It has been some time since I have updated this journal and I am struggling to find the courage to do so now. Many things have happened, the least of which is my slide into depression and despair. Even as it hurts me physically I am going to detail the events of the last few days to try and relieve the mental torment.

I had decided that the pretence of being the sex slave of Mistress Green was unsupportable and being tortured when I was eventually allowed to ejaculate was the final straw. I resolved to return to the Federal institution where I was unfairly imprisoned, because even the isolation there was better than the bodily torments I suffered in this place.

Mistress Green had told me we would talk about the situation, though I was only going to re-iterate my point of view. Even so, I found myself attending her, kneeling by her bed for when she awoke. The electric shocks I had received the previous day had not affected my libido, and while orally servicing her while she was lying in bed I became very aroused.

She than sat on the edge of the bed and pressed my face into her pussy as I drank her urine. The flow stopped, but she continued to hold me in this erotic but undignified position. Then she told me why. “I need a dump Dick, put your hands out”. I had performed this service previously, but it still revolted me as she sat forward so her anus was clear of the bed. I reached out my hands, not really being able to see what I was doing, and rather glad of the fact. I felt the warm faecal matter drop onto my hands, finishing with a brief spurt of her piss that I swallowed.

She released my head, but then turned round so her bottom was pointed towards me. “Lick me clean” she commanded. I was horrified; usually I at least had the chance of cleaning her with paper before tonguing her anal rose bud. The thought of tonguing her dirty asshole filled me with revulsion, but I obeyed and leaning forward started to tongue her clean. I tried to minimise the unpleasantness by using a lot of spit, but she complained about this and I had to lick it off her, my spit mixed with her excrement. The next task was to dispose of the turds I was carrying and run her a bath.

Only after her breakfast, but before mine, was she amenable to talking about returning me to the Federal institution she had rescued me from. I immediately started by arguing “Mistress Green, I want to go back because I am not enjoying being your sex slave. I am punished severely when I come and there is no sex involved at all. Mistress Green” “But Dick, there is plenty of sex, I enjoyed the way you ate my pussy this morning it was delightful” “Mistress Green, but it wasn’t sex, it was me pleasing you, I haven’t had sex Mistress Green” “So you are saying you don’t want to eat my pussy and please me?” she asked. I felt myself losing control of the situation. “Mistress Green, no, its not that, its … Look I enjoy pleasing you, but it is not doing anything for me” “But we do lots of things for you. The obvious ones like food on your plate and a warm shower and bed. Not to mention the stimulating company.”

Before I could again protest, she held up her hand “Yes, I know I punish you, but that is the correct way to show you that you did something wrong. Did you learn from the punishments?”

“Mistress Green, well, yes, but…” again I was cut-off. “So there you are, by your own admission you know it is the right thing to do and agree to the punishment. I know that yesterday was painful but then you did that yourself, didn’t you? You only needed to come once and you decided to 3 times!” “Mistress Green, you are right, but ” I am very confused. I don’t know what to say. I try to gather my thoughts while she continues. “So really the extreme pain you suffered yesterday was down to you too, so the only actual complaint you have is that you haven’t had enough sex?! Am I right?”

I am so perplexed now by her convoluted arguments and twisted logic, that I have to think about it, but her attitude demands an answer. I agree reluctantly. “Mistress Green, I guess so, Mistress Green” still trying to organise my arguments into a coherent picture. “Ok then,” she says, “Benny is going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before! Right Benny?” I look around to see Mistress Benny standing near the door, she must have entered quietly. “Mistress, oh yes, I’ll enjoy Dick a lot Mistress. He’ll be fucked raw when I have finished with him Mistress!” “To room 2 then Dick, and get ready to be fucked.” I don’t know what to say because it seems all my arguments fell on deaf ears. I still wanted to return to the prison to avoid the pain I was suffering here, but the prospect of fucking Mistress Benny was tempting. She had a very trim neat figure. Not large tits, but neatly formed, and a very cute ass.

When we all entered room 2, me crawling along behind Mistress Green, Mistress Benny immediately started opening the cuffs of the restraints on a framework at the end of the room. “Mistress Green, I’m not getting in that Mistress Green, Not after yesterday!” “Really Dick?!” She asks, “OK then but Benny won’t fuck you when your hands are free.” Mistress Benny looks at me and our eyes meet. She puts on a purposely disappointed looking expression, pouting her lower lip at me, and then licking her lips. She was hot, and I was ready. What could be the harm in it I felt?

I let myself be strapped onto the framework, wrists as well as ankles. Mistress Benny immediately started undressing me, removing the cock and ball restraint and leaving me in nothing but stockings and high heels. She even removed the broad leather collar I had been wearing which was a great relief, it had not been removed before. I was really looking forward to this; my dick was already stirring as she fussed around me.

Then Mistress Benny stood back as I looked on. Mistress Green was also enjoying the show, and her lips were moist as she licked them, it looked as though she was getting ready to play with herself. Great I thought, if she gets turned on maybe I could fuck her too!

Mistress Benny first unbuttoned her blouse ever so slowly, watching me watch her every move. She was wearing a white bra, and when the blouse was open at the front she reached up to pop the strap open. But teasingly she kept one hand over the front of her breasts so it did not fall off. She then turned her back on me and removed the blouse and undergarment. Her back went from broad shoulders to narrow waist and was smooth and slightly tanned. She turned back to face me, her hands now cupping bare breasts. Without me seeing them she squeezed them and rubbed them until she decided to take her hands away.

I had seen her tits before with their dark nipples, but this strip had really turned me on. She turned her back to me again, and reached up under her skirt to pull her panties down. They were black and she looked over her shoulder at me coquettishly as she twirled them on her finger before throwing them towards Mistress Green. Looking away again, he hands went to the back fastening of her skirt, and pulled the zip down. This revealed just the tops of her buttocks and the beginning of her ass crack. The fingers then worked at the button above until it opened. She dropped the skirt to the floor and I could she her magnificent bum. It was perfectly proportioned and heart shaped. She was still wearing stockings and a suspender belt, and the black contrast of these against her fair skin highlighted the pertness of her buttocks.

She slowly turned around. At first I could not understand what I was seeing, and then the shock hit me. “She’s got a dick!” I exclaim. Stating what was abundantly obvious. At this point Mistress Green and Mistress Benny succumb to helpless laughter. It was also a dick of an amazing size! I could not imagine how I had not seen the bulge in her skirt before; she was hung like a horse. {I will keep referring to Mistress Benny in the female sense as commanded later by Mistress Green.}

She sashayed towards me. My gaze was fixated on her penis. As she watched me she mocked me. “Like it Dick?” as her fingers ran up and down the shaft. She was becoming erect as she fondled herself. My initial shock started to turn to disgust and rage. “Mistress Green, there is no way I am fucking Mistress Benny, if Mistress is the right word for this pervert, Mistress Green” I say with disdain. “Now Dick” I am shocked” she says in a similar mocking tone to Mistress Benny’s. “You must always be polite to Mistress Benny, even with her … equipment. Benny is a pre-op transsexual but that is slightly misleading because neither of us are interested in removing such a useful and large tool.”

Mistress Benny came closer still and then her engorged penis met my crotch. I had already started to lose my erection and now it completely disappeared. I recoiled from the touch but Mistress Benny came and draped herself over me, her hard on rubbing my crotch. Even though I strained at the restraints I could not escape. Mistress Green continued “Really Dick. It now looks like you don’t want Mistress Benny to fuck you at all after all the drama earlier.” “Mistress Green, no not at all. Mistress Green, I want to leave here right now Mistress Green!”

Mistress Green settled back and became serious. As she spoke I only had half an ear on what she was saying until the full import hit me. Mostly I was trying to avoid Mistress Benny’s touch, which was futile. She pushed her hard cock into my crotch, using it to play with mine. Then her hands started too, rubbing her own erection and playing with my limp member. Mistress Green explained the situation. “It is true I could return you to rot away in your featureless call for the rest of your life, but it is a mistake to think that the choice is yours. It is mine, and since I have found you amenable so far then I am going to continue training you. Is that clear?” I only latch on to the sense of the sentence as she finishes. I catch myself nodding, still distracted by the large cock rubbing against me to my revulsion. “Mistress Green. Yes Mistress Green.” As I mentally replay what she has said, I suddenly protest, “Mistress Green, no, I don’t want to be your slave, take me back. Now! Mistress Green.”

With that statement Mistress Green jumps up and coming swiftly towards me slaps me hard across the face, once, twice. I am shocked and immediately stop my protestations. Her voice becomes hard and nasty. “That Dick is the last outburst from you, I grow tired of being reasonable. Shut up and listen.” My ears burn with embarrassment and I forget about the penis that is molesting me. “Your training so far has been adequate. You preferred to serve me than the alternative, which is good. You actually performed reasonably! By your own choice you have submitted to minor punishments and some small anal penetration.” I blanch at the ‘small anal penetration’. If what I have experienced is small, what had she in mind for ‘large’? “You have made good progress as my toilet slave, drinking my pee and licking my excrement. Massaging, my sexual satisfaction and so on has been fair.”

Mistress Green explains the next stage of my training as follows. “So far have you managed by your own will, but I now need to enhance that. Your performance has been OK, but I am going to expect a lot more energy, a lot more zest as you go about your duties. When you are tonguing my anus it must be enthusiastic, it must feel like you want to extend your tongue into my anus and lick all you find there. When you are begging for punishment or thanking me for it I want to feel the depth of the emotion. “How is this to be achieved? Fear. Fear on your part of the immense pain I can inflict on you when I want. Fear so intense that you will gladly submit to something as minor as a beating because the alternative is much worse.”

With those words she goes and finds a silver object and asks Mistress Benny to clean it for her, and then continues. “Room 2 here is the extreme pain room. Its purpose is to provide the instruments to inflict extreme pain. Hopefully you will never ever have to visit here again, because the only reason to be here is to hurt you badly. But to mark the passage from self motivation to external threat I must hurt you, hurt you so much you fear to visit here again. “This little gadget is to remind you of this lesson”

Te object she held up was either silver or chrome plated, very bright and shiny. It was shaped in a figure eight, hinged on one side. Other much smaller rings adorned the edges. Mistress Green carried on the describing the thing. “You will notice the clasp at the bottom. It is designed so that when it is closed it is impossible to open. And you can see that the middle arm is designed to pierce and join together too. The purpose of this restraint is to hold your cock and balls in a suitable position, replacing the temporary restraint you are wearing now.”

By now Mistress Green had come close enough for me to see the contrivance. I was a little puzzled, and without really thinking of it voiced the question that frightened me in the possible answer. “Mistress Green, but the hole is awfully small and why are there two loops Mistress Green.” Dreading the answer that I could see coming.

“Quite right Dick” she replies. “Obviously the top loop encompasses your dick and the bottom loop your balls. The middle arm will pierce your scrotum between them. As you can see, it is vaguely pointed, though it might be better to describe it as a punch to penetrate that sensitive area.” As she said this she smiled at me coldly. “Don’t worry, Mistress Benny is very skilled, there is a good chance she won’t puncture anything vital!”

I cried out in despair. Panicking, tearfully, more scared than I had ever felt in my life. “Mistress Green, no. Please Mistress; there is no need for that. I will gladly act as your slave and toy; I will do anything you ask of me if you don’t attach that to my balls. Mistress Green.” She handed the polished metal back to Mistress Benny and went to sit on the stool. She regarded me coolly, and ignored my protestations. “Mistress Green. Really I mean it; I will do anything you want me to. Please.” I beg her, literally crying now, feeling a tight pressure in my chest from anxiety. “I will satisfy you in anyway you desire without thought of my own pleasures, I will crawl at you feet, drink your pee and gladly consume your excrement. Anything Mistress. I beg you most humbly Mistress.”

It is fruitless. Mistress Benny reaches out and pulls my limp member as out from my body. I am so scared my penis has shrunk to the size of a ten year old. Mistress Benny is really turned on, and as she pulls my dick, uses her the other hand to masturbate her great cock, rubbing it up and down and down my inner thigh. Displacing the disgust I feel earlier I seize on a new idea “Mistress Green, I can do it, I would love to fuck Mistress Benny please Mistress. I’d love to suck her mighty cock. She could use my ass as much as she likes.” I plead. “Anything.” I squeal as Mistress Benny stops rubbing her cock and places the cold metal hinge up over the shaft of my limp member. “I’ll…” I try to desperately think of anything that might satisfy this demon Mistress. “I’ll even swallow her come!” I manage as I feel the metal arms press against the sides of my ball sack.

I don’t know what else to say as I feel Mistress Benny manipulating my balls, forcing the blood vessels and other anatomical tubing out of the path of the punch ends. “Please Mistress. Have mercy.” I cry as I watch the cool detached woman who is intending to inflict so much pain. I am now crying freely, and my breath comes in sobs as my mind shuts down to the impending torture.

Mistress Green speaks and I feel an immediate surge of hope. “Yes Dick. Hold on Benny” she says. Mistress Benny looks at Mistress Green in surprise. I immediately grasp this opening. “Mistress Green, I will Mistress. I will. I’ll do anything for Mistress Benny. I’ll suck her cock and drink her come. She can use my ass as much as she likes. I’ll do anything for you Mistress.” I explain triumphantly, relieved and astounded that I know I mean it, that I would do anything to please her and avoid the pain she was going to inflict.

Mistress Green comes close to Mistress Benny, and takes the clamp in her hands. She smiles at me and I smile back. Relieved that I am going to be spared the torment promised. That relief is as short lived as the second it takes to imagine. Still smiling, Mistress Green closes the figure eight, the first click indicating it is fixed in position round my balls, the arms in the middle now tightly clamping my scrotum. Mistress Green addresses me. “I know you will Dick. But you are going to be so much more enthusiastic and obliging once you know how painful I can make your existence.”

Stepping back she releases the restraint to Mistress Benny. “Close it Benny” Mistress Green commands as she resumes her position watching the proceedings. “Slowly.” Immediately I feel the pressure on my all sack increase. I start gasping out any wild promises I can think of, anything to prevent the mounting pressure. “Mistress Green, no, I swear I’ll do anything you want me to. Willingly, anything, God as my witness, forever I’ll serve as your sex toy, toilet, anything…”

The pressure is becoming too much and I start screaming from the pain. I cannot describe the white-hot agony as the two parts press against my flesh, crushing and cutting through the skin. Unbelievably the pain mounts each fraction of a second as the jaws close. The pain is so intense I feel detached from my body, just swimming in the waves of agony from my crotch. The type of pain changes as the jaws are gripping so tightly they start to cut a hole through.

I think I hear, or maybe I imagine I hear the jaws of the restraint closing, but at that moment it becomes too much as I pass out from the pain.

I regained consciousness much later in the middle of the night. I had a vague recollection of stumbling, supported, back to my bed where I curled foetally round the agony of my pierced ball sack. As I felt the fire in my crotch I moaned, but found the pain bearable. Movement still made me wince, but my training at least enabled me to continue to recuperate. I very carefully sat up and considered my position. There was a blood on the sheets, but the wound had lightly scabbed over and did not appear to be bleeding, the design of the clamp pinching the skin around the physical tear which only allowed a small amount of blood to escape.

I realised and knew immediately what I had to do. It was pointless to wait any longer and submit to any more indignities and cruel punishments, I had to escape, run, walk, whatever to the nearest town. I had to find a phone and call my family and friends and explain the situation. Nothing that happened to me made any sense, it is a nightmare from which I resolved to escape, whatever I had to do.

My first problem was clothes, and rather than risk fumbling around the house looking for something more appropriate I chose to wear the stockings and suspenders that I was usually made to wear. I knew that the drawers of the chest in my room contained a short black maid’s skirt, and a tight, thin cotton blouse, and these would have to do. The only shoes I had were the high heels. I thought of the shame of having to wear these in public, but anything was better than nothing so I carefully clothed myself. The lack of panties and the openness of the skirt was actually a blessing since there was nothing to press against my painful scrotum.

Tip-toeing through the house as silently as possible I let myself out of the house, and heart leaping at the freedom started to scuttle along the drive way. The pain prevented me from running, but I found I could walk rapidly, carefully keeping my thighs from pressing my crotch.

The pebbled driveway gave way to a narrow country road. Metalled, but unmarked. The air was clean and clear, and the moon cast a bright light over my footsteps. The night air was cold and I was soon shivering from nervousness and the temperature, hugging myself with my arms. I was nervous because there were no obvious signs of approaching civilisation, just the road that continued between high hedges, broken infrequently by typical farm gates that led on to mysterious ploughed farmland.

I carried on walking, trying to maintain the pace. My feet started to hurt from the exercise wearing the heels. Lack of nutrition and loss of blood started to make me feel giddy. Still I persevered; thinking ahead there would be a town, lights, warmth and a phone. Then the unexpected happened. From behind me, distant but growing louder, I heard the distinctive sound of a car engine. I did not know what to do. The hedge on either side was too tall to jump and hide, my best hope was a gate so I started running as fast as the heels and the pain allowed me.

It was not to be, and I saw the lights of the car play erratically across the road surface, as all too soon it started to come closer. My immediate fear was that it was Mistress Green coming after me, and this had me running as fast as I could, teeth clenched in agony, nearly screaming with the pain. By then the car had me fully in its headlight and there was no way I could hope to evade the observation of the occupants. I resignedly fell to a limping walk, shoulders drooping in despair.

My heart leapt again, and then steadied in caution as the car drove past. I expected and hoped it would just keep going, but became nervous as it stopped several hundred yards in front. Clearly it was not Mistress Green but I was reticent to approach too closely. As I neared the car I saw with horror that it was a patrol of the local law enforcement. Almost as bad as if it had been Mistress Green herself. I did not recognise the name of the town but I would have liked to avoid entanglements with any members of any government agency. They were the ones who had imprisoned me, and convicted me of unspecified offences that had landed me in this situation.

My walk became slower and slower as I got closer to the car but it had obviously stopped waiting for me, so I had to walk past, apprehensively not knowing what to expect. I had walked right pass the car when the officer wound-down a window and said something like “Are you alright ma’am? Walking alone on these narrow lanes late at night could be risky.” He sounded young and reasonable. I knew I couldn’t just ignore him and had to answer. I stumbled out a brief “I’m fine”.

Hearing my voice obviously surprised him. “Sir? Would you care for a ride into town?” he asked, sounding a little confused, and worryingly interested. I had no idea where I was or where I was going to I decided it could be worth the risk, and accepted the lift, explaining, “I was on my way back from a fancy-dress party. Yes, a lift would be great.” Seeing the guy for the first time he did not question my explanation, merely lifting an eyebrow at the story.

I got into the front seat of the car, very carefully pulling the skirt as far down over my knees as I could manage. Not knowing if it was better to keep quiet or continue with the conversation. The officer was happy to drive, and watch the road without looking at me, and I was content to let him. In the car it only took minutes to reach the pool of light of a small sleepy town and I was glad that I did not have to travel the distance on foot. The officer did not ask me where I wanted to go, and the first I realised we had arrived at his destination was when we pulled into the rear of a square station office. The gate had opened and closed automatically behind the car so I realised I was going to have to accompany the officer into the station before reaching the street and freedom outside.

Leading the way in, the officer held the door open for me and then followed behind. The place seemed deserted, but I saw one or two shadows in a few isolated, lit offices. I did not know where I was going, but thought that if I just kept walking the exit would become obvious, however the officer scuttled ahead, and opened a particular door. “Come in here and have a cup of tea”, he said. I was very reluctant to do so, and only stood in the door, “I really have to get home” I said, “it is late enough, if you can just show me out, I’d appreciate it.” “Nonsense” the officer said, pushing me gently into the room, “sit down for a second.” I’ll be back with some a cup of coffee.”

With that he closed the door behind me, forcing me fully into the room. I was now extremely scared. Had they recognised me? I did not believe that the government would circulate the description of every convicted offender around the area, especially as I had been framed on some unknown unspecific charge. I thought that I would wait just a minute and then slip out of the building unnoticed. Alas I had no opportunity because the officer returned quickly with the coffee. He brought it black, no sugar, no milk, but even so I had not tasted anything so fine in a long while, and the warmth soothed and calmed me.

The illusion of peace was shattered however when he sat opposite me and taking a notepad and pen, asked me, “Well then, Sir, I am sure you wouldn’t mind giving me a few details, like your name, and where you are headed?” He looked at me expectantly. I licked my dry lips. “My name is Dick”, I began before correcting myself, so ingrained was the habit of answering by that humiliating label. “That is my name is Richard Simons”, I stumbled on, quickly replying with a fictitious name. “I am only trying to get home from a party.”

The officer was looking at me closely, but seemed satisfied, making some notes on the pad. “And where is that, ” he paused, “sir?” I did not know where I was. “I actually come from a way away.” I tell him, “but I am staying in the town with a friend. Just along the main street, above the cafe”. I tried to sound confident and consistent, knowing this was a bare faced lie. Again the officer didn’t say anything, but made some notes on the paper.

“Please sit there sir, I won’t be long” he said. I immediately protested. “But I really need to get home while it is not too late, you’re not holding me for anything are you?” I queried. He stood up, “Just wait one moment and we’ll sort this out”. I also jumped up, far too quickly, because the pain in my crotch stabbed at my abdomen so I winced. “Now wait a moment yourself” I said, “you can’t just keep me here!”

I had walked around the table to confront the officer, but he noticed something. Looking at the floor he asked me, “Is that blood sir? Why are you bleeding? Can you explain that?” Horrified I looked at the floor and realised that my scrotum was obviously bleeding again, and there was a distinct trail of blood spots on the floor. I did not know what to say and feebly replied “Oh, its nothing, not important, it always happens when I am stressed.” He was obviously not impressed by the excuse and told me “I am fetching the surgeon while you stay here. Do you understand?” I nodded dumbly. Hoping that when he left I would still be able to slip out. My hopes were dashed when I heard the murmur of several voices outside as the officer went out. I guessed there were more people in the hallway outside.

My heart was beating frantically as I tied to decide what to do, and came to the conclusion that the best idea was to just brazen it out. After all there was nothing they could hold me for was there? All too quickly the officer again entered the room, this time accompanied by an attractive oriental looking woman, wearing a very smart uniform, her hair tied up severely behind her. “What seems to be the problem? ” she enquires to both the officer and myself. I again stumble out a “oh its nothing” but she looks at me severely. “He is bleeding somewhere” the officer informs her in a helpful tone. With that we all solemnly examine the sports on the floor.

The medical woman just looks at me and gives me a questioning look. “Its rather embarrassing I say”, and she smiles and tells me, “Well I am a qualified nurse, so you don’t have to be shy. I have seen everything in the few years I have been working here” Slightly reassured, but still uncomfortable, I turn my back on the officer so that only the nurse can see as I raise the skirt. The impaled scrotum and the gadget doing the impaling are obvious, as is the blood that has started to dry again.

The nurse gasps, raising her hand to her face, covering her astonishment, though I am slight annoyed to see that she is nearly smiling. “Good god” she says, reaching for my member. I step back protesting, “Please, it still hurts an awful lot.” She glances at me and then tells the officer “You have to come and see this”. I protest and drop the skirt, only to have the nurse immediately grip it and raise it again as the officer comes round to look.

I am very shy about this, but cannot think of an easy way of snatching the skirt from the nurses’ grip and hiding my genitals again. “I think you are going to have to tell me the whole story he tells me looking me in the eye. Not knowing if it is a great idea I commence to tell an abbreviated history of my captivity with Mistress Green. Skipping a lot of the sordid details, carefully explaining any physical abuses, the whipping etc.,. And very deliberately leaving out how I came to serve her in the first place.

A little way into the narrative the nurse told me that there was nothing she could do, but not to worry it was healing nicely. I was not totally assured by this statement but carried on telling the other officer the details. I started by sitting down, but was continuously interrupted by the nurse bringing another colleague to look at my pierced ball sack. To start with I protested that it was undignified that everybody should see my infliction, but she insisted it was necessary, “For the case”.

By then I was standing facing away from the door, surrounded by a group of guys, and the nurse as I held my skirt up, and they each carefully regarded the humiliating device attached to my organ. As the tale approached the end where I was picked up on the lane, I was at least hopeful that I would get away from here and back to my normal life, though maybe as an outlaw, when I hard something to cause my heart to drop into the deepest pit of despair.

A slow clapping came from the door, as I looked around I saw Mistress Green and Mistress Benny, smartly addressed, standing there. “A beautiful story Dick I am surprised you had the imagination for such a delightful tale.” My face burned with shame, and I blurted out. “That’s her, that ‘s the bitch that has done this to me. And the pervert that helped her, arrest them now. Go on!” I was nearly shouting pointing an accusing finger at the woman who was my nemesis.

Strangely the officers just stood around looking amused, and then Mistress Green walked over to the officer who had picked me up, and told him “You did well to inform me Jake” Jake obviously being the officers name. “I will take the slut home with me now, after you’ve had a little fun as a reward for your inconvenience”. “You can’t do this,” I stutter out. “This woman has used and abused me while pretending to be my lawyer, my counsel. You must arrest her don’t you all understand?” I felt an inescapable foreboding as they merely watched, amused at the scene.

Mistress Green walked over to where I stood, and I noted, inconsequentially that, even in heels she was about the same height as me. She smiled sweetly, and said “You are only making things harder on your self, Dick” the rest of her words were lost as she reached up and savagely pulled the metal constraint securing my cock and balls. The pain drove all thought from my mind as I fell to the floor screaming. The pain seemed as intense as when it had first invaded my scrotum, but this time it must have been less because I did not pass out. “And so” she said, as my screams died to sobs, what are we going to do with you now Dick?”

I curled on the floor sobbing, knowing that the nightmare had become worse. I bitterly knew it was a rhetorical question, and was not surprised when Mistress Green continued. “Since all this silliness started because you refused Benny’s magnificent tool when you so wanted to be fucked, then that I think is a great place to give recompense don’t you think? In fact, I think all the gentlemen here would be interested in your sweet tight virgin ass?” I continued to ignore my surroundings until Mistress Green, stood and said menacingly “On your knees Dick”, tell me what you are going to do”

Quickly I scrambled to my knees, and stammered out “I am going to let Mistress Benny and the other men have my ass Mistress,” I quietly say. Mistress Green sounds amused, and asks “Just have your ass dick? I think you are going to enthusiastically suck them and let them fuck your ass deeply and widely isn’t that it Dick” “Mistress, yes Mistress” I know this is not enough, and trying to swallow my bile at the thought of what I was saying “Mistress I am going to suck their cocks, and then beg them to fuck my tight little virgin ass, Mistress” “Exactly Dick” she tells me, “So lets get started, I think you should start on Benny. Crawl over there and show us what a fine performer of fellatio you are Dick”

With a heavy heart I obey, crawling towards the beautiful transsexual. Noticing the fine shaped legs in dark nylons, and surprisingly small feet. Mistress Benny just stood there as I pushed my head under her knee length skirt. I could not see anything, but sensed the manhood, in her brief pants. Reluctantly, I reached up and carefully dragged the pants down over her hips, releasing her penis {a strange expression, but one I have had to become accustomed to in dealing with Mistress Benny} so the hot semi erect member bounced on my face, causing me to recoil. Mistress Benny ordered me, “No hands Dick, just your mouth”. Knowing I was going to have to do this I wet my lips and placed them around the end of the fat cock I could not see, but feel by its heat. The act was simple, but the feeling was immensely shameful, I had never considered myself gay, or attracted to men, and in honesty thought that the male sex organ an ugly thing.

Nearly gagging with the thought I started to suck, trying to remember how I had performed fellatio on the toys Mistress Green had given me. The hot meat in my mouth felt strange, in shape and texture. Trying very hard to keep my teeth away from the delicate shaft, allowing my tongue to hold the hardening member. My mouth was wet and I found it easy to suck the penis deep inside before pulling away on the shaft. Once fully into giving Mistress Benny oral sex, she lifter her skirt so all the other people in the room could enjoy the humiliating spectacle.

I must have been doing something right because Mistress Benny started to buck her hips and force more of her dick into my mouth. I could not resist as she held my head and thrust in hard, almost making me gag as I fought to stop her choking me. She seemed to enjoy the struggle because now the dick was fully hard, engorged and firm, pushing against the roof and back of my mouth and I started to panic at the sensation and lack of air.

After a while she slowed and stopped, but my brief reprieve was short as I realised that she was going to violate my rear hole. I saw the waiting officers grinning and laughing, and my face burned red, but I knew I could not resist as Mistress Green bade me bend over and hold my knees. My ass hole puckered tight and again I felt the revulsion at what was going to happen. Mistress Benny made it worse; prolonging the moment as I felt the tip of her cock, touch my virgin ass. Just rubbing up and down to start, not trying to force its way in but increasing the tension as it rubbed the cooling saliva over my anus. Finally she stopped moving about and held on to my hips. I bit my lip, and blinked hot ashamed tears as I felt the pressure of her cock on my ass build.

There was nothing I could do against the mounting pressure, and soon I feel it force itself inside of me, pushing deeply into my anal tract. Violating my anus as Mistress Green had done previously. I started to dryly retch, and mistress Green ordered me to show my enjoyment

This was worse as I had to stammer out imprecations “Mistress Benny, that feels so good Mistress. I love the feeling of your large hot cock in my arse. Mistress ” I was now crying openly at the shame which increased the enjoyment of the spectators.

I felt distant and detached, more aware in the pain in my cock, than the splitting of my ass, as Mistress Benny started to pound away. As her strokes into my ass increased in power and depth I began to feel the hurt there too. I would try and lean away, but Mistress Benny had a firm grip.

“Oh no dick” Mistress Green cautioned. “You must really want it deep inside you. Do you want me to ask Benny to hold you cock restraint as she enters you?” The thought of the pain horrified me, so I obliged Mistress Benny as much as I could, consciously relaxing the muscles of my sphincter, pushing back despite the mild pain so much more bearable than the thought of someone touching my pierced sack so soon.

I encouraged her verbally too, “Mistress Benny, yes, that feel so great, fuck me deep in the ass Mistress please use my ass Mistress” I begged her.

It was not long after that Benny stopped, and pulled their cock out from the depths of my anus. My ass felt open to the air, distant and hurting as the penis left.

Mistress Benny moved round to my face, offering her soiled member to my mouth again. I could see she had not ejaculated, but it was even more difficult to accept the organ in my mouth. Again she grabbed my head and forced as much as she could while I struggled not to gag, and try and clean the bitter tasting cock with my tongue.

Mistress Benny had barely moved away, when another crotch entered my view. A strange cock was presented to me and I again nearly vomited at the thought of sucking this alien object. My senses seemed trained on this new humiliation and I could see every detail. The thick pulsing shaft, enormous purple glans, foreskin already stretched back revealing its blatant purpose. The base surrounded by a thick bush of curly black pubic hair, where as Mistress Benny had been smooth. Nothing made the task more obvious that I was going to suck this male member. As I hesitated a voice commanded

“Well, then suck it bitch! As deep as it can go.” A large rough pair of hands again grabbed my head and the penis was forced mightily into my mouth. I immediately tried to gag, as it pushed against the back of my throat. I could not breathe and could only feel myself try to vomit as the hands held my face near to the fusty smelly crotch. I panicked and started to scrabble unsuccessfully, not being able to stand properly, my hands not being able to break the grip.

Distantly I heard, “He’s a pathetic sucker isn’t he Green. You need to train him to deep-throat more enthusiastically.” I heard cruel laughter, but was not paying much attention except to my lack of breath.

I was seriously considering biting the invasive cock when it was removed from my mouth. I took several shuddering breaths, as I could finally taste the air again. Without the same tantalising indignity of Mistress Benny’s slow penetration, I felt the second cock I had just been sucking thrust into my ass hole. It had nearly recovered from Mistress Benny’s ministration, so the fast and hard pounding made me scream and try and pull away. Hands holding my hips, prevented me, and the same aggressive voice growled “You want me to pull your pathetic dick and show you real pain? Then for fucks sake tell me how much you are enjoying this?”

That was the last thing I wanted so even though it revolted me to do so, I immediately started the pathetic begging and pleading they enjoyed, knowing that I obviously did not enjoy the treatment and getting a thrill from the indignity. “Yes, yes, oh that feels good, Master” the words offending my feelings but needing to avoid any more pain. “Yes, fuck my ass deep and hard Master”

I did not have to plead for long because another penis was presented to my mouth, and I again became more panicked about my breathing then the burning abusing pain in my ass. I had one cock pushing deep in my mouth as I tried to tongue the member and take quick breathes when it was withdrawn enough, and I was also conscious of the pounding as another cock was forcing my ass, wide and open and intruding deep into my bowels. At least with my mouth stuffed with another member I did not have to humiliate myself by begging to be abused in the ass, and saying how much I was enjoying it.

I lost all sense of time as I was abused, anally and forced to suck cock, bent over, my anus used by the same. I tried to consciously ignore the act I was performing, disgusted and frightened at what was happening. The next clear impression I had was when, after some particularly painful, thrusting, the gentleman using my ass stopped and withdrew.

What made this more unpleasant than before was the trickle of liquid I felt down my thigh. It could have been the wound in my scrotum bleeding again, but I had the nauseous idea that it was probably the semen that was ejaculated into my ass. As soon as that prick had been removed there was s a jockeying for position, and the soiled cock was presented to my mouth, while the recently sucked penis took the place behind. The gentleman’s creamy white spunk still adhered in traces to the tip of his cock. This made the subsequent oral exercise harder, his member might be going flaccid which meant it couldn’t be forced to the back of my throat, but the salty taste of the semen made me want to puke from shame.

The following cocks that I serviced blended into a nightmarish unending parade. I would suck a gentleman’s hard erection, tonguing it and trying to breathe as he thrust it as hard as he could into my mouth, while another penis pierced my anus. When this load was ejaculated into my ass, he would present his cock to be cleaned, and then I would start on the next male member to abuse me.

My ass became sore and aflame with fire, matching the still painful piercing of my ball sack. I could not feel my sphincter and couldn’t try to squeeze it shut; it felt as though it was now permanently open and distended from the abuse it had taken. My throat was raw from the male flesh pushed into it, and I could not remove the slimy, salty taste of the semen from my mouth. I could also taste the blood and excrement from my own back passage and I hoped the blood was from my injury rather than any lesions inside my bowels.

I could only suck and submit so I had no idea of the number of gentlemen using my body. After several cocks, there came a time when only my ass was being used. I felt disassociated from my body, and could covertly look around. Maybe half a dozen officers were in the room, but they were now looking at the female nurse, and Mistress Benny fucking on the tabletop. It looked very erotic, seeing Mistress Benny’s wonderful female shaped body from behind, neat heart shaped bottom, moving against the naked nurse’ pussy. Unless you observed from the front, when you would see Mistress Benny’s hard cock, and incongruous little pert tits. Mistress Benny was not only fucking the nurse, but being surprising vicious about it too. She was using her nails to scratch and rend the nurses’ skin, leaving angry red trails and even ribbons of blood in places. She was using her mouth, biting the voluminous breasts of the nurse. All this and the nurse was greatly enjoying it. Begging to be fucked and hurt at the same time.

Even in my black and abstract mood I felt a wave of despair thinking that this was going to be my fate slaving to Mistress Green, begin used and having to enjoy the pain and abuse.

Just then my mind was brought back to my current predicament as one of the gentlemen realised I was not sucking anyone. “Does the bitch drink piss Green?” he asked, and I was shocked to see Mistress Green nod her head. “Oh yes” she affirmed “he is trained, Just use him as you wish”

The man who had spoken, again unbuttoned his fly and taking the limp flaccid cock again offered it to my mouth. He made no move to force it in, and I was reluctant to take the glistening end. “Just yank his crotch restraint if he misbehaves” enjoined Mistress Green, and fearing the pain I immediately put my lips around the end of the dick.

It felt even stranger with the bulbous end of a flaccid cock in my mouth than with an erect one. Quickly I was focused on swallowing the stream of urine that spurted from the end, like sucking on a large meat straw. The flavour was very unpleasant, I do not know why, more salty and musty than Mistress Green’s urine. I struggled to control my vomiting as I swallowed. At one point I did heave, but managed to keep it in my mouth and swallow again.

Of course, after this one gentleman had used me as a toilet the others became enthusiastic too, and I had to drink several pints of urine. Towards the end it felt as though I could not drink anymore and I struggled to swallow the piss that filled my mouth. When everyone had enough. I stayed there, in position. Aware of how I looked, naked ass in the air, ass hole distended, bleeding and dripping with come. My face hung low, my throat barely able to swallow and only tasting the humiliating flavour of the piss I had drunk.

Mistress Green then commanded me to crawl to the nurse, Amy, and clean her pussy and be her toilet. This at least did not feel as degrading. Amy had a shaven cunt. Her skin was very white and the pussy lips a strongly contrasting red. I feared that Mistress Benny had filled her with spunk but her slit was just wet with her own juices. I used my tongue as I had been taught to lick her clean. Licking along the length of her pussy lips, pushing my tongue inside her vagina, exploring under the hood for her clit.

When she sighed and lay back I took the cue, and fastening my mouth over her, accepted her stream of piss. My mouth filled, and I had to concentrate rally hard to swallow, in the end I was not sure how I managed. Feeling sick, nauseous, in pain in my crotch and ass, I kneeled on the floor at Mistress Green’s feet.

“There is one more person you need to satisfy Dick.” Mistress Green told me. Mistress Benny still has not fucked you enough. I swallowed dpainfully, my dry throat not lubricated by the piss I had drunk. “Mistreess, I am ready to be fucked in the ass by Mistress Benny Mistress.” I was too exhausted to be more imaginative, and waited for the inevitable diatribe for not showing the proper enthusiasm. With more foreboding Mistress Green carried on. “You must have noticed Dick, theat Benny is much more passionate when you are suffering distress?” This is a rhetorical question and I do not have time to agree to this steatment as she bids us all go out to the car. I crawl at Misress Green’s heels, and everybody follows along. Making ribald comments at my expense, complimenting or insulting my ass and demeanor.

When we reach the car I am told to bend over the hood, and I resignedly do so, fully expecting to be fucked in the ass by Mistress Benny, but, my expectations are changed when two of the officers are instructed to hold me in place. I start to panic, and struggle, but the position is not inducive to escape, and merely results in catcalls about my bottom wriggling around.

Then I notice that Mistress Benny, wearing a leather glove has gathered a handful of nettles and is advancing towards me with them brandished like a whip. I immediately start struggling more earnestly, and futilely begging for mercy, for anyone to stop this.

Mistress Benny takes her time, swinging the nettles back and forth. I have a powerful fear of nettles since childhood, and the thought of them being applied anywhere near my sensitive ass was horrifying. Mistress Benny uses her other hand to stroke her enormous cock, fully proud and erect, which was even gaining compliments from all the gentlemen gathered around.

Finally I realised that my snivelling and crying was not going to have any effect as she brushed the weeds lightly over my ass. The pain was terrific. Different from the whippings and piercings and other tortures that had been inflicted on me. It burnt like fire. Hot and immediate, many of the nerve endings aflame with pain. I literally screamed at the sensation, and each new swipe of the nettles increased the volume until my throat was raw. Mistress Benny addressed my ass, making sure that each centimeter was affected. The backs and insides of my thighs too.

Worse was when she ran the nettles up between my legs. The leaves and fronds pulling across my already painful balls, and then up my ass crack over my abused anus.

The pain was intense, but not such that I passed out, but enough that when Mistress Benny did eventually impale my ass on her cock, the feeling was a continuation of the pain already inflicted.

I eventually ran out of breath and screams though the pain continued with no apparent sign of releif. I slowly became aware of the pounding in my ass, but only because my sphincter was extended so much by the pounding cock of Mistress Benny. I barely noticed when she came and poured her hot seed deep inside my body, and it was almost without thought that I finally cleaned that magnificent cock.

After providing an evenings entertainment I was unceremoniously bundled into the boot of Mistress Green’s car. Hot stiffling, in pain and desperate to relieve myself. I heard Mistress Green conversing outside, but the words were indistinct and muffled that I could not hear the intent. Finally the engine started, car doors slammed and we drove off.

The trip back to what I imagined was Mistress Greens mansion seemed to take longer than my brief escape. My body still hurt and burned. I felt nauseous, bloated and ashamed. I felt the darkest despair, realising that there was no way I could escape Misress Green without expecting the same treatment if I were caught in the act.

Finally the car stopped and doors slammed, and I had at least the hope of release from this uncomfortable confinement. But my hopes were in vain, nobody came to release me and I waited in that dark cramped space. My desire to pee mounted, and I was desparate, until finally I could wait no longer and released the hot feotid stream over my body and legs to pool beneath me in the boot of the car, spreading until my face and hair were lying in the stinking pool. In my misery I slept.

Coming Soon…..Chapter 5