The storm started about twenty minutes after I’d left my sister in the cabin, the bloody phones were non existent, I deliberately hadn’t brought my mobile and the engine had frigging well seized up on the truck.

It had been meant as a quiet winter break for just the two of us to lick our wounds after my wife had fucked off with her husband.

Our parents had left us a cabin up in the wilds after their death and this was going to be only the second time we’d ever used it, neither of us were really into the outdoor stuff, but she’d persuaded me it’d do us good to have a week with no television or telephones.

It was a good idea at the time, or at least we thought it was, Christmas in the wilds, fucking bullshit!

We’d argued when the engine seized which really helped matters, as we were only about two miles from the cabin, we unloaded everything and hauled it as far as the cabin, I was in a dirty mood by then and decided I didn’t want to listen to her mouthing off at me, so I said I’d walk down to the main road we’d left about five miles back.

I intended finding a phone and calling a garage to come out and tow us back after our week of solitude, but it didn’t quite work like that.

At first it was just a few flakes of snow and I didn’t realize that the temperature would drop so far so rapidly, I’d traveled about a mile when I realized that I wasn’t going to make it so I turned round and began to retrace my steps.

Jesus Christ, but it was cold, I tried running for a few yards then walking, then I became aware of a tiredness, a weariness that I’d never experienced before.

I thought of Donna back at the cabin and hoped she wasn’t worrying about me, I thought of Malcolm her fucking husband and I thought of Christine my slag of a fucking wife, soon to be ex wife and I sat down to clear my head.

Hey, that was Donna’s voice, she must have come out to sit with me.

“Jimmy” she said it again,

“I’m here you silly cow, can’t you see me?”

I tried to sit up and she cried, “Oh Jimmy”

“What the fuck is the matter with her?”

I tried again to sit up and this time I succeeded,

“What the –?”

The cabin was like a fucking green house, I was dripping with sweat and what the fuck was that smell?

I looked round and saw her next to me, in bed and as the cover slipped off her, I saw she was naked!

“What the hell’s happening Donna?” I yelled, “Why the fuck are you in bed with me, tell me what the hell’s going off?”

I looked down under the blankets and the smell hit me, it was me, I was the reason for the disgusting aroma filling the cabin,

“I’m not here to seduce you, you moron” she said wrinkling her nose, “For a start you smell like a fucking sewer”

I stood up and reached for a robe that was hanging over a chair,

“Don’t put that on” she said quietly, “Or it’ll stink as bad as you do”

I sat down again and gathered my wits,

“Are there any cigarettes?”

“Sure, over there above the fire”

“Yeah, but I just happen to be naked”

“So do without then”

“Fuck you” I snarled and she giggled as I walked across the room, stark naked and lit one up.

I took a long pull of the cigarette and looked at the big pot bellied stove at the other end of the cabin,

“No wonder it’s so fucking hot in here, if you don’t turn one of them off we won’t have enough fuel to last two days never mind a bloody week!”

“We’ve been here six days now” she said, “Why do you think you smell so bad?”


“I said we’ve been here for six days already”

I sank down in a chair and thought about what she was saying, slowly I remembered, the cold, the tiredness, the absolute desire to sleep.

“Oh Jesus Donna, what happened”

She grinned at me and quite unselfconsciously, got out of bed and carefully opened the door,

“That’s what happened?”

“Holy shit!” I exclaimed, there was no daylight at all, just a solid wall of snow,
“It’s still coming down”

“So tell me about it”

“I got a bit worried about you, I figured that when it started snowing, you’d have enough sense to turn back, so I got dressed up and went to look for you”

“How the hell did you manage to get me back here?” I was amazed, “I’m a big man, (225 lbs and six foot three) it must have took you hours!”

She giggled and walked through into the bathroom,

“I found you sitting less than ten feet from the truck, you were fast asleep”


“I had to drag you in here, you were already starting to go into hypothermia”

“I don’t know anything about nursing, so all I could think to do was to undress you and get you into a warm bed, I lit the stove first and then got in with you to give you my heat”

“You saved my life Donna”

“Yeah” she laughed, “And look at the thanks I get for it”

“I feel ridiculous”

She giggled again,

“You look it too”

“Thank God the stove gives us hot water”

“Yes indeedee” she laughed, “You stink something rotten”

While I bathed, she took the sheets off the bed and chucked them in the washer, I spent an hour in there and by the time I came out, I’d washed shaved and scented myself and she’d put fresh sheets on the bed.

“What’s for eating?” I said and she thumped me quite hard,

“You chauvinistic bastard” she yelled and aimed a kick at me, “For almost a fucking week, I’ve warmed you with my body, I’ve put up with your foul smelling farts, your horrible stinky breath and your unwanted erections and now just when I want to relax in a beautiful hot bath, you expect me to cook your fucking dinner, well mister I got news for you, I’m going to have my bath and I’m going to have a nice cool rum and coke and if you want something to eat, well you’ll just have to GET IT YOUR FUCKING SELF!”

“Ok” I said quietly, “You only had to say so”

I thought the cabin was going to collapse when she slammed the door!

I found the rum and the coke too in the well stocked fridge, there were ice cubes in the equally well stocked freezer, so I put the three together and knocked on the bathroom door,



“Yeah ok”

I’m not sure whether it was the jacket and shirt over my shorts, or the white towel over my arm, but either way she roared with laughter and I was forgiven.

“I’m sorry sweetheart” I said and bent to kiss her lips, “I’ll never be able to thank you enough”

“What’s for dinner?” she laughed and I knew I was forgiven.

She wore just a short robe while we ate the steaks I’d fried and afterwards we both slept for an hour or so on the bed,

“Hi” I said when I realized she was awake,

“Hya bruv” she smiled and snuggled into me as I slipped an arm behind her head,

“Am I forgiven?”

“For what?”

“For shouting at you”

“Don’t be stupid, it was a crass, thoughtless thing to come out with”

“Okay” she giggled, “I’ll forgive you too”

“What for?”

“For sticking that bloody monster up me while you were asleep”

“I did what?”

She giggled again and got up off the bed,

“Fancy a drink?”

“Yeah sure but can we get back to what you just said?”

“You kept getting erections, every time I wrapped myself around you, you got a hard on”

“Bloody hell”

“Well it’s nice to know that somebody finds me attractive”

“Don’t be bloody silly” I took the drink from her and laughed,

“I’ve just been checking out your ass, it’s ok”

“Ok?” she looked aghast, “Just ok?”

“Hey Squirt” I laughed, “It’s a great little ass, believe me it is, that ass hole didn’t know what he had”

The fire in the grate had died down a bit as had the glow from the pot bellied stove,

“What time is it?” she asked,

I looked at my watch,

“Nine o’clock, why?”

“We need more wood to keep the fires in”

I opened the back door and saw that she must have cleared a path every day to the wood shed, no just once a day wouldn’t have been enough at the rate the snow was falling,

“How the hell did you manage to keep this lot clear?”

She stood beside me shivering in her short robe and grinned at me,

“I did it three times a day, I had to keep you going Jimmy”

“Jesus” I hissed, “You’re fucking incredible”

“It worked though didn’t it?”

“It did that Squirt” I laughed and began throwing logs into the kitchen whilst she transferred them into two piles, one by the stove and one by the massive big fire place.

It didn’t take long but we were both shivering by the time we finished and we stood in front of the fire warming ourselves up,

“It’s still bloody snowing” she said, “We’ll be here for ever”

“Well I can think of worse company” I said and slipped an arm around her waist,

“Really?” she asked, “Can you?”

“Sure” I laughed, “My wife and your fucking husband”

We walked into the little kitchen and poured ourselves out another drink,

“As soon as it stops” I said, “We’ll dig ourselves out and build a fire, a signal fire, I’m not walking out again”

“God no” she jumped and buried her head against my chest, “I’m not going through all that again”

“I didn’t think you cared Squirt” I laughed and earned myself a kick on the shin,

For the next couple of hours, we sat in the warmth of the kitchen, talking and drinking steadily, we talked about our failed marriages and how they’d deceived us easily, they’d worked for the same company, my company and a couple of times they’d had to go together to clinch deals or whatever.
Donna used to ring me and I always laughed it off,

“Don’t worry Squirt” I’d laugh, “He’s with Christine”

As always we were the last ones to know and as always it hurt more when we did eventually find out the truth, for some reason, me and Donna seemed to blame each other, but then common sense prevailed and this little break was our attempt to reconcile our differences.

“You know I care you asshole” she laughed, and then suddenly went quiet,

“What?” I asked, “What’s wrong?”

She shook her head and turned away from me,

“What Squirt?”

“Nothing, it’s nothing Jimmy honestly”

But I knew differently, her shoulders were shaking and she was sobbing,

I put my arms around her and kissed her neck,

“Come on baby” I whispered, “It’s over now, we have to start again, move on, you know”

“It’s not that Jimmy” she said, her voice barely audible, “It’s me, I let you do it”

“What the hell are you on about you silly tart, you and I didn’t do it, it was them, they’re the ones fucking each other senseless every night”

“You don’t understand do you Jimmy?”

I stood there looking blank,

“You fucked me!”

“What the hell do you mean, I fucked you?” I could only think about when we were kids, it had been a case of, I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours.

“We never did anything!”

Tears were streaming down her face as she turned round and faced me again,

“Jimmy, I don’t really know why I’m getting so fucking emotional, but when we were in bed together, I was hugging you, rubbing myself up and down over your body, not really knowing whether you’d live or die, it was then Bruv, you began to get a hard on and, and –.”

“I fucked you?”

She could only nod, I reached for her again, but she pulled away,

“No don’t, don’t touch me Jimmy, just don’t fucking touch me”

“What? I don’t understand you Donna, this doesn’t make any fucking sense at all”

It was then that I realized she was drunk, Jesus Christ what the hell was wrong with me, it had been a standing joke in our family that Donna and booze just didn’t go together,

“Go to bed Donna” I said softly, “Come on baby, let’s get you into bed, you don’t have to keep me warm any more, you’ve done it sweetheart, you’ve saved my life”

Her head dropped and she just about managed to put her glass on the table,

“I’m drunk aren’t I?”

“Hey” I laughed, “You’ve saved my life Squirt, you’re entitled to be drunk, but you’re tired now, bed”

“Yeah bed” she said and fell asleep.

———————————————————————– ———

I awoke at ten o’clock and looked at Donna, she was snoring softly, still in a deep sleep. Probably the first decent sleep she’d had in almost a week.

I dressed and stoked up both fires, then went out the back and fetched enough logs in to last the whole day, then I spent an hour shoveling away the snow that had fallen overnight, I found it hard to believe that she’d actually done that three times a day, but she must have done.

Afterwards I went back in cooked myself a breakfast, pancakes, bacon, eggs and coffee, it was superb, I ran a bath then and after checking on Donna I went and lay in the steaming hot water.

I wasn’t too worried about the weather, I was pretty confident that the Rangers would be over in their choppers when it eventually stopped snowing, but what Donna said bothered me, or at least her reaction to it did.

I was just musing on it with my eyes closed when I sensed her, deliberately I kept my eyes shut,

I heard a very slight rustle of clothing as she shucked off her robe and then her warmth surrounded me,


“What are you sorry for?”

She stretched herself out beside me in the bath and smiled at me,

“I’m sorry for being a complete pain, you know I’m not very good with booze”

“What you said I did, did I really do that?”

She nodded and looked at me,

“Oh yes, I wasn’t that drunk”

“In that case, I think I’m the one who should say I’m sorry”

“Make it up to me and I’ll forgive you”


She sat up and leaned over towards me, her lips were soft, her breath sweet,

“Do it again” she breathed as she kissed me, “Fuck me Jimmy”

———————————————————————– ———

It had stopped snowing when we surfaced the following morning, but it was still bitterly cold, Donna fried eggs and ham whilst I fetched the last of the wood in for the fires, we ate breakfast and then got dressed to venture outside to build our fire.

“Do you think they’ll come” I asked and she giggled,

“I hope not”

She was wearing skin tight jeans and a sheepskin jacket and as I looked at her, I thought she was the sexiest damn woman I’d ever met,

“You’re fucking gorgeous Squirt, do you know that?”

“Only because you’re a horny bastard”

“I’ve only become horny since I’ve been around you”

We went back in and I undressed her leisurely, as I skinned the little panties down over her thighs she chuckled and lay back on the bed, her feet over my shoulders, the heady aroma of a woman in heat filled my nostrils and even as I looked at her beautiful pussy, I could see little droplets of juice clinging to her lips and betraying her excitement,

They tasted like nectar to me as I sucked and lapped at them before once more easing my rigid penis into her hole, she sighed deeply and kissed me deeply as I began to fuck her, we moved smoothly together in perfect rhythm, our bodies joined as one, I felt her fingers digging into my back and heard her whispering in my ear.

“You’re fucking me Jimmy, your big, thick prick is right up my cunt”

“I’ll be doing it every day from now on” I hissed, “Every morning, every night and all fucking day on Sunday, give the house up and move in with me”

“Jimmy” she gasped as she mashed her hips back up to mine, “Do you mean that?”

“You know I do” I hissed and slid my hands under her ass cheeks, “I’ve wanted to do this since we were little”

I heaved her up and drove my prick in harder and deeper, she screamed and screamed again as I jetted inside her cunt, I felt her teeth digging into my shoulder as spasms wracked her whole body, her mouth was hot and wet and I sucked the saliva from her tongue as she shook and clung to me.

———————————————————————– ———

Two days later we were airlifted out by a chopper and went straight to the office where we picked her car up, from there we went home to my place, I put the heating on full and we went down the road to a little restaurant where we enjoyed a full and heavy meal, Donna managed three glasses of wine without losing it and then we went home.

It was hot in the house so I turned the heating onto regular and we went to bed, I think we managed to keep our eyes open for at least ten seconds before drifting off for the first night of the rest of our lives!

The End