Mother’s Day, Valentines, Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Condolences. The racks of cards went on and on down the stores vertical length. Finally, an entire rack of Happy Anniversary cards appeared. The only customer and nearly the only person in the store, Denton moved next to it, arms length away, just looking, scanning to see if any suited his friends Bruce and Wanda. His eyes saw sober cards, plain, neutral cards for people you knew well enough to send to but not well enough to be dear friends with and a few for remembering anniversaries for widows and widowers.

Nothing appeared that might work for his unique friends. Finally, with no other choices, he started opening the neutral cards trying to see if there was one he could add his own message to and adapt enough to work. There wasn’t going to be another drive to another store. This was where he was going to buy their card and that was that, but the task didn’t seem likely to be done well. Still, he was determined not to keep running around for one darned card even for friends like Bruce and Wanda nor go home to his wife, a woman he’d grown to dislike being around. His fingers pulled one card, flipped it open, put it back then found the next like an automatic machine until he’d done an entire row of cards.

Just before his body language stiffened with his growing irritation, his body sensed a presence behind him, someone who walked quietly, light on their feet, and smelled very pleasant. Something nice but not overpowering or expensively French he thought as he tried to find some subtle excuse for turning around and seeing who had the good taste to smell that good. Before his brain connected, the thought was taken out of his hands as a woman asked him, “You look like you are about to get frustrated. Can I help?”

He turned and smiled at the woman, especially when he saw her medium frame in the lightweight dress with belt tucking in a tidy waist that accentuated a pair of marvelous breasts. “Yes, thank God, you can. I’m Denton and you are?”

“Heather. This is my shop and I’d love to help you, Denton.” She put her hand out to shake his. Her handshake was crisp, done with firmness and warmth.


“Anniversary? Someone special?”

He chuckled, “You mean like a wife?”


“No, our twentieth was last April and I don’t plan to make it to twenty-one. I’ve got some friends, Bruce and Wanda, who live together and are kind of like hippies would have been and it’s their fifth anniversary together. None of these cards fit too well.” As he talked, he noticed her radiant and interesting smile as she politely listened. There were lots of freckles on her face and neck too. For him, freckles sprinkled around that freely always made a woman seem somehow more earthy. He’d never known one yet who wasn’t both earthy and nice if they had that many freckles.

“What are their interests?”

He shuffled his feet momentarily then looked back at Heather before answering. “Normal stuff, you know.”

She touched his elbow and grinned at him. “Can’t be all that normal if you get nervous enough to shuffle your feet, now can it? What is it? What do they really like? I’m a big girl even if I’m single nowadays. You can tell me.”

He was through being nervous and he hadn’t found a card on his own anyway so he responded as asked. “Well, they’re nudists. You know, go to camps and spend the weekend and weeks around other people who don’t wear any clothes. Tough to find a card for that.”

He stopped and waited to see whether he would be asked to leave or if she would start laughing. She did neither, simply put her finger up and asked him, “Can you wait just one second first?”

“Sure,” came his quizzical reply.

She turned, stopped at the counter where she picked up a telephone and punched in a series of codes before placing the instrument back in its base and proceeded to the front door where she flipped the open sign to closed and turned the deadbolt on the lock.

When she turned back she started towards him and explained. “I’ve got a selection of fairly adult cards in the back. Sort of like the adult video section in a video rental store, you know but I’m alone here today and since I can’t be in two places at once, I’ll just close for a few minutes while I show them to you and maybe you can find something there. Many of them are humorous as well as being a bit more risquè.”

When she got to him, she held his elbow and towed him along into the back, past the last rack and the door to the store’s inventory, the office and the bathrooms. He didn’t object, in fact, he watched her hips sway and move with each step, obviously not fettered with the damned pantyhose his wife and most women wore that squeezed their butts together and made them essentially shapeless. Heather was anything but shapeless with everything on her ripe but not heavy frame definitely movable as she and her perfume took him into the back like a piper leading children.

“Sounds good to me. Where are they?”

“Back here, there’s a whole rack of them. Come on, you can see.” She reached over and flipped a soft overhead light on and started turning racks towards him. “Here’s one for an anniversary that is pretty frank.”

She handed it to him and as he took it he saw the cover had only a simple few words without photos or captions. “Happy Anniversary” was in big red letters. He opened it with his left hand. On the left side was a photo of two completely naked people laying side by side, the man inside the woman’s hips with his penis obviously deep inside her vagina. The right side said, “Remember the first time we ever did this, Dear?” Near the bottom of that side was the word, “Love.”

He chortled just a little as he closed it and handed it back to Heather. “Well, not exactly right but pretty interesting. Let’s try some more.”

She took it and placed it back, twirled the rack to reveal a new set of cards and began to go through them one at a time, showing them to Denton. Each was graphic and each had something to say using sex. While ten minutes or so went by, the two continued standing close to one another, reading card after card. The back room wasn’t as cool as the air-conditioned store. The heat seemed to loosen him up and to make her perfume seem more obvious, something which made him almost lightheaded. She stepped closer to his side and with each card now, her hip bumped his until he knew it wasn’t accidental.

Finally, with her hip warmly against his upper thigh and her face looking over his arm they found the perfect card, two nudists cutting an anniversary cake while standing in the buff. “That’s it. That’s the card for them.” Denton said and folded the card beneath the envelope, done shopping.

Heather smiled but didn’t move away from his hip or his arm. In fact, Heather put her hand on his arm and smiled as she asked, “Do you believe in lust at first sight, Denton?”

Denton had been around but this never happened to him, certainly hadn’t since he’d been married and he debated how to handle it just long enough to put his conscience aside and answer. “Heather, if we stay back here, it’s going to get too warm. I’m not sure I’d be responsible for my actions standing here next to a gorgeous woman who smells as good as you do.”

She squeezed his arm, looked at him and said, “I was hoping you’d say that. Lean down here.”

He did and met her upturned, freckly face and lips with his own, deeply kissing like two lovers who’d known one another forever. At first, it was gentle then insistent from both of them until they broke to breathe. Her hands went around him and he circled her back with his arms as they shifted to face one another and kiss a second time. This time her breasts pressed against his stomach and the growing bulge in his slacks pressed against her where she could not miss it unless she had no nerves at all.

Her lips opened with the touch of his and she slid her tongue over his teeth but below his larger tongue, sharing his juices and hers as she ground her breasts against him and humped her hips forward to feel his cock as it got fully hard. “Ummhhh,” was all she could hum as she kissed him with what was a few months of saved up need for both of them. He and his wife hadn’t had sex in six months and his hormones were full and on full throttle, morality aside, now.

He slid his hand over the top of her ass and felt the split where her hips divided. She rose on tiptoes and rubbed her breasts upward while pulling her hips back a few inches, just enough to slide her hand between them and gently pass over the front of his slacks until she found the rigid shaft of his cock. At first, she just rubbed it then with a speed he had never seen, she moved her hand upward, opened his belt and zipper and dove her hand down until she had his cock wrapped with her hand.

When it was solidly around his shaft, she groaned, stopped the kiss and looked at him. “God, your cock is beautiful.”

“Thank you, Heather. Nothing like you either. Is there a soft place we can be together?”

Her lips were almost panting and her eyes were dark and demanding as she pulled his cock and started the few steps into her air-conditioned office. “Thank God I’ve got a long couch. Come here.”

She sat and released him, quickly unbuttoning her dress and shedding it to reveal her breasts tucked into what had to be a 38DD bra and a pair of plain white panties. Without ceremony while he watched, she stripped the bra off then slid the panties down, showing her 45-year-old body to him. He whistled and stripped his own clothes off as she sat there, holding her breasts, one in each hand, moving them in circles, to the side and back again while her mouth parted and her breathing quickened. When he was standing next to her, her face greedily engulfed his cock, took it all the way down her throat until her stomach began to wave, jiggle and finally release with a loud, low moan. She sucked and pulled his ass with her hands as she felt all the feelings that a wave of orgasm could release, ending with a small “Ohhh.” and opening her legs to show him as she squirted her own juices on the leather couch. Her orchid opened and a clear liquid magically squirted from her as she nearly lost consciousness.

For Denton, it was almost more than he could handle so he held her breasts, pulled them and touched her until the waves had subsided. When they had, her eyes were closed and her body was glowing with a slight sheen of sweat. He saw it and pushed her shoulders back until she fell to the couch, raised her hips and got ready to receive him. He stepped forward, took her hand around his cock and let it take the tip over each of her nipples, listening to her groans of pleasure. Her freckles were everywhere, warm and inviting as he rubbed her tits with his cock and followed the trail of light red hair which went from her belly button down to the thick red triangle above her pussy.

She was in heaven, completely oblivious as he used his fingers to trace her hair, tweak over the clit at the top of her opening then trace the waving line that was where the petals of her orchids outer lips sealed against one another. They were wet now from her own juices and yielded as his finger parted them well below her clit and slid upwards, then back down and in. First, one shudder and one finger, then two shudders and two fingers. Then three until she was humping his fingers, moving powerfully and moaning with want.

She reached up with her hand and found his hard cock, then pulled it towards her pussy as she demanded, “Bring that huge thing down here. Stick it in me. Can’t you see I need this treatment?”

“Heather, I’m going to make love to you right now. It’s going in, inside you, big head spreading you. Feel it?”


His cock had never been wider, harder or longer as he slid effortlessly inside Heather and kneeled over her, pushing and pulling inside her as she gripped and pushed back for twenty minutes. As they fucked, he told her, “Your shop isn’t going to be open today, dear. We’re going to get this out of the way then I’m going to slowly fuck your pussy again, lay myself on your tits and if you’re a good girl, I’m going to turn you on your knees and do it from behind.”

She was pushing upward, squeezing his butt with her legs and panting as her tits flopped to the sides and her bottom tried to drive every last inch of his cock into her own body, cumming whenever she got quiet, over and over, saying, “I’m a good girl. I’m a good girl. Please, please do me from behind and when I’m wet enough, stick that big cock in my butt. I’ve never tried one this big.”

She was and he did, now a new convert to lust at first sight!

By the time it was evening, they had spent the entire afternoon back in her office, having the most wonderful sex and talking until he knew, knew that he could not stay married to his wife after this. When he asked, Heather grunted a “yes” and he walked to the phone, called his wife and told her he would never be home, that they were through.

He was forever now: Heather’s Hallmark.

– The End –