The shopping trip

Rick and Lynn enter the shop only to find that there is nobody in attendance, He calls out but there is no response. They had been advised that whilst they were in London that they must visit the show rooms of the skin shop as it had the best collection of erotic clothes in Britain and as he loved to dress her in leather and pvc, this shop had to be at the top of their shopping list. They were surprised to find that the shop, not only was empty, but that the clothing on display looked very ordinary, as they looked through the garments they noticed a curtain which concealed a door, in an attempt to find an assistant they pull back the curtain and walk into the next room which is in complete darkness, Rick searches the wall for a light switch and eventually finds the switch and turns on the lights, as the lights come on Lynn closes the door behind them, as it locks they look at each other in surprise. Without warning a voice speaks to them, “Welcome to our automated preview lounge please feel free to examine, use and try on the goods within this area, due to the nature of our goods we have found that customers prefer to brow’s through our collection on their own without the need for an assistant, however an assistant can be summoned at any time during your visit or upon completion as required by you by pushing the red button upon the arm of the center chair, we hope that the goods meet with your satisfaction and await your further instructions”.

The voice had been that of a tape recording and had been played to them over a loud speaker, It was only when the voice had died away that the extent of the goods on offer became apparent, it was like the inside of a dungeon the walls were all covered with items of clothing and gadgets such as whips chains and others which looked so strange that it could take hours before you would understand what or how you where supposed to use it. Their were two strange looking seats with leather straps to hold down the arms and legs and the chair in the center of the room had a large plastic cock for you to sit on.

Unable to believe their eyes they now understood why the goods were to be viewed alone as the presence of an assistant would be too embarrassing to try on the unusual clothes let alone get into one of the chairs or manacles. Well Rick says,” What shall we try first”, “I don’t know if this is such a good idea”, she says “what if someone comes in and where in the middle of undressing “, “Oh don’t be daft they wouldn’t go to all this trouble just to catch you getting your clothes off, after all they want you to buy some of this gear.” Rick starts taking his clothes off and she only takes her coat off, buy now he is down to his underpants “Ok”, she says as your so keen we’ll dress you up first”, She walks over to the wall and takes down a rubber suit which consists of an all in one rubber shirt and shorts with the crouch cut away so his cock is on display, Without hesitation he puts it on,” Well” he says I can’t imagine walking around Tesco’s dressed like this but the rubber feels really nice against the skin”, She looks down at his cock which has started to harden, “before you get any bright idea’s I think a spell in those manacles would be a good start” she says.

She pushes him back against the far wall and clips the collar of the manacle around his neck, Then she lift’s up his arms and ties the leather buckles around his wrist’s, finally she pulls his legs slightly apart and fixes the final leather strap and buckles around his ankles, she check’s that he cannot escape and steps back to admire her work.” Well I can do what ever I like now without you trying to get your hands in my knickers every five minutes, or in this place every two seconds,” she says “ How does it feel” “ Fine he says I just can’t wait until its my turn to strap you in”. He says.”You must be joking if you think I’ll let you tie me up like that“. “So with you out of the way what shall I try on first” she says she takes off the jumper and her bra to reveal firm breasts with small hard nipples, she then takes off her skirt and petticoat to expose long beautiful legs covered by black seamed nylon stockings, and her pussy hair is only just covered by a small black g string, the finishing touch being a pair of red stiletto shoes, these clothes she leaves on, as these clothes he had insisted that she wore for the trip to London. She looks over to him strapped to the wall and now knows why he wanted her to wear these clothes as his cock stands to attention and has a small bead of sperm at its head, “So if this gets you that excited I suppose if I give you an exhibition you may just come without you touching me” she says with a smile on her face. She walks over to him and strokes his cock, then she takes a pvc mask off the wall and places it over his head making sure that the holes for his eyes, nose and mouth are in place. Then whilst stroking his cock she kisses him through the mask pushing her tough into his mouth. She then walks away, and with her back turned to him she bends forward opens her legs and rubs her fingers through her pussy hair pulling her g string to one side, slowly stroking the entrance of her pussy and sliding her index finger into her pussy up to the knuckle. She glances back over her shoulder and laugh’s as she knows that this sort of treatment drives him wild, she crosses the room and takes down a pvc Basque from the wall, She removes her suspender belt and g string and puts on the pvc Basque and clips her stockings into its straps, she then parades herself in fronts of him. He tells her how beautiful she is and that he wishes she would free him so that he could make love to her. She laughs and walks away, and then she notices a pair of thigh length leather boots with six inch high heels in the corner of the room, she walks over to them and picks them up, seats herself upon one of the leather seats, removes her high heeled shoes and whilst watching him strapped to the wall feeds her long legs into the boots one at a time lifting her legs high in the air to give him a better view, when she has them both on she stands and does her best to walk towards him as she has never worn heels as high as these.

When she reaches him she can see from the look in his eyes that the sight of her in her new clothes has excited him, also his cock looks as if it has grown another two inches and its purple head looks ready to explode, She kneels in front of him, takes his cock in her right hand, his balls in her left hand and feeds his prick into her mouth. She sucks his cock for a few minutes massaging his balls as she takes him deeper into her mouth, She then stands up and walks away from him and starts to examine the large leather chair in the center of the room, it is a type of reclining chair with a control panel on the one arm, it has several buttons the largest being red in color and the words “push for assistance” printed upon it, as the chair has a revolving base she turns it until it faces him chained to the wall, she then seats herself upon it and starts to read the instructions, she pushes one of the buttons and the chair reclines slightly, she pushes another and the bottom section of the chair automatically splits into two halves, she places her feet upon each half which means that her legs are wide open and her pussy is on full display to her captive audience, to ensure she still has his full attention she rubs her hand between her legs and starts to fuck herself with her fingers, the attention soon has her juices flowing and the wetness of her pussy lips can be seen by Rick strapped to the wall, who’s cock still stands to attention. She call’s out to him “theirs an automatic mode on this chair should I give it a try”, “Well if you don’t you’ll never know if the chair is worth buying” he replies, She positions her self in accordance with the instructions by placing her hands upon each arm of the chair and keeps her legs wide open upon the out stretched sides of the base of the chair, “well hear goes” she says and pushes the automatic mode button. Suddenly clamps spring around her wrists and ankles locking into position so that she cannot move, he laugh’s and says, “Well what ever you started it wants to hold onto you”. The chair starts to make more noises and two tubes emerge from the side of the chair with suction cups attached to the end of each tube they automatically head in the direction of her breasts and locate themselves upon each breast, then the suction starts and each breast is sucked into the cup, gradually the suction increases until it feels that her breast’s are about to the sucked from her chest, but the effect that it had wanted to create has been achieved as her nipples were now erect, the machine takes advantage of this and automatically placed a small gold clamp upon each nipple preventing it from loosing it’s erect state, the side arms complete with tubes and suction cups then retracted back into the sides of the chair, “Is that all” she says,

The chair then enters its second mode, a device between her open legs comes into view and starts to spray warm water all over her pussy with a strong jet massaging her clit “oh that’s nice “she says, the spray of water stops and a second device comes from the base of the chair it is shaped like a very large penis, it rises into view and then from its large doomed head a type of oil spills from it and runs down the full length of its shaft. The automatic cock when fully covered in oil maneuvers itself between her open legs and starts to rub itself between her pussy lips spreading its lubricant across her sex, this continues for about three minutes it then stops and pushing its full length across the lips of her pussy it starts to vibrate at an incredible speed, “ oh god “she calls out to Rick who is still strapped to the wall, “this is fabulous”, Rick’s eyes are fixed upon the monster dildo between her legs, the display has had quiet an effect upon him as his cock seems to have grown to a size that he has never experienced before and its head is wet with his pre ejaculation sperm.

She calls out aloud as her first climax approaches and is screaming in delight as her second climax takes her breath away, without warning the automated cock between her legs starts to move, it maintains its vibration but slides down the lips of her sex until its pulsating head is no longer positioned upon her clitoris but at the entrance of her pussy. He calls out to her “it looks like it wants to fuck you “and as his words register in her brain, the monster automated cock rises at its base and gently pushes forward and enters her pussy, she moans in pleasure as the chair’s automated cock starts to fuck her, as its length slides in and out of her pussy it continues to vibrate and leak lubricant from its tip to ensure she is well lubricated to take the full size of the beast into her body. Just as her third orgasm rises within her body the vibrating dildo deep inside her body explodes with liquid, which is too much for her little pussy to handle, and it leaks out from the sides of her lips. Having completed its cycle the automated cock retracts from her pussy and disappears back inside the chair.

“Jesus Christ “ she says, “that was fantastic”, “I feel knackered”, the lips of her pussy are still slightly parted were the dildo has stretched her. Without meaning to her hand slips as she tries to straighten up in the chair, and she pushes the “call for assistance button”. Within seconds the door from which they had entered opens and in walks a woman assistant, who looks at Rick chained to the wall and Lynn in the automated chair with her thigh length boots spread wide showing her exposed pussy. Without saying a word she walks over to Rick chained to the wall and puts her fingers around his erection and starts to wank his cock, “I’m not surprised your cocks this hard after watching her get fucked by that machine”, she says, she then kneels down in front of him and takes his erection into her mouth, He doesn’t mind this sort of assistance as the assistant is a good looking woman, as he watches her head sliding up and down his cock he notices what she is wearing, a leather cat suit with the front zip half undone to just about cover her large breasts, Lynn watches the stranger taking her husbands cock in her mouth but she is so tired from the experience with the chair, she is unable to speak, as she closes her eyes her head is full of anticipation, only when she feels something brush against the lips of her swollen pussy that she realizes that somebody else has entered the room, it’s a man, who is also dressed in all leather he is kneeling between her open legs and running his tongue across the lips of her sex and up and down her clit, she tries to close her legs but realizes that the clamps of the chair still hold her legs and arms.” what the fuck do you think your up to “she says, “all part of the service “ he answers. Her husband strapped to the wall is enjoying the other assistant’s mouth action on his cock too much to complain that a strange man is licking Lynn’s pussy and she really has his attention when he feels one of her fingers slide up his anus. The male assistant rises from between her legs and licks his lips he walks over to the wall and takes down a leather cock shaped dildo which he feeds into Lynn’s well lubricated cunt, he then produces a spray can of shaving foam and proceeds to cover her pubic hair in foam, he looks up at her and says,” if I keep the dildo in your pussy whilst I shave off your hair it enables me to shave off all of your pussy hair without cutting any of your delicate little places” “suppose I don’t want my pussy shaved” she says.” It’s all part of the service he smiles.

Whilst chained to the wall, with a beautiful woman sucking his cock, the sight of his wife being fucked with a dildo and shaved by a complete stranger is to much for him and he shoots his load of red hot sperm into the assistants mouth, Which she swallows without hesitation. The shave is the closest Lynn has ever experienced as he has used a cutthroat razor. With the shave completed he releases her from the chair, whilst Rick is unchained from the wall, to complete their visit they purchase the PVC Basque, leather boots, a leather g string for Rick, and a video of the whole experience, which had been filmed without their knowledge, these few items cost a fortune but the video alone was priceless to them. As they leave the shop Lynn says to Rick “when can we come again”, “ as soon as we get home,” he laugh’s.

– The End –