I have just endured another painful, humiliating, and simply revolting day. Each moment I consider ending this terrible servitude and returning to the cell awaiting me. Maybe there is some hope that my friends and family will clear me of the charges levelled against me and get me freed. I spin fantasies that even at the moment my case is being heard by the Supreme Court and I could be free tomorrow. Let me write about the events that have happened since I last wrote in this journal.

Let me write about the events that have happened since I last wrote in this journal.

The afternoon following my first whipping was as painful as I expected it to be at the hands of Mistress Benny. I was to learn the proper ritual for accepting punishment so I expected that she would explain the ritual again. But no, she told me that I would have to remember every detail myself, because only then would I learn it truly and deeply. She made me bend over and stood near me with a riding crop. I would start the ritual as I remembered it and then I would stumble or mistake a word. Mistress Benny would then correct me by providing the required word, and also a blow to my ass cheeks.

Naturally it took a lot of strokes to obtain the complete wording of the ritual. One sentence I had to prise from her a word and a stroke of the riding crop at a time. Other times I managed to correctly guess several words in succession. As my ass began to hurt more and more I eventually puzzled out the words of the ritual, and Mistress Benny was correct, there is no way I can ever forget them now.

In the morning my back and ass had recovered from the beating they received, which is a mercy since that morning was to be as painful as the last.

It started slightly differently. I had to wake at some ungodly hour of the morning and attend Mistress Green as she woke in her bedroom, room 23. At 6am I was to be kneeling silently by the bed ready for her orders as she awoke. It was not so difficult to get up early as my duties so far had been extremely light, and having nothing else to do than write up this journal I was always asleep early in the evening. I showered and dressed in my uniform. I was not allowed to break my fast without Mistress Benny so I was hungrier then ever as I silently as possible slipped through the door to kneel next to the bed.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I was pleasantly pleased to see both Mistress Green and Mistress Benny sharing the same bed. Their long hair, blond and black mingled on the pillows as they slept. As I continued to wait, my mind wondered and considered the sexual possibilities, and being relaxed, though uncomfortable on my knees, my cock hardened and I began playing with it. After a while of this I noticed that Mistress Benny was watching me. Perhaps she was hoping I’d do something really silly like jerk off in front of her, as it was I let go of my hard penis.

She looked at me impassively as she slipped from the bed and padded to the adjoining bathroom. She was wearing a pretty peach silk camisole top and matching French knickers, which showed off her shapely behind really well. There was little I could do as my cock stood to attention again. With Mistress Benny gone from the bed I saw Mistress Green begin to stir. Finally she opened her eyes, and after a while saw me kneeling as instructed. She wriggled around a little and then lay back on the pillow. “Dick, you are to crawl to the end of the bed. You will lift the covers and slide up to my crotch where you will eat my pussy until I come. You will keep your hands behind you at all times.” With these words I hastened to obey, and it was a relief to change from a kneeling position.

I accomplished this enjoyable task and felt that I did it well. Now I was hoping that I would be allowed to ball the bitch and shoot my load into her, but she didn’t want that, and after I had slipped out of the bed and reassumed the kneeling position she gave me a slightly irate look. She told me I was still much too green and untrained and that I should go to room 3 after breakfast and await her there.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After a breakfast that took the edge off my hunger, though left it knawing at my insides, I waited in room 3. Like many other rooms it was white and appeared to be a shower or wash room, though it had an astonishingly high ceiling. It must have been two floors high! There was a very large showering cubicle, and there were many drains in the floor. There were a lot of cupboards, but since they were all shut I could not make out their contents. There were a couple of stools but no punishment frames or the like. It was impossible to decide what the room was for; it didn’t look like a room for Mistress Green’s bath or shower because it was very impersonal and cold for that. Nor was it like room 12 where I had been shaved and waxed. I knelt and waited.

When Mistress Green arrived the first thing she commanded was for Mistress Benny to remove Mistress Green’s knickers. I immediately thought that this was going to lead to a lesbian sex scene and eagerly watched. Mistress Benny knelt reverently before Mistress Green, and reached up to slowly pull the garment to the floor so it could be stepped out of. The knickers were then handed back to Mistress Green. I was even more aroused when Mistress Green perched on a stool, hiking up her skirt a little so that she could spread her legs wide. I could see every detail of her beautiful pussy. Mistress Benny was also paying a lot of attention! I really hoped Mistress Benny would do the same thing.

Strangely however, Mistress Green directed me to bring a glass jug from one of the cupboards. Puzzled, I did. I crawled over the floor to offer the jug to her, but she refused it. “Don’t be stupid Dick” she told me. “You are going to hold the jug so I can piss in it.” I was slightly disgusted by the idea, but if that’s what she wanted it did not seem too onerous. I held the clear glass jug still as Mistress Green released a long stream of yellow piss into the jug. In one continuous stream she peed a pint. Towards the end as the stream lessened I had to hold the jug closer and found the slightly rancid smell of her pee to be nauseating. The jug was warm in my hands, which didn’t help. She dabbed the last drops from her pussy lips using the panties.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I was looking for somewhere to crawl away and empty the jug when Mistress Green’s instructions stopped me. “I am being immensely generous to you Dick. You are going to have one chance of practising to be my toilet slave before you have to do it for real. A toilet slave would normally be trained from the beginning to drink my pee straight from my pussy, but that is time consuming because they have to be punished when they puke it up and it takes them a while to learn to keep it down. I am judging that you are going to be able to do this almost immediately. Do everything you can to prove I’m right, do not puke this up, and be ready tomorrow to accept my pee when you service me in the morning. Unbelievably merciful because Mistress Benny is going to dilute it for you too. Then you can drink the lot.” Mistress Benny fetches a bottle of mineral water from one cupboard. The idea of diluting urine with the expensive brand of water seemed particularly perverse. The jug was topped up to hold two pints of warm yellow diluted urine.

As I kneeled there holding the jug I wondered what I should do. I was sickened and revolted by the idea, but knew that if I refused she would undoubtedly beat me again. So I had a choice, drink the piss, get whipped or go back to prison. Obviously I had never drunk piss before so in the end I decided to try it, to see how bad it was. I thought it best to just go for it and try and finish the whole lot. Closing my eyes I brought it to my lips and quickly started to drink it all. The flavour was salty and a little rank, it was warm and it smelled a bit, but worst of all it made me nauseous thinking of its origin. I tried really hard to forget the feeling and think about something else.

Mistress Green commented to Mistress Benny that I was readily submissive and I had been a good choice as they watched me drink every drop. I knelt there trying to contain the vomiting. Any second my stomach threatened to spew the lot out. I could feel it jumping and the gorge rose in my throat. My mouth started to salivate, a sure sign I was just about to throw. Luckily at that moment Mistress Green distracted me by telling me to suck the pee on her panties. This was the perfect distraction, as the knickers tasted more of soap powder then urine.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After this humiliating event I would normally retreat to the kitchen and do whatever work was necessary there, but Mistress Green led me back to her study where she was working, and Mistress Benny went about her own chores. While Mistress Green read papers and made notes I attended her as she needed, bringing her drinks and snacks and massaging her feet when she wanted. The problem was that the two pints of liquid were beginning to distend my bladder, so I started to shift about wondering when I could get away to pee.

Mistress Green glared at me and I kept as still as I could, but I really needed to pee. I couldn’t stand it any more and humbly requested “Mistress Green. Please can I go and pee Mistress Green?” “No” she replied. I tried really hard to ignore the pressure of my bladder but had to ask again. “Mistress Green. I really must go, please let me pee Mistress Green?” This time she smiled and my heart leapt; she was going to let me go. “No” she again says. “And stop fidgeting about.” At least she didn’t forbid me from asking again and after a few minutes when the pain had become so intense it felt as if my bladder was becoming numb, I asked again. “Mistress Green. Please please let me go pee! It is hurting so much. I really need to go Mistress Green.”

At last I hear what I had hoped. “Yes you can go pee”, and then she left me hurting more as she continued, “but you are going to have to beg extraordinarily prodigiously before you can go. Only after I am happy will I let you go.” I am grateful that I’ll finally be allowed to go, and try to hang on as I beg and plead with her. “Mistress Green you are a wonderful and kind Mistress to let me see to my own needs. You are so generous that you release me from your side for me fulfill my wants. You understand that I cannot discipline my body properly and must interrupt my servitude to you Mistress Green.” I continue several minutes, as the pressure becomes unbearable agony. I clutch my hand to my crotch, crushing the penis in my fist trying to keep from pissing there and then.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mistress Benny appears, I guess from having Mistress Green summon her somehow. “Take Dick to piss” is all Mistress Green says. Having to crawl out of her presence is almost the end, as I fear the urine is already leaking from my willy. Outside the room at least I can walk unsteadily on the high heels and take hold of my penis again to choke the flow as I follow Mistress Benny.

Instead of taking me back to my room Mistress Benny leads me to room 8 nearby. I am very grateful she has not forced me to trudge all over the house, but am dismayed when I see that room 8 is not exactly a toilet. In the centre of the floor there is a small child’s potty. Adjacent are two rings suspended above head height whose purpose I cannot determine. Mistress Benny directs me. “You must squat above the potty, your hands on your head, and piss into it” I am so unbelievably desperate that I follow these orders without question. Immediately I squat my pee starts to flow, and very quickly I have no control at all. I endeavour to keep as much as possible in the potty but the relief is so great I cannot even squeeze the muscles to hold it in. Piss goes all over the place, mostly forming a wide puddle on the floor that Mistress Benny disdainfully avoids stepping in. The spray and particularly wild gyrations of my cock also end up soaking my stockings around the thighs.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After the initial flow has eased and I can begin to control myself again I am struck by the deep shame with what I have had to do. Betrayed by the pain in my bladder forcing me to humiliate myself, not only in having to beg for this basic human function, but also the absurd conditions that have me spraying piss all over the floor.

“If! You had listened to my instructions Dick” Mistress Benny interrupts my embarrassed thoughts, “you would have learned that a single drop missing the potty results in punishment. The absolute mess that you have made defies anything as straightforward. I am now going to whip you. You notice the rings above you? You will grasp them. Furthermore I revoke your toilet rights, if you need to pee, you will hold on to the rings and I will whip you as you pee.” The only thing I can think of is to protest. “Mistress Benny please don’t punish me! I really needed to go pee, and Mistress Green gave me permission. I am sorry about the mess I will clean it up Mistress Benny.” She is unswayed by my pleading. “Yes, you will clean it up, and you will find that Mistress Green allows me to handle the house training of a slave as I feel fit. I think if you even mention it to Mistress Green, she will be so disgusted she will whip the skin off your whole body. Now hold the rings.” I am so scared of Mistress Benny that I consider defying her, but she is undoubtedly right, Mistress Green would not like the mess I made, and would almost certainly believe Mistress Benny over me in any case. Meekly I submit to what I know is going to be a terrible punishment.

Mistress Benny is very careful where she places her strokes, they always land on my buttocks but she can control the cane so that they land on one cheek, or the other, or both at once. The pain becomes as great as the beating the previous day and I start to plead with her to stop. She seems to know exactly how much I’ll take because as I think of rebelling and stopping the punishment myself, she finally relents. With an ass that is still aflame I get on my knees and clean the floor until Mistress Benny is satisfied.

When I am returned to Mistress Green there is another indignity I am forced to suffer. She notices that my stockings are wet with my urine, and tells me she is disappointed at my lack of control. Aware of the special phase, I beg to be spanked, even as my ass is just cooling from its beating. Mistress Green does not want me anywhere near her lap, so she first makes me take off the stockings and stuff then into my mouth. The deep revulsion I feel at having to taste my own pee helps me endure the spanking on my already abused bum. I am given clean stockings, which I am surprised to find I enjoy wearing, I have become accustomed to the feeling of them on my legs, and feel naked without them!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The afternoon is as miserable as the morning, and I realise, if I had not before, that Mistress Green and Mistress Benny are deliberately forcing me into degrading situations. At lunchtime, as well as the tiny repast I usually receive, I am also given another two pints of liquid. Fortunately only water this time, but this again forces me into a long pleading session trying to persuade Mistress Green let me go to the toilet. Realising that I am going to need to go, I start begging long before I am absolutely bursting, which is a sensible precaution because Mistress Green keeps me grovelling on my knees for a greater time.

This time in room 8 there is no pretence that I am supposed to urinate into the potty. Mistress Benny instructs me to hold the hoops. I am to start pissing as the first blow lands on my buttocks. A minimum of 10 strokes later, or more if I need to piss more, the whipping will stop. I try to piss as quickly as possible to minimise the punishment but it is very difficult to piss as you clench your buttocks to try to endure the pain of the blow. I am intensely humiliated to be pissing like this, it seems so uncivilised to just let it stream out over the floor, and then inevitably as there is less in my bladder it begins to run down my legs, warm trickles inside the stockings. After cleaning the floor, again, I am unsurprised that Mistress Green requires me to push the dirty stockings into my mouth as a gag while she spanks me.

-To be continued…-