After a quick meal, I was back in wardrobe. By now my pussy was aching for release. I had been masturbating and had my face buried between another woman’s legs all morning but I had not been able to orgasm yet. I was so horny as Sandra and I redid our hair and make up. The outfit for the afternoon was classically sexy; black thigh-highs, stiletto heels, a wispy black thong and a matching push-up bra. There was also a black choker that was fastened around my neck. More like a collar, it was slim but made of strong leather and it had a gleaming metal ring attached. I felt sexy but a little nervous, sure that Scott was up to something devious. I was already surprised by this morning’s activities. I hadn’t really expected the whole girl on girl action. It came more naturally than I would have thought. I looked over at Sandra. She was beautiful, dressed in an outfit similar to mine only without the collar. “Are you ready for the final scene hon?” she asked.

“I guess we will find out,” a said with a smile. I sure was ready for a good fucking. That much I did know.

The finale was to take place in Scott’s big living room. The furniture was arranged in a wide circle with an overstuffed ottoman in the center. Scott greeted me with a huge grin and said, “Here we are all set for your big finish.” “I know you are going to like this.” Scott was laughing as he said it. “Now, we just need to put this on,” he said as he raised a black cloth up to my face. In a flash Scott had me blindfolded and feeling disoriented. Then my arms were pulled behind my back and I felt my wrists fastened together. Scott was using some kind of leather wrist restraint as I felt him buckle it. Soon I was helpless. Then I felt a tug on my collar as something was a clicked into place. It took me only a second to realize that I was now on a leash. “Don’t you look special?” Scott said mockingly as he pulled on my leash. Not too hard but just enough to let me know who was in control. He guided me to what I assumed was the center of the room and said, “I bet you are so horny right now, am I right? I could only nod. “Excellent, now you are going to get what you want if you are a good girl,” he said. “Are you going to be good?”

“Yes sir,” I replied.

“Good, then let’s get started,” was his answer. That and a quick smack on my ass which caught me completely by surprise. I yelped, much to Scott’s delight as I heard his unmistakable snicker.

Soon I heard Scott yell action and then there was a long pause. I heard the sound of high heels on clacking on the floor and then I felt a hand on me as my leash was taken. I was pretty sure that Sandra was behind me, holding my lead. Then I heard a door open and the sound of footsteps. Then they started talking. I heard Scott’s voice first as he described his hot new slut who been caught being naughty today. He wanted to know if anyone would care to help discipline her. I heard far too many answers of, “Hell yes!” How many men were staring at my nearly naked body right now? Scott had everyone take their seats.

“Watch as we put her through her paces,” he said to the group. Then I was lead around and stopped occasionally so I could be felt up. There were hands all over me, cupping my ass and sliding between my legs. Soon my bra was removed so my nipples could be tweaked and pulled. One man wanted to feel under my thong so I was instructed to stand with my legs spread. I felt him work his finger into my very wet pussy.

“This slut is ready for some cock,” said the man with his finger inside me. I whimpered at his words and everyone laughed. Then I felt his finger slide out followed by a tug on my leash. I was being led to a new spot.

“On your knees Rachel,” Scott commanded from behind me. I sank to my knees and waited. I felt a hand on the back of my head and I was pushed forward where I encountered my first cock of the night. I could feel it rub against my face. I opened wide and soon it found its way into my mouth. “I need you to get him ready Rachel,” Scott directed. “Be a good girl and get him nice and hard so he can put on a show for the boys.” With that there were some cat calls and whistles from the others. I kept sucking and licking the dick in front of me. It was hard as steel as it fucked my mouth. He was really getting into it which was making it difficult to keep my balance with my hands still tied. Then I was pulled back and the rigid penis slipped from between my lips with a slurp. I heard footsteps behind me and my leash was passed to the newcomer. Then something was happening in front of me. I could hear the couch where the man I had been blowing was seated begin to rustle and then I could smell perfume. This was followed by a sigh from the man and then rhythmic creaking’s from the couch. “OK Rachel, back to work,” Came Scott’s voice from right over my shoulder. I felt the leash on my neck tighten. “Sweet little Sandra is now fucking the cock that you were just enjoying,” Scott continued. “You got it all hard and wet for her.” “You know what Sandra really likes?” Scott asked.

“No sir,” I replied meekly.

“She likes to have her ass licked while getting fucked.” “Since Sandra is putting on such a hot show for all our gentleman friends, I think it would be nice of you to indulge her,” Scott said condescendingly. My head was once again pushed forward and right between Sandra’s cheeks. “Give it a lick,” Scott ordered. I stuck out my tongue and felt Sandra’s skin. It tasted musky, almost bitter. The smell of sex filled my nostrils. She was holding still waiting for me to make contact with her anus. Seconds later I did. I could feel the puckered texture and the taste was more intense. Sandra moaned and then started to move up on the cock she was riding. I tried to keep my tongue on her as she moved but couldn’t. I had to wait until she came back down until the tip of my tongue touched her again. Now I could picture the scene in front of me. I was kneeling between a man’s outstretched legs as he sat on a couch. Sandra was straddling him and bent forward on his chest while riding his cock. I kept licking at Sandra’s ass as best I could while she enjoyed that sizable rod in her pussy. Then she pulled herself way up and right off the cock inside her. It made a sort of sloppy sound as it came free and then hit me right in the face. This took me by surprise and made me jump, much to everyone’s delight. “Come on Rachel, keep our guest happy,” Scott said with an edge in his voice. I felt the penis rubbing against my cheek, wet with Sandra’s fresh juice. Then against my lips, I opened my mouth and took him in. The taste of their lovemaking was overwhelming and made me shiver with excitement. The cock was very hard and close to exploding as it worked in and out of my eager mouth.

Just as I thought I was about to receive a loud of sticky cum, I felt a pull on my leash. My head came back, releasing the cock I had been pleasuring. This was followed by the sound of hard fucking. Sandra was obviously finishing off the man in front of me. There was groan followed by a grunt and then I knew he had cum.

I heard Sandra move away and then Scott said, “It looks as if our guest is a little messy, please lick him clean Rachel.” I was pushed forward until I felt his cock on my cheek again. He was still hard and all wet from their combined juices. I stuck out my tongue and started to lick his sticky member. He let me wash his dick with my mouth from top to bottom. I even licked his balls clean. Then he stuck his cock in my mouth as far as it would go and pushed out the last of his semen. After that he pulled out with a satisfied sigh. My leash tightened and I thought the fucking was about to begin. God, I was so horny at this point that my pussy was flowing. I thought it might start running down my thigh at any moment.

However, Scott had other ideas. “One down, one more to go,” he said with a laugh. I didn’t understand at first. There was the sound of bodies moving in front of me and then my head was pushed forward again. This time right into Sandra’s open pussy. “You know what to do baby,” Scott said. From the second my tongue touched her, I could feel how wet she was. My tongue moved from her lips and clit to her freshly fucked opening. There was a new taste there. She was leaking cum from her lover. I lapped it up and licked her clean. Scott kept encouraging me the whole time, telling me what a good cum-licker I was and other taunts. It was hard to hear it all with Sandra’s thighs wrapped around my head. Then Scott directed her to spread her legs wide so everyone could see. “Lick it good Rachel, clean up all that cum,” Scott said more to the guys than to me. I kept licking the salty fluid from her pussy. I moved my tongue down to her ass for a few licks and then back up to her juicy lips. “You are doing such a good job Rachel,” Scott said. “You are making all these guys so horny.” “I bet they can’t wait to fuck you, isn’t that right guys?” This was followed by a cheer and various obscenities. It seemed as if they really couldn’t wait much longer. The truth was, neither could I. Even as my tongue continued to slide all over Sandra’s pussy, all I could think of was how much I needed a cock inside me.

There was a tug on my leash and the Scott said in triumphant voice, “Let’s get started!” I was led to my feet and then turned around. I felt fingers on my wrists and then my hands were free. “Please remove your bra, Rachel,” Scott ordered. I reached up and undid the clasp between my breasts and let it fall open. Then I let slip to the floor. “Very good, now your thong,” Scott continued. I hooked my thumbs under the thin material and slowly pushed it down my legs. As my sex came into view, the men started their comments. They had all kinds of things to say about my slutty pussy and what they planned on doing to it. Then Scott had me just stand there, on display for all of their enjoyment. I felt so exposed and I couldn’t even see who was gawking at me. Then I was led a few steps back and forced to my knees. “Lean over the ottoman my dear and present yourself to your new friends,” Scott commanded. I reached out in front of me and soon encountered the smooth, cold leather of the furniture. I was big enough for me to lean over with all but my head supported. “Now spread your knees, love,” Scott ordered. This caused my sex to open wide for all to see.

What I heard next truly surprised me. It was the sound of dice and then commenced the most excruciating ten minutes of my life. They were gambling to determine the order in which they fucked me. They were loud and obnoxious as they rolled the dice and kept talking about the fucking they were going give me. Finally there was a shout of victory as a winner emerged. This was followed by silence and then a hand on my ass. He felt the curve of my cheek for a moment and then moved down to feel between my legs. I was on fire. My pussy was soaked and wide open for him. I couldn’t wait for him, no matter that I had no idea who he was, to plunge into me. To give me a good hard fucking and make me cum. I had been in a state of sexual frenzy for hours now and been allowed no release. I was ready to do anything in order to get off. His fingers slowly explored me and spread me open. Then I felt the tip of his cock at my opening. I was nearly faint with anticipation. Just as he started to insert it, Scott stopped him.

“Rachel, I want to hear you beg for it,” Scott said. Now he was just being evil but I was so horny that I didn’t hesitate.

“Please Scott, please let him fuck me” was all I got out before Scott stopped me.

“Not me, I want you to beg your husband,” He interrupted, “Beg your husband to ask this nice man to ravish you.” I had almost forgotten that Ted was there. “We will only continue if your husband asks nicely,” Scott went on to say. I knew I shouldn’t but somehow nothing else mattered. I had to be fucked.

“Ted, please ask this nice man to fuck me,” I pleaded. “Tell him what a good fuck I am and that he can do me however he likes.” “I am begging you to ask him to put his cock in me.” I kept going on like that until I heard Ted clear his throat.

In a wobbly voice I heard Ted say, “Sir, would you be kind enough to do me the honor of fucking my wife?” Here he was not only watching his wife be used like a cheap slut but then forced to ask another man to fuck me.

There was a chuckle behind me and then a voice asked, “Are you sure she is any good?”

“She is an excellent lover and will give you her best, I promise,” Ted replied. That must have been enough as I felt the cock begin to slide into me. The pleasure was taking over my body as I felt him enter me. He went so slow it made me whimper.

As soon as the sound left my throat he asked, “Want it harder, eh?” Then he began to really bang me. I was loving it as his cock pistoned in and out of me. Suddenly I felt something on my lips. In moments I had another cock in my mouth. There were hands on my head bobbing my mouth on his shaft. The man behind was taking me with such force that I felt like an abused accordion. Just when I thought the man assaulting my vagina was about to cum, he stopped and pulled out. He was replaced in an instant by another straining hard on. This man fucked a little different with short, hard strokes. The hands on my head let go and the hardness in my mouth was removed only to be replaced by yet another cock. I became a machine as the men took turns with me. One cock after another, they switched places before anyone could cum. I was shaking with desire and trying to rub my clit on the edge of the ottoman but couldn’t quite get enough friction to make myself orgasm. It wasn’t long before some of the men that had just been in my pussy were pushing their cocks in my mouth. I could taste myself on their hard flesh. I still couldn’t tell how many guys were there as they kept taking turns with me. Scott was encouraging them to do me harder and taunting Ted all the while. He kept pointing out what a good job was doing sucking cock or how nice a certain penis looked sliding into me. Scott really enjoyed the way I looked with two men taking me at the same time. This went on for some time. Each turn getting quicker as the guys got more excited.

The guys were very close when Scott called a halt to the action. He wanted to change positions. Scott had me sit on the edge of ottoman and spread my legs. Then he ordered me to play with myself. I moved my fingers to the edge of my abused lips and started to rub the tender flesh. Almost immediately after that, I felt a cock at my mouth. I opened up and took it in. I only sucked for a few seconds before I felt it swell in my mouth. Suddenly, the cock popped from between my lips and erupted all over my face. Even as he was finishing on me, Scott reminded me to keep busy between my legs. I felt the hot semen on my cheeks and lips. Some even dripped off onto my breasts. Before I could take stock of what just happened, another man pushed his way into my overworked mouth. The process was repeated. He too came all over my face. In fact, that is how each man finished. By the end I was coated with semen. It was dripping from my chin and matted my hair. I had cum all over my neck, shoulders and tits. I could feel it running down my stomach to where my fingers were still rubbing my clit.

Then one more man approached me. Somehow I just knew it was Scott. His cock touched my breast and then my neck and then my mouth. Scott had rubbed his dick in some of the cum on my body and wanted to watch me lick it off. After I completed that, he moved me to the floor. “Are you ready my cum-covered slut?” Scott asked.

“Oh yes Scott, I am so ready for you to fuck me,” was my reply. Scott fucked me hard. His dick was incredibly erect. He pounded me into the floor for about five minutes. I think I came the whole time he fucked me. It was unbelievable. Scott kept telling Ted to look at what a sexy slut I was and how good I looked splattered with loads of hot cum. Then I felt him tense and shoot his load deep inside me. Scott kept his cock in my for a while until he got up and left me in a heap on the floor. I was a wet, sticky mess and felt on display for all to see how wanton I was.

After a short time I felt hands at my head and then the blindfold was removed. It was Ted and he was handing me a towel. “Quit a performance hon,” was all he had to say. I was exhausted and felt worked over. Scott made dinner after I took a shower and then joined Sandra, Ted and myself for a wonderful meal but I never did find out who the other guys were.

That was some time ago and I have yet to see the film but I am sure Scott will show it to me in due time. Who knows what he has thought up for next time. Ted and I have talked about it and agreed that our adventures with Scott have provided the most sexually exciting moments in our lives. We are anxious to continue in our new and exciting direction.

– The End –