They wake to the warmth of the sunlight as it pours through the window. Lynn smiles at her husband and cuddles up to him; he kisses the top of her head and says, “What do you fancy doing today?” As it’s Sunday the options are a little limited. “Well, after breakfast, why don’t we go for a walk on the castle grounds and perhaps we could go for a sauna and a massage at your club this afternoon.” He agrees that’s a wonderful idea, as tomorrow they both have to go back to work.

They have a pleasant breakfast of eggs, bacon and sausage, Lynn is surprised at the amount he eats. It’s enough for two. After their second cup of coffee they return to their room and pack up their belongings. He pays the hotel bill at reception and they make their way to the car, the baggage is loaded into the boot and they are on their way to the castle. He is a little disappointed that she has worn jeans and a tee shirt, but considering how good she has been of late warring his favorite clothes, he dare not complain. At least she has on her six inch heels. The morning is spent walking through the grounds of the castle and around the extensive gardens at the rear of the main castle building. Their conversation is of how they had both visited the grounds during their childhood and of the many fairs and events that had been held there. The time soon passes and lunch time approaches, he has had such a large breakfast that he does not want to eat so soon after, but Lynn is in need of some lunch as she has never been one to eat much for breakfast. They walk from the castle grounds and take the car to the local McDonalds restaurant. Whilst Lynn goes to the counter to order a burger, he says “I’d better phone the club and book a session for the sauna and massage.” He is about to phone the club when he remembers a place he had visited with his best mate and the massage he had received had been the most erotic he could ever have experienced. He looks through his coat pocket and, as luck would have it, he still has their business card. He calls them and books a sauna session for two and a husband and wife special massage. He’s not sure what that will entail but if the last time was anything to go by, it’s sure to be fun.

“Sorry love but the club is fully booked today, but Bob’s club is open and I managed to book there. That’s if it’s OK with you. Lynn pauses for thought for a moment, as it was her idea, perhaps he’s not had time to put any of his devious little plans in motion. “Yeah that’s fine. What time is it booked for?” “Four o’clock,” he replies. Lynn finishes her burger and they go for a little drive out into the country to kill the time before their appointment. The leaves on the trees are just starting to change color as the end of summer approaches and the cold of autumn has yet to take hold fully. The fields are green and still shine with the remains of the morning dew, which still has to be chased away by the sunshine of the day. The time passes quickly and they are soon driving back towards the city. He drives into the car park of a large modern building and parks in the visitor’s section. They leave the car and walk up the large staircase to the main entrance doors of the club. They both notice the security camera and the entrance voice link. He pushes the intercom and introduces them and states that they have an appointment for four o’clock. The door clicks and a voice from the intercom says “Welcome, please proceed to the reception lounge located on the second floor.” He pushes the door open and they take the marble winding stairs to the second floor.

A large colored man greets them at the reception and shows them into the changing area. Lynn is a little surprised that they have to share the same room. She had expected separate male and female changing rooms, but the sign on the door had said “couples room”. They both remove all of their clothes and wrap themselves in the large white towels provided. He’s not sure why, but Lynn keeps her high heels on, but he’s not complaining as he loves the sight of her legs when she’s in them. They both walk hand in hand into the Massage room, which has two bed-like tables. They take one each and lay down. The door from the opposite side of the room opens and in walks the large Negro that had met them in reception, only this time he is warring only a small pair of shorts which do little to conceal his large manhood. His body is muscular and shines as if he has been rubbed down with oil. Behind him a small Chinese girl appears. She looks like a doll, as she is so pretty. She wears a white short overall with what looks like white stockings on underneath. The colored man asks them to lie on their fronts and they both roll over. Rick is a little disappointed when the Chinese girl walks over to his wife and starts to massage her shoulders and neck and he feels the dark man’s huge hands wrap around his shoulders. Rick’s mind soon relaxes as the expert hands remove the tension from his muscles. After about fifteen minutes, the couple is instructed to roll over onto their backs. As they turn over the Negro and Chinese girl change positions. This relaxes him even more, as he hoped that she would be rubbing him down. It just felt more natural that way, with each laying on their back, their towels are opened leaving their naked bodies exposed.

He watches transfixed as the Chinese girl covers her tiny hands with massage oil and proceeds to rub it into his chest. He glances over and sees that Lynn’s breasts are being caressed by the Negro. Her nipples standing to attention as they are squeezed between his black finger and thumb. The black hands work their way down his wife’s body, massaging her flat stomach and finally to her thighs which he spreads open and runs his fingers between her open legs and massages her inner thigh working his way closer and closer to her fur covered pussy. Just as the Negro is about to touch Lynn’s pussy his eyes close in pleasure as he feels a soft warm mouth envelope his rising cock. He looks down and the Chinese girl feeds his fat cock deeper and deeper into her throat. When he finally opens his eyes he looks over, straight into his wife’s eyes. She seems to be enjoying the sight of her husband being deep throated by the Chinese girl, as she has a broad grin over her face. Or the grin may have something to do with the fact that the Negro has his face between her open thigh with his tongue working overtime on her clitoris. After whipping her pussy with his tongue for several minutes, his head rises and he moves along side his wife. He watches as the Negro cover his fingers with oil and starts to massage her pussy slowly inserting two fingers into her wet pussy. Rick watches as his wife leans to the side and pulls down the Negroes shorts to reveal his cock, which is still limp but at least ten inches long. Lynn wraps her tiny hand around his cock and pulls him towards her. Lynn licks her lips and pokes out her tongue and starts to lick the huge dome of his cock, which she full exposes by pulling back his fore skin. Rick has never seen his wife suck a black cock before; let alone a monster one which now fully erect must be at least thirteen inches long and as thick as a cucumber. The sight of her little mouth wrapped around this monster black cock excites him almost as much as the mouth wrapped around his own cock. He watches as the Negro pushes another and then another of his fingers into his wife’s pussy. Lynn must be really wet to take four fingers; let alone four fingers from such a large black hand.

The Chinese girl takes his cock from her throat and stands along side of him as she removes her little white dress and takes off her bra to reveal a small but perfectly formed pair of breasts. She then removes her knickers to display her shaved pussy, wearing only her white stockings and frilly white suspender belt she climbs upon the couch with her knees on either side of Rick and feeds his erection into her hot shaved love tunnel. He gasps as she pushes hard down onto him and forces his entire cock into her in one swift motion. With the Chinese girl working her tight pussy up and down on his cock he once again looks over to his wife, who is still sucking the black hosepipe. The Negro pulls it from between her lips and rubs the tip of his cock all over her face as he does this her tongue licks its entire length and she dips her head to suck on his huge balls. He moves away from her and positions himself between her open legs, removing his fingers from her soaking pussy. He looks down at her and says, “So, does this little pussy want to try some dark meat?” Lynn glances over to her husband being fucked by the Chinese girl and then back at the Negro and says “Oh yes, but please be gentle with that thing. It’ll probably split me in two.” Rick’s eyes widen as he watches him feed that monster black cock into his wife’s little pussy. Inch by inch it disappears into her body. When Lynn has about two thirds of it in, he starts to thrust with long slow strokes and gradually builds up his speed until he is at full speed hammering his black cock into Rick’s wife’s raw cunt.

The Chinese girl climbs from his rigid cock and once again stands along side of him, dips her head and sucks upon his rock hard penis, taking him deep in her throat. He watches as the Negro, now building up to his climax, removes his giant cock from his wife and pumps his seed with hard strokes from his hand, sending huge gushes of sperm flying across his wife’s naked body. The force of his ejaculation even manages to send his seed splashing across Lynn’s face. Lynn removes it with the tip of her finger and sucks it clean. This proves too much excitement for Rick and the seed from deep within his balls explodes into the Chinese girl’s throat, which she swallows without problem.

With the massage completed, the Negro and the Chinese girl lead the couple to the Jacuzzi and leave them to have a long relaxing soak. After which they dry off and dress; he pays the bill back at reception and they finally make their way home for a quiet night and go to bed early to sleep off their hectic weekend.

– The End –