed to fit the part better. He was polite and cute, in his late twenties. As the night wore on I was drinking along with him as I was working. I never do that, but after being in this town for five weeks, I was starting to get a real carefree attitude. He said he was a real cowboy and was laying over tonight on his way to the next rodeo. At the end of my shift he asked me to hang out with him. I said, its one in the morning, what exactly do you have in mind? He said, we can go back to my room and party. I knew what that meant. And I knew he was a little older than me, but I was feeling good and a little excited. I said, you don’t pull any punches do you, Nothing like getting to the point. He said, I am only here for a night and have no time to waste. Its hard for me to admit this to you Nick, being my husband and all, but at the time a one night stand sounded good. No attachments, he would be gone the next day, and he turned me on. Babe, the bottom line was, I liked him, I was horny and wanted him to fuck me.

We walked in his room, stood there close up against each other and started kissing. My pussy was getting wet. Then out of no where two of his room mates come busting in, half drunk. Max yells, what the hell you guys doing here. Can’t I have some privacy? The tall one said, where we supposed to go? Its late and this is our room too. We won’t bother you. Max couldn’t do much else, but make introductions. He said the tall one was Jake and the stocky one was Lou. Then said, fellas, meet Julie. It was a little awkward, and I wasn’t sure where Max and I were going to go from here, but after a few more beers, I didn’t care. I sat on the small love seat against the wall, Max was sitting next to me. Lou plopped down on the bed watching tv and Jake squeezed in on my other side. Max and I were kissing again. I didn’t care that others were in the room. I had never been with a real man before and his experienced lips and tongue were driving me crazy. I was in a dream world as he slid his tongue around my lips and mouth. The next thing I knew, my tits were hanging out and Jake had his hand up my skirt.

My wife’s story had me stroking my dick, I was so turned on. Her memories were doing the same to her also. Julie had her hand between her legs, playing with her pussy. She said, Nick, I don’t even remember Max pulling my tits out, but my blouse was opened, my bra pulled up and he was rubbing them and sucking on my nipples. Jake had pushed my panties aside and was finger fucking me. I didn’t try to stop either of them. A strange feeling came over me and I accepted the fact that the three of them were going to fuck me. I was so aroused, I wanted to get gang banged. I put my hand in Max and Jake’s lap and started rubbing their bulges through their jeans. Lou got up from the bed and started to undress.

We were all naked now. I was on my knees with the three of them standing around me. They took turns playing with my tits as I was stroking two of their erections. Jake slid his large cock in my mouth. I would pump up and down on him for awhile and move on to the next till they were all primed. They got me to lay back on the bed with my legs hanging over the edge. Max went down and started licking my pussy, while I was giving head to Jake and Lou. My breasts and nipples never escaped their attention and I was not complaining. Their cock’s tasted so good and Max was doing a number on my pussy. That was the first time I came. All three stood up. Jake and Lou each grabbed one of my ankles and spread my legs high and wide. They held them there as Max stepped in between. I felt helpless as I looked down the length of my own body at his large cock, and inch from my pussy. I was so wet and hungry for it now. Max took his dick and began rubbing its head around my opening. I let out a loud moan of pleasure. I couldn’t be more lubricated or ready. Max sensed this and slipped it in. I remember saying, fuck me Max, fuck me hard. With the other two guys holding my legs far apart, Max was able to drive his cock real deep. I let out a yelp when he rammed it all the way and his balls slammed my ass with each stroke. I was repeating, oh my god, oh my god. It felt so good. He just kept fucking me faster and faster.

Exhausted, Max pulled his dick from my pussy. They helped me up and Jake was now on his back in the middle of the bed holding his erection straight up in the air. No one had to tell me what to do. I straddled him and sat right down on his cock. He immediately grabbed my hanging tits and started sucking on my nipples. I was riding him up and down wildly. At the end of one long stroke I sat there and rotated my pelvis cramming his dick up inside me. I then laid flat on his chest and raised my ass up and slammed my pussy down on his cock, over and over and over. I could feel a warm pleasurable sensation as Jake filled me with his cum. I came too and my cunt was overflowing. It was Lou’s turn now. He had me brace myself against the desk and bend over. I could feel Jake’s cum dripping down the inside of my thighs. Lou was in no mood for foreplay. He just stuffed his cock in from behind and started fucking me. He grabbed my hair, pulled my head back and started pounding away. This vulnerable position added to my pleasure. I was screaming for him to fuck me harder. Jake came over and fondled my breasts. I didn’t know anything could feel so good. Lou was like an animal. He was thrusting wildly and finally popped his load.

Julie described everything that happened that night in great detail. I think she did it for her benefit as well as mine. She was arousing herself from those memories. The idea of my wife fucking and sucking these guys was driving me wild. Her story continued by explaining how Max did not cum when he was fucking her earlier. She said, I was sitting at the end of the bed when he walked over. He stood before me with his big cock only inches from me. After all that had happened I still wanted more. I took his semi erect dick in my hand and stroked its entire length. I was pleased to see my touch caused him to grow larger. I started licking all around and underside of his balls. This was driving him crazy. I started to fondle his balls with my one hand while jerking him off with the other. I couldn’t wait to taste him. I licked around the head of his shaft, then opened my mouth wide and took him as deep as I could. His hands went to my breasts, squeezing them and twisting my nipples. Slowly at first, then more rapidly he started pumping his meat in my mouth. Its warmth and softness sliding up and down my tongue drove me mad with pleasure. I was reaching a new peak as my pussy tingled. I never imagined I could feel like this from giving head. His hands went from my breasts to the back of my head as he fucked my face. I was holding his ass, pulling him towards me. He was reaching toward a climax as he fucked my mouth feverishly. Then he shot his load. Taking it in the mouth was another first for me. As his cum slid all around my tongue, I came again. What I couldn’t swallow dripped from my mouth, down my chin. He pulled out quickly and blasted the last few squirts on my face.

Its hard to tell a story like that to your husband, she said. I just got on a roll and saw how we both were enjoying it. Julie said she had never done anything like that since. I was a whore for that one night and it turned me on to sex, she said. Every women should have an experience like that. As I slipped my dick into my wife’s pussy, I said, you’ve convinced me .

– The End –