This particular incident happened when I was 14. I sneaked a day from school and I suppose it could be said I got my just desserts.

Our house is empty during the day. Mother and father are at work. My two brothers and sister are at school, as I am normally, but, this particular day I decided to be really lazy and skip a day from school. It was a mock test day and I detested those so much, so as normal I left for school, but waited around the corner until I knew the house was empty and then went home again.

I was really enjoying my day of freedom. I listened to music, enjoying being able to play it loudly without getting yelled at. Our house was kinda isolated. Not in the country as such but it was surrounded by trees and so I knew the neighbors would be unaware of me at home. I sunbathed nude in the back garden for a couple of hours and then made myself a lunch after which I decided to have a leisurely bath. I left the music playing and the bathroom door opened. In fact, in our house the bathroom door is never closed.

I was enjoying soaking in a bubble bath having already washed my hair and finished shaving my pussy, just laying back lost in a dream world when suddenly there was a loud banging at the front door.

I decided to ignore it as no one is supposed to be home anyway, but the banging at the door continued. Then, of course, I realized they could hear the music. Muttering about inconsiderate people, I got out of the bath, wrapped my hair in a towel, snatched a dressing gown from the back of the door; all the while hearing the insistent banging at the front door. Halfway down the stairs, struggling to get the robe over my wet body, I realized I had grabbed my younger brothers robe who was quite smaller than I was. The robe barely covered my ass and didn’t hardly meet properly. I turned to go back upstairs; then jumped when the hammering started again louder than ever. Muttering loud threats I went downstairs and opened the door, but kinda peering around it, trying to hold the robe together and at the same time trying to stretch it longer. Both were an impossibility.

My eyes opened wide at the rather large and very dirty and scruffy-looking man standing there, and tried to understand what he said with his very strong brogue. Shaking my head in confusion I said “What!, I didn’t catch one word of that.” He spoke even louder and said, “Me an de boyos ‘r ere to do ye a favor.” I struggled a bit then replied “Favor! What? OHHH FAVOR?” He said “Aye. Is what me say, ‘lil miss.” Feeling very uncomfortable at my situation and not really wanting to get into a discussion, I merely said as I was closing the door, “Sorry. we’re not buying anything today.” Then suddenly a large hand gripped the door and, try as I might, I could not budge it an inch. He pushed it wide open and suddenly I was fully in his view, still trying frantically to make the robe bigger, as he said rather annoyed, “Dat’s nay way to treat a man doing ye a favor.” Then his eyes seemed to see me fully for the first time and slowly travelled from my head to my toes I felt naked under that gaze.

“War de fadder, gal?” he said rather roughly, frantically trying to interpret I said “Fadder? I don’t und..oh FATHER ? “He growled and said, “Ye shaul a was ye ears gal. Is what I sat, Fadder.” Flushing and rather stupidly I said, “He’s not here. No one is here. Go away please. You are scaring me, I will call the police.”

A slow grin crossed his unshaven features as he said, “Well now. There’s a thing.” I suddenly realized the thick accent was gone. While I stood there in confusion, trying to understand, he had stepped inside the door and pushed it shut behind him. As I spluttered, backing away,”GET OUT YOU HAVE NO RIGHT BARGING IN HERE.” He laughed and said, “Throw me out then, ‘lil miss.”I turned to run up the stairs only to find after five steps up that he had firmly grasped my right ankle and held me fast, struggle as I might within a few minutes I was naked and bound hand and foot as well as gagged, totally helpless.

I squirmed as he fondled my breasts and shuddered as his hand reached down to my pussy, I had even at 14 had sex with men of my family, but never one as dirty and smelly and rough as this one, and not once had I been forced. Then I shuddered as I heard him say, “Lil miss, I am going to fuck you. Now, you can have it easily. You can have it rough, but have it you’re going to. What is it to be?” and he removed the gag so I could speak.

The stupid thing was right at that moment all I could think of was me getting into trouble for skipping school and so I figured, if I let him have sex hopefully I wouldn’t be marked so no one need know. So I replied, “I will cooperate Sir. Just please don’t hurt me.” to which he grinned and said, “I am going to enjoy you. How old are you?” I replied, “13 Sir.” hoping that would let me off, although my breasts were still small then I knew I couldn’t pass for younger, but he just said, “Even better.” and picked me up and carried me upstairs where he very quickly tied my ankles to the corners at the bottom of the bed so my legs were spread open and my hands tied on each side at the top of the bed.

Within seconds, his smelly naked body was on top of me and shortly his thick cock was penetrating my vagina and very soon he was pounding into me. I almost gagged as he kissed me, forcing his foul tongue into my mouth. His whiskers were scratching my face and his fingers cruelly dug into my small breasts. I couldn’t help but whimper into his mouth which seemed to drive him to an even greater frenzy. I almost screamed and then did scream as his fingers twisted my breasts and his nails dug into me. As I screamed out in pain he hawked and spat a large glob of flem into my open mouth. Then as I heaved he forced his tongue into my mouth again and fucked me even harder. I was being driven into the bed and then I screamed again as his teeth sunk into my left breast engulfing the nipple, as he cruelly twisted the right one.

I was afraid he was going to tear it off as I felt he was trying to bite the left one off. He fucked me for quite some time even stopping and re-tying my feet to my wrists. He then took my ass hole, forcing his thick cock deep inside me again, causing me to scream out in pain, and the assault on my breasts was even more so and more and more too he hawked and spat in my mouth, but at last, almost with a sigh of relief, I felt him reaching his climax. When he pulled from my ass and roughly grasped my hair forcing his smelly cock into my mouth, I gladly sucked him hard, even as I gagged, not from the taste of my shit, but the underlying taste of fish and a long unwashed body I was almost happy as he shot load after load down my throat, thinking now he had had what he wanted he would go. All I wanted to do was wash, forever probably.

I laid back with my eyes closed trying to deal with the pain of my body thinking this was easily what hell would be like. My eyes flew open as I realized he was on the telephone telling someone about me. He was watching me, grinning, as he was talking, “Yes, that’s right. 13 and a great fuck. Small tits, but a shaved pussy that is very used to cock as is her ass hole, and yes, she would be great in photographs and probably on video as well.” My mind was going numb and I berated myself for skipping school, praying that somebody would come home, but knowing nobody would for hours. My brothers and sister were away for the night. My father and mother were going out straight from work to see a show and then dinner, which was why of course I had chosen this particular day to skip school. Everything as I had thought had come together, but more so than I had bargained for.

I heard the man say, “It’s very secluded. She was screaming her head off. No one can hear, but I’m not sure how much longer before anyone comes home. So now would be best to bring a van and we can take her some place else and really give her a good fucking.” I couldn’t believe my ears. My eyes felt like saucers and then I cried when I heard him say to me, “You are going to make me a lot of money little miss. Either from your father or on the streets, but meantime there’s a lot of guys will pay good money to fuck a 13-year-old and take pictures.” I shuddered, wondering how I had got into this mess and where it would end. I screamed long and loudly but knew it was useless. Even if the neighbors could hear I knew there was no one at home.

I choked suddenly as he began pissing in my mouth and laughed loudly as I automatically swallowed. I then heard him say, “Well, well! Now who would have thought you were a 13 year old fuck and toilet slut? You really will make me a fortune. The way you drank that piss shows you have done many times before.” He grabbed my hair, roughly twisting it, pulling his face close to mine and growled, “The truth girl, are you are a fuck slut? Does your family fuck you a lot?” I trembled and gasped, “Yes, Sir.” He shook my head, then said, “You drink piss. Do you eat shit too?” In a very small voice I replied, “Yes Sir, all the time.” He grabbed my ears and snarled, “Look me in the eyes, girl. Tell me the truth. Who fucks you, who uses you as a toilet and how often.”

I trembled. Never before had I been subjected to this kind of treatment. I didn’t know how to deal with it. I was terrified of this man, and even though I had never breathed a word outside of this house about what went on inside. Knowing, having been told, many many times that my family would be in serious trouble if the authorities found out. But, as I said, I was terrified this man had awesome power unlike any one I had known before. Stumbling amidst crying, I told him the truth. His grin seemed to get bigger and bigger with each admission.

Just as I finished, I heard a vehicle scrunching over the gravel of the drive. The man went to the window then came back and re-tied me spread eagled again, but the other way around, with my head at the bottom of the bed. He went downstairs and I heard voices and footsteps on the stairs. Soon I saw 2 other men enter the room with the original man who was speaking, “Do either of you boys want to shit or piss?” My eyes opened wide at this, so he said to me, “What’s the matter girl? Aren’t you hungry? You just told me you eat shit, didn’t you?” What could I do? So I merely nodded and said, “Yes, Sir.” The younger of the three men was already naked. His cock was hard and he said “I will fuck her first then shit afterwards.” Wth that he practically dived on me and was very soon fucking me like crazy. The second of the 2 squatted over my face and soon, while the younger one was still fucking me, he was filling my mouth with shit, to the amazement of the younger, who said, “Holy shit! She really is eating it! I can feel her swallowing.” This seemed to cause some excitement between the three. Before I realized the younger man had pumped his semen deep into my vagina to be quickly replaced by the second man while the younger man squatted over my face and soon I was eating his shit, while the other fucked me.

All 3 seemed to be amazed even after the first man took his turn shitting. They still seemed unbelieving. The first one said after all 3 had finished with me, for the time being at any rate, “How much shit do you eat girl?” I replied, “Well it depends really, on how many want to shit.” All 3 looked at each other, then at me. The younger one said, “And it doesn’t make you ill?” And again, I replied honestly, “No Sir. It never has done yet, even when I eat my own.” And of course then I had to explain that sometimes on a day when everyone was here, including relations, that my family liked to watch me shit in a bowl after everyone had given me their shit, then watch me eat it all with a spoon. At that the younger one pounced on me, lifted my hips and very roughly fucked my ass hole in great excitement. The first man said, “I told you guys I had found a gold mine.” Hurry up. We can fuck her to our hearts content, but first let’s get her a long way from here.” Just as the younger one camein my ass I felt a needle enter my arm and within seconds knew nothing.

It was dark when I woke. I was hungry, very thirsty and my body ached. My pussy and ass hole were sore. I couldn’t move. I was spread eagled and gagged, with something over my head. Just then I felt the weight of a man laying on me who roughly rammed his cock into my sore pussy, causing me to cry out behind the gag. As the man fucked me I heard a mutter in my ear, “About time you woke up bitch.” Tears ran down my face as he continued to pound into me unmercifully, until at last he was satisfied. I felt him cum inside me. Then, to my horror, I heard him call out, “HEY GUYS! The bitch is awake and responsive.” I heard several rough voices quickly enter the room or where ever it was I was. It turned out there was 10 of them and all of them fucked me one after the other. My pussy was on fire by the time the last one had finished. I laid there crying and I heard them talking. It seemed I had been out for four days and I was on board a cargo vessel heading somewhere for the Middle East. The ship had a crew of 15 and as part payment for my shipment they had full use of me. There were to be 5 more days before we docked.

Occasionally I was allowed up for the bathroom and for the captains use. The whole time I was kept blindfolded but the gag was removed. They seemed to like my screams. It appeared to excite them. By the time we docked my pussy and ass were raw and my body had bruises and bite marks everywhere. I had lost weight. Not that I had much to begin with, but I was only fed real food on odd occasions. but I ate a lot of shit. I heard a lot of arguments after we docked. Some men were very angry at my condition. At first I hoped they were my rescuers. Then I realised they were mad at the money they had paid for me. It seems they had hired me for a month to service some delegation or other. Feeling shocked and stunned at all of this, I didn’t really know what to say or do other than try and sit upon a very sore pussy.

I was taken off the ship. I had no idea where I was. Still blindfolded, I smelt antiseptic and then hands spread my legs as I was laid on the table and my feet pushed into stirrups and tied there. I screamed out as my pussy was examined, then my ass hole and something soothing was inserted that felt like fire at first but more intense, then gradually died down to sooth me.

I was given several injections. Then I heard someone say “Her pussy and ass should be given three days to recover. Then she can be fucked again, but there is nothing wrong with her mouth, and with that my head was turned and a cock rammed into my mouth and fucked me until his cum filled my mouth. No sooner had I swallowed when another took his place. Five men used me that way. Later that day the blindfold was removed and I saw the three men who had kidnapped me.

“I told you you’re going to make a lot of money for me. Already I have you booked almost solid for 17 months with a load more inquiries. Everybody it seems, wants to fuck a 13 year old toilet slut. You will be famous. There are several porno companies that want to make films with you as the star. In fact I have so many offers coming in, I’m not even going to bother with your family. So you may well get used to the idea that from now on you are my slut and will fuck who I say when I say and do as I say.

So began my life as a sex/toilet slave, sold for money, time after time

I am by now, I suppose, quite famous. There are literally thousands upon thousands of photographs of me floating around. I am on dozens of web sites, and have made, so far, 100 professional porno films, and a few thousand amateur films. I have no clue how many men have had me, not that it really matters. No doubt there will be many more, as my present owner tells me. (I have been sold several times over the last 10 years.) A great deal of shit has passed through my body and yet strangely, I have so far been extremely healthy. No longer does my pussy or ass get raw and sore. I think men pay quite a lot to have me, but I have no real idea. I am just a sex slave. What do I know of money? All I have to know is how to please those that wish to use me and seemingly I do that very well. On odd occasions it just is one person that pays for my services, but is mostly groups. I have to admit I prefer groups, the larger the better these days.

I guess I should have gone to school that day, but, then again, exams are boring….

– The End –