The following day they both have to go to work. During the day Rick has time to hatch his plans for the evenings exploits, he books a table and a room at the Hilton hotel. He then phones a number he found whilst scanning a personal contact magazine; he makes an appointment and settles down to his days work at the office.

At lunchtime he goes home and writes Lynn a note:

“I will meet you in the bar of the Hilton hotel at 7.30pm. Please wear your red dress, the new high heels I bought you yesterday, my favourite black seamed stockings with your black Basque and the tiny red g-string that I like so much. Don’t eat, as we will be eating out. Try not to be late. Love Rick.”

He leaves the note on the kitchen worktop next to the kettle as Lynn always makes a cup of tea when she comes home from work. He goes upstairs and packs an overnight bag for them both as he wants to surprise her with a night in the hotel. When he has everything he needs including toothbrushes, razor and a lot of her make up, but not to much to make it obvious that he is planning something, he goes back to work. The afternoon seems never ending but the clock eventually gets to five o’clock. He does not go home as he has all he needs so he goes straight to the hotel and books in at reception. He gets two keys and goes straight up to the room to set things up. It’s huge. He never realized that a double suite would be that large, it has a king size bed and a large sofa, but what surprises him is that it has its own bar and a whirlpool bath. When he has unpacked his and her clothes and put all the make up, etc. in the bathroom, he has a quick shower and puts on clean clothes. He is now ready for his appointment, which he is due to meet at 6.30pm in the bar downstairs. He takes both room keys with him and goes down to the bar. He orders himself a drink and waits.

Lynn arrives home to find the house empty, which surprises her as he is usually home first, so she goes into the kitchen and puts the kettle on. As she does she spots the note he has left for her. She makes herself a cup of tea and settles down on the sofa and opens his note. Lynn reads it out loud to herself and wonders what the hell he has planned for her tonight, and hopes its not as radical as last nights antics. She finishes her tea and goes upstairs and starts the bath running. As the bath fills she gets out the clothes specified on his list. She gets into the bath and washes away the grime of the day. When she has finished she dries her body and her hair then puts on her make up.

Lynn then starts to get dressed. She opens a new packet of stockings. They are black with a fully shaped heel and seams. They are nylon as he loves the feel of nylon. She feeds her legs into them, then puts on her suspender belt, before going any further Lynn checks that her seams are straight, she then puts on her g-string which does little to cover her thick bush of pubic hair. When she has finished dressing Lynn gets out the court shoes that he bought for her and slips her feet into them, the huge six inch heels makes it difficult to walk but after a few practice walks up and down the bedroom she feels more confident. She checks the time and decides she had better leave as he asked her not to be late.

Rick’s appointment arrives about five minutes after his drink, She is tall dark haired, attractive, and wears a smart business suit which has a knee length skirt which is just short enough to show her legs which are covered in black nylon and to his delight are seamed. He should not have been surprised as he had requested that she wear these during their telephone conversation that morning. He requests that she arrive at exactly 10:30 pm and not to knock the door as he will open it exactly on time. She smiles at him, leans forward kisses his cheek and leaves.

As he has about forty minutes to wait before his wife is due to arrive he decides to read one of the complimentary papers, so he orders another drink and decides to seat himself in one of the alcoves upon a large comfortable sofa. He makes himself at home and starts to read the paper. At about twenty past seven, Lynn arrives but goes to reception first. She wants to see if he has booked a room for the night and her suspicion is confirmed, but as he has the two room keys there is no spare for her. She is given a room card which confirms that she is a guest at the hotel and it also confirms her room number. Lynn then walks over to the bar without looking around the lounge and orders herself a drink. As she stands at the bar she can feel eyes upon her body.
Lynn exposing herself
Rick has watched her since she has entered the hotel, but as he is concealed behind his paper she has not noticed him, he has also noticed that at least four men have also not taken their eyes off her since she entered. Lynn does look wonderful in her red dress and high heels and not to mention those fabulous legs. Lynn sits upon a high revolving stool and looks around the lounge as she sips her drink. Luckily she does not spot her husband as he ducks behind his paper, for he wants to see if anyone will try to pick her up and he can go to the rescue. Within no time, a large blonde man gets up from his chair on the opposite side of the lounge and walks up to the bar and stands beside her. He orders himself a drink and starts to talk to her. Rick lets them talk for about ten minutes and decides that enough is enough and that tonight is for his fun and games; not some stranger. As he rises from his chair he sees the stranger kiss her hand and walk away.

Rick walks over to her and kisses her cheek, “Sorry, I’m a little late.”, he says. “Bullshit, you’ve been watching all the time.” Lynn replies. “Well don’t keep me in suspense, what did the blonde guy want?” “What do you think?” Lynn says. “Probably to take you to his room and make love to you until morning.” “Close,” Lynn replies, “Honest, no, he asked me to have a drink with him and if I would like some company for dinner, but as you said that we would be dining I thanked him and declined, but he did suggest an early morning swim which I said I would think about.” “So you fancy a swim with him. Well as it looks as is we are staying the night we might as well use all the facilities of the hotel and I could hire a swim suit from the fitness center.”

They have another drink together and generally chat about the days events, then go to the restaurant and are seated at a quiet corner table and order their meals. It is a wonderful evening, the meal and wine are excellent and the candle-lit atmosphere creates a warm relaxed environment. At the end of the meal he signs the receipt and suggests a coffee in their room. He watches her walk ahead of him to the lift and cannot resist looking her up and down and admiring her beauty and he can finally get a look at those wonderful legs.

When in the lift he can resist her no longer and pulls her close to him and kisses her fully on the mouth, his hands wander up and down her body. The feel of her suspender clip through her dress excites him and his penis rises within his trousers. Lynn can feel this reaction and she lowers her hand to stroke him through the thin material of his trousers, but before things can go any further the lift stops at their floor and the door opens. A man waiting for the lift smiles at them as they release each other and leave the lift car. They walk down the corridor hand in hand until they reach their room and he uses his card upon the electronic lock to open the door. Lynn is very impressed with the size of the room, the huge bed and most of all with the whirlpool bath. He offers her a drink from the bar but Lynn would prefer a cup of coffee, so he puts the kettle on and puts milk and coffee in the cups. Lynn stands with her back to him looking out of the large window across the lights of the city. He walks up behind her and puts his hands around her waist and starts to kiss the back of her neck and ear. Lynn lifts back her head in reaction to his kiss and his hands rise from her waist to her breasts which he fondles through the satin of her dress as Lynn does not wear a bra. Her nipples rise to his touch and she softly moans. As he is about to open her dress for clear access to her nipples the kettle starts to boil. Lynn looks over her shoulder and says, “Was that you or the kettle?” He laughs and walks back across and pours the coffee. They sit on either end of the large sofa and chat as they drink their coffee. Lynn lets her dress fall open to expose the tops of her stockings, as she knows it turns him on.

Rick finishes his coffee quickly and checks his watch, its ten past ten and he must get his plan under way. Luckily Lynn finishes her coffee so he takes her cup and puts it on the side table, he then sits next to her and runs his hand up her leg and strokes the top of her stocking. He leans over her and kisses her fully on the lips. Lynn responds and once again starts to stroke his rising manhood through his trousers, their passions rise and he opens her dress to expose her breasts. He breaks away from her kiss and starts to suck her erect nipple, his hand moves above the top of her stocking, up her thigh and pushes her legs open. He then starts to stroke her pussy through the material of her g-string. Lynn feels warm and willing. But before things get to out of hand he must now start to put his plan into action as time is running out, so he takes the blindfold from his pocket and says “Now for my little treat.” He sits her in the center of the sofa and lifts the blindfold to her face. Lynn says “I suppose this is all part of your revenge, it’s only a little fun, just like that film nine and a half weeks.” Lynn feels a little apprehensive but as there are only the two of them tonight she decides to go along with his little game. When he has the blindfold firmly in place he gets up and goes over to the curtain and takes the tie backs from each in turn but does not bother to close the curtains as the remote possibility that somebody may be watching only adds to his excitement. He then ties the cords around her wrists one at a time to the arms of the sofa so that her arms are open wide and cannot be closed. He then stands before her and admires his handy work. He checks his watch and it is exactly half past ten. He then says to her “We will need some ice to tease you with. There’s an ice machine in the hall. I won’t be long, so don’t go away.”

Her mind is now starting to regret allowing him to tie her and blindfold her, especially as he wants to use ice on her nice warm body. He opens the door to the room and standing directly in front of him is the woman that he met earlier in the bar. He puts a finger to his lips and shakes his head to indicate that she should not speak. He steps towards her into the hall and kisses her fully on the mouth, their tongues in each others mouths and his hand works down her body across her bottom to her thigh and checks that she still has her stockings on. He breaks away from her kiss and looks behind her back. His hopes are confirmed that she is still wearing her seams. “Perfect” he says. He crosses the hall to the ice machine and collects a plastic cup full of ice. He walks back to her, pats her behind and they both walk back into the room together. As his new escort walks through to the lounge she sees his wife and smiles. She looks across at him and licks her lips. She puts her bag down on the floor and takes the cup of ice from Rick. He lights a cigarette and sits in the chair opposite the sofa.

All the time this has been going on Lynn’s mind has been working overtime, but she has not realized that there are now two people in the room with her. Lynn did not even hear him light his cigarette. The escort takes off her jacket and undoes the buttons of her blouse, she also unzips her skirt; soon her clothes are discarded onto the floor. She keeps on her stockings and suspender belt along with her high heeled shoes and lace panties. Lynn hears the movement of the zip and the rush of air as the clothes hit the floor, she naturally assumes that her Rick is taking of his clothes ready to make love to her. Rick did not expect his new escort to take matters so quickly into hand, but is delighted to sit back and watch the events unfold before him. Her breasts are much larger than his wife’s, but are not as firm and her nipples are very large, but she has a firm bottom a very nice legs encased in his favourite stockings. Now that she has disposed of her clothes she kneels between Lynn’s open legs as he draws harder on his cigarette and feels his cock get even harder in the confines of his trousers. The escort takes a cube of ice and starts to gently rub it across his wife’s flat stomach up towards her breasts and finally across her nipples one at a time. “Oh darling, that feels so cold it makes all of my nerves tingle.” The woman does not speak as she is under instructions from Rick and it would give the game away to the wife if she did speak.

The ice cube in her hand slowly melts away across the firm breasts and stomach before her, the escort leans her head forward and starts to lick the water from the stomach first and slowly works her way up to the breasts, one at a time she takes each nipple between her lips and gently sucks on it so that it rises to erection in her mouth. With each nipple fully aroused she works from side to side pulling and biting each one teasing it, then licking it to maintain a variation of sensation. Lynn speaks, “Darling, that feels wonderful, you’re so much more gentle when you take your time and don’t rush.” The escort looks over her shoulder at the husband still sitting in the chair, licks her lips and winks at him. During the performance he has managed to silently pour himself a large scotch without being heard and has another cigarette burning. She turns back to the woman spread before her and returns her attention to the nipples.

After about ten minutes, which feels like an hour to Lynn, the escort starts to work her lips down the stomach to the material of the g-string and starts to push her face into Lynn’s pussy and push her tongue towards the lips of her hole forcing the material between her hairy lips, she moves to the side and proceeds to kiss and bite the white thigh above the tops of the black stocking as she does so she uses her hand to pull the g-string to one side and starts to stroke the lips of Lynn’s pussy which are damp with excitement, she runs her fingers up and down the length of the pussy which gets wetter with each stroke, then softly opens the lips to expose the hard clitoris and gently massages it to increase the excitement of her victim, at the same time she starts to suck up the thigh in her mouth with all her force to produce a large love bite which she duplicates upon the other thigh. “Oh darling, that feels so good. I can’t remember the last time you turned me on so much without even entering me with that big cock of yours.” The escort struggles to conceal a laugh.

Rick enjoys the fruits of his deception, but needs to express his enjoyment, so he very quietly rises from his chair and removes all of his clothes. As he pulls down his briefs his large erection springs free, the escort between his wife’s thighs notices him and lifts her face to take a better look at his pride and joy. She looks him in the eyes, raises her eyebrows and licks her lips which only makes more blood pump into his manhood. Not wishing to take things too fast he sits back down and with his drink in one hand he strokes his cock up and down with the other. The escort takes her gaze away from his impressive cock and returns her attention upon his wife’s pussy. As she now has the clitoris at full attention she dips her head and runs her tongue along the pussy, tasting come as she does. She starts to lick and suck the little beast. The effect upon Lynn is electric and she starts to moan out loud. The escort with her free hand feeds a finger into Lynn’s pussy and gently start to finger-fuck her, with the added attention the pussy gets, the more freely its love juices run. Before long the escort has three fingers pumping into Lynn’s pussy and its enjoyment is confirmed by the muscles of the tunnel contracting around them and by the moans of pleasure coming from its owner as Lynn approaches her first full orgasm.

Rick is now openly wanking his foreskin up and down the purple dome of his erect penis, taking his time as he wants things to go much further before he shoots his first load of the night. The image of his wife being fingered and licked has excited him to a new high and he wants it to last forever. He also studies the body of the escort, she has large breast which gently sway back and fro with each trust at his wife’s pussy, she also has good legs, firm with full thighs and large buttocks.

The escort removes her fingers from Lynn’s pussy and rests back to enjoy the sight of the climax she has produced. It excites her to see the effect she can produce on another womans body. It must be due to the hours of training she has spent with her own fingers between the lips of her pussy. She reaches over to her bag and opens it without a sound. She takes from it a large pink strap on dildo and a tube of lubricating jelly. Before Lynn can come down from the height of orgasm, the escort has expertly fitted the strap on dildo between her legs and smeared its length with lubrication, she pulls Lynn’s legs further apart and rubs the end of the huge shaft between the lips of her pussy. “Oh darling, don’t tease me, fill me up with your cock.” The escort looks across to the husband still rubbing his cock and smiles at him, he puts a finger to his lips to ensure her silence. She then leans her hips gently forward so that the head of the dildo pushes between Lynn’s pussy lips then disappears into her hole. Lynn cries out aloud as the entire dildo is pushed into her womb. “If that’s all yours, you’re bigger and harder than I can ever remember. But if it’s not yours, I don’t care, just give it to me darling.” The escort looks over at the husband whose face confirms the pleasure that this is giving him. She gives Lynn exactly what she wants and bucks her hips pushing the dildo in and out of her tight pussy.

Rick gets up from his chair and kneels behind the escort. He puts his hands around her and starts to fondle her breasts. They feel wonderful and the nipples rise to his touch. With his left hand on her breasts, he moves to one side and starts to run his right hand up her stockings to her bottom which he strokes, his fingers push between her buttocks and run across the strap of the dildo between her legs. His finger pulls the strap to one side then he pushes his finger into her hot pussy, the lips of her sex are wet with excitement and his finger slips easily up to the knuckle. It appears to have had little effect so he feeds another, then another finger into her hot pussy. His fingers keep in motion with the thrusts of the dildo into his wife’s pussy. His concentration is broken by the scream of Lynn as she reaches her second orgasm, which coincides with the rush of come over his fingers as the escort comes for him.
Lynn exposing herself
The escort dips her head and sucks hard on his Lynn’s nipple and pushes harder on the dildo so that it is all embedded in his Lynn’s cunt, he decides that it’s time to let his wife in on the secret, so he takes his fingers from the escorts pussy, gets up and unties his wife’s hands. At this point Lynn realizes that somebody else is in the room as he has his prick firmly up her so who is untying her hands?. But before Lynn can take off her blindfold he speaks “Please don’t. I’d like you to keep it on if you don’t mind.” “If it pleases you, then why not?” Lynn answers. Lynn has started to enjoy the experience of not knowing who is in the room watching them fuck. It makes the whole thing more exciting. Lynn always tried to hide the exhibitionist in her as she knew Rick would try and exploit it. The mouth on her breast works its way up to her neck and kisses and bites her, it makes its way to her lips and pushes its tongue into her mouth, with her body on fire and the huge cock in her pussy still pumping away Lynn begins to realize that this is not her husband after all.

The lips break away from her, so with her hands now free Lynn reaches forward and she feels the sides of the body which leans over her. Her hands work up the frame which is too small to be her husband until Lynn reaches two large soft mounds of flesh. It suddenly dawns on her that the a woman has brought her to two earth moving orgasms without her even realizing that it was not her husband who was giving her so much pleasure. “You son of a bitch.” Lynn says out aloud. The escort gives the dildo one final burst of action which takes Lynn to her third climax. Rick kneels on the sofa next to his wife, takes her hand and places it upon his erection, “Don’t be cross honey, it was all done for our enjoyment and you did appear to be having such a wonderful time.” He gently pushes her head towards his penis, “You better pray I don’t decide to bite your cock off.” “I’ll take my chances.” And his cock slides between her lips.

The escort removes the dildo from Lynn’s pussy, undoes the straps and drops it to the floor. She kneels between the open thighs before her and once again licks the clitoris. Lynn isn’t sure if she likes the idea of a woman licking her pussy but her mind soon gives up the moral question as the sensations of her pussy take over her bodily control. In fact, it feels wonderful to have such expert attention whilst enjoying the taste of her husbands hot cock sliding between her lips. Lynn feeds his cock deeper and deeper into her throat and massages his balls with her free hand. Lynn has now lost all control and is acting only on animal instinct, her forth orgasm starts to rise from her loins as the expert tongue lashes her clitoris, as it rises Lynn pumps even harder upon his cock, it is not until her pleasure has subsided that Lynn realizes that his sperm has filled her throat and mouth, Lynn swallows hard upon the salty tasting liquid. As his climax finishes and his cock stops throbbing between her lips he speaks, “Why don’t we make ourselves more comfortable in the bedroom?”

Her husband and the escort take a hand each and lead Lynn into the bedroom and lay her carefully down in the center of the king size bed. Rick opens her thighs and starts to kiss and lick her pussy whilst the escort licks and sucks her breasts. Within a short while Rick looks up from between her legs and is surprised to see the two woman kissing, pushing their tongues deep into each others mouths, this was something he had not expected but the situation has his full approval and his cock once again starts to rise to its full erect state. He continues to probe the lips of her pussy with his tongue but makes sure he can still see the girls actions. The next move surprises him even more as his wife breaks away from the escorts lips and pulls the escort up the bed so that Lynn can fondle her large breasts. He feels like his cock is about to explode as he watches his wife take a large breast and pull it sharply to her mouth and take its erect nipple between her lips. He decides to step away from the bed and watch what must be the most exciting thing he has ever seen.

Lynn takes command of the proceedings and pulls the escort down flat on the bed, kneels over her and starts to kiss both of the escort’s breasts in turn and massages them between her fingers. The escort opens her legs wide and looks over to the husband, he needs no further calling and gets back onto the bed and starts to lick her pussy, he also pushes two fingers into her wet hole and slowly pushes them in and out. The actions of the husband and wife team have an electric effect upon the escort and she is soon moaning out aloud and her pussy is running with juice. The wetter her pussy becomes the more fingers he pushes into her, but decides to stop at four. He does not think his whole hand would be appreciated. Suddenly a hand takes hold of his hair and pulls his face from the escorts clitoris, he is surprised to see that his wife has worked her way down the escorts body and is working towards her pussy. He gets up and watches as his wife with her head at the lower end of the bed climb astride the escort and dip her face between the escorts thighs, with the wife’s buttocks raised over the breasts of the escort, the escort pulls a pillow behind her head and starts to lick the Lynn’s pussy.

Rick stands back in amazement. He never considered that he could ever get his wife to openly make love to another woman; let alone let him watch and even join in. The sight of two woman in the sixty-nine position he has seen in porn films a hundred times, but to actually stand next to them and watch them for real is almost to much for him; he starts to rub his cock up and down. He cannot fully see his wife’s tongue between the escorts pussy lips so he kneels beside the bed and spends about ten minutes watching his wife licking the escorts clitoris and probing her hole with her tongue, not wishing to lose a load over his hand he gets up and kneels on the bed next to the escorts head, she feels the pressure on the bed and takes her face from his wife’s pussy looks to her side and sees the husbands erection, she opens her mouth and gestures with the lips and tongue that she wants his manhood between her lips. He cannot miss this wonderful opportunity and leans forward and feeds his cock into her mouth.

This is the best part as far as the escort is concerned. She has the wife licking her pussy whilst she takes the entire length of the husbands cock down her throat. The husband can take this type of action all night as far as he is concerned as having his cock deep in a womans throat is one of his favourite pleasures. Within a few minutes the escort takes his cock from her mouth and says, “Climb over me and push that cock of yours into your wife’s cunt. I want to eat your balls like you’ve never experienced before.”

Rick climbs over the escorts face with his knees on either side of her head, the escort takes hold of his cock and feeds it into Lynn’s soaking pussy, then positions her head so that she can lick and suck his balls. It’s a new experience for him and he is even more surprised when the escorts hands pull his buttocks apart and she starts to lick his anus. This she keeps up for what feels like an hour, but in reality is no more then a few minutes. She then takes her mouth from his back passage and pushes her index finger into his anus. This proves to much for him and his cock explodes his seed into his wife’s pussy. The escort feels his anus contract and realizes that he has started to come, so she quickly pulls her finger from his anus. This action only increases his pleasure and to his surprise increases the volume of cum that shots from his penis, but the second spurt of seed does not pass into his wife’s womb but splashes over the lips of Lynn’s pussy as the escort roughly pulls his penis from his wife’ pussy and feeds it into her mouth, as his third spurt of come is about to erupt from his cock the escort once again pushes her finger into his anus and starts to finger-fuck his bottom. The effect upon him is to prolong his orgasm and make him shoot more cum into her mouth than he can ever remember shooting before, which she swallows without hesitation.

When the cock in her mouth is spent she pushes him back out of the way and licks his seed from his wife’s pussy. The three bodies lay on the bed for a short while and rest. Rick eventually rises and collects a bottle of wine from the fridge within the bar and takes it back to the bedroom along with three glasses. He pours each a large glass and hands them around. He has to guide his wife’s hand to the glass as Lynn still has her blindfold on. Lynn finally speaks to them “You crafty swine. I didn’t expect you to set me up with another woman. I expected it to be another man, but not a woman. Still the pair of you really turned me on.” The escort replies, “It’s not all his fault darling, its just that when I saw your picture I just had to have you and you were wonderful.”

Lynn gets up from the bed and feels her way across the room to an arm chair and sits herself down leaving her husband and the escort seated on the bed. Lynn opens her legs wide showing her wet pussy to the two of them, sips her wine and runs the fingers of her free hand across her thick bush of pubic hair. The escort speaks, “I think you’d better stop that unless you want your old man to give you another shafting”. “No, I think I’m happy to relax here a while. Why don’t you two get it on and I can listen to the two of you and imagine what you’re up to.” Rick can’t believe his luck but before he can make the first move the escort finishes her wine, puts the glass down and takes hold of his limp cock and feeds it into her mouth. Rick thinks its his birthday and Christmas all rolled into one as here he is having his cock sucked to erection with the full permission of his wife. The escort runs her tongue up and down his shaft and pays special attention to pulling back his foreskin and running her lips across his helmet, within no time his cock is at full size. At this point his wife can stand the silence no longer and lifts the side of her blindfold so that she can just about see the two of them on the bed. It excites her in a perverted way to watch a total stranger suck her husbands cock. Lynn runs her finger between the lips of her pussy and finds her clitoris and starts to masturbate.

Now that she has his cock fully erect the escort kneels on the bed with her bottom high in the air and says “Fuck me, you bastard.” Rick is a little surprised at her tone but does as he is told. He stands at the side of the bed and pulls her to him so that her backside is level with his rigid cock. He takes his cock in his hand and gently rubs it up and down the lips of her very hairy pussy. “Don’t tease me, you shit. Ram your fat prick into my throbbing twat,” she shouts. With no hesitation he rams his cock straight up her. “That’s better, you stupid fuck”, she yells as he rams his cock into her for all he is worth, pushing it in as hard and as deep as he can. He glances over to his wife in the chair opposite and now realizes why the escort is saying out loud his instructions. It’s all for her benefit, as with the blindfold on Lynn can’t see what’s going on, or so he thinks. Lynn must be enjoying the coarse dialogue as she is openly masturbating. The escort keeps up her stream of verbal abuse while he rams his cock into her soaking pussy. After several minutes she cries out, “Up my ass. I want you to fuck me in the ass.” He takes his cock from her pussy and parts the cheeks of her backside with his fingers as he positions the helmet of his cock to her ass hole and gently pushes his cock into her anus. After a few gentle strokes her anus muscles relax to accommodate the intruder and he builds his rhythm until he is finally pounding away at her. Their concentration is broken for a second as they hear his wife reaching climax upon her own fingers. The sound of his wife’s enjoyment stimulates him even more. He feels the escort start to shudder and realizes that his wife has also excited her. He feels her anus grasp his cock as she also reaches orgasm. The situation overwhelms him and he can feel the familiar throbbing rising from his balls. He calls out, “I’m coming.” The escort pulls herself from him, quickly turns around and grabs his cock with her right hand and his balls in her left hand. She pumps his shaft and squeezes his balls, a large spurt of white come splashes from the tip of his cock and lands across her face. The second and third burst of sperm are not so powerful and land upon her large breasts. When he has finally stopped coming she dips her face lower and licks the final blob of come from his cock onto her tongue. She runs it across her lips and swallows it, then takes him in her mouth and sucks him clean.

With his cock now wilting, the escort leans back and wipes his first shot of come from her face with her fingers and proceeds to lick her fingers clean. “You taste good,” she says to him. She then looks in the direction of his wife and says, ” He just shot his load all over me and it tasted lovely.” She gets up from the bed and walks over to Lynn to take her hand from her pussy and lifts it up to her breast. Lynn’s fingers touch the soft mounds of flesh and feels the warm sperm which covers them. Lynn lifts her other hand and starts to massage the liquid into the soft flesh of the escorts large breasts. Lynn collects small amounts of come between the finger and thumb of each hand and rubs the liquid into the erect nipples of each breast. When the come totally covers each nipple Lynn rises from her seat and sucks hard on each nipple in turn until she has devoured his cum from the escorts breasts. The two woman walk together to the bed hand in hand. Lynn speaks, “You’re right. He does taste good.” The two woman laugh together and climb onto the bed. Rick lies down next to them and pulls the large quilt over them, within no time the three of them are asleep.

The early morning sun pouring through the open curtains wakes Rick first. He manages to get out of bed without disturbing them. He looks at his wife and another woman in bed together, still wearing their black stockings. He smiles to himself and still can’t believe what happened last night. He picks up his swimming trunks and decides that an early morning swim in the hotel pool will help bring him back down to earth he picks his key card and very quietly closes the door behind him.

Not long after his departure the escort is woken by a knock on the door. She gets out of bed and notices that the husband is missing and naturally assumes that he has popped out and has forgotten his key. She does not bother to cover her naked body and opens the door, where she is surprised to find that it is not the husband at all but a large blonde man wearing a beach gown. He is also carrying a rolled up towel. He looks at her in surprise and says ” Oh, I’m sorry to bother you. I thought this was someone else’s room. A very attractive blonde lady.” The escort replies ” It is. Lynn’s still asleep, are you a friend?” The man replies in his thick German accent “Yes, Lynn is expecting me.” The German is not exactly telling the truth, but last night he did suggest an early morning swim and Lynn did say she would think about it. The escort pulls the door open wide and suggests that he had better come in. He walks into the room and is shocked to see that the woman he has been talking to is naked except for a pair of black stockings. His mouth falls open and he fails to speak, “Oh I’m sorry I did not mean to shock you. I thought you would have known what was happening and had spoken to her husband”. The German not wishing to spoil his luck so far thinks quickly and says, “It’s only you’re so beautiful, he didn’t tell me that you would both be here.” He follows the escort into the bedroom and is even more surprised to see the wonderful woman he met last night sprawled over a king sized bed, naked except for a pair of stockings. Not only that, but Lynn is asleep wearing a blindfold. The escort looks over to the German and asks what the husbands wants next. “The same as last night, only with me.”, he lies. The escort smiles at him and says, “I was hoping you would say that.” She gets onto the bed and opens Lynn’s thighs for the German to get a good look at her pussy, then whilst looking into his eyes she drops her head and starts to lick Lynn’s pussy. The German cannot wait to get in on the action and starts to take off his robe and his swimming shorts.

Lynn is woken by the familiar action of a tongue working on her pussy and thinks what a wonderful way to be brought from a deep sleep. Lynn’s not sure if it’s night or day as she still has on her blindfold. Lynn lifts her hands to her face to remove it but before she can a woman’s voice from between her legs speaks “You did promise that you would leave that on.” Lynn drops her hands back down to her sides and settles back to enjoy the sensations between her legs. Lynn feels the bed move as her husband joins them but before she can speak she feels her head being moved to the side and he slips his erect cock between her lips. His cock is rigid with excitement. So as not to spoil his fun, Lynn starts to suck and bite his cock as it slides between her lips.

The escort looks up at the German as he feeds his cock to his friend’s wife, or at least she thinks it’s his friend. The German cannot believe this is happening to him. It’s the most exciting thing that has ever happened to him, but he realizes that he had better not stay to long, just in case the husband comes back. He takes his cock from her mouth and gestures to the escort to get out of the way, he positions his cock between the wet lips of Lynn’s pussy and slides in up to the balls. Lynn sighs with pleasure as the cock fills her womb. The escort moves to the side of the wife and starts to suck upon her nipples which only adds to Lynn’s pleasure, but instead of the usual slow start her husbands cock is pounding away at her and in no time Lynn starts to climax. What surprises her more is that her husband normally gives her two or three orgasms before he comes, but Lynn can feel that he must be close to coming as his cock is jerking inside her and this is closely followed by the warmth of his seed filling her pussy. By the amount he has shot into her she is glad that she is still taking her birth control pills. His cock withdraws and its place is taken by the escort’s mouth, as she loves the taste of fresh come as it drips from a fucked pussy. The German picks up his clothes and leaves the two woman together. He dresses in the lounge, opens the door and leaves. As the lift stops for him he greets its occupant with a smile and says “Good morning,” as he walks past him into the lift, he realizes that he has seen this person before and his suspicion is confirmed as the husband of the woman he has just made love to. Rick walks from the lift and says “Yes, it’s a very good morning.” The German smiles to himself as he watches the husband walk down the corridor towards the room he has just left. He says out aloud, “Shit, that was close.”

Rick opens the door to their room and throws his wet towel onto the sofa and takes off his robe. He walks into the bedroom and is pleased to see that the escort has started without him and has her face between his wife’s thighs. He positions himself behind the escorts raised bottom and probes his tongue between the cheeks of her ass, he licks her anus and the lower lips of her pussy, which in no time is running with excitement. His limp cock has also risen to full erection which he places between her pussy lips and pushes its way into her body. The escort keeps her tongue action going on Lynn whilst his cock slams into her. She keeps this up until she feels an orgasm rising from her loins and she forgets about the pussy before her. She lifts her head and, using her hands upon the bed for balance, pushes back against the cock which impales her. As her orgasm rises to a peak and she screams out her delight. As she does this she feels the cock inside her explode and fill her with his seed.

As the escort and Rick regain their composure they find themselves looking straight into the eyes of Lynn, as she removed the blindfold due to the sudden neglect of the tongue upon her pussy. Her husband smiles down at her and Lynn says, “You swine.” Not long after this the escort is dressed and thanking them both for a very interesting night. She kisses them both fully on the mouth, picks up her bag of belongings and leaves. Lynn looks at her husband and says ” Well, I suppose we had better get up and go home.” “No need. We’re booked in for the weekend. Why don’t we shower and go down for some breakfast?” he replies. They both shower dress and go down to the dining room.

— The End —