Jonah and I have been dating steadily for 3 years. We have a great relationship, and we have great sex. The sex is always interesting and varied; we never get bored. Both of us like to try new things. Recently, I have been experiencing strong urges to fuck Jonah in the ass. How it started I’ll never know, but whenever we are having sex, my mind drifts and I imagine what Jonah would look like if we traded places. It makes me really hot to think about him on his hands and knees, spread wide open, waiting for me to fuck him. He has done this to me on a number of occasions and we have both really enjoyed it. Jonah has allowed me to play with his ass with my fingers, and has even gone as far as to ask me to do this to him when I am sucking him off. Occasionally, I have hinted to Jonah that I want to reciprocate. The last time was just after we had made love and I was cuddled up against his back. I moved my hips seductively against his ass cheeks and told him that I really wished that I had a penis. He moaned quietly in response and pulled me closer to him. What does this mean? I suppose I could just come right out and ask him, but I’m still not completely sure that he is interested. However, since he has always been open to new experiences and has always liked surprises, I’m going to give it a try.

Saturday night is date night this week and it is my turn to plan the activities. In just three days I am going to plan and act out one of my hottest fantasies. I have the day off of work today so I am going to go a toy store I’ve heard about and see if I can find a strap-on dildo that is just right for Jonah.

Jonah is a well-proportioned man any way you look at him. His penis is both long and wide, and doesn’t taper at the ends like some do, so it feels like a solid tube of flesh when he fucks me. He is not circumcised, which I find really sexy. Jonah always enjoys that I make a big production out of pulling back his foreskin and exposing his penis. What I would like to find is a strap-on penis that has the same size and shape as Jonah’s. That way he can have the same experience I do when he fucks me in the ass-he can feel what it’s like to be me.

As I take a deep breath and push open the door, I’m surprised to see that the toy store is large and softly lighted. There are cases along the walls containing many different sex toys, as if this were a convenience store. I wander around the store looking for the strap-on dildos. Each case I look in has something new and different, and all of them are starting to make me hot. As I lean over a case in the corner of the room, something catches my eye.

“May I help you?” asks a sales person.

Startled, I straighten up and look at the sales person, blushing. Shyly, I think about my objective here, not sure I can go through with it. The sales person is friendly and has a comforting face. She is an older woman, 50 or so, with gray hair and bifocals perched on the end of her nose. She smells of lavender. As my face cools I sense with relief that she is not judging me and will understand what I want. Taking a deep breath, I open my mouth and say: “I’m looking for a strap-on dildo.” I can’t believe I’ve said it. My excitement is bubbling up in my chest. I’m really doing this.

Without missing a beat, the saleswoman replies, “I have some hand-made beauties right over here. Follow me please.” She walks casually across the room to a case near the back of the store. Trying not to run, I follow along, feeling like a child on my first shopping spree to Toys-R-Us.

The case we stop at stands alone; a spotlight shines on it, drawing attention, as if its contents are extraordinary. The sales woman pulls out a mauve key with feathers hanging from it and unlocks the case. She slowly, reverently, slides open the back panel and reaches her hand into the depths of the case to retrieve it’s contents. “These are for customers with more discriminating tastes” she says. Breathlessly, I lean over the case and peer through the glass. There, laid out in row after gleaming row, are several dozen strap-on dildos. They are beautiful and they look like real dicks.

“These are the finest examples of European craftsmanship,” the saleswoman notes. “Each one is hand-made of flexible latex. They require a little extra care, but most of our customers find that the added realism is worth the extra work. Some customers have said these feel as close to the real thing as you can get.”

Looking at the incredible variety of shapes and colors, I hardly know where to start. Observing my hesitation, the saleswoman removes a large black dick and hands it to me.

“I think this might be what you’re looking for,” she says.

As I take the dildo from her hands and examine it, I gently brush my fingers across its velvet surface. It is rigid, yet flexible and soft to the touch. Reverently, I wrap my hand around the shaft to judge the length and thickness. It is very close to a replica of Jonah’s penis. This is just the thing to make Jonah feel like he is getting fucked with his own dick. It’s heavy, weighted, and wiggles like a real penis. It is realistically detailed with a piss-slit, and bulging veins along the length. Turning it over, I notice that there are two names inscribed on the flared base.

“Whose signatures are these?”

“One is the artist, and the other is the model.”

“Model?” “Yes. All our hand-made dildos are crafted by artists using a live model, and are signed by both. It adds an extra, personal touch which our customers like.”

Curious, I roll the dildo over in my hands trying to imagine what the model must look like. Is he tall? Is he muscular? Does he look like Jonah? What was the artist feeling when he made this toy intended to bring pleasure to the person who purchases it? Did he and the model test their creation? As this vision begins to take shape, my mind begins to race from one thought to the next, ending with a breathtaking view of this dildo buried to the hilt in Jonah’s ass.

As I stand staring fixedly at the dildo, the saleswoman interrupts, “Would you like me to show you how to put it on?” Blushing, I hand it to her and she explains that this particular model is designed for use with a harness. She measures my hips and pulls a harness from underneath the display case for me to try on. She shows me how to correctly secure the dildo in place and how to move my hips to make the dildo appear realistic. Looking down at the dildo strapped to the outside of my jeans, I feel awkward and excited.

As I walk over to the mirror and look at the dildo swinging in front of me, my feelings of uncertainty vanish instantly. This is my cock. MY cock looks great, like it belongs there. I turn from side to side, admiring my new penis. Confidently, I reach down and wrap my hand around the shaft and slowly stroke the length, pretending that I am jacking off. I close my eyes and imagine Jonah, doggie style, with my hard dick pumping into his ass over and over. My hips begin to rock back and forth, and a low moan bubbles up from my chest.

I feel a hand on my elbow. The clerk is standing next to me, smiling knowingly. “Shall I wrap this up, or would you like to wear it out?”

“Wrap it please.” I mumble, as I unhook the harness and grudgingly remove my new appendage. I miss it already. I can’t wait to strap it back on. Maybe I’ll put it on under my jeans and wear it out in public today. Hhhmmmm.

Breathing deeply to focus my thoughts, I walk around the store looking at all the other sex toys available for purchase. Besides the plugs and clamps, dildos and vibrators, rubbers and lubes are things I’ve heard of but have never seen before. As we walk toward the check out counter, the clerk suggests that I use condoms and lube to improve the performance of my new dildo. She suggests a lube called Ever Slick.

“It has extra viscosity, so you don’t need to reapply it when you’re in the middle of something”, she says knowingly.

“Or someone”, I think.

As we continue to the front of the store, I notice a case containing several rows of sheaths. Spontaneously I ask, “Can I see one of these please?”

“Certainly. These beauties are made of the same flexible latex as your dildo. Some men find them convenient to put in a pocket and use anytime they want,” says the clerk.

As she hands me a sheath, I wiggle my middle finger through the opening and gasp as it tightly grips my finger. I thrust my finger in further, stroking the smoothness of the inner walls, and an idea begins to take shape. As I move my finger in and out of the tight orifice, I realize that I am subconsciously looking for the right length and width for Jonah. Suddenly, my fantasy snaps into clear focus.

“Can I see one that is a little longer and designed for a larger penis please?”

The clerk pulls out a clear purple model. I like the color and the fact that it is see through. With difficulty, I insert three of my fingers. The grip is very tight. As tight as an asshole might be.

“I’ll take this one too, please,” I say as I smile at the clerk.

As I pay for my purchases and exit the store, a smile plays across my lips. I am so looking forward to Saturday night. I can feel my panties getting moist inside my jeans. Eagerly I get into my car and unzip my jeans. I look around to make sure that there are no people in the parking lot. I stick my hand inside my panties and begin to masturbate. I am so horny just thinking about fucking Jonah’s ass. I close my eyes and try to imagine Jonah on the bed, on his hands and knees, asshole proudly displayed for my pleasure. I imagine probing his hole with my lubed finger, right up to the last knuckle. I can hear him moaning, I can feel his muscles massaging my finger. My breath comes in short bursts as my orgasm begins to grow in my pussy. As I rub my finger over my clit faster and harder, I imagine putting a second finger deep inside of Jonah’s ass..


At the sound of tires squealing behind me in the parking lot, I quickly jump to straighten my disheveled clothes. Recovering quickly as my breath slows; I laugh thinking about how much fun I am going to have when I am really fucking Jonah and experiencing my own release as well.

“Hi Rachel, I’m home.”

“I’m in the kitchen Jonah.”

He walks quickly through the living room coming up behind me. He wraps his arms around my waist and grinds his hips into mine.

“I am so horny. I have been thinking about you all day. I’ve had visions of you dancing naked in front of me since early this morning.” He is snuggling the side of my neck, kissing and licking the tender skin. My flesh responds quickly to his touch and my pussy begins to drool.

“Don’t get me started yet, honey. I have something special planned for date night on Saturday and I want you to stay horny until then.”

“Saturday?” he says dejectedly. “That’s three days! I can’t wait three days! I want you now.” Slowly, he moves up behind me again and grinds his hard cock between my butt cheeks.

With a groan, I pull out of his grip and face him. “Now Jonah, you behave. Saturday is MY date night and I have big plans for us. I want to make sure that you are ready, so I want you to stay nice and horny for me until I make you come. It’s only three days-you can wait until then. It won’t be so bad, you’ll see.” I smile sweetly at him and gently tweak his hard penis through his slacks.

Smiling, he pulls his hips away from my hand. “You must have something really great planned.” As he walks out of the kitchen, he says, “OK, I’ll wait. Believe me, I’ll be ready for you. It may be tough but I know it will be special.” I notice a slight quiver in his voice as he goes into the other room. Is it anticipation, or is it apprehension?

Thursday and Friday pass quickly. My fantasy, constantly replaying through my head. We are both going to be very horny and ready for each other by Saturday night.

At 5 am on Saturday morning I wake up with a start. I had been having a very sexy dream. I dreamt that Jonah was licking my pussy, sucking on my clit and fucking me with two fingers. As I looked down my body and over into Jonah’s eyes, I realized that I had a dick. A REAL dick, hard and throbbing right in front of Jonah’s face. It had looked and felt so real that I almost felt myself beginning to ejaculate.

I shake myself awake, I can feel my pussy juices running between my ass cheeks. Jonah rolls over and places his hand between my legs. In his sleep he starts playing with my bush, running his fingers through my black curly hair and down between my nether lips. Sometimes he does this in his sleep, and it always wakes me up. Usually when this happens I wake him up and we make sweet, passionate love. Now, I reach over and start playing with his rock hard penis. I know from long experience that this will wake him up immediately. I also know that this will make him even hornier and ready to go for tonight. I squeeze his balls in my hand, and his cock jumps in response. He moans and tries to roll over on top of me. His hips begin pumping as if he is already inside me.

“Jonah!” I whisper as I twist his tight rose-colored nipple. “Wake up. We can’t have sex yet. It’s not Saturday night.”

“Shit!” he mutters as he rolls onto his back, his hard-on making a tent under the sheets.

Playfully, I bring his fingers to my lips and gently lick and suck them clean. Jonah realizes immediately he’s been touching me.

“Stop that Rachel! If you expect me not to come until tonight then you had better behave yourself. I’m going to have to take a cold shower as it is. I know that tonight is going to be good, but damn it I want you now. Look at me! My cock has been hard for two days. Come on, just a quickie now.” He begs. “I’ll have plenty left over for you tonight.”

“Nope..Get out of bed. Go shower and do something useful with yourself today. And don’t even think about jacking off in the shower. As a matter of fact, maybe I’ll shower with you just to make sure you don’t touch yourself.” I smile wickedly at him.

“No way. I’ll never make it until tonight if you shower with me. You stay right there and I’ll be a good boy, I swear.”

He gets out of bed in a hurry and runs into the bathroom. I hear the water go on, and a minute later I hear him hiss. I am sure that his shower is ice cold, so he can get himself back under control. I smile at this, although I’m having a hard time keeping control of myself as well. What Jonah doesn’t know is that I am going to live out one of my biggest fantasies tonight, so it is that much harder for me. My pussy has been dripping wet since I purchased the dildo. As I roll over, imagining myself plunging the dildo into Jonah’s ass, I realize that in only a few short hours my dream will come true.

I spend the rest of the day grocery shopping, cooking, and getting ready for our date. Dinner will consist of oysters on the half shell (chilled, with just a touch of lime juice), steamed shrimp and broiled crab legs. For dessert, there’s ice cream with hot chocolate sauce.

I do not expect to make it to dessert, though. I am wearing my new penis under my clothes today. Each time it rubs against my thigh, my pussy muscles contract with pleasure. The day has just started-I can’t wait to see what will happen tonight.

As night begins to fall, I change the sheets on the bed and put the rubbers, lube, and the sheath in my nightstand. I unhook my harness and carefully place the dildo in the nightstand as well, knowing that it is only a matter of a few short hours before I will be wearing it again. I walk into the bathroom and turn the water on in the shower. This morning I stopped in at the salon and had my legs and bikini line waxed. As the bathroom fills with steam, I use Jonah’s beard trimmer to clip my bush very close to my skin, leaving just a shadow of hair. Looking at my shorn pussy in the mirror, I marvel at how young and innocent it looks. Feeling sexy and just a little bit nasty, I step in the shower and slowly lather fresh scented soap all over my body. I rub my soapy hands over my breasts, belly and ass. I gently wash my pussy and butt crack, paying special attention to all of my openings. I am so hot that I feel myself starting to come as I wash myself. Quickly, I step under the steamy water and rinse myself completely. No time for that now.

I lean over to turn off the water, allowing the warm water to run over my body for just another second. Stepping out of the shower, I wrap myself in a large fluffy towel as I hear Jonah walk in the front door.

“Rachel honey, I’m home.”

“I’m in the bathroom Jonah.”

He opens the bathroom door and walks purposefully toward me. He smells of the outside, sweaty and eager. He wraps his arms around my waist and passionately kisses me. His tongue plunges into my mouth possessively stroking my lips and tongue. I groan deep in my throat with pleasure. My sex twitches in anticipation of the evening to come. I press my breasts against his chest and caress his cock through the front of his jeans. Still kissing me, he picks me up and carries me to the bed. My towel falls away as he lays me down on my back and places his knees between my smooth, warm legs. I arch my back as he trails warm, wet kisses along my neck, across my breasts, down my belly and on to my freshly shaven crotch. He stops, rubs his cheek against my almost hairless pussy, growls, and smiles up at me.

“Oh my god, look at your pussy! It looks too good to be true. I can see all the lines and folds of your sex. Spread your legs for me, I want to see it all.”

Slowly, I spread my thighs and watch as his eyes roam over my shaved sex. I quiver as he uses his fingers to trace a path from my mound down to my wet opening. He gently parts my lips and pushes two fingers into my naked hole. I arch my back and push down on his fingers to take them deep into me. I squeeze my muscles around him as he rotates his fingers inside of me. I can feel my orgasm starting at the base of my spine and building up through my body to my nipples. His head moves closer to my slit and he presses his warm, wet tongue against my throbbing clit. With a shudder, my orgasm explodes and waves of pleasure wash over me. It’s all I can do to keep from screaming. My love juices flow freely over Jonah’s fingers still buried deep in my pussy.

Gradually, my body and my breathing return to normal. Jonah is still massaging my inner walls with his fingers and lapping at my clit with his tongue. Gently, I reach between my legs and guide him up to my face by his ears. I kiss him gently, and moan into his mouth as he presses his raging hard-on into my hips.

“Jonah, that was fantastic.”

“My turn?” he asks hopefully.

“Not yet I’m afraid. I spent all day making dinner, and I have a special surprise planned for you tonight. But first, come here. I want to taste you.” Quickly, he scoots closer to me, absent-mindedly stroking his cock through his pants.

I kiss him again and roll him onto his back. Slowly, I unbutton his shirt, unzip his jeans and drag them down over his bare legs. He isn’t wearing any underwear, so as his jeans move past his hips his penis snaps straight up in the air. Before he can speak I lean forward and quickly suck his whole cock deep into my throat. Once it is completely buried in my warm mouth, I begin to suck and massage him with my tongue and lips. I want to get him as close as possible without allowing him his release. That will come later.

“One more second of this and I will not be able to control myself.” Jonah says, pulling me up to face him. “You’re driving me crazy.”

“OK then, why don’t you take a shower while I get dressed and I’ll meet you downstairs for dinner in 30 minutes.”

I decide not to wear my strap-on penis during dinner. I think I’ll show it to Jonah just before I bury it deeply into his well-lubed asshole. I dress quickly and head downstairs. I set the table and open a bottle of Jonah’s favorite wine. Moving around the room, I light candles and turn off overhead lights, setting the mood for my date night. I put the music on softly in the background. I place a few pillows on the floor and go back into the kitchen to check on dinner. The shrimp and crab are almost done, and I take the oysters out of the fridge and carry them on a tray out to the table.

Jonah pads softly down the stairs. His hair is still wet from his shower and he is dressed in a pair of jean shorts. His tanned chest, shoulders, and calves are bare, and I can smell his musky aftershave from across the room. Stopping in the doorway of the kitchen, he lets out a low whistle.

“I hope that dinner is quick. You look beautiful.”

He walks over and kisses me hungrily on my lips. I wrap my arms around his neck and return his kiss. We pull away and look into each other’s eyes. Reluctantly, I break the stare and turn to retrieve the shrimp and crab from the oven. I carry them into the other room with Jonah following close behind. Placing the tray on the table, I guide him to the cushions on the floor and run my hands over his bare shoulders and chest. Tangling my fingers in his chest hair I pull him forward for another kiss. As we embrace, I feel myself becoming caught up in mood of the room and the warm closeness of our bodies. As if in a dream, I pull away from his lips and sit back. For a moment, I forget where I am. Jonah stretches his hand over the table for an oyster. Coming to my senses, I push his hand playfully out of the way.

“I’m going to feed you tonight.” I say as I smile up at him. He smiles back greedily, remembering the many times this ritual has ended with us making love on the floor.

“As you wish,” he replies hoarsely and puts his hand back in his lap.

I crawl over his thigh and settle myself between his spread legs with my back pressed against his chest. He wraps his hands around my waist and begins to lift my short skirt. As I reach for an oyster, I hear Jonah gasp as his hands move over my body and he realizes that I am not wearing any underwear. I can feel the length of his hard cock pressed against the small of my back as I turn and feed him an oyster over my shoulder. Looking back, I watch his Adams apple bounce as he swallows the oyster and it slithers down his throat. Turning, I place warm kisses down his neck, tracing the path made by the oyster just seconds before. I reach for another oyster and tip the shell up to my own mouth. As I swallow the juicy morsel, Jonah slips his fingers into my juicy cunt. I moan and press my back against his throbbing cock. As if in a dream, I continue to feed Jonah the slippery, tangy oysters as he continues to tease my pussy. The rest of dinner will have to wait. Feeling my heart pounding in my chest and in my crotch, I try vainly to calm my nerves and slow down.

Deliberately, I stand up and pull Jonah to his feet. Chuckling, he follows as I guide him up the stairs to our candlelit bedroom. Slowly, teasingly, I unzip his shorts and push them down his long tanned legs, lightly brushing his hair with the backs of my hands. His cock stands proudly away from his body, posing in the warm air of the room. Taking him by the hand, I lead him to the head of the bed and gently lay him on his back. As he watches, I remove my little sundress and bend forward over him. He raises both arms above his head exposing the tender skin on the sides of his body. Biting and kissing, I trace a path down his left side stopping below his waist to lick the groove made by his protruding hipbone. Jonah groans and his penis jumps in the air, landing with a smack on his well- muscled belly. Gaining confidence, I spread his legs and wrap my mouth around the tender skin just under his balls. He lifts his legs over my shoulders and pushes his crotch harder into my face. I move farther down under his ass, licking and sucking his tightly puckered hole. I force my tongue through his ring of muscle, anticipating the fucking I plan on giving him soon. Through my sex-induced haze I can hear Jonah calling my name over and over. “Rachel, yes..yes.oh Rachel, yes.” I pull away from Jonah’s body leaving him gasping and his wet hole gaping. Like an animal catching prey, I pin him to the bed, and suck his nipple into my mouth. Between my finger and thumb I twist and pinch his other nipple, making him squirm and grind his hips against my naked pussy. Lightening my touch slowly, I turn and gaze into his eyes. His sweat-drenched face contorts with eagerness, anxiety, and wanting. As I start to stand up on the bed, Jonah reaches for my wrist and tries to pull me back down over his tensed body. I pry his fingers from my arm and confidently walk over to the nightstand.

Looking back again at Jonah on the bed, I glance at his penis and see a drop of come glistening at its tip. Walking slowly back to him, I lean over and briskly flick it off with my the tip of my tongue. Then, I go back to the nightstand, reaching inside to remove the bottle of lube. I toss it on the bed between his legs.

“Lube your hole Jonah. There’s plenty so don’t skimp.”

His eyebrows raise in surprise and eagerness as he opens the tube and squeezes a generous amount onto his fingers. Reaching between his legs he smears the slick gel over and around his hole.

“Inside too. Make it slick, deep inside. Use your fingers, Jonah, and open yourself up for me.”

I watch fascinated as Jonah lifts his legs in the air and slides two slippery fingers into his hole. He rubs the lube around his puckered skin and starts fucking himself on his own hand. I reach out and move his hand away, wanting to take a turn with my own slippery fingers. I take the tube of lube and generously coat my fingers up to the last knuckle. I position myself between his legs and hang his muscled legs over my shoulders. Steadily I slip two of my fingers through his asshole and begin to massage his inner walls. His thighs begin to shake with longing and his hard cock bounces against his belly. Gaining confidence, I turn and twist my fingers inside of him. His muscles begin to relax and open around my fingers. I slowly withdraw my slippery fingers and then push them deeply into his body again.

“Oh Rachel!”, groans Jonah. “Do that again. I am so close to coming I don’t know how much longer I can wait. Please fuck me with your fingers again.please!”

I remove my fingers from him completely, allowing him to regain his control. I am not ready for Jonah to come yet. I know he has been waiting for days for me, but I am enjoying this too much to end it so quickly. Jonah grinds his hips in the air in a futile effort to relieve his tension.

“It’s time to introduce you to my new friend,” I say as I watch the need clearly etched on his face. Jonah’s legs drop down to the mattress and he watches me through his wide spread knees. I step away from the bed and walk again to the nightstand. Reaching inside the drawer, I retrieve my precious dildo and the box of condoms. Jonah’s eyes widen in astonishment as I wordlessly step into the harness and buckle my penis into place. I watch his face begin to warm with pleasure as he watches me lovingly stroke my member.

“Come here and dress my cock Jonah.” I say confidently. “I’m going to fuck you tonight.”

Eagerly, Jonah lunges for a condom, tearing the foil with his teeth. Standing away from the bed, I make Jonah stand up and walk over to me. As he rolls the condom reverently over my penis, he strokes and licks it, worshiping it as if it were his own. Watching him love my penis is almost more than I can take. The insides of my thighs are dripping and my pussy is flowing freely from my swollen slit. I push him away from my cock, making him topple to the floor with a thud.

“Stand up and get back on the bed.” I instruct.

He looks at me apprehensively, but does as I say. He lies on his back across the width of the bed with his legs spread and his hands at his sides.

“Turn over Jonah. Get on your hands and knees. Come right to the edge of the bed and spread your legs.”

My stomach quivers as he complies with my wishes and proudly displays his glistening hole for my pleasure.

Coating my condom-covered penis with more lube, I slowly rub my hand up and down the shaft, warming the lube to body temperature. I lean forward and lightly press the tip of my cock against the glistening opening of Jonah’s ass. Groaning, he reaches his hand between my legs and inserts two fingers into my hot, wet pussy.

With his hand securely buried in my body I push my penis deliberately into his waiting hole. Slowly, I rock my hips backward and forward, each time forcing a little more of my swollen cock into his body. When my hips are placed firmly against his butt cheeks and my dildo is completely buried in his ass, he presses his thumb against my clit and I begin to fuck him. My mouth waters as I watch my penis disappear into his body again and again. As Jonah continues to stroke my inner walls I can see the muscles of Jonah’s back begin to bunch in anticipation of his orgasm. His toes curl against my knees. I can feel myself beginning to come as well. This is my fantasy come to life.

Slowing my pace, I pull my penis from Jonah with a plop, and step away from the bed. I walk one last time to the nightstand and pull out my final purchase from the toy store. Turning back to the bed, I see Jonah’s hand reaching toward his throbbing cock, longing to stroke himself to climax. I stride quickly over and slip the tight sheath over his tumescence.

“One last surprise for you,” I gasp through clenched teeth.

Jonah moans loudly as the sheath clamps around his throbbing cock. Stepping behind him, I again skewer him on my cock and pump it into him over and over. He begins rubbing my clit harder as I fuck his cock repeatedly into the tight, purple sheath. With cries of ecstasy and triumph, we come together, our bodies quaking with the immense release while wave after wave of pleasure wash over our sweaty bodies. As his cock begins to soften in the sheath and I slowly grind into his ass, I feel the pleasure he must feel after fucking me, and it makes me happy I could finally have this experience. As we slowly recover, we roll over on the bed and smile at each other. Still breathing heavily but now smiling with pleasure and relief, Jonah says,

“You really know how to use that thing. You should give lessons.”

“I think I just gave you one.” I reply, although I think we both learned something about each other tonight.

“You are incredible. I never thought you would do that. I was really surprised, but it felt great. I can’t wait to do it again.” He says in a rush. “I never knew you wanted to do that, but I’m glad you did. I am so glad that I found you.”

“Me too, Jonah. I’m glad I found you too.”

As we cuddle on the bed with our new toys, our thoughts turn to the dinner we abandoned hours ago.

“Hey, I’m hungry,” Jonah said. “Let’s eat!”

I smiled inside, thinking “Next time I’ll make sausage for dinner.”

I am glad that I had this experience with Jonah and I know that I will make use of my strap-on again. Soon.

– The End –