The following morning they both rise early and have a shower before dressing and going their separate ways to work. Considering the recent events, the next three days pass without event. It’s as if they both need to recharge their bodies. On the morning of the forth day, Lynn notices that her husband is chatting to old George and Bill who live a few doors away. When he returns to the house, he tells her that George has offered to cut his hair after work, as his hair dressing salon doesn’t close until seven that evening and he would be pleased to give Lynn a trim too if she wants to come along. So that evening he collects her from work and they drive into the town center and park their car. It’s a short walk to the hair salon so they decide to stop off in a cafe for a cup of coffee and a sandwich. It’s as they sit chatting of the days work, he notices how Lynn’s dressed. She has on her usual skirt and jacket with a white blouse but he is surprised that Lynn is wearing her very high-heeled shoes, which she only usually wears when she is going out, along with black nylon stockings. He’s not about to complain as he loves her legs and these show them off to perfection.

Before they realize it, it’s twenty to seven and they have to rush, as he promised George that he would be there before closing time. They walk hand in hand through the quiet city streets. It’s getting dark and the temperature is starting to fall. Lynn is surprised how few people are about, but as they round the next corner Lynn sees where they all are. There’s a new release at the cinema and the queues are huge as if everybody in town wants to be the first to see the latest film. The last time Lynn went to the cinema their was no queue at all, but considering what Lynn had got up to inside, if it had been advertised she’s sure there would have been a queue of men ready to participate. They walk past the crowd and she can’t help but giggle at her over-active imagination, although compared to her husbands imagination Lynn’s still a beginner. They round the corner and are finally getting closer to the hair dressing salon.

They walk together into the salon and see George just putting the finishing touches to some guy’s hair as Bill is tidying up. George spots them and calls out, “Take a seat. Bill will make you both a cup of coffee whilst I finish up here. We won’t keep you long.” The guy with the finished hair cut gets up from the chair, pays George and leaves the salon. As he goes, George places the closed sign in the window, locks the door and closes the blinds. He looks over to the couple and says, “Now we’re closed and can ensure you get the best of our attention.” Bill returns from the back room with a tray of coffee for them all. George asks “Who’s first” and the husband rises and sits in the large salon chair. George covers his upper body with towels and starts to cut his hair. He can see his wife in the mirror sitting opposite Bill chatting and drinking her coffee, but what surprises him is that Lynn has crossed her legs and has a lot of thigh showing and even a glimpse of stocking top.

Bill has noticed her display and has trouble talking to her as his eyes keep staring at her legs. It’s not long before George also notices her reflection in the mirror and he says to him “Your wife has wonderful legs and I love her high heels.” This sort of attention has Rick’s cock rising in his pants as he loves it when Lynn is an exhibitionist. As Lynn chats with Bill her skirt seems to be riding higher and higher. Lynn is obviously enjoying the attention as she has spotted the other two watching her in the mirror and her legs are now slightly apart so that the white of her thighs can be seen by all. Rick’s hair is soon finished and George shows him the completed work with a mirror so he can see the rear of his head. It’s now Lynn’s turn. Lynn finishes her coffee and smiles at Bill and rises from her chair. Her husband gets up and Lynn takes his place in the large salon chair. George says, “What will it be?” Lynn looks at him in the mirror and says, “Would you be kind enough to give me a small trim, and I could do with a shave. It’s grown a lot since my last shave in London. Perhaps Bill could shave me whilst you cut my hair.” George looks at her in the mirror with a confused look on his face and says, “You need a shave?”

Lynn does not answer him but he watches her hands as she undoes the buttons up the front of her skirt. His eyes watch as Lynn opens up her skirt, lifts her bottom and throws her skirt onto the opposite chair. She lifts her knees up and shows that apart from her high heels and stockings she is naked below the waist. By now Bill and Rick have walked over along side George. Rick is a little shocked, as he didn’t know that Lynn was not wearing any knickers. They all watch as Lynn runs her fingers between her open legs and pinches the small covering of pubic hair. She looks at the three of them in the mirror and says “Would you be good enough to shave these off, Bill, whilst George cuts my hair? I’d be so grateful.” Bill would never turn down an opportunity like this to once again feel the soft warm flesh of a young woman. He glances at her husband and says, “It would be a privilege.” In a short space of time Bill has a bowl of hot water and a razor. He pulls up a stool and seats himself at the foot of the salon chair. He runs his hands up her stockings; the texture of the nylon feels wonderful. He looks up at George and says “I think I’ll have to take my time about this we must make sure the lady looks her best for her husband.” Lynn smiles down at him as his hand reaches past the dark hem of her stocking top and his fingers finally make contact with her pubic hair. As he strokes her soft mound Lynn closes her eyes and sighs.

Bill picks up a can of shaving foam and positions its nozzle over her pubic mound. He gently deposits a squirt of white foam onto her and massages it between her legs. Lynn sighs again and opens her legs wider. Bill massages the foam across her pubic hair and across the lips of her pussy and down further around her anus which is now exposed as she lifts her legs higher and opens her legs wide so that her legs are now over the arms of her chair. Bill cannot resist her soft opening which is now wet with her excitement so his fingers start to probe between the lips of her pussy and he gently feeds one of his fingers into her body. Lynn does not object, so this is followed by a second finger. Lynn looks down at him and says, “That feels very good.”

George is by now feeling a little left out as Bill is getting all the fun. With the hair cut forgotten he slides his hands onto her shoulders and starts to massage her neck. When he feels no resistance, his hands work their way from her shoulders and gently works his way to her breasts. He gently massages her full breasts and Lynn appears to be enjoying the experience. He looks over to her husband who has turned the adjacent salon chair to face his wife and has seated himself to enjoy the performance. He speaks to them both, “I think this could be a long evening. It looks as if the lady needs the full treatment.” George takes this as a green light and opens up her jacket. He undoes the buttons of her blouse and opens it wide. Her breasts look wonderful encased in a black lace bra. George releases the center clasp and her full breasts are exposed. George cups a hand around each and fondles her nipples, which rise like erect miniature penises, which he squeezes. Bill takes his fingers from her pussy lips and finally starts the job in hand. He picks up the razor and starts to shave her mound. With each stroke of the blade an amount of foam and hair is removed which is washed away in the bowl of hot water. Bill takes great care with her private parts, as he not only shaves her upper hair but also the loose hairs around the lips of her pussy and those lower down near her anus. With all traces of hair removed he rubs her clean with a white towel and surveys his handy work. Lynn is now totally bald between her legs. Even though there is not a trace of foam her pussy is wet with her excitement. Bill can no longer control himself. It’s been years since he has been this close to a woman, so he lowers his face between her open legs and runs his tongue along the lips of her bald pussy. The warmth of his hot tongue upon her exposed flesh feels wonderful and Lynn says “Oh Bill, that feels much better than that razor. Please don’t stop.”

Lynn looks over to Rick who has now taken out his erection and is slowly stroking his foreskin across the purple dome of his cock. George can no longer restrain himself and unzips his fly and undoes his trousers he moves from behind her chair and positions himself beside her. Her eyes widen as he reaches into his pure white underpants and pulls out his old well- worn penis, which to her surprise is some nine inches long and at least two inches wide. Lynn licks her lips and she moves her head towards him and wraps her soft red lips around his circumcised cock and runs her tongue around the head of his penis. Her pleasure increases as Bills tongue finds her clitoris and goes into overdrive. Lynn catches a glance at her husband who is now pulling furiously at his cock.

George loves the sensation of Lynn’s lips wrapped around his old cock. It’s been years since he has had the pleasure of a woman sucking his cock. Bill is sucking her clitoris and has two fingers working in and out of her pussy. Lynn’s pleasure takes her to her first climax and Bill can feel her pussy lips contract around his fingers and can taste her cum filling his mouth. As he fingers her, he undoes his trousers and releases his hard cock. In a single movement he stands between her open legs and easily slips his hard cock into her wet, open pussy. Lynn loves the feeling of a cock in her mouth and pussy; but the fact that her husband is watching her, pumping his erection at her exhibition excites her even more and she soon feels her second climax rushing over her body and she moans out aloud as George pushes even more of his fat cock into her throat. For a second she is lost in pleasure but soon comes down to earth as the cocks are withdrawn and she opens her eyes as George and Bill change places.

She watches as George positions his enormous cock at the entrance of her wet pussy lips and almost screams out loud as he gently, inch by inch, pushes it into her. He feels massive and stretches her pussy wide. Before she can speak, Bill slips his smaller, but ridged cock, between her lips and into her mouth. She can taste her own pussy juices on his cock, but she is more focused on the size of the old cock sliding into her pussy. When George has most of his cock in her, he starts his shafting and soon has a fast rhythm, which excites Lynn even more. Bill cannot believe his luck; not a single kiss from a woman in years and tonight he gets not only to lick a pussy, but also to fuck it and have his cock sucked. The excitement is too much for him and he feels his cum rising and shoots ten years of pent-up come into Lynn’s mouth. She swallows hard on his hot salty cum, but there is just too much of it and it spills from her lips around Bills cock and onto her chest. It runs down her chest on onto her breasts.

George watches the cum drip from Lynn’s lips and can feel his own cum rising. Lynn pulls Bills cock from her mouth and says to George, “Cum over me. I want to watch you cum all over my pussy.” George, now very flushed and sweating, increases his pace until he finally pulls his huge cock from her pussy and pumps his fist around his erection for all he is worth. After years of celibacy, his cock just about explodes, sending his sperm flying through the air, hitting Lynn right in the face. His second spurt misses her face and goes all in her hair as he loses more of his load. He generally sprays cum all over her stomach and across her bald pussy and pussy lips. Lynn has never seen anyone shoot so much come. Between Bill and George’s loads, she is literally covered in cum. George looks at her and says, “You’ll never know how grateful I am for this. I’ll never be able to thank you enough.” Bill, stunned by George’s performance leans forward and kisses Lynn fully on the mouth. He can taste his own cum as Lynn pushes her tongue into his mouth. As she breaks away from the kiss she says to them both, “You’re very welcome. I did enjoy that very much myself, but I would like to be cleaned up a little. You two have soaked me.”

Rick, having watched the whole thing whilst pumping his hard cock, rises from his chair. He gently moves George out of the way and looks at his wife laying back in the salon chair; her stocking covered legs wide open covered in the two old timers cum. He smiles at her and says “You really are a dirty little slut, but that’s why I love you so much.” George and Bill watch as Rick kneels between her open thighs and pushes his face into her pussy and starts to lick and kiss her hot, cum covered pussy lips. He can taste George’s cum along with the sweet taste of Lynn’s pussy and whilst Rick licks her pussy clean, George and Bill set about cleaning up the mess the have deposited all over her. It takes a lot of tissues to mop up the copious quantities of cum, but they soon have her cleaned up. Rick looks up from between her thighs with cum all around his face. He takes a tissue from Bill and wipes himself clean. As he rises he slips his hard cock between her pussy lips and says, “Now it’s my turn to cum.”

George and Bill watch as Rick pumps his erection between Lynn’s puffed and swollen pussy lips. Standing on either side of Lynn’s chair, each dips his head and takes a nipple into their mouth and start to suck and bite her hard nipples, which stand up like toy solders. Lynn is overcome by the attention of the three and is now in a world of her own pleasure. She has always had sensitive nipples, so having each receiving the attention of a mouth and the thrusting between her legs is just too much for her and she rides a sea of pleasure as orgasm after orgasm rush through her body. She screams out, “Ohhhhh good that’s so good.” Her reaction proves too much for Rick and he feels himself explode filling her with his cum. He is so excited that it feels like he has shot a pint of cum into her womb. He takes his wilting cock from her pussy and moves over to the counter to get a tissue to clean his manhood. As he looks back he sees Bill move away from her breast and kneel between her still open thighs. Bill, having watched Rick eat George’s cum from Lynn’s pussy, had never experienced such a thing in all his life and was not about to miss such an opportunity. Soon Bill has his mouth clamped over Lynn’s pussy lips and is licking and sucking her like a baby would suck its mother’s milk. Lynn, recovering from her orgasms, watches as Bill licks her clean of Rick’s cum.

Before they leave, Bill washes Lynn’s hair and sets it for her. She could not have left the shop the way she was, whilst they had cleaned all the cum from her body it was still matted in her hair. Bill, ever the perfectionist, even managed to give Lynn’s pussy lips a final kiss before She and Rick departed for home. George and Bill thanked them for perhaps the most exciting experience of their life. Lynn smiled at them both, looking at them stood together like a pair of naughty school boys and says ” Well, I’ll need another trim in three to four weeks. Do you think you could fit us in?” They reply together, “You bet your life.”

– The End –