The Restaurant

Lynn steps from the bath and puts on her robe, She walks from the bathroom and enters her bedroom, On the bed Rick her husband lays reading a magazine, She removes her robe and starts to dry her naked body. Rick looks up from his magazine and admires her beautiful body, her long legs, firm breasts and flat stomach, he compares her to the naked woman in the magazine, she is more attractive than any of them, She finishes drying her body and sits on a stool in front of her dressing table, She picks up the hair drier and proceeds to dry her hair. Rick is also naked, he makes no attempt to conceal his large erection which he occasionally strokes, as Lynn finishes drying her hair, Rick gets up from the bed and walks up behind her, She smiles as in the reflection of the mirror she can see only a large erect cock making its way towards her, She feels his hands on her shoulders and they massage her shoulders and slowly slid down her body towards her breasts. He is now fondling her, making her nipples erect.

Without speaking she terns her body and whilst sitting takes his erection in her hands and feeds it into her mouth, She sucks and licks the erection, leaving saliva on its length, with her right hand she massages his balls and strokes his anus. She stop suddenly and instructs him to sit on the stool and not move until told, she stands up and opens one of the draws of her dressing table and takes out some of her clothing she sits on the bed and opens a new pair of black stockings. Rick’s eyes widen as her watches her remove the stockings from their packaging, she then lies back and lifts her right leg into the air and proceeds to feed her long leg into its black enclosure, then followed by her left leg, She then picks up her suspender belt from the bed and puts it around her waist and closes its clasp, She smiles at Rick on the stool as she straightens her stockings and connects each to the straps of her suspender belt. She then picks up her g string and feeds her long legs into its tiny form and pulls it up against her bushy snatch, she then opens the door of the wardrobe and takes out a pair of red high heeled shoes which she puts on. Rick drools at her, he continues to stoke his cock in his excitement, “Well”, she says I’m ready to go out now, how long will you be getting ready. Rick stands and walks over to her, he kisses her fully on the mouth, pushing his tough into meet hers, suddenly he flings her onto the bed, She lands on her back and he pulls her legs apart. Starting at her knee he kisses and licks her stockinged leg up past the top of her stocking, until he reaches her red g string, he looks up at her with a smile on his face as he pulls her g string to one side exposing her pussy, without a word he starts to lick and suck her pussy, licking her clit with his tongue, through her groans of pleasure she whispers to him “ You swine”. The action of his tongue excites her clitoris and her love juices start to flow, his fingers pull her lips apart to give his mouth maximum coverage, just as he feels her hips push into his mouth, he stops, gets up and walks over to the other wardrobe, opens the door and says “I’ll be ready in five minutes come on we’ll be late.” She glares at him “You swine I was just about to come.” Now you know how I felt after you sucked me, Let me watch you put your stockings on and then tell me your ready to go out. Leaving me with a raging hard on.” Now we’ll both be horny whilst were out. He puts on his pants, trousers and shirt, whilst she puts on her make up, Sitting their in nothing but her stockings, high heels and g string. She knows the sight of her legs excites him as she has on his favorite stockings, sheer black nylon with seams .She finishes her make up, sprays perfume across her body and without bothering with a bra; she puts on a red wrap around dress, which is kept closed by a simple sash cord of black silk. He finishes putting on his shoes and they both walk from the bedroom and down the stairs, in the hall she puts on a long black leather coat and he puts on a black leather jacket.

The car journey is only a short one of about twenty minutes and they arrive at a pub, they both get out and walk inside were they meet Friends for a quiet drink. Lynn is seated with the other woman whilst Rick stands adjacent to them talking to his mates, He can’t understand why his friend keeps glancing over his shoulder as he is talking, without making it obvious he turns and asks Lynn if she would like another drink, Then he realizes what his friend had been looking at. The split of her dress has revealed most of her legs and a glimpse of stocking top. He turns back to his friend, collects his glass and says, “Beautiful aren’t they”. Before his friend can speak he is on his way to the bar. He returns with a tray of drinks and distributes them amongst the crowd and finally returns to his friend who is still staring at the long legs and stocking tops of the woman opposite. “Sorry mate”, he says “Its just that I don’t often get the chance to look at something as good as that”. He glances back over his shoulder and says “Yeah I must be honest every time I see them I get a hard on”, his friend responds “me too”. The evening wears on and the barman calls last orders, they all have a final drink and leave the bar.

Lynn and Rick, and their friend decide that a meal would be a good idea so they climb into the car and drive off towards the town center, Lynn is seated in the front passenger seat next to Rick; the friend is in the center of the rear seat trying to get the best view of Lynn’s legs. Whilst driving down the road Rick’s hand leaves the gear stick and rests on Lynn’s knee, slowly stroking the nylon of her stockings, the movements on her thigh become stronger and Rick’s hand moves higher up her leg which causes the material of her split dress to fall away fully exposing her long legs and stocking tops. The movement suddenly stops as the car stops at traffic lights, only then does she realize that her legs are on full display, she glances over her shoulder at the rear passenger who quickly looks away pretending not to have noticed her display, She then looks towards Rick’s crouch which has signs of a significant bulge. Knowing full well the effect she is having on both men she makes no attempt to cover herself. As the car pulls away from the lights and gains momentum Rick’s hand once again leaves the gear stick and strokes her leg but this time the actions are much bolder and his hand rises higher until it is level with her G string his fingers gently gesture for her to part her legs and she responds without hesitation, the other side of her dress falls away now exposing both of her stocking clad legs right up to her g string, Rick’s fingers slip inside her g string and start to massage her clit, He can tell how aroused she is as the lips of her pussy are wet with her love juice. The passenger in the rear seat can’t believe that he is watching Lynn being masturbated whilst Rick appears to be concentrating on the road, but the erection in his trousers ensures his eyes are firmly fixed upon her beautiful body.

The car pulls up outside an Indian restaurant and Rick removes his hand from her G-string, she pulls down her dress before getting out of the car, the three enter the restaurant and are seated by the Indian waiter at a booth type table which is in the shape of a semi circle, Lynn is seated in the center of the two men. The waiter hands around the menu’s and he leaves them to make their selections, he returns in around five minutes and he interrupts their conversation to take their orders. With all of their orders he walks away to the kitchen. The conversation is of work and holidays all trying to avoid the subject of the car journey, whilst chatting the friend can feel her leg brushing up against his, he looks in the direction of Rick before glancing down at her thigh, Once again her split dress is open to the waist and her stockings and g string are exposed, only slightly visible due to the table cloth and her napkin which she had unfolded and placed in her lap, the pressure on his leg continues to rub up and down, the affect she has on him is that of an instant erection, he pauses from the conversation and takes a packet of cigarettes from his pocket and lights one, whilst holding the cigarette in his left hand, his right hand disappears under the table and proceeds to stroke her leg especially the tops of her stockings, the lump in his fly feels that it is going to burst, just before he erupts into his shorts the waiter returns with the drinks and proceeds to place them on the table, he removes his hand from her thigh and takes a large gulp of his drink. As the waiter is about to leave he drops his order book onto the floor, he bends down to pick it up and then kneels, taking a long time to arise. He had obviously looked under the table and noticed the woman’s legs wide apart and that she was wearing stockings, as he stands up he looks at the woman and grins, and in response, she grins back at him and then giggles softly. Rick puts his drink down and once again returns his hand to the tops of Lynn’s legs, only this time his actions are bolder, his hand finds its way into her g-string and he rubs her clitoris, which is already wet with her love juice.

Rick looks over to his friend and the conversation continues but the look on his friends face is one of knowing as his occasional glances towards Lynn’s movements confirm his suspicion that the actions of the car journey are once again being repeated. Within a short time the waiter returns with the meals and distributes them around the table, Once again as he is about to leave, he drops his order book on the floor and kneels to pick it up, only this time he can see her stocking covered legs wide apart and a hand inside her knickers, He rises and this time looks at Rick seated at the table and smiles.

Things return to normal as they all eat their meal, the empty plates are collected and coffee is served without the waiter dropping anything. Rick lights another cigarette and drinks his coffee. As he finishes his drink he decides to have a final feel of her legs and pussy before they leave, he puts his free hand under the table and starts to rub her leg higher and higher until he reaches the top of her stocking as he is about to go higher towards her pussy her hand stops him. He makes his excuses and leaves the table and heads off towards the toilets as he walks away he looks back and sees that his friend and Lynn are still in conversation, but one of his friends hand are under the table and appear to be angled towards her, As he returns from the toilets he stops at a reasonable distance and bends down and pretends to do up his shoe laces he looks up he can see his friends hand has now replace his within her knickers and his fingers are stroking her pussy.

Rick returns to the table and sits down, he looks at the expression on her face and decides to let her have her fun. As the brandies are being served her hand slides under the table and starts to rub his cock through his trousers, He glances down to her lap and notices that she has removed the table cloth and the napkin which concealed her waist and he could now clearly see his friends hand inside her g string rubbing her pussy, then without warning she smiles at him and starts to undo his fly and trousers with her free hand, within seconds she has his erect cock in her hand and gently rubs it length up and down. The effect she has on him puts him in a cold sweat, for not only is he excited by the view of her pussy being touched up by his friend but the excitement is also caused by the possibility that someone could discover that he is being wanked off in public, finally he can stand the excitement no longer and his cock explodes sending his sperm high into the air landing all over the table and onto his napkin which luckily for him covers his trousers. He quickly picks up a spare napkin and tries to wipe some of the sperm from the tabletop.

Lynn finally breaks the silence and says, “Well I think that must be our cue to leave before they throw us out or call the Police”. The hand removes itself from her pussy and she covers herself. The friend pays the waiter and they leave the restaurant, He thanks them for an entertaining evening and walks off alone towards his home.

-The End-