I drove up to her home and honked the horn. She was waiting as she was told to do. This was to be a little weekend odyssey into her perceived need to be totally subjugated. She was wearing a long cloak to cover the fact that she was absolutely naked under that cover. She is such a hot slut and gets so excited that I instructed her to bring a towel to sit on so that she wouldn’t stain the upholstery.

She had her toy bag with her and as we took off I ordered her to don her cuffs, both wrist and ankle, and to buckle her slaves symbol around her neck. It was a spiked collar, rather like they use on fighting bull dogs. As we climbed into the hills I ordered her to unzip my trousers, take out my cock and to put her head in my lap and suck me. She is quite talented and driving along with the moon roof open and my cock being sweetly licked while she gently massaged my balls made for a delightful spring outing. My cup runneth over.

We arrived at the cabin. It was rustic but comfortable and quite isolated. The nearest neighbor was over a mile away and not the sociable sort. I had her remove the cloak and take our things into the house. The first order of business was for me to set the tone for our little tryst. I had her come out into the yard and I chained her arms around the oak tree. The bark abraded her skin nicely and would do even more when she began to twist about to escape the lash. I pulled her ankles around the tree trunk and fastened them with a short length of chain so that she was embracing the tree with her arms and legs as if it were her lover. I laid out the toys I intended to use on her.

First I excited and sensitized the skin of her back with the rabbit fur. Very nice. Then it was time for the paddle. Softly to begin with, then with increasing intensity, I spanked her ample ass until it glowed pink and warm. When she was well warmed up I switched to the supple cane. This is quite severe, and I used it slowly on her quivering ass cheeks. Each cut left a weal on her vulnerable white globes. Delicious! She began to whimper. This brought out the cruel streak in me and I laid on the stripes in measured sadistic strokes. She began to ask for mercy, which made me even hotter, so I intensified the delivery. Aaahh. How sweet! It was now time for the “Wasp.” This is a flogger with seven [for luck] thongs attached to a handle. The thongs are about the thickness of a thin pencil. They have been soaked in brine and are quite hard. Now it was time to give the rest of her body some attention. The front would be taken care of at another session, but now it was the rear part that was being dealt with.

I began at her shoulders, just below her neck. The swish of the thongs streaking through the cool mountain air was music to my ears, but struck terror into her heart. Stroke after stroke struck her naked helpless back. From the neck the lashes proceeded to crawl slowly down her flinching back flesh to her waist and then thudded into her cruelly cane striped ass, then on to the sweet spot where the thighs meet the buttocks and on down to the back of her knees. She was crying now and pleaded for my mercy. I asked her why I should stop when I was so enjoying myself, and asked if she could think of anything she might be able to do for me that would persuade me to switch the method of my enjoyment. We had played before, and she knew of a perverted pleasure of mine. I asked her what, and she sobbed out that she would be willing to fuck my asshole with her tongue. I renewed the flogging, beginning at the top of her shoulders again and asked, willing? She understood immediately and cried, “Please, please Master darling allow me to show you my total submission by fucking your lovely asshole with my adoring tongue! Well, who could resist such a heartfelt plea? After I thought about it as I continued to work the lashes back down to the hollow of her knees, I relented. I released her from the tree, took her inside, went to the bed, knelt on it with my ass high in the air and my chest and face resting on the pillow, and allowed her to fulfill her promise. Life is sweet, and this was only the beginning!

Later we had a couple of martinis, a couple of steaks and a good bottle of claret. I got naked [she still was] and settled into the bedroom. I had her put a porno flick on the VCR to pass the time and continue my mood. I piled pillows behind my head and back, then had her lie on the bed at a right angle to me, so that we could both watch the flick between my feet. She took my cock into her hot wet mouth and suckled on me like a new born calf, and gently massaged my balls. The flick was a good one and I had to make her slack off a couple of times to save cumming too soon. I tend to lose my edge for a while after I cum, and I wanted to save it ’till I was ready for sleep.

After the movie, I had her get out the long flexible asshole probe with the knob on the end. As I previously mentioned, I have a very sensitive anus and like it rimmed and probed. So I’m a pervert. I thought we already knew that. She got on her knees between my wide spread legs and I lifted my hips off the bed so that she had access to the sweet spot and she eased the knob past my puckering sphincter and commenced sucking my cock and polishing the knob of my cock with her talented tongue while gently squeezing her teeth at the ridge between the head and the shaft. She squeezed and pulled on my balls. The darling started to frig me deeper and deeper with the probe and increased the speed of her bobbing head. I felt the ejaculate boiling up inside me. Oh shit! This was great! Faster and faster, deeper and deeper and then I had a spine wrenching cum as I bucked and spasmed to the rhythm of her mouth. After calming down I took her in my arms and kissed, soothed and petted her, and told her what a wonderfully generous and loving slave she was. It was time now for sleep, so I put on one ankle cuff with a lock on it so that she couldn’t release it while I slept. I put the key in the other room after attaching a long chain to the leg of the bed and the cuff. She could go to the bathroom during the night if she needed to. She would sleep on the floor. She would not sleep well, but subs are edgier and easier to cower when they are not well rested, and this was after all her weekend of service, bondage and discipline which she so much needed.

Keeping my subbie at her demeaning degrading task for e few minutes, I relented and straightened my knees so that I collapsed face down on the bed. I ordered her to go to the bathroom to freshen up. After all, her ordeal hugging the giant Oak, and having performed nicely at the odious task of ass fucking me deeply with her tongue earned her a little respite.

I know she really doesn’t relish the latter task, but it is a necessary ritual to properly set it in her own mind that she is truly and thoroughly committed to being my slave. Don’t misunderstand this. She is my equal in every way. I know that, but she is a masochist and I am somewhat sadistic, [although more on that at another time] so this is what it takes to fulfill each of us. She may writhe in agony, but down deep inside of her soul, she wants and needs this. When she returned to the bed, I had her lie down against me at full length, and I kissed and cuddled her and told her what a good girl she had been and how much pleasure I had taken in torturing her.

We rested for a while and took some refreshment. She was of course still naked and had recurred herself after her shower so that she was ready for scene two of the first act. We went back out to the front under the oak and I looped a chain over a lower branch which I then clipped to her wrist cuffs. I had her pulled tight so that my darling was on her tippy toes. What a wonderful sight. So utterly vulnerable. I had access to any portion of her wantonly displayed body with which I chose to devote my attention. To begin, I took a long piece of soft rope and commenced to imprison her tits. Round and round with the rope, tightly winding it so that the globes began to distend and stand out firmly. Tying this off, it was now time for the Japanese clover clamps. Taking each nipple between my thumb and forefinger I carefully set the bite solidly on each side of the nipple so that they were fully and painfully gripped. She began to whimper. These Oriental devices are fiendishly effective. Now I connected a short small linked chain to each clamp, thus yoking them together. I gave the chain a nice upward tug and the poor dear tried to rise even higher on to her toes. On to some more fun, I attached a window sash weight to the titty chain which kept a lot of tension on her swollen breasts and throbbing nipples. I next took a long length of rope and wound it around her waist as tightly as I could manage. It squeezed her waist like a wasp waisted corset, but far more tightly.

She is a big woman and has a lot of extra flesh at her waist, so the rope practically disappeared into it. I fastened the spreader bar between her ankles so that she was hugely opened. Next I inserted a vibrating dildo into her pussy. It is a a large one. Then came the butt plug. I lubed it well and slowly forced it past her sphincter and deeply into her rectum. A simple bungee cord attached at the waist in back, run down between her legs and the crease of her ass, then up between the lips of her sopping pussy and attached to the front of her waist to the rope, assured that the dildo and butt plug could not be expelled. I just let her hang there like that until she began to tremble and her muscles were starting to cramp. She was now ready for a proper whipping. Poor thing. I almost felt sorry for her.

This time I used a flogger that she herself had purchased. It was softer and heavier than the “Wasp” but nicely crafted to sting madly, but not heavy enough to cause damage even when applied to her lower back over her kidneys. I worked first her entire back from neck to heels, the down each side of her body. She was pleading for mercy now. We had agreed to give up her privilege of a safe word, and I think she was regretting it now, but I continued her whipping. I finished with the front of her thighs, her stomach and her distended tits.

I was finished, but had to ease her out of her bondage. First I removed the bungee and she exploded out both toys. Then the waist rope, next the spreader bar, followed by unwinding rope binding her tits. She was still hanging by her wrists and after one last loving look at her, I snapped off the titty clamps. This was over the top, and she screamed from the sudden lightning-like pain that shot through her tender nipples. I unsnapped her cuffs from the chain and eased her onto the grass. My darling was completely exhausted, but off in her private place, floating in a sort of daze. I helped her back into the cabin and gave her a good stiff drink. This was a very contented lady, but as she knew, this was only the curtain at the conclusion of act one.

Something woke me. My cock was thick and warm. I opened my eyes to see my weekend slave licking and sucking it. What a nice way to start the day. I highly recommend it to all of you. We had a light breakfast, then I donned some shorts and a T-shirt for a walk in the woods. I had subbie put on her wrist cuffs and a pair of shoes, otherwise she continued in her nakedness. I brought along the “Wasp” and some double ended clips in case the spirit moved me to engage in a little sylvan fun and games. We had a leisurely stroll along the wooded pathway. It was warm and pleasant. We came to the stream that runs through the property and to the pool that formed when I put in a little dam to form a small swimming hole. I stripped and she doffed her sandals and we had a nice dip. It was fun stroking her slick smooth skin in the water like that. I played with her titties and pinched her nipples to make them hard. I enjoyed licking the water off of her breasts. I put two fingers into her pussy and tweaked her clit between my thumb and forefinger. She rode my fingers to a nice little cum. Got to keep my pet happy you know. We laid out in the sun ’till we dried off and continued our stroll. We came upon a willow grove. How fortuitous. Willow switches there for the taking. I simply had to take advantage of this find, so I fastened her cuffs to a nearby tree and broke off several willow switches. I made a small bundle of five of them and whipped her back and ass with them. Wow! They made lovely stripes on the sweet white flesh.

When I had given her a sufficient whipping, we started back to the cabin. When we arrived there was another car there. It belonged to a friend of mine who came up from time to time to fish for trout in the stream. I hoped he hadn’t brought along his girl friend since she was vanilla and wouldn’t have understood us perverts. As it happened, he was alone so there was no embarrassment. He was aware of my proclivities, so no explanation was necessary. When we entered the cabin, it occurred to me that I might enlist his assistance in further tormenting my subbie. I asked him if he would mind, and he readily and eagerly agreed.

As I have mentioned my girl was big and so I needed some assistance with her coming ordeal. I placed a a hassock under the ceiling beams and put two chains over them. I placed them about six feet apart. I put the ankle cuffs on my sub, had her lie on her back under the chains, and fastened each cuff to one of the chains. We then hoisted her legs up high toward the ceiling, made sure the chains were taut, then carefully eased the stool out from under her so that her shoulders were resting on the floor and partially supporting her in this inverted position without damaging her. Quite a bizarre sight.

There she was, widely splayed, upside down, with her hands cuffed behind her back. My friend was getting very hot from all of this. I told him that I wouldn’t send him fishing frustrated, to trust me. There was a nice pool of hot wax in the jar in which I had lit a candle before we left for our walk. Being a good boy scout, I was prepared. [“Be prepared” being the Boy Scout motto]. My darlings pussy was nicely open because of her widely spread legs, so she was ready for my waxing session. I carefully tipped the jar just enough so that a small stream of hot wax dribbled onto and inside of her open pussy. This brought some delicious screams from her.

After I coated her crotch area with the hot wax, I had my friend spread her ass cheeks nice and wide, and drizzled a stream in there too. It overflowed some and ran down her back. More screams and a lot of pleading for mercy. How sweet it is!! With what remained of the wax, I poured on to her nipples. They were in a wonderful position to be waxed too. I then got the flogger and methodically whisked the hardened wax from her pussy, ass and asshole with well placed cuts. This brought some additional anguish and tears. My friend helped me get her down and he was in a high state of rut as evidenced by the prominent bulge of his trousers. My darling was on her knees, wrists still cuffed behind her.

I told my friend that the time had come for his reward for assisting me. I told him to drop his pants, step out of his shorts and present his rampant cock to my subbie for relief. He didn’t hesitate a bit. He stood before her, grabbed the hair on each side of her head and thrust his cock deeply into her mouth. He was a little rough, but not too much so, so she handled it nicely. He fucked her face vigorously and very soon had a tremendous cum! My subbie couldn’t contain all his juice and some dribbled out of the sides of her flooded mouth and down over her chin. I sent my pal to go about the fishing he intended to do, and I released my well abused subby so that she could clean herself up and rest.

The End