After breakfast, they return to their room and have another cup of coffee and read the mornings newspapers, Lynn says, “Well what shall we do today? How do you feel like going into town and we’ll do some shopping.” “OK, as long as you don’t mind going to the cinema after lunch,” Rick replies. “It’s a deal,” she says. “What film are we going to see?” “It’s a surprise,” he says.

They spend all of the morning going through just about every clothes, shoe and cosmetic store in the city, but Lynn is amazed that throughout it all he has not complained once, even when she ran out of cash and started to use her credit card on their joint account. He must be up to something as he is never this patient when they’re shopping. When Lynn finally runs out of stores, she suggests a light lunch. They visit a small cafe they used to visit regularly when they where courting and each have a tuna salad. Before they go to the cinema Lynn wants to go back to the hotel and freshen up, she also does not wish to take the shopping bags with them to the pictures.

Inside the hotel room Lynn dumps all of the shopping on the sofa except one bag which she takes into the bedroom with her. Rick switches on the television and waits for her, after about ten minutes he calls out, “Come on love, the film starts in half an hour. We don’t want to miss the start.” Lynn appears from the bedroom and his jaw almost hits the floor. Lynn is wearing a short brown dress and her black seamed stockings, her nipples are clearly visible through the dress material and high heeled red open toe shoes, Lynn walks over to him and sits on his lap and says, “Well how do I look? You don’t think I’m overdressed do you?” “Well we are only going to the cinema, but to be honest I think you look great.” He starts to kiss her neck and slides his hand up her stocking covered leg, up past her skirt and is surprised to feel her pubic hair as she is not wearing any knickers. Before he can get too carried away, Lynn gets up and says, “Come on, lets get going if you don’t want to miss the start.”

They leave the hotel and Lynn turns right towards the new multi-screen cinema but is pulled back by him as he turns left and says “no we’re going to the old cinema near the station”, “But that only shows porn films.” “Exactly,” he replies. “Well, if I’d thought we were going there I would have worn trousers” she says. In no time at all they arrive at the cinema. Lynn is glad that she wore her long coat as even though the sun is shinning the wind is very cold and her nipples are fully erect and rubbing against the silk of her dress. He pays at the cash desk and they walk down a dark corridor to the entrance to the theatre, a large woman in her late fifties takes his tickets and shows them to their seats by the light of her torch, Lynn decides to make herself comfortable and takes off her coat and places it over the seat in front of her. Just as the show is about to start Lynn says to him, “Will you get me an ice cream?” Up until the picture had started Lynn could not see how many others were present due to the darkness, but with the light from the screen Lynn looks around and is surprised that their are only about six others and they are all men. As she looks towards each they look away from her as if they are pretending not to notice her. It then dawns on her why they have all started to watch her as the light has given them a perfect view of her breasts, which stand out through the thin material of her dress. Whilst her husband is away getting her an ice cream, the other members of the audience all start to move seats and Lynn is a little alarmed that they are all moving closer to her. She pretends not to notice and focuses on the large screen and is now even more surprised that the film is not a soft core porn but has started with a woman being screwed by a black guy with a huge cock and every detail is in full close up as his cock fills her pussy. Rick returns and hands her the ice cream. Lynn says to him quietly, “I thought they could only show soft core films. Have you seen that?” as Lynn points to the screen. “Yeah,” he replies, “this is a members only session and the films are a bit more realistic.”

Lynn starts to eat her ice cream but feels as if she is being watched with every move she makes. So as not to spoil her husbands enjoyment, as this is still her forfeit, she decides to make the most of the attention and show off, so Lynn exaggerates the motion of her tongue as she licks the ice cream from the cornet and makes it look as if she is licking sperm from an erect cock. As Lynn looks around its as if all the others are looking at her and pretending to watch the film. Knowing she is the center of attention excites her and she decides to have some fun, she slips her hand behind her back and unzips her dress, slowly she takes her arms from the dress and lets it fall to her lap showing her breasts to them all as she wears no bra. She takes a small amount of ice cream onto the tip of her finger and rubs it onto the nipple of each breast which makes her nipples stand up even more erect, as she finishes she nudges Rick who is engrossed in the sex action on the screen and says “wanna lick?” and as she does she points to her nipples. He can’t believe what she has done but needs no second invitation and bends forward and takes each nipple in turn and licks it clean. With the antics of his wife and the action on the screen his cock feels at bursting point so he decides to push his luck and runs his hand up her nylon covered leg up to her knickerless pussy. What surprises him even more is that not only does she not object, but lifts up her short dress and tucks it into her waist band so that he has clear access and lifts her opposite leg up over the arm of her chair so that he can massage her clitoris and finger her wet pussy. She sits upright and pays more attention to the film whilst his hand closest to her plays with her pussy.

The remainder of the audience are now paying her more attention than the film and as she is being so open about her exhibition have stopped pretending that they are even watching the film. The action of his fingers on her clitoris soon have her close to orgasm and just as Lynn moans out its arrival she lifts her leg from the arm off the chair and puts it over the back of the chair in front of her so that her legs are wide open and her high heeled shoe is pointing at her audience, Lynn puts her ice cream in her other hand and starts to rub Rick’s cock through his trousers. Lynn then slips down his zipper and pulls his penis out and starts to masturbate him. Her onlookers are now very interested and each one at a time, as if planned, move even closer to them. Two are now sitting directly behind her, one sits in the seat next to her out-stretched foot and the most daring of all sits in the seat one away from her. Not to spoil the view of her pussy, Lynn takes her hand from Rick’s cock for a short moment and pulls his hand from her pussy and feeds his fingers into her mouth and starts to lick his fingers of her pussy juice. She returns her hand to his cock and without him noticing, with her free hand Lynn rubs the last of her ice cream from the cornet into her hot pussy which makes her jump as the cold cream runs between her lips. Lynn then takes his fingers from her mouth and says “Want some more ice cream?” and runs his fingers between her legs. Rick takes the hint and slips off his chair and onto the floor. He gently pulls her leg closest to him up and Lynn lifts it up so that he can kneel between her open thighs. As he does so she puts her leg over the other chair in front of her so that she now has her legs wide open. Her husband buries his face into her open pussy and licks the cream from her warm sex lips as his tongue works on her he slips a finger into her and starts to finger her.

Lynn has now lost all control and drops the remainder of her cornet onto the floor; she places her hands on the arms of her chair and digs her nails into it. Her second climax rises through her body and Lynn rests her head back and moans out aloud. With her husband working hard between her legs, Lynn starts to regain her composure and as she opens her eyes Lynn begins to realize that other sensations have started without her realizing what was happening. Lynn has two strangers in front of her to each side and each is running his hand gently up and down the nylon stockings on her legs. One has even taken off one of her high heels and is kissing and sucking her toes which leaves the nylon damp and sticky. Lynn’s not sure how long her orgasm lasted, but she is now also aware of her breasts being massaged. She looks quickly down and she has a hand on each breast and they are neither hers or her husbands. Lynn looks over each shoulder and the two strangers behind her have reached over and each is rubbing a breast. She’s not sure if she minds or not as her nipples are very sensitive and the added sensation only increases her pleasure. What surprises her the most is that the man in the chair next to hers has his cock out and is openly wanking off as he watches her.

Rick rises from the floor and is surprised to see the extent of attention his wife is now receiving, but considering what they have been doing, he should have realized that they would have been more exciting than the film. As there is no longer a need to be secretive he stands up fully, leans forward and offers her his cock which she takes with both hands and feeds into her open mouth. Lynn gently licks and sucks it then to his surprise takes its full length into her throat and pumps her head up and down whilst massaging his balls. He can take this for only a limited time and moans to advise her of his impending eruption Lynn slides his cock from her throat and wanks his wet cock with all her force. The explosion of semen hits her in the face and down the entire length of her body. It’s as much as Lynn has ever seen him shoot before. With every stroke of her hand he spurts a little more until finally he runs dry. Lynn wipes the come from her face with her finger then licks it clean. Their audience starts to clap and return to their original seats.

As Rick puts his cock back inside his trousers and Lynn wipes the remainder of his sperm from her dress and finally puts her feet back on the ground, the large woman attendant shines her torch upon them and says, “the manager wants to see you two in his office.” Without a word they follow her out of the cinema and up several flights of stairs into a large, well furnished office. With the exception of large posters upon the walls advertising pornographic films it could have been any executive’s office, as the standard of decor was outstanding. The manager held out his hand to them both in greeting but does not speak until the attendant has left the room. “That was a great show you two put on down there. It’s just a shame that my security cameras are only in black and white.” As he finishes, he points a remote control to a large screen television in the opposite corner of the office. It shows them both seated in the cinema and they all sit in silence as they watch their antics from the very beginning to a glorious close up of Rick’s cock spurting come into Lynn’s face. Finally the manager breaks the silence and says, “Well, I’m a reasonable man and in point of fact, a lot of our customers hope to watch this kind of activity within the audience, but I must limit it so as not to jeopardize my entertainment license. So, in this case I’m prepared to overlook your over excitement.” Rick interrupts “Fine so I don’t suppose you’d mind giving us that security tape then.” “Well,” he replies, “If you want the tape you’ll have to bargain for it. Before you get the wrong idea, I’m not after money. You see, I get to watch this kind of film day in day out, but what I really like is to watch it in the flesh. So, if you two would mind obliging, then we’ll all be happy.” “Look I’ve only just shot my load I’m not going to be able to go for it right now.” The manager interrupts him, “You need not worry. My particular pleasure is to watch woman masturbate. If your good lady wife would oblige then it would make me a very happy man.”

Lynn looks at Rick and the look in his eye and his grin confirm her worst suspicion. That he wants her to do it. Without a word Lynn gets up from her chair and takes off her coat and dress to expose her naked body. “Wonderful,” the manager says and opens the top draw of his desk. He takes out two vibrators; one large white one, the other a long thin black one with a bullet shaped head. “It would give me great pleasure if you would use these,” and he puts them on the desk in front of her. Before going too far Lynn wants to warm up first, so she walks over to the open area away from the desk and kneels on the floor with her back to them both and pushes her bottom out at them both. Then, in a single movement, Lynn opens her legs wide to expose her soft pussy mound to their glare. She gently pushes her hand through her open thighs and starts to rub her mound of hair. With each stroke her fingers rub her pussy until her fingers are lost as they run across the lips of her pussy. Lynn keeps this up until her pussy is soaked with excitement and Lynn finally parts the lips of her pussy and feeds one of her fingers into her love tunnel and slides it up and down. Her pussy is now on fire and her cum is running freely through her fingers. Lynn feeds another and then another finger into her pussy.

Rick is proud of her display and it is obviously having the desired effect upon the cinema manager as he has taken his penis out and has moved his chair to the side of his desk to get a better look. He seems to be in a trance as he cannot take his eyes off her pussy and his hand speed must have been about thirty miles an hour with short stops to prevent coming too soon.

Lynn finally gets up from the floor and walks towards the manager. His face is one of almost panic. Just before Lynn reaches him she picks up the two vibrators from the desk and says “both?” “Yes please,” he replies. Lynn returns to her original position, but this time lies on her back and opens her legs wide at them. Her high heels dig deep into the thick pile of the carpet. Rick sees two pillows in the corner of the room and throws them to Lynn to make her more comfortable. Lynn puts the black vibrator on the floor beside her and offers the white tip of the other to her lips in mock deep throat. The two watch her with open mouths as she slips it into her mouth and slides it back and fro. The managers speed is now up to about fifty miles an hour. When the vibrator is covered in her saliva Lynn takes it from her mouth and positions it upon her clitoris then switches it on. The pulsating head upon her hot clit sends her over the top and Lynn screams out aloud as she orgasms. Lynn keeps this up for about fifteen minutes before she finally plunges the vibrating monster into her soaking hole, which it swallows.

Rick can stand no more and has to release his aching cock. He slips down his zipper and pulls it free of his trousers. Then in time with the thrusts of the vibrator, pumps his cock. Lynn then remembers the black vibrator at her side and picks it up from the floor with her free hand and feeds it into her mouth, as it slides between her lips her lipstick marks its sides as if to highlight how far she has taken it into her throat. With the two plastic weapons probing either end of her body Lynn feels like she is being fucked by Plastic Man and the presence of an audience only makes her feel more horny. Lynn takes the wet plastic from her mouth and whilst the larger vibrator is deep in her pussy she position the other between her buttocks and gently touches her anus and with very soft strokes pushes it into her rear until it has practically disappeared. The cinema managers face has gone purple its as if he has seen a ghost. But it’s not with fear as his hand speed has almost gone off the clock as he watches her fuck herself in the pussy and ass with his own play things.

Lynn is surprised to find that the presense of a vibrator in each orifice is enjoyable. Maybe its because she controls how deep and how fast each is moved, but it does not take her to long to enjoy yet another orgasm. Lynn feels she has done enough to satisfy the managers perverted pleasures and gently slides each vibrator from her body. Considering how quickly his hand is pumping, she thought the manager would have come by now. She hadn’t noticed until now but is not surprised that her husband is also having a wank over her performance. With the vibrators in her hand Lynn gets up from the floor and walks back over to the manager’s desk and places them down next to his phone. She looks at her husband with his cock it his hand and she winks at him. “You were wonderful,”he says. Lynn finally looks at the manager whose hand is a blur as he wanks himself off. You’re a pathetic little shit,” Lynn says to him. “Thank you,” he replies. “And you’ve only got a little dick, look over there at my husband’s, now that’s what a real cock looks like.” This kind of humiliation seems to be what turns him on as he replies, “Yes you’re right. I’m such a twat.” “Let me do that for you, you daft bastard,” Lynn shouts. “You don’t even know how to have a wank.”

Lynn kneels down in front of the manager’s chair and pulls off his trousers and pants and pushes his legs open wide. She takes his hand from his cock and tells him to put his hands on the arms of the chair and if he tries to move them or touch her she’ll rip his cock off. He looks at her with a silly schoolboy look on his face and says, “Yes miss, I’ll be a good boy.” Lynn places her hand around his fat little cock and as she does so Rick drops his pants and kneels behind her. Lynn strokes the managers cock and says “Now watch how a real man fucks a woman, look and learn.” Her husband rubs his throbbing cock along the length of her pussy then pushes it home into her wet pussy.” Lynn looks the manager in the eyes and says, “Oh fuck, that feels better than any vibrator, nothing is better than a solid cock filling a woman.” As her husband pumps his shaft into her Lynn pumps the managers cock up and down then she leans slightly forward and spits onto his cock. No sooner has Lynn rubbed her spit across his cock making it all wet and slippery that the manager shoots his load of come high into the air and all down the front of his expensive suit jacket and shirt. Soon after Lynn feels her husbands pace increase and he fills her body with his sperm.

They all dress in silence, until Lynn finally says “You did promise us the video tape,” and holds out her hand to the manager. Without a word, he takes the tape from the machine and hands it to her. “I don’t know how to thank you,” he says. “Well, let’s just say next time we come to your cinema you don’t try and blackmail us. If you wanted to watch us fuck or even watch me play with my pussy, all you have to do is ask.” Lynn kisses him on the cheek and she leaves with Rick. When outside Lynn looks at Rick and says “That was fun. You’ll have to take me to the cinema more often.” He smiles back at her and says, “It’s a deal.” They walk off arm in arm back towards their hotel.

— The End —