Back at their hotel they decide that a shower and a nap are in order before an evening on the town, as it will be their last night at the hotel. They are awakened by their alarm at seven o’clock and each have a wash and clean their teeth before getting dressed. Lynn is always first to get ready to go out and decides to go down to the hotel lounge and have a cup of tea and read the evening paper. “I’ll wait for you downstairs,” Lynn calls to him. She knows he’ll be at least another half an hour before he is ready. He blows her a kiss as she picks up a key and walks towards the door. Lynn’s dressed to please him again as she has put on a short black skirt with a see-through white blouse through which her wonderful breasts are clearly visible as Lynn has no bra on. This she has partly covered by putting on a black blazer which occasionally falls open to reveal her breasts to anyone lucky enough to be in front of her, but what pleases him most is that Lynn has put on her nylon seamed stockings and her new high heeled shoes. What he doesn’t know is that she has no knickers on and she knows that will drive him wild when he finds out.

In the reception she picks one of the complimentary evening newspapers and settles on one of the sofas. Lynn calls over a waiter and orders herself a pot of tea. When it arrives Lynn pours her self a cup and settles back to read the paper. After around ten minutes Lynn is aware of someone standing over her. Lynn looks over her paper and recognizes the tall blond German from the previous evening. What surprises her is that he sits down beside her puts his arm around her and kisses her fully on the lips. A little shocked, she looks at him and says “That was very nice, but I think you’re working just a little too fast for me.” “I think perhaps I should explain,” he says. He tells her of how he came to her room and was allowed in by a woman who was practically naked and how he had conned her into thinking he was a friend of her husband. He also explains how he lost control when he saw her on the bed in only stockings and a blindfold, and it was he who had made love to her first thing in the morning.

As he finishes his story Lynn is not sure if she is pleased or angry, as she sits in silence another blonde man who looks identical to the man sat beside her sits on the chair opposite and bids her good evening. “Oh, let me introduce you to my twin brother, who has just flown in from Germany today.” Lynn holds out her hand, which he kisses, “Does he know?” Lynn inquires, “Yes. I must confess that I told him on the way to the hotel.”

Lynn looks at them both in turn and says, “So you thought you would come straight to me and ask for a second helping. What if I was to ring the police and tell them that you raped me. That’s what it practically amounts to!” There is a long silence which is finally broken by her as she says “Well, lets just say if you two will take part in my little scheme, then I’ll not say another word to anybody about this morning.” They both agree and settle back to listen to their instructions.

When Rick finally makes it to the lobby he finds her on her own. Lynn has finished her tea and read the paper. “How does it take you so long to get ready,” she says. “What’s the rush,” he replies. They decide to go to a local fish restaurant as neither want a heavy meal. They take the car as neither has bothered with a coat and the summer night air makes it a little too cold to walk. They have a quiet corner table and each have the special of the day, which is trout. They leave the restaurant and decide to go back to the hotel to have a drink in the bar and an early night.

Back at the hotel Lynn sits in one of the armchairs at a free table, whilst he goes to the bar for the drinks. Lynn’s surprised that so far tonight he has managed to keep his hands off her. Perhaps the actions of last night and this afternoon have finally proved too much for him and he needs a rest. That’s not like him. He seems to always have a permanent hard on. She decides to set the mood and as he returns from the bar with two glasses of wine and sits in the chair opposite her. Lynn pulls one of the footstools to one side of her chair. She takes her glass of wine from the table and leans back into her chair. As Lynn does so, she puts her right foot upon the footstool and allows her legs to fall slightly apart. They chat of birthdays and presents for friends and all the time her legs are getting slightly further and further apart until finally he is looking straight up her skirt. The familiar sight of white thigh above the dark hem of her stockings has the usual effect and his cock starts to rise, but as he looks closer he notices that Lynn has no knickers on and she is openly displaying her pussy to him. This excites him as much as anything and he soon has to adjust himself as his hard on gets out of control. He’s not sure if its the fact that somebody else might see her or if it’s the fact that Lynn is doing this without him having to ask her that excites him so much. Lynn smiles at him and says “Does that look good to you?” He replies, “It looks good enough to eat.” Lynn feels in the mood to wind him up even further and says, “Don’t look over your shoulder but there’s a couple at the next table and he’s spotted what you’re looking at and hasn’t taken his eyes off me. What do you think I should do. Cover up or let him look?” Rick looks a little shocked and says, “No, let him have a good look.” As he says so he looks over his shoulder, only to find the next table empty. “You crafty cow,” he says. “Now let’s finish our wine and go up to our room. I’ve got something I want you to play with.” “Not so fast,” Lynn says. So far you’ve had it all your own way. Tonight it’s my turn and I want you to do as you’re told.” “That sounds fine by me. You know I love to be dominated. It can be my turn tomorrow night.” “It’s a deal,” Lynn replies.

They finish their drinks and take the lift back to their suite. He tries to kiss her in the lift and Lynn holds him back saying wait until we’re inside our room. When they finally reach the room he tries to kiss her again and Lynn says, “No, not yet. I want you to take off all of your clothes and let me take the lead.” He does as he is told and sits in the sofa. Whilst he is taking his clothes off, Lynn checks her watch. Lynn sits in one of the chairs opposite him and lifts her skirt up above the tops of her stockings and then more slowly up to expose her soft pussy. Lynn then hooks her legs over the arms of the chair and instructs him to crawl across the floor and lick her pussy for all he is worth. He cannot resist such an invitation and crawls across to her. He kisses up her stockings and licks his way across her white thigh to her pussy mound. Lynn tastes good and he sets about licking her clitoris and running his tongue up and down the length of her pussy until Lynn is dripping with excitement, but before he can get into a position to slip his erection into her warm body, Lynn orders him back to the sofa, which he does with a sorry look on his face. Lynn says “Don’t worry it’s your turn now.”

He watches as Lynn stands up and walks over to him seated on the sofa with his cock standing up like a flagpole. Lynn smooths her skirt and kneels between his open legs. He reaches for her breasts but is told to sit back and do as he is told, or she’ll have to tie him up. Lynn again checks her watch, which he does not really notice, then she leans forward takes hold of his erect manhood and sinks her lips around it. Lynn sucks and licks his cock with great care not to take things too quickly as Lynn does not want him to come just yet. Every few minutes Lynn checks her watch. After a good fifteen minutes of sucking and kissing his cock and balls Lynn says, “And now for something a little different,” as she takes his cock from her mouth and tries to stand up he grabs her and pulls her to him. “That’s it, I warned you that if you tried anything else I’d tie you up and now I’m going to do just that.” Lynn stands up and takes the cords from the curtains that he had used on her the previous night. Lynn leads him by the hand to the dining table and tells him to lean forward onto the table so that his feet are still on the floor but his chest and stomach are upon the table. Lynn then pulls his legs slightly apart and ties his ankles to the legs of the table.

He is a little surprised at her approach but is willing to try anything once. Lynn then ties his hands together and pulls the cord tight across the table and ties it to the edge support rail beneath the table so that he cannot break free. Lynn walks behind him and runs her hand across his backside and then down between his open legs and gently squeezes his balls. Her hand massages these for a while, then closes around his rigid cock and pumps his foreskin back and forth over the head of his cock. She releases his cock and walks away from him leaving him helpless with his ass in the air. Lynn goes to the bathroom and takes one of her vibrators from her night bag along with a tube of lubricating jelly.

Rick looks a little worried as he watches her walk back towards him, her high heels digging deep into the thick carpet. She goes behind him and squirts a little lubricant onto the index finger of her right hand and rubs it between the cheeks of his bottom. She then covers her finger and places it’s tip at the entrance of his anus with a little pressure she feels his hole start to give and her finger slowly slides into his body. As he starts to relax a little, Lynn finds it easier to finger him and soon finds his G stop and plays with the gland with the tip of her finger as she fiddles with his rear her left hand slides under the table and strokes his cock. The attention he is receiving has him very excited and his cock feels like an iron bar. He does not really notice that Lynn has taken her finger from his ass but is made very aware of her vibrator as it nudges past his buttocks and is positioned over his ass hole. The pressure is increased and inch by inch is inserted into his anus. His cock is released and Lynn pays her full attention to fucking his anus with her vibrator. With each stroke Lynn pushes a little harder until she has all but the end of the nine inches of plastic inside him. Now that it is all in Lynn switches it on and can hear the humming from deep inside his body. The sudden change from thrusting to deep vibrations he finds a pleasant change and settles down to enjoy the sensation.

Lynn glances down at her watch just as there is a knock on the door. Rick looks at her with a shocked expression on his face. Lynn stands up and wipes her hand with a tissue from her handbag. She checks her look in the mirror and starts to walk towards the door “For gods sake, don’t leave me like this. What if it’s the maid and needs to come in.” Lynn glances back at him and says, “What if it is the maid? I don’t think she would be too alarmed. I’m sure they see all sorts of things working in a hotel.” Lynn continues towards the door and he closes his eyes as he can’t bear to look. Lynn opens the door. He can hear her talking to what sounds like a man. He hears the door close and breaths out aloud and says under his breath “Thank Christ they’re gone,” but as he opens his eyes he can’t believe that Lynn has let two complete strangers into their room and they are seated upon the sofa looking straight at him tied to the table. “Good evening” they say to him. He nods and glares at his wife who smiles back at him and sits herself down on the sofa between the two men. Rick suddenly remembers where he saw one of them. It was the bloody German who tried to chat her up at the bar on the first night, and the other must be his brother or a clone as they look identical.

The three of them sit there smiling at him and he can feel his face turn red with embarrassment. But before long one of them turns to his wife and starts to kiss her neck and run his hand up the see through blouse and rub her breasts through the thin material. As this happens the other starts to rub his hand up her legs and as he does so he looks into her husband’s eyes and smiles. Soon her skirt is raised and his hand slides up the soft white skin above the tops of her stockings. By now his brother has Lynn’s full attention and is kissing her full upon the mouth and their tongues explore each other. The hand upon her thigh works further up and pulls her legs apart. The fingers slide between her open legs and stroke her knickerless pussy and are soon sliding between her lips and rubbing her clitoris. The other man breaks away from her kiss and undoes the buttons of her blouse, his head dips as he takes one of her nipples between his lips and gently sucks it to erection, his other hand stroking her free breast.

Rick is powerless to resist to the antics of these two strangers as they use his wife for their pleasure, but after all Lynn must have set the whole thing up so he may as well relax and enjoy the show she has arranged for him. Within a sort time the two blonde hunks have her naked except for her stockings and high heels, Rick laughs to himself thinking that it’s not only him who likes woman to keep them on when their having sex. His wife seems to be in command as she orders them to take their clothes off. The two stand in front of her and strip down to their pants, at which point Lynn sinks to the floor in front of them and places a hand upon the bulges in their pants and gently rubs each one in turn. Lynn looks up to them and says “Well, lets see who’s the biggest.” One at a time, Lynn tucks her fingers into the owner’s pants and brings out a large erect cock each being about seven inches long and as thick as her wrist. Lynn looks over to her husband and says, “Well, who’s a lucky girl,” and jumps back onto the sofa and opens her stocking covered legs wide. Lynn looks at the two men in front of her and says “Come on boys. Take me to heaven.” One of the Germans kneels between her open legs and pushes his face into her pussy, his tongue working overtime upon her clitoris the other kneels beside her upon the sofa and feeds his cock into her willing mouth. Rick can’t take his eyes from his wife as these two men service her and the vibrations from deep in his anus only increase his excitement. He only wishes he could stroke his cock as he watches her pleasure.

As the tongue between her legs strokes her clitoris, Lynn feels a finger slide into her womb which is soon joined by a second, Lynn now has lost most of her self control and is sucking and biting the cock in her mouth for all she is worth and her head is bobbing up and down the rigid shaft. Lynn feels herself approaching orgasm and cries out aloud as the sensations rush through her body. As the pleasure subsides Lynn feels her self being lifted up and allows herself to be positioned as her lovers want her, which is kneeling on the sofa with her head leaning over one of its arms. The cock that was in her mouth is withdrawn, only to be replaced by its brother. Lynn feels somebody kneel behind her on the sofa and the cock that Lynn had sucked so hard is placed between the wet lips of her pussy and pushed into her body up to the hilt in one smooth motion. Lynn is now beyond control. She’s not sure why, as this is not the first time she has had a cock in her mouth and pussy at the same time, but puts it down to the fact that neither of the cocks are her husbands and that he is powerless to stop her from having her fun, although she doubts that he would have stopped her in any case as he’s such a perverted swine.

Rick can not believe how long these two are fucking his wife as every five minutes or so they change ends, which shocks him a little as his wife does not often like to suck a cock after its been in her pussy, but tonight Lynn seems to be loving it. It’s at least forty minutes before they move to a new position. One of her lovers sits in the middle of the sofa and Lynn faces him still kneeling and sits upon his rigid cock which sinks into her with ease. The second lover stands beside her raised bottom and runs his finger between the cheeks of her ass, he looks over to her husband and says “Your wife’s a wonderful fuck and just look how her pussy takes all of my brothers cock. Perhaps she would like it if I was to slip mine up her ass so you can watch us both fuck her at the same time.” Unable to speak Rick watches as a wet finger is pushed into his wife’s anus along side the cock already in her pussy. The sudden intrusion into her back passage sends her over the top for her second orgasm. As she relaxes from its intensity the finger in her back passage is withdrawn and Lynn feels her other lovers cock placed between her cheeks and slowly fed into her ass. She feels totally filled with a huge cock in both holes, they thrust at her one at a time and in no time have her third orgasm approaching but what finally brings it on is the sensation of both the cock in her pussy and in her ass filling her with a gallon of hot sperm. This proves too much for her and she screams out at the top of her voice, “I’m coming. Oh shit don’t stop.”

When the excitement finally calms down the husband watches as two limp cocks are withdrawn from his wife’s body and without a word the two men dress and give a wave as they make for the door. He still can’t believe how he has just been set up in such a way, considering that this was to be his revenge weekend. Still it was a wonderful sight and now that those two are out of the way perhaps he can empty his balls before they explode. Lynn waves good night to the two Germans as they close the door behind them and then looks over to her husband, “Well, I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.” “I’ll enjoy it even more when you untie me and I can sink my swollen cock into you.” “After the last hour of those two banging away at me, the last thing I need right now is another cock in me.” Before he can answer, Lynn gets up from the sofa and ducks down under the table to which he is tied and what a relief he feels as Lynn feeds his cock into her mouth and starts to suck him off. It only takes a minute or so before Lynn feels his hot spunk erupt into her mouth which Lynn swallows as she pumps every last drop of his seed into her eager mouth. What a night she’s had. She’s received a hot load in all holes and is now ready for a good nights sleep. But before he can be released, it’s time for her to teach him a little lesson. She takes off her high heels and climbs up onto the table. Rick feels her position herself across his tied arms, she squats with her pussy inches from his face and says, “Now, to be free you must taste my friends deposits. You often get me to swallow your cum, now its your turn to see what it tastes like.” Rick looks at her pink lips and sees the cum on her outer lips and inside her. Rick looks up at her and says, “Bitch.” He dips his head to her lips and licks her, his tongue working it’s way into her, tasting the hot salty cum of the Germans in the back of this throat. Lynn is so excited that she again climax’s and Rick can taste her cum mixed with the semen. She looks down at his face with cum on his chin and says, “Thank you my sweet, that felt so good.” She considers leaving him tied to the table for the night but only leaves him there for about another fifteen minutes whilst she takes a shower.

Naked and dripping wet she returns from the bathroom and he pleads with her to set him free, so walks up behind him and slowly pulls the still pulsating vibrator from his anus. Then one at a time unties the knots which have held him captive. Totally exhausted he also takes a quick shower before joining her in bed. “That was a different but wonderful evening, thank you.” They kiss and before Lynn knows what is happening he is between her legs feeding his once more erect cock into her pussy, “Don’t you ever get enough,” she says as he pounds his erection into her. “I don’t think I can ever get enough of you,” he says. The rest of the night is a blur to her. Lynn thinks she can remember him coming inside her, but she is too exhausted to care and soon they are both fast asleep.

— The End —