The Introduction

Lynn enters the room; She is wearing a black dress along with very high-heeled stiletto shoes and black nylon seamed stockings, Around her neck hangs a single large diamond from a fine gold chain, she walks to the far side of the room and picks up a video cassette which she inserts into the player and pushes the play button followed by the on switch of the adjacent television set. She turns and walks across the room to a large comfortable chair and sits down crossing her long beautiful legs, which make a swishing noise as the nylon rubs together, she gazes across to the television and waits for the film to start. The screen burst into life, the scene contains two men dressed in gray suits and a red headed woman wearing a wedding dress, it becomes apparent that the men are her new husband and his best man, The Bride says to the best man “you’ve arranged everything perfectly and the whole wedding day had been a complete success, I don’t not know how I could ever thank you for everything you’ve had done for us”. By the tone of their voices it is obvious that the two men had been drinking, they were not drunk but were in high spirits.

The best man replies “you could help me by having a word with your brides maid, it looks like she’s a real dish, I’d love to take her home for the night, I’d even cook her breakfast”. The husband laughs and says, “ She’s not that good in the sack I managed to bed her once and she was hopeless, just laid back and pleased herself, the bitch wouldn’t even give a blow job”. The best man looks at the husband and says, “ I can’t remember the last time I had a blow job.” The wife interrupts their graphic conversation with a statement that takes the husband totally by surprise.” If you don’t mind and you promise not to get jealous I’ll give him a blow job as a thank you present”. The husband can’t believe his ears his new wife is offering to suck his best friends cock, Feelings of anger and disappointment rush through his brain, but he is more surprised that his own cock starts to harden and rise. Theirs only one safe way to resolve the situation, He decides to call her bluff and says,” well I don’t mind, its your mouth he’ll come in, its up to you”.

The Bride turns her back upon them and walks across the room. Her husband laughs, as he knew that when put to the test her bottle would go, and she would back down. She turns to face them when she reaches the bed and puts one hand behind her back, with a single movement she undoes the zip of her dress and looks straight into her husbands eyes as she starts to peal off her dress saying “well as long as your not going to get funny, I don’t see what harm it can do especially when you consider how hard he has worked to make our day so special”. The husband can’t believe his eyes as he watches his wife’s dress fall to the floor, The only thing he does believe is that his cock feels like an iron bar and his heart is pounding like a steam engine. She steps from her dress, she has on white high heeled shoes, White fishnet stockings a red garter, a white with red lace Basque and a tiny red G-string which does little to cover her thatch of pubic hair, Still looking into her husbands eyes she says “well what do you think”.

Only one word leaves his mouth “Perfect”.

She kneels on the bed still facing the men, letting them get a brief glimpse of her ample breasts as she leans forward, her eyes leave her husband as she looks at the best man and says “well come and get your present. The best man can’t believe his luck; he looks at her husband for approval, which is gestured by a slight nod of the head. He tears at his clothes, As if he waits more then a second he may wake from the dream. He removes his shoes, socks jacket and shirt in a moment but hesitates before he removes his trousers; he looks again at her husband for a sign of confirmation. But his eyes are fixed on his wife, Theirs a smile on his face and a bulge in his trousers, Without further hesitation he drops his trousers, He wares no shorts and his erection springs into view, it’s around seven inches long and has a purple end, He walks towards the bed, As he approaches, the woman lifts the veil from her face, Her husband watches as she takes the erection between her lips and starts to suck and lick his best friends cock. The husband being unable to restrain himself any longer he removes his clothes, showing for the first time his enlarged prick, It’s harder than he can ever remember, With his eyes still fixed on his wife’s mouth wrapped around his friends cock he walks up behind her and pushes his hand between her partially open legs pulling her G-string to one side, Her lips are wet with love juice, He takes his cock in the other hand and positions it between her pink lips and slowly enters her love tunnel, As he does his wife sighs with pleasure. For the first time in her life she is making love to two men at the same time and she loves it, The sensation over powers her as her first orgasm rises within her body, As she reaches her climax she sucks harder on the cock in her mouth and clenches her pussy tighter around her husbands prick deep in her womb.

Away from the television screen Lynn watching the film can feel her pussy starting to get damp, She can feel her body being excited by the events on the screen, She moves her left hand down her body and starts to undo the buttons of her dress to reveal her long legs, The dress falls open her black nylon seamed stockings are on full display, she wears a tiny red g-string which does little to cover her pubic hair, her stockings are supported from suspenders which extend from her black and red Basque, Her right hand reaches down her thigh and her fingers pull her g string to one side, she parts the lips of her pussy and starts to rub her clitoris which hardens to her touch. With her eyes still fixed on the television screen her body imagines that she is the woman on the screen with a large prick in her mouth and one in her pussy, She could never tell anyone of her secret desire, but her imagination allows her to do everything she has ever wanted. With this firmly in her mind she reaches her first climax, Its only then that she realizes that her left hand has taken over rubbing her clit and two fingers of her right hand have slipped into her pussy up to the knuckle. She needs more! She reaches to her handbag on the floor and produces a large black and gold vibrator and a massive rubber penis shaped dildo. She places the dildo on the seat beside her and switches the vibrator on; she guides the vibrator to her pussy and lets its pulsating head rest on her clitoris. She arches her back and pushes her bottom forward, Lifting one stocking clad leg over the arm of the chair to give her greater access to her pussy, now she can settle down and enjoy the film.

On the screen the scene remains unchanged the Bride still kneels on the bed with a cock in her mouth and pussy, Her lips glide up and down the cock in her mouth, whilst her husbands rhythm increases behind her, Ending suddenly as his cock explodes deep inside her filling her with his come, “I need more cock” she screams. Without hesitation the prick in her mouth is withdrawn and the owner pulls her onto her back, pulling her legs wide apart he positions his cock at the entrance of her pussy. Her husband looks on in disbelief as he sees the cock at the entrance of his wife’s pussy, He opens his mouth to shout stop, just as it disappears into her love tunnel, She cries out “oh god that feels so good”, Again he tries to open his mouth to stop them but the words would not come out, He can’t understand how he feels not angry or jealous, Just excited, His excitement is confirmed as he looks down between his legs his cock is standing erect as hard as iron, He reaches down and starts to rub his cock up and down as he watches his best friends cock pushing in and out of his new wife.

Back in the real world the sensation of the vibrator has increased Lynn’s excitement, Her second orgasm has just subsided. Holding the vibrator in her right hand, with its pulsating head against her clitoris, She picks up the large rubber dildo from the seat beside her, She lifts her other stocking clad leg over the other arm of the chair giving her complete access to her pussy. She gently rubs the dildo up and down the entrance of her hole, Unable to restrain any further she plunges the solid black rubber cock into her pussy which fills her totally, She pushes it into herself as much as she can handle, But at least four inches of black cock remain on display, perhaps one day she will manage to take it all. The combination of the vibrator on the clitoris and the dildo up her pussy are too much for her, a series of orgasms rush through her body. Its the first time she has ever experienced a multiple orgasm and it totally over comes her, she screams out in pleasure not caring if anyone outside can hear her. She pulls the dildo from her pussy, which is covered; in her come without thinking she lifts it to her red lips and sinks it into her mouth, Her tongue licking her come from the rubber shaft. A ringing sound distracts her from her pleasure, It takes a while for her to come back down to earth, Her brain registers that its the front door bell, she drops the dildo to the floor and replaces the vibrator into her handbag, She jumps up to her feet, hurriedly she buttons the front of her dress, she looks on the floor for her dildo but its nowhere to be seen, The door bell rings again, straightening her dress and running her fingers through her hair, she leaves the room and walks down the hall to the front door, With a final large intake of breath she opens the door.

A young man wearing overalls removes his finger from the bell, “oh I was just about to give up, I thought you were out”.” can I help you “ she responds.” You reported a fault on your telephone, yesterday, I’m hear to repair it”. She lets the young man in and tells him that the telephone is in the living room and easks if he would like a cup of coffee. He replies “Thanks that would be great I haven’t had one since eight this morning”. He enters the living room to find the phone and she heads for the kitchen. Several minutes later she returns to the living room with two cups of hot coffee, As she enters the room she sees the man with the telephone in his hand, But he is more interested with the television screen, she looks at the screen and realizes that she had forgot to turn the video off, On the screen a woman is sucking a large erect cock. “My kind of film”, The engineers says looking at the woman fully for the first time, Running his eyes up and down her body. “I thought it was only us blokes got a kick out of these blues”, She feels her face redden as she hands the cup of coffee to the engineer, She turns her back to him and starts to walk back to her chair, His eyes feast on her as she moves away, For the first time he sees her seamed stockings, Her legs seem never ending. She seats herself and slowly crosses her legs allowing just a glimpse of stocking top and white thigh to show for a split second, The engineer sips his coffee and tries to remain calm and cool but his cock starts to rise and he can feel his face start to redden, Quickly he finishes his coffee and once again returns to the task of repairing the phone, The line is dead, So he traces the telephone line to its connection point which is behind the sofa, He pulls the sofa away from the wall and finds that the telephone plug has disconnected itself from the wall socket. He plugs the lead back into its socket and tests the phone again, this time the line is normal. Just as he is about to push the sofa back against the wall something catches his eye, He bends down and picks it up, He can’t believe what he is holding in his hand, It’s a large black penis shaped dildo still warm and damp. Have you lost something? He asks holding up the dildo for the woman to see. Her face turns red, she knew she had dropped it in her rush to open the door, Her mind cant think up a quick response so without thought she replies “ I knew I dropped it somewhere thank god you found it, I’d be looking everywhere for that tonight.

You’re not saying a woman as good-looking as you are needs one of these to get her kicks. “Only when my husband is away on business”, But its so big you could never use it all. She looks the man in the eyes and says “Well I can take most of it but I hope one day to use it all, its all a matter of lubrication”. The man can feel his cock trying to rip itself free from his trousers as he says, “ I’d give a weeks wages to watch you take all of this”, And throws the dildo over to the woman. She stops to think for a moment, She can feel the lips of her pussy becoming wet at the thought of masturbating in front of a total stranger, The temptation has her heart beating so fast it makes her head feel light and giddy, “for a weeks wages I suppose its worth a try “ She says, As she puts the dildo down and reaches to the buttons of her dress and starts to undo them, Slowly her long legs are exposed to the man’s view, encased in black nylon, her dress falls open to reveal a glimpse of stocking top and white thigh, she continues to undo all the buttons and with one movement pulls her dress open to show off her amazing body. He cant remember having ever seen a more perfect sight, The Basque just covers her breasts and a tiny red g-string leaves nothing to the imagination, He sits down and waits for her to make the next move, scared that should he make a wrong move the moment will disappear.

She looks into his eyes which have their vision fixed between her stocking clad legs, She knows she has him under her total control, She reaches down for her vibrator and switches it on and runs it down her body inch by inch until its pulsating head rests between her legs, She can feel the vibrations on her clitoris through her g-string. The man’s eyes look as if they are ready to burst out of their sockets, His right hand rests on the bulge in the front of his trousers and his fingers make gentle movements as he secretly rubs his cock. Her juices start to flow as her first climax approaches, the situation has turned her on more than she could ever have imagined, She pulls the g-string to one side to give her greater access and lifts her right leg over the arm of the chair which gives her audience an unrestricted view of her charms. Now that her pussy is totally relaxed and wetter than she can ever remember she picks up the black dildo and rubs it between her breasts, She turns off the vibrator and throws it to the floor, Still holding the dildo in her left hand she takes a tube of KY lubricant from her handbag and opens it and proceeds to rub the oil up and down the length of the black rubber shaft. The engineer can take the teasing no longer and slides the zip of his trousers down to reveal his erect penis and starts to rub his cock within his clenched fist. Seeing the affect her exhibitionism is having on the young man only increases her pleasure as she applies even more lubricant to the monster black cock rubbing its length in a wanking motion, She removes her g-string and lifts her other leg over the other arm of her chair totally exposing the inner pink flesh of her pussy to her audience, And with a final movement she holds the dildo all twelve inches of its length at the entrance of her love tunnel. She once again looks over to the young man who is now pumping his rock hard cock, as she slips the rubber cock into her body and commences to push its length in and out of her pussy. With each thrust the dildo goes deeper and deeper into her pussy and her hips reach forward with every thrust to accommodate the beast, Without warning she cries out as another climax crashes over her, Determined to master the situation she continues to push deeper until only a small amount remains, She has finally managed to take it all, She opens her eyes and looks in the direction of the engineer, But he is no longer sitting on the sofa, He is now kneeling on the floor with his face no more than two feet from her pussy, Still pumping his cock for all he is worth.

She looks at him with triumph written all over her face, the young man starts to come, splashing his seed all over her Stockings and thighs some even landing on her thatch of pubic hair, She collects a small amount of his come on her finger tips and offers it to her red lips and licks her fingers clean. She pulls the monster cock from her womb and hands it to the man who licks the length of the cock, enjoying the sweet taste of her love juice, unable to control his excitement he starts to kiss her stockinged leg working his way higher until he reaches her thigh and licks his own cum from her legs, with its salty taste in his mouth he continues to kiss her thigh running his free hand up and down her black stockings, without warning his lips are on her open pussy and his tongue is licking her clitoris, Her head rests back as she feels his tongue probe her wet pussy. The taste of her love juice excites him and once again his cock starts to rise, His free hand rubs his manhood until its as hard as before he came, Still rubbing his cock he removes his lips from her pussy and starts to kiss her body slowly working his way up to her breasts, he peels the top of her Basque down takes one of her nipples between his teeth and starts to bite its hard tip. This has had the desired affect upon her; She is now under his control.

While biting and licking her nipples he rubs his erect cock up and down the entrance to her pussy and finally plunges his cock into her body, which slips in with ease. She pushes her hips up to meet his thrust as he starts to pump his cock into her, Their bodies heave in unison as they both approach orgasm, her nails bite into his back as she starts to come, Just as she screams out her arrival she feels his cock start to jerk inside her as he fills her pussy with his sperm, totally satisfied he collapses onto her and for the first time he kisses her, and their tongues entwine. “You know, since we’ve been playing out each others sexual fantasies our marriage has gone from strength to strength, I fancy you as much today as the first night we meet”. “Yeah” she replies “and we make love more than we did when we first met”.

– The End –