Note : This story is completely fictional!

Angie and Deb had been friends for a very long time, some twenty years or so. Angie used to tell everyone how dominant she was in bed and Reg (her old man) was a bit of a wimp in bed. as with all friend/couples we tended to share a lot. We would often go out over the weekend or have a BBQ in our garden, it was over one of these BBQ that with all the drink flowing that Angie really started to flirt with me. Now i am a big guy 6.4″ 250pounds, Angie although not huge is still a size 14/16.

We were discussing her wedding where i was the best man; she made a comment about all the fuss and effort i made of her during the big day. She then went on to say she never got to consummate the wedding due to hubby being to pissed. i just laughed and said surely you must of made up for it by now and again she just shrugged and said he isn’t that highly sexed. with everyone getting more and more pissed i was talking to Reg her husband and he started talking about fantasies and what he liked to do in the bedroom. Angie looked at me and raised an eyebrow, i decided that i needed to take a leak and as i left for the toilet. as i came out Angie was waiting to go so i let her squeeze passed me. As she entered the toilet i stroked her arse, she looked shocked but all i did was smile and say well get on with it. She went bright red and said get out and pushed me out the door.

Back at the BBQ after Angie returned she casually moved over to he bar where i was getting a drink. “i don’t believe you Mick” i just smiled and said “don’t play hard to get you know you wanted me to stay” what makes you think i fancy you of all people was her short reply, ” ok no problems your the one that needs a good seeing to not me” “if you change your mind you know where i am”. with that i walked off to talk to the lads. Through out the day i could feel her eyes on me and with everyone talking in small groups my wife told me that she had to go pick up our son from town and she would be about an hour, i said ok and as she departed i went up stairs to change my shirt. i noticed that Angie had once again gone to the toilet. This time she hung around outside my bedroom and as i was buttoning up my shirt i said ” are you coming in or what?” Angie entered my room and just stood there. take your top off was my only demand, she looked nervous this time i barked “NOW BITCH” and as she pulled up her top those big 38ddd tits spilled out. and the bra, she started to mumble about we shouldn’t be doing this. i walked over and pinched her nipples very hard, ahhhhhhhh she wimpered. again i pulled harder and harder until she was moaning aaaaaahhhh ooooohhh. i pushed her against the wall and pulled her hair back and kissed her full on the mouth. she tried to pull away but as i twisted and pinched her tits she couldn’t go anywhere, i roughly pulled her skirt up and ripped her knickers down her legs. no no no Mick please no no nooooooo was her last word as i thrust my finger into her fat hairy cunt. her mouth was saying no but the juices her cunt was spilling told me the truth. i pulled my hand away and rubbed my slim covered fingers all over her pretty face. “Lick your pussy juice Angie, suck my fingers and taste how wet i make you” slowly she stuck out her tongue, i rammed my fingers into her mouth and forced her to gag.

with her mouth licking my fingers i pushed her to the floor and said” well Angie you know what to do, she looked shocked so i slapped her hard across the face. Stunned and with tears in her eyes she slowly unbuttoned my jeans, get on with it you fucking fat whore i told the stupid slut, please Mick don’t treat me like this treat me nice ive done nothing wrong to you be nice please. i grabbed both tits and pulled and pinched both nipples aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!! she winced, don’t fucking talk back to me you fucking whore, get up and fuck off out my room, i don’t do lovey dove with a fat whore like you. you came to me because your old man can’t get it up, now fuck off back to the prat. wait she said I’ll do it Mick I’ll be your whore and then she slowly started to suck my fat long cock into her mouth. “wank my cock over your face Angie,” as she started to rub i told her “no wank me with your left hand i want to see your wedding ring as you do it” she swapped hands and i began to taunt her, ” you like that dont you angie and all she said was “ive waited years for this now do as you please i will be your private whore. i carried on fucking her mouth for some time and then i told her to make me come, as she built up her tight sucking motion i grasped her hair in both hands and forced my cock straight down her throat i choked her by ramming it so far she nearly passed out. as i unleashed my spunk i pulled out and finished over her face, as she swallowed my come i slowly pulled my belt out of my jeans i told her to get on to the bed on all fours. what position are you angie and she replied ” the doggie” i told her no it was her whoring position. i told her to raise her skirt over her fat arse and as she did i took my belt to the fat rump before me. 1.whackkkkk thats for answering back, 2. whackkkk thats for shitting on your best friend by sucking her husbands cock, 3. whackkk that because you are a dirty fat arse whore, 4. whackkkk thats for letting your husband down by not making him man enough for you, 5.whackkkk that because you are now my property and you are now my mistress is that clear.

with tears in her eyes she looked up at me and said yes i am yours if, when and where ever you want i will be yours, you can dominate me all ways.

now go and clean up in the bathroom but when you come down when debs gets back i want you to make a big deal out of kissing your husband i want to see you push some of my spunk into his mouth just to make sure he knows who you now belong too, .

Some twenty minutes later angie returned to the garden just as debs arrived home, as she took her seat next to Reg you could see her wince as her fat arse with the belt marks settled on he seat. Deb came over to me and asked her to get her a drink she then went to sit with Angie. Once there I look over and slyly nodded angie then lent over and gave Reg a big wet kiss sliding her spunk covered tongue into his mouth.
You could see his surprise and then a puzzled look as he tried to work out the taste.

As the drinks flowed more and more of the guests got drunk and by late evening some of our guests were leaving. Reg was absolutely paralytic so Deb asked me to take him home, as it was a short distance I didn’t mind. Angie said she would help as we walked Angie told me a few secrets.
He likes to dress up in ladies underwear and clothes she sniggered. Well I think the best you can do is help him live out his fantasy. Reg was burbling and slurring, back at their house I took reg up stairs and Angie stripped him as she left him on he bed I told her to dress him up in her underwear. She seemed unsure but I told her to get on with It and just to make him think she was horny. Bu I am horny but only for you.
I told her to get on with it and she went and changed as I waited she came down to give me the nod , I asked where her dildos were and she said they were next to her bed.

Good as he is dressed as a girl I want you to fuck him like a girl, he’s that pissed he wont know. I followed her up stairs and watched her trying to get him hard but due to the drink it was no use. So I indicated for her to fuck him up the arse with one of her dildos.

Angie greased up a big rubber cock and slowly slid it into her pissed husbands arse he was moaning more through being pissed than getting his arse fucked by his slut wife.
I took out my mobile phone and took photo after photo of him dress as a girl getting his arse fucked by his fat wife.

I told her to get behind him and ride his arse as though she was a man and reg was her bitch. The submissive fat whore who swallowed my spunk earlier was now a demented bitch screaming at reg you like that bitch? You like your wife fucking your wimp arse don’t you bastard, say it you wimp cunt say you like your wife fucking your arse, as reg slurred yesssss I love it angie smiled at me . it was obvious that that show was for my purpose. Faster and faster she fucked him calling him cunt ,faggot, slag ,wimp and various other names to make her feel better. She was hell bent on making his life hell, you small dicked cunt your fucking shit in bed I should get my self a real man. like Mick you’d like that Mick fucking my cunt You would like that reg wouldn’t you you’d like a real man like Mick to fuck your wife and again she fucked him harder and harder, say it wimp say you want a real man to take your wife. Reg mumbled yes, what? Say It louder say you are no good to me and I need a real man you ass fucked bitch angie then rammed he dildo up to the hilt and reg screamed yessssss yesssss you need a real man not a pussy like me. you need someone like Mick to fuck you. Finally with his little dick hard she made him come in the palm of her hand and then lent over and told him to lick It clean, going at it like a dog to his dinner he cleaned it all up. Angie got up leaving the dildo in his arse she pushed his head into the pillow and said sleep it of wanker.

As I went to leave Angie came down stairs and said thanks master for a brilliant night.
I told her she was to make sure that reg remembered everything in the morning and if he wants to get anymore he was to sign a letter stating that she had control of him. The details I said she could decide but I wanted to see the final draft.
After a wet kiss I turned her neck and marked it with a big love bite she went to pull away please no not my neck he will know, I slapped her hard and the look in her eyes said it all. She pulled her hair back and said sorry darling mark your bitch.

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When I got home my wife was asleep on the sofa. I took her to bed and was awaken in the morning by the phone going as deb answered it she asked what we were doing today when I asked why she said that reg and angie wanted to go out for the day, fine tell them I will give them a call once we are sorted out and I will pick them up a 2oclock . as I arrived at there house reg was sat quiet on the sofa well are we going out or what , angie then said reg has something to show you. He stood up and said I’m sorry for my behaviour at the bbq, she must of made some things up because he kept looking at the floor
And? Well as you know angie needs are greater than mine and she was who was bellowed angie, eeemmm I was wondering if you would take care of her needs for me.
Say please you prick again looking at the floor he mumbled please. Louder you cunt please would you take care of Angie she needs a real man to satisfy her, so Sir please do with us as you want. Both of you I enquired,? Yes Sir both of us.

Well first off I know about your faggot dress sense, get on your knees and make my bitch wet for me. Reg dropped to the floor and crawled over to Angie she pulled his hair up and slapped him hard across his face. She spat in his face and declared I am his woman now and not your wife understand wimp, do you? Yes Angie I understand, was his wimp reply.
Angie raised her skirt to show she was knickerless, lick it you fucking wimp, lick my cunt so Mick can put his seed in me. Reg lapped away at her cunt as I stroked my throbbing fat hard cock. I slowly walked up her stairs and headed for her bedroom. I heard them coming up the stair as she reached her door I looked at Reg and said wait there prick. I grabbed Angie’s hair and threw her on the bed face down, slamming the door I ripped her skirt and pulled her legs apart pulling her into the doggie position I rammed my solid cock straight into her very wet cunt.

Angie was surprised by the quickness and force of my assault I just pumped and pumped my cock into her cunt harder and harder. Angie was screaming with lust as I fucked her hard, my god Mick that’s sooo good baby fuck me harder babe harder, harder the she screamed aaaaaahhhhhh yes fuck meeee fuck mee baby give me your seed darling seed me you bastard fuck your baby into my wet fucked cunt make me your bitch Mick fuck a bastard in me, give me your strong baby Mick. I could just make out sobs from out side the door as I carried on my relentless fucking of Angie.
After twenty minute Angie was flooding pussy juice all over my cock. She let out one last scream NOW, NOW, Mick seed me come in me darling fuck your son into me it was just then I unleashed my potent seed deep into her womb.

As I climbed off her I opened the door and told Reg to get in, he took one look at Angie on all fours arse in the air with my seed running down her thighs. She looked over her shoulder and mouthed thank you darling, then changing her tone she said clean me up boy and Reg just knelt down and started licking my come from her arse , cunt and highs.
I’ll see you both in the pub in half an hour, leave some come inside her loser was my last demand as I left their house.