With the excitement of the past few days, it’s been hard for Rick to keep coming up with new games for them to play. But before his week of control comes to an end, he wants to get as many memories from it all as he can; and what better way than to capture it all on film. Lynn has a stunning body and legs to die for, but before they both lose it all and become grey and old, he wants some quality photos of Lynn in all her glory, taken by a professional photographer. He rings a number of studios, but they only do facial and portrait work. He finally finds what he’s looking for in a glamour magazine. The studio offers a total glamour makeover and a whole afternoons photo shoot with as many photos as you like taken. It’s expensive, but what the hell, you only live once.

Rick phones them and books them in for the very next day. He calls Lynn’s boss and tells him that she won’t be in work the next day and about the shoot and how he’ll let him see the photos if he gives her the day off. Her boss recalls the video session he had with Lynn and would like another, more than any photos, but he lets her have the day off with pay as a little thank you to Rick for sharing his wife with him.

Lynn is pleased to hear she doesn’t have to go to work the following day, but is a little apprehensive of the photo shoot. She’s not sure what Rick’s got planned, but if the last few days are anything to go by it’s sure to be perverted.

The following morning they rise early. Rick must be up to something as he brings her breakfast in bed, which makes a refreshing change as she is always up first and decides for once enjoy the attention. After a nice breakfast, she bathes whilst Rick washes up the dishes and is seated in the bedroom drying her hair when Rick enters the room and starts rummaging through the drawers of her dressing table, in her wardrobe and shoe rack. He gets out a small suitcase and starts to pack a number of items. “Are we going somewhere,” she enquires. “No, I just want to make sure we take everything we need for the shoot,” he replies.

By the time Rick has finished rummaging about and gets the car out of the garage, she has dressed in a smart black trouser suit and has finished her hair and makeup. They drive for about an hour and a half and finally arrive at the studio. Lynn is a little apprehensive as they enter the very smart studio complex. The receptionist is charming and soon all of Lynn’s inhibitions are gone. The receptionist calls them after a short wait and introduces them to Helen, who will be their assistant for the rest of the day. She compliments Lynn on her looks and tells her she will have a day to remember as the photographer she will be with today is Tony and he has shot some of the most famous models. Helen takes Lynn by the hand and leads her to the prep room. “We’ll be here for most of the morning getting you ready for the shoot. Rick, you can take a look around the studios if you like whilst we make a start. There are a number of shoots in progress at the moment and Lynn’s not due to start until after lunch. Rick sets off to wander the studios and leaves them to get on. Lynn has never been so pampered before, Helen bathes her, washes her hair, gives her a full manicure and facial and spends an age drying and setting her hair, which when finished looks immaculate.

Rick wanders around and is surprised that they have three large studios each being used; the first studio has two women being filmed and photographed together in various stages of undress. Most of the time they are in swim wear which is a little disappointing for Rick as he had hoped to have seen some continental type action. The second studio has a man and a women who appear to be having a magazine cover shoot as they are both dressed very smartly in grey business suits. The third studio is more of a shock to Rick it contains three large black afro-Caribbean men wearing only swimming shorts. They appear to be making some kind of commercial for swimwear. Rick watches them for some time and is most impressed by their physiques, all shinning with oil. The photographer’s assistant is having a lot of trouble with them, as they are very boisterous and make a number of lewd comments to her. As Rick watches, they take a break and Rick wanders over to them and asks them about their day and has the shoot gone well. The three have had a very good day so far, but have been very disappointed that with the reputation the studio has, that they haven’t seen any real action. Rick tells them about Lynn’s shoot after lunch and tells them it may be worth them looking in later on.

Helen rummages through the bag Lynn has brought with her and sets out the clothes she would like Lynn to wear for the shoot, in comprises a red Basque, a tiny red g-string, black seamed stockings, high heels and a wrap around black dress. Lynn laughs out loud, I should have known that what he was packing. Helen looks at Lynn and says, “You’ll look great. Let’s get them on you and then we can have a quick sandwich before the shoot.” Soon Lynn is dressed and she looks out of this world. Rick returns as Helen is putting the finishing touches to Lynn’s hair. “Wow, you look wonderful,” he says. The three spend the next half an hour eating sandwiches brought to them and have a few glasses of champagne. Helen explains that they usually like models to have a few glasses to help them relax before a shoot, as some get very nervous and the tension shows in the final photos. It’s far better to relax and have fun as that’s what it’s all about. Helen checks her watch and tells them that it’s time to go.

She leads them down to studio three and introduces them to Tony the photographer, who spends a lots of time chatting to Lynn and telling how he would like her to pose and telling her how the lighting can be adjusted to set any mood she would like. Rick sits quietly in the background and lets Tony do his job. The first hour is spent with Lynn seated on a leather couch and the majority of the shoots are either facial or with Lynn posing looking in one or other direction. Lynn seems very much at ease and is enjoying the attention. Tony gets Lynn to put her feet up on the couch and asks her to be careful with her heels but to keep them on. During the progress of the next twenty or thirty shots, Lynn’s wrap around dress falls open to expose the tops of her stockings. She moves to cover herself but is stopped by Tony, “No Lynn, that looks nice please leave it as it is.” Several shoots later Tony has Lynn open the front of her dress and eventually it is discarded leaving her in her Basque heels and stockings. The g-string does little to cover her, as it’s so small.

Rick is in a world of his own as he watches Lynn remove her dress and watches as Tony positions her in numerous poses showing off her long legs and her black seamed stockings. He is brought to his senses when he hears a whisper, “Fuck me. Look at that, is she hot or what?” Rick looks behind him and sees the three men he had been talking to earlier in the day, but this time they are fully clothed. “Hi,” says Rick. The three walk over to him and graphically tell him what a horny bitch Lynn looks like. From behind the lights Lynn can’t see them and the cooling fan noise prevents her from hearing anything other than Tony directing her. At this point Tony has her remove her little g-string and has her seated on the couch with her legs wide open and her hand between her legs. “Now I want you to play with your pussy, make it really hot and relax so we can get some really nice photos for Rick.”

The three men and Rick watch as Lynn massages her pussy and rubs her clit making her so wet and excited. The three men can’t believe theie luck. They had heard that the studio did this kinda shoot, but did not think they would be lucky enough to witness one for real. Rick whispers to the three of them and their eyes widen as he finishes. “You’re having us on man,” they say. “No it’s for real if you want to, but remember nothing more than what she wants to do.” The three disappear back to their changing room and appear a few minutes later once again wearing only their swimming trunks.

Rick asks Helen, who has been helping throughout the shoot, if Tony would mind if Lynn were joined in the shoot by the three men. Helen asks Tony who has no problems with the suggestion. After all, Rick’s paying for the day. Lynn is still in a world of her own, legs stretched out wide and her fingers working hard on her pussy when she feels a presence and opens her eyes. She’s confronted with the three large well-muscled Negros whose oiled bodies shine under the studio lights.

“I wondered when Rick would pull a stunt like this, so who’s who.” The three introduce themselves Winston, Leon and Sam and explain how Rick suggested that they might be allowed to join in the shoot provided it was cool with her. Lynn smiles and looks through the bright lights where Rick is standing. She mouthes to him without actually speaking, ” You shit.” Rick blows her a kiss and smiles. The three pose with Lynn; their dark skin in vast contrast to Lynn’s milky white body. Tony has them kneeling at her feet and standing beside her holding her waist and seated on either side of her. As time goes on their touches become more daring and the latest pose has Lynn again seated on the couch with Sam behind her, with his hands on her shoulders and with her legs wide open with Winston and Leon seated on the floor either side of her holding a spiked heel each. Lynn can see them looking at her hot pussy which by now is so wet. Sam’s hand slips from her shoulder and he starts to massage her firms breasts through her Basque. Winston and Leon each start kissing her legs and Leon slides his hand up past the dark band of Lynn’s stocking top and start’s to run his fingers between her hot pussy lips. Tony speaks first but it’s only a single word, “excellent.”

Lynn has not objected in any way, so Winston climbs up onto the couch besides Lynn and turns her face towards him and kisses her fully, their tongues probing each other’s mouths. Lynn almost by instinct reaches out her right hand and starts to rub Winston’s cock through his shorts. She’s impressed and soon has his cock free, which is a good eight or nine inches long. Winston rises on the couch and offers Lynn his cock. She licks her lips and dips her head and starts to lick and suck Winston’s hard black cock. Leon works his way up between Lynn’s open legs and starts to lick her hot wet pussy, which tastes so good.

In the dark back ground Rick has taken his video camera from his case and is now film as Lynn has one Negro lapping between her legs and another Negro behind her massaging her breasts and yet another pushing his hard black cock into Lynn’s throat. No matter how hard he could have planned for it, he could never have got anything better than this, and to top it all Tony, a professional, is capturing it all on film. Lynn has almost forgotten about Tony, with the mouth working between her legs and a hard cock in her throat, but she is soon brought back to reality as Tony takes control and has the four of them posing together. Soon Lynn’s breast are exposed and Tony photographs Lynn leaning back as Sam and Winston suck a nipple each and Leon looses his tongue between Lynn’s pussy lips. Lynn soon has Sam’s cock free from his shorts and it is of a similar size to Winston’s. Tony directs Lynn as she stokes a hard black cock in each hand. Tony almost has to pull Leon from between Lynn’s legs, he just doesn’t want to stop eating her sweet pink pussy. All the time the flash fires as Tony shoots more and more film. Rick is caught in a trap; he wants to put the video camera down, release his erect cock from his jeans and fuck Lynn until he fills her with his seed, but he doesn’t want to miss filming any of this.

Tony gets Lynn to kneel on the couch with her head over one of the arms. Sam moves to the side and offers her his hard cock which she starts to pump with her right hand and at the same time sucks it into her mouth licking and suck the hard tip. Winston positions himself behind Lynn and rubs the tip of his cock between her wet pussy lips before impaling her on his rock hard cock. Tony rushes from one end to the other then pans back so as not to miss a single shot. Leon watches as his two friends show this little white girl how to take a black cock. Lynn is lost in a sea of pleasure as orgasm after orgasm sweeps through her body.

The two are like black pistons forcing themselves deeper and deeper into her throat and pussy. Sam is first to loose his load and is soon pumping load after load of hot come into Lynn’s mouth. She squeezes his large black balls milking every drop of his come into her mouth. No sooner is Sam spent he with draws his cock from Lynn’s mouth and she licks the last remnants of his cum from the tip of his cock. Winston is still powering into her for all he is worth. Leon walks around to Sam and gently pushes him aside, “Now lets see how she copes with a real cock,” he says. Leon stands with his shorts level with Lynn’s face, which bobs back and fro as Winston hammers his cock into her hot wet snatch. Leon slowly pulls down his shorts and steps out of them, his black shinning body looking like an ebony statue. Lynn raises her eyes to see Leon’s semi-erect cock, which must be at least twelve inches long. Leon takes it’s snake-like form in his right hand and holds Lynn’s head in his left hand and offers his cock to her to suck.

The silence is broken as Tony commands them both to come over Lynn. “It’ll make a far better photo.” Winston nods his agreement, but Leon shakes his head and says, “No man, when she’s got me nice and hard I want to flood this white girls pussy with my cum, she’ll thank me for it you see.” Lynn opens her mouth as wide as she can to take Leon’s huge cock. In between wet sucks she takes it from her mouth and runs her tongue around its fat head. She can even get the tip of her tongue into the eye of Leon’s cock it’s so big. Rick has never seen a cock this big before. Now that it’s fully erect, it must be at least fifteen inches long and as thick as Lynn’s wrist. All Rick hopes is that he doesn’t run out of film. Lynn looks so sexy, sandwiched between these two ebony studs. Helen speaks to Rick as he films them “Wow, this is a hot season. I never expected it to end up like this. It’s even got Tony excited. I can see he’s erect from here.”

Rick pans the lens out so he get the whole scene on film; not just the close up action of the two black cocks servicing Lynn. Winston cried out and withdraws his wet cock from Lynn’s pussy just in time to spray spurt after spurt of hot white cum over Lynn’s back. Rick zooms in on the climax and Tony’s flash fires in quick succession. Lynn climaxes as she feels Winston’s hot come splash over her but she still concentrates on the huge black cock in her mouth. It’s far too big to get in her throat and she now needs it in her. She takes it from her mouth, looks up at Leon and says, “Please fuck me”. Leon needs no second invitation and moves up behind Lynn still kneeling on the couch. He runs the tip of his rock solid cock across Lynn’s wet pussy lips and starts to worm the monster into her hot pink cunt. Lynn does all she can to relax to allow Leon to push the monster into her. It takes some time but eventually he gets at least two third of it into her and then starts to slowly thrust into her. Her juices are running wild and the depth of each thrust is clear for all to see by the white marks Lynn’s pussy juice makes around Leon’s fat cock. With a steady rhythm now pounding into Lynn she is relaxed and totally enjoying the sensation of Leon’s cock. She reaches what must be her fifth climax as Leon laughs out aloud and says, “I told you she’d like it, don’t you, you white bitch.” Lynn shudders as yet another orgasm rushes through her body. Tony breaks everyone’s concentration as he takes command and tells Lynn and Leon how he wants them to pose. It spoils the event a little for Leon, but after all it is a photo shoot. The next thirty minutes are spent with Leon in all kinds of positions from lying on the floor with Lynn squatting down on his cock to standing up whilst holding Lynn in the air lowering her onto his erection. What surprises Rick is that throughout, Leon’s cock has not once looked like it was losing its erection.

Finally Tony tells them that he’s finished and Leon pleads with Lynn, “Please babe, I’ve just got to come.” Lynn looks deep into his big brown eyes and kisses him deeply, pushing her tongue deep into his mouth. She breaks away and says, “Cum in me baby. I want to feel to explode in me.”

Tony starts to put away his camera equipment as Lynn lies back on the couch and spreads her legs wide and lifts her knees high to expose her wet, open pussy to Leon. He climbs between her open legs and once again forces his huge black cock into her. This time it’s for them to enjoy. Leon is like a man possessed as he rams himself into her for all he is worth. His cock slips deeper and deeper into Lynn, into places never touched before. She screams out in pleasure as finally his balls slap against her arse. Winston, Sam, Rick and even Helen crowd around to watch the spectacle. Rick is still filming them. Finally Leon grunts like a wild animal and his whole body goes tense. His face distorts as he fills Lynn with his cum. The force inside Lynn makes her scream out as she has multiple orgasms, her body pulsing as each wave of pleasure rushes through her. Leon is soaking with sweat, his body totally spent. He slowly withdraws his wilting cock from Lynn’s gapping pussy and as he does so, his cum seeps from her open pussy lips. Leon leans forward and kisses Lynn and says, “You were great, thanks.” Lynn replies, “you’re more than welcome.” Helen interrupts the moment by taking Lynn by the hand and leading her away to the dressing room. Sam, Winston and Leon dress and thank Rick for telling them about the session. Leon says, “If it wasn’t for you man, we would have missed that girl. She’s one hot bitch.” “I know,” replies Rick,” that’s why I married her.” “Shit man, you never said she was your wife!” says Sam. Winston makes the final comment as Rick walks away towards the dressing room. “You’re one weird, kinky, lucky mother fucker.”

Tony calls into the dressing room before he leaves for the day and tells Lynn and Rick that the photos will be with them in the next few days also its has been an unusual but very enjoyable afternoon. He kisses Lynn and shakes Rick’s hand. When they are ready, Helen leads them both to the studio car park and wishes them a safe journey home.

– The End –