Lynn wakes to find herself alone, Tom, George and Bill have left the house and she is still dressed in her nurse outfit, fishnet stockings and high heels, her thighs are covered in dried on cum and the first thing she has to do is to shower and freshen up, her fishnet stockings, she has to practically peal from her legs due to the amount of dried cum on her legs and her feet and practically stuck to heels, she could remember both Tom and Bill coming over her toes but had forgotten all about it when she’d fallen asleep. The warm water of the shower helps to clear her fuzzy head, did she really fuck the three of them last night or was she dreaming, just as she turns off the shower she hers the door bell ringing, she grabs her house coat and rushes down the stairs to see who could be disturbing her Saturday morning.

Lynn opens the door and sees young Andrew he normally delivers the daily papers, a strapping lad who’s known Lynn for some time.” Sorry to disturb you, but my friend and me are doing some odd jobs to raise some money for when we start college in three weeks and where wondering if you needed any gardening or housework doing”. Lynn looks passed Andrew and see’s another young man with a very similar physic to Andrew, he speaks “hello I’m Billy, I hope you can find us some odd jobs, we really do need the money as we can’t get student grants and we’ll work real hard for you”.

Lynn’s head still feels a little sore, but she can hardly refuse two such loveable characters, she opens the door wide and invites them both inside, “well the house needs a good clean, you can make a start down here whilst I finish getting dressed, then you can clean the upstairs. “The two boys grin from ear to ear as Lynn shows then where the vacuum cleaner and the dusters and polishes are kept.

Lynn goes back upstairs and sits at her dressing table, switches on the hair dryer and starts to dry her hair, as she does she thinks back to the number of times she has teased poor Andrew, the young lad has grown a lot over the last few years and is now a fine specimen of manhood, he must only be about sixteen but his body has filled out, he has broad shoulders and a six pack stomach to go with those muscular biceps. Lynn had on numerous occasions teased poor Andrew by answering the door, when he has collected the money for the papers wearing short skirts and plunging necklines to show off her legs and breasts. When she walks away from the door to get the money from her purse with him standing there in the doorway, she could feel his eyes on her especially when she bends down to get the money from her purse rather than pick it up from the floor she stays bend over knowing full well her legs in her black seamed stockings are exposed well above her stocking tops. She has even on occasion removed her panties when she has knew it was time for him to ask for his money, knowing full well she would give him a glimpse of her bare ass or pussy when she bent over, it never seemed to fail to get the poor boy excited, Lynn could see by his face and the bulge in his pants that she was turning the poor boy on and she loved every minute of teasing him.

With her hair dry Lynn lets her hose coat drop to expose her pert breasts as she puts on her makeup, she can hear the two boys downstairs using the vacuum cleaner and thanks her lucky stars as she didn’t really feel like cleaning the house as she still feels a little delicate from last nights activities, but she knew it had to be done, she always likes the house to look its best when Rick returns from his business trips. With her makeup done and her head feeling much better she gets up and opens her wardrobe door to decide what to wear for the day, she picks out a nice black skirt which is not too short at just above the knee a white blouse with a white bra and her usual black seamed fully fashioned nylon stockings, suspender belt, a tiny little white g-string and high heeled shoes, she finishes dressing and looks at her reflection in the mirror and is pleased with what she see’s.

She picks up the phone and makes a couple of calls planning the adventure for Rick this evening, its about time she had her way for a change and decides to set up a little surprise for him tonight, she’s on the phone for about twenty minutes making all the arrangements and is surprised when she puts the phone down the house is quiet and wonders what the two boys are up to downstairs.

Lynn walks towards the stairs, but stops and looks over her shoulder at her reflection in the mirror to check that her seams are straight, she smiles at herself in the mirror and wonders off down stairs, she wonders into the kitchen first to see that the floor has been washed and the kitchen units have all be wiped down, the carpet in the hall and the dinning room have all been vacuumed and there’s a pleasant smell of polish, Lynn walks into the living room and finds the reason for the silence, Andrew and Billy have found the photo album of Lynn’s photo shoot and they are wide eyed and open mouthed staring at a shot of Lynn bent over a cough wearing only heels and stockings with a black cock deep in her pussy and a huge black cock in her mouth.

Lynn speaks “well your not going to get much work done if you drool over those all day” Andrew drops the album onto the coffee table, but it stays open, both lads go a very crimson shade of red and try and apologise for being so intrusive into her private photo album, but with a quick turn on her heels Lynn walks away from them towards the kitchen knowing full well the two boys will be looking at her ass and her legs in her heels and seamed stockings, as she walks to the kitchen, she smiles to herself not only could she see how embarrassed the two boys where, but she couldn’t help but notice the bulge each had in their jeans, the thought that she could turn on such young virile boys gives her a really pleasant kick to start the day.

As she puts the kettle on she can hear the two boys coming into the kitchen, “were really sorry Lynn we knew we shouldn’t have been looking at your private photo’s its just that you looked so hot we just couldn’t stop looking at them once we found them, were really sorry, but if its any conciliation we think you’re the hottest thing we’ve ever seen, better than anything in Playboy”. Lynn turns to the two red faced boys and says “we’ll what is done can’t be undone, now if you’ve finished down hear you’d better get upstairs and make the beds and make a start with the vacuum cleaner”. The two boys rush off and leave Lynn to make her coffee, she takes it to the living room and settles down to have a good look at the photo’s herself, she’s not really had time to study them with all that’s been going on of late. She works her way slowly through the album and gets to the shots that the boys had been studying, they are very good pictures and the memories of that wonderful occasion comes flooding back to Lynn, the excitement starts to rise in her and she can feel her pussy getting damp as she looks at herself wearing similar stockings and heels as she has on how, with a huge block cock buried in her pussy and another black cock in her mouth. Her concentration is broken for a moment as she hears the boys upstairs start up the vacuum cleaner, her mind wonders back to the photo’s and she slowly works her way through the album to the shot of her face receiving a blast of hot cum from the ebony cock inches from her face, her pussy is very damp now and the little g-string she is wearing is soaked. The noise of the vacuum cleaner stops and she finishes her coffee, closes the album and takes her empty cup and places it in the kitchen sink.

She decides to check on the boys and walks back up the stairs, the bathroom looks nice and clean and the carpets have all been nicely vacuumed, Lynn walks towards her bedroom but stops to look through the open door, she can see the reflection of the boys in her wardrobe mirror, they have finished making the bed and have discovered the nurse outfit, fishnet stockings and glass dildo. “Jesus” Billy says to Andrew I wish I could be that dildo for the night I still got a hard on from looking at those photos, I’d just love to slide my cock into that Lynn’s she’s just like a walking wet dream”. Andrew has hold of the glass dildo and is sniffing it just as Lynn walks through the door. “Me too he says”. Lynn coughs to attract there attention, It’s as if they have been caught with there trousers down and there cocks in there hand the colour they turn, they can’t believe they’ve been caught again.

Lynn walks over to the two of them and says “well you two just don’t know when to stop, you’ve looked at my pictures and now your going through my laundry, what shall I do with you”. Just as Billy is about to speak Lynn stops him, “no not a word, let me think how I can teach you boys a lesson”. Lynn sits on the side of the bed and crosses her legs to give a glimpse of stocking top, she looks towards to two boys who are both sporting erections concealed within there jeans, “I know now its my turn to see yours,” Andrew, Billy drop your jeans and remove your shirts and shoes and socks, but keep your underpants on,”. The two boys look at each other and shrug there shoulders, but in no time are stood at the foot of the bed, the two boys have very firm hard bodies without a trace of fat, “now put your hands on your head and keep them there, or you’ll regret it” Lynn says, The two boys do as they are told and Lynn giggles as she sees the two boys underpants straining to conceal there rising erections.

Lynn stands up and quickly removes her blouse bra and skirt and lies back on the bed wearing only her tiny g-sting, garter belt seamed stockings and high heels and says “now this is what you want to see is it” The two boys look with wide eyes and open mouths as they say in unison, “wow, yes please”.

Lynn lays back against the pillow, bends her knees and opens her legs digging her heels into the bed as she runs her fingers over her pussy concealed within the tiny white g-string. Billy drops one of his hands and attempts to grab his cock but stops as Lynn shouts, “If you do that it’s all over”. Billy puts his hand back on top of his head. Lynn closes her eyes as she works her hand over he pussy teasing herself, she looks a wonderful sight with her black nylon stockings contrasting against her fair skin, the boys eyes feast upon her as she eventually dips her fingers into her g-string and starts to rub the lips of her pussy, the boys can see that she must be fingering herself as well as rubbing her clit.

Andrew and Billy are finding it more and more difficult to stop themselves rubbing there cocks, they both want to jump on Lynn and feel there cocks slide into her hot pussy, but if they do they are both scared that she will call a halt to there little game and neither has ever seen such a wonderful looking woman with her legs open wearing stockings and heels just for them before, its like being awake whilst dreaming. Lynn finally brings them back to reality when she says “Andrew be a good boy and pass me that glass dildo from the dressing table” Andrew picks up the dildo he had earlier been sniffing and kneels on the bad and hands it to Lynn as he does so he can’t resist sliding his hand up Lynn’s stocking covered leg. “Naughty boy you mustn’t tough me. Now hands back on your head”. Andrew again stands with his hands on his head whilst he watches Lynn pull the g-sting to the side of her wet open pussy lips and starts to rub the head of the dildo between her lips.

She smiles as she watches the two boys, there eyes locked on her pussy, she loves the feeling of power and control this gives her and she can see wet spots starting to appear on the front of the boys pants as there cocks leak pre-cum, she obviously has them both very turned on as there pants are strained to conceal there young hard cocks. Lynn can stand the tormenting no longer and slides the glass dildo between her pussy lips and starts to fuck herself with it as her free hand works on her clit, she soon reaches orgasm and shivers as the pleasure of her achievement rushes through her body.

Andrew finally speaks “please Lynn let us at least touch our cocks, we so much want to fuck you”, after a long pause Lynn finally speaks “Now you two can kneel on the bed and I want you to make yourselves come over my feet, but remember your not allowed to touch me other than my feet and my heels, if your good boys then I’ll invite you back tomorrow night, my husband will be home and I want him to film you two filling me with your hard cocks, but for today, all your allowed to do is look at me and cover my feet with your cum, do you both understand”.. Billy answers first, “ but Lynn I’ve just got to fuck you, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and I’ve never made love to a woman before, please I beg you let me make love to you”. Both boys look at each other and Andrew finally speaks “you want us to come back tomorrow night and then we get to fuck you whilst your husband watches, you sure that’s what he wants”. Lynn starting to loose her patience “look either its my way or you two are on your way out”. Without a word both boys loose there pants and kneel on the bed, each next to one of Lynn’s feet, at last they can start to work out the frustration that Lynn has caused, there balls feel like they are about to explode.

Billy lifts Lynn’s foot so that his cock head touches Lynn’s toes with each stoke his hand makes up and down his cock, Andrew moves closer and lifts Lynn’s leg up so he can kiss and lick her heels and foot as his hand pumps his impressive cock, Billy is first to loose his load but it does not just spray over Lynn’s toes, the pent up excitement is demonstrated when his come lands on Lynn’s thigh just above her stocking top, his third and fourth spurt swamp Lynn’s foot and soak through the nylon of her stockings and saturate her toes. Andrew is close to coming so he drops Lynn foot level with his cock, Lynn rubs her clit faster and faster and the glass dildo is a blur as she fucks herself in wild abandon.

Andrew finally shoots the contents of his balls, but he must have been even more turned on than Billy, probably realising a dream that he has had for a number of years from the stolen glances he has had of her tight ass and those never ending legs in seamed stockings, the number of nights he has laid in bed awake thinking of Lynn with his hard cock in his hand wanking furiously dreaming of one day slipping his cock into her hot wet pussy, and now here he is just about to cum over her and how she has teased him to the point of no return. Andrews sperm fly’s through the air like a red hot fountain, he has never shot so much cum in all his life, the first burst covers Lynn from head to foot, its in her hair in her face over her breasts and over her legs, his second and third burst are not as strong but still reach her breasts and even some falls between her legs. The sensation of being sprayed with the hot cum of two young studs begging to fuck Lynn sends her over the top and she screams out as she has a multiple orgasm.

Lynn opens her eyes and looks at the wilting cocks of her potential lovers and says, “that was wonderful, now would you boys mind leaving me to clean myself up, Rick will be home soon, come back tomorrow night and it’ll be my turn to please both of you, and I’ll even pay you for the cleaning you’ve done for me today”.

The two boys quickly dress and are ready to leave, Lynn walks them to the door still only dressed in her seamed stocking, heels and g-string, she walks up to Andrew places her arms around his neck and French kisses him, pushing her tongue deep into his mouth, Andrews hands wrap around her and fondle her bare ass, she breaks away from his kiss and says “now no playing with that lovely cock of yours, I don’t want you wasting any of that precious cum of your tonight when your lying in bed with your hard cock in your hand fantasising as to what I’ll do to you tomorrow night, you just leave it alone and I’ll enjoy every last drop tomorrow I promise”. She kisses Andrew one last time on the lips and then turns to Billy and says “and the same goes for you tiger” and she wraps her arms around Billy and French kisses him, as Billy places his hands on her ass she can feel Andrew close behind her, her puts his hands around her so that he is cupping her breasts as Billy kisses her and feels her ass, he whispers to her “please Lynn do we have to wait until tomorrow I’m as hard as ever I just need to feel my cock inside you and fill you with my cum” Lynn brakes away from the boys and says, “now you two, its fun time tomorrow and remember my husband will be here to and he’ll want to watch you to young studs take me to heaven and back, and its especially important for you Billy I’m looking forward to taking your virginity”, Billy blushes and the two finally make there way out of the house.

Lynn looks up at the clock in the hall and realises that Rick will be home soon, she runs upstairs, strips off her heels and stockings and quickly puts them away, she has another quick shower and in no time has dried her hair and put new makeup on, she opens her wardrobe and decides that with all the excitement of the morning she had better dress conservatively, the last thing she needs is Rick jumping on her the minute he walks through the door, he’ll need all his strength for tonight if her little surprise works out the way she has it planned.

Lynn puts on a pair of grey trousers and a polo neck jumper and decides to quickly finish of the housework the boys never quite got around to finishing, still not a bad way to be interrupted from housework, if only everyday could be this exciting.

– The End –