Chapter l — The Graduates Graduate

When Brad Mussleman graduated from the Wharton School of Business as an honors student in their MBA program his parents bought him the large estate next to theirs in Western Los Angeles County, California as a bonus for joining their firm as a full partner. All the aspiring, talented, and single-minded girls who knew Brad were aware that he would one day take over Mussleman Group, headquartered in Beverly Hills, from his parents.

The Musselman Group’s tag line was “…an Integrated Personal Services Agency”. They had a division specializing in management services for professionals such as doctors, lawyers, and sports figures. Another division was devoted to talent development and publicity; another in “escort” services and another in print and runway modeling productions. And, they had a small financial stake in a screen production company specializing in hi-quality adult video work.

The family business was a natural fit for Brad — not just because he was bright, but because he was one of the “beautiful” people of his generation with a chiseled face and body. He was well muscled and tall; handy attributes to have as a rower for the U. Penn scull team.. Brad was unaffectedly charming.and had all the social graces. He had spent many years traveling before going to graduate school and was a very youthful looking 28 years old.

Brad was never wanting for a vivacious female bed partner. He was careful with his choices and never settled on any one women during his college years. His preference was for almost any well informed, well groomed, well built, submissive lady. Women of this description made themselves available to him in abundance. Frequently, a young women would send him, or give him, a provocative picture of herself in the hope that she would attract his attention. He could usually tell from the pose that these women would be ready for anything; and he had a reputation for most things heterosexual.

If nothing else, Brad was meticulous and knew what he liked in people. He had an uncanny way of finding out the basic nature of those with whom he dealt. He kept a record of everyone of his acquaintances and was particularly descriptive in his notes of the women he dated. He kept in touch with the most interesting of these women; the women who treated him well and deferred to, and indulged, his sexual desires. Brad never abided jealousy among the women he dated and was quick to cut loose any women he felt was being possessive of him.

The architect Brad chose to remodel the main mansion on his new estate was inventive and took on the remodeling of the property before Brad graduated. On the first level of the building, Brad wanted an office, since he planned to work at home. He wanted two libraries; one for business and one, concealed, for his massive collection of erotic literature and videos. The foyer, reception and dining areas were to be sufficient to entertain 50 guests.

On the second level Brad wanted a big master bedroom and bath and four guest bedrooms with baths. Two of the bedrooms would adjoin his own. Under ground, would be a massive game room and a concealed room for “The Dungeon.” The garage was to house at least 6 automobiles comfortably. The barn, spa, sauna, workout room, pools, and tennis courts were all to be first class. The staff would have space on the third level.

Cloe and Anne were his closest female friends while he was in graduate school; devoted and discreet. They were five years younger than Brad but were also graduate students at Penn; and they were remarkably attractive. He had invited them to accompany him separately on several occasions as non participant observers at one of the bdsm clubs in the suburbs of Philadelphia. He asked them to dress in tight fitting leather skirts and tops, with a prominent leather neck collar and high heels. The girls did look fabulous and they played the submissive role to the hilt; in their cases it was not a stretch. It was on these occasions that they came to know Brad’s dark sexual side. With their consent he also took them to “The Vault” in New York City and there they found themselves in the functional role of a submissive sex slave; nude, whipped, bound, and fucked by him in front of strangers — they both loved it all.

On one occasion, Cloe confided to Anne that during one of her trips to “The Vault”, Brad had whipped her all over while she was bound naked, blindfolded, and spread in the middle of a room full of Dom’s and their subs. She said she soon lost her sense of reality. She could feel Brad whipping her but, it didn’t seem to be painful even when he snapped at her nipples. Her endorphins were surging and the cheers from the crowd just seemed to propel her to another place. When Brad whispered in her ear that he was going to fuck her, she shook wildly as he pumped his cock into her. Soon after he exploded his hot cum into her she erupted in the most violent orgasism she had ever had. She said she could not get that scene or the sensation, both inside and outside of her, out of her mind for days.

In time, both women sensed that they were deeply committed to Brad and would do anything he asked of them just for the pleasure they received from pleasing him; and from seeing the big bulge in his pants. Anne, while having a very submissive nature, showed some inclination for assuming the top position with women. But Cloe shunned any active role preferring to be the resolute submissive always deferring to Brad’s wishes. Both women knew Brad enjoyed spanking them and testing their submission in public places. They often talked together about the various ways Brad had hurt or humiliated them. When they were alone, they even talked in hushed tones about the sexual tortures they fantasized him inflicting upon them and how they were prepared to beg him to whip them and fuck them.

At a private dinner they shared at an exclusive restaurant in center city shortly before they graduated, Brad invited both women to join him in California to be his personal assistants at the mansion.

He wanted Cloe to work as his business assistant and general manager of the estate. She would also manage all social occasions, the dungeon and the erotic library.

Anne was to be the operations manager responsible to hire and supervise five women: two whom would be responsible for the grounds, gardens, and inside flowers, a personal valet and driver for Brad, a chef, and a mansion maid who would also tend the pool; all who were to be attractive and well built women in their own right. They would subcontract for the services of technical help and tradesman as needed.

Cloe and Anne were told that they would be paid handsomely for their services which would be expected 24/7. They would also be provided an unlimited credit for their own personal use. They would be expected to purchase their own clothing and other personal articles from the credit account. All necessary expenses for the mansion would be billed to his own account.. Any sort of mismanagement on their part would be greeted with stern discipline. The ladies knew what that meant.

The two women knew they could drop out of sight from their other friends and families without raising suspicion and eagerly accepted the assignments Brad had offered them. The conversation turned to specific details of the work at the mansion.

He wanted Cloe to hire a few decorators and have the mansion furnished in a tastefully masculine style. She was to decorate both of the bedrooms on either side of his the same, down to the last detail. These rooms would be for her and Anne and he would decide who would get which room once they were available. She was also to furnish the dungeon with the tools and implements for the discipline and punishment of women. His general suggestions included small cages, tens units, wooden ponies, crosses, and various suspension devices in addition to a various types of chains, leather bonds, whips, paddles, clamps, dildos, and bondage equipment.

Cloe was told to use her imagination and get the best and innovative material available for use in “The Dungeon” regardless of price. The thought of furnishing the dungeon made her juices flow. Brad could sense her heightened tension and moved his hand under the table and slid his middle finger into her smooth slit. She was virtually dripping with sexual excitement. He teased her engorged clit for a few minutes then made her suck her own juices from his middle finger. She didn’t notice, but if anyone was watching they could see that her eyes were glazed over.

Brad told Anne he felt she should engage the more prominent contacts in the professional sex training market throughout Europe to find at least three young women who had shown they were prepared to serve. If these women were to be made available by their current trainer or master he would make a deal, almost at any price, to get the best. .He wanted the two outside gardeners to be compatible in looks and build and to have been previously trained as pony girls. He also wanted the mansion maid to be well built, efficient, and very submissive. She would be required to wear a newly starched French maid outfits, including a mid-thigh high skirt and high heels. Additionally, the maid was to wear high cut cotton under pants and a push up bra on the premises. His valet and driver was also to be dressed provocatively all the time.

Brad said it probably worth mentioning that he expected all women of the mansion to be freshly shaved from neck to toes and that their skin was to be clean, lightly oiled and smooth. He also wanted their labia, vagina, and anus to be lubricated at all times. He said they would know if he was ever displeased with their appearance and that they would have welts to prove it.

The two young women wanted to know if Brad had any specific rules or demands for them personally. He said he didn’t think he needed to make it a rule but he did expect them to treat him deferentially at all times and to look exceptionally seductive to him and others. To make sure he was understood, he observed that both girls should be proud that their legs and ass were tight and nicely sculpted and that their tits were high, full, and firm and filled well a “C” or “D” cup.

He reminded them that he was willing to spare no expense to have them dress well in clothing and swim attire which accentuated their remarkable bodies. He wanted to see them reveal their natural beauty as overtly as circumstances warranted. He specifically stated that “since they had it, they had to flaunt it big time.” They got the point that he wanted to be able to see them, touch them, and be turned on by them. In simple fact, that was the desire of the girls as well and they didn’t need further motivation to please him.

He wanted each girl to exercise each day with a personal trainer. He expected to see increased endurance, flexibility, and strength in their back, shoulders, legs and, abdominal muscles. He expected to receive an updated log of their measurements every month.

He would not allow any sexual contact between the woman or with the staff without his permission. And, he would not allow them to reach orgasm unless he was there to observe it. Brad said he expected them to keep a daily journal of their private thoughts and behavior which he would review from time-to-time. They were expected to be open and direct in their answers to any of his questions to them even if those questions were likely to be very personal.

They would be expected to obey him without hesitation and to be available to satisfy his every sexual whim. They were to accept any punishment without whimper or resistance. If they made noise without his permission during a discipline session he said he would likely only add to the severity or the punishment he had intended to administer to them. Both girls flushed with excitement and Brad sensed it wasn’t from the expensive wine they had consumed.

Anne broke in and asked to be excused so she could use the ladies room. Cloe asked to be excused as well. When they got into the rest room they fell into each others crushing embrace. Cloe said she was so aroused she could organism just by pressing her legs together but had thought wiser of it. She said she wanted to tell Brad, this very moment, that she wanted to give her body to him and she now needed to tell him directly that she wanted to be his devoted sex slave. She wanted his permission to refer to him as “Master.” Anne said she felt exactly the same way but wanted to be the first one to express her feelings to Brad in this regard when they returned to the table.

When the girls had devised their plan down to the last expressive detail, they returned to the table and extended their proposal. Brad had expected they might come up with such a scheme and was waiting for them. He told them he was flattered that such beautiful women would consider having him as their master. But, he wanted to take some time to think it over because he said with a pixy like smirk, that beating such nice girls all the time did take time and energy.

He took them to his home and bed. When his juices had been spent he lay stroking them; one on each side. He had Cloe’s left nipple firmly in his grasp; he rolled it, pulled it and tugged it. Her nipples were large and hard and she moaned softly. He paid no attention to her since his right hand was busy stroking Anne’s aroused and protruding clit; one of the most robust clits he had ever touched. She fidgeted under his ministrations as well. They both were thinking that they would never get any sleep if he kept playing with them like he was.

After he had given some thought to what he wanted to do, Brad announced he had an alternate plan to replace the one the girls had offered at dinner. He would wait until the mansion was fully functional; both staff and furnishings just the way he wanted it. He would then expect each girl to provide him with a notarized letter giving him complete control over them and detail just why they wanted him to be their master. When he was satisfied with the attitude and expressions of submission, he would conduct a coming-out sex slave party at which time he would conduct a special ceremony and accept them unconditionally as their master.

-To be continued…-