I am resolved in a course of action! Today has again been humiliating, degrading and painful, even more than previously. I am going to return to the Federal detention centre that Mistress Green took me from. I know that I am going back to a life of isolation, but there is one small hope. I am going to make an effort to discover where in this house there is a link to the outside world. A phone I can use undetected, and before returning I am going to tell my family what has happened and to work for my release. Particularly I am going to mention that the lawyer appointed to me is a disgusting sadistic bitch, and that I want to bring charges against her! With this small hope I am going to endure as much as I can in the belief that as soon as someone has been contacted I will be away from this monster.

This journal is useful evidence and will help me remember the degrading tasks and painful punishments meted out during my barely voluntary stay. Make no mistake, though I started thinking this was possibly a much better situation than being held for life in solitary confinement, it has turned into a living hell.

My day started much as the last one. An early and hungry awakening then waiting while Mistress Green slept. My butt cheeks had been so sore when I went to bed the night before that I had slept on my front, but overnight they had recovered and luckily there was no residual pain. Today there was no Mistress Benny beside her so it was later that she stirred. My knees were again very uncomfortable from the long vigil. Finally she stirred and saw me. “Well, you know the routine Dick, get moving. Oh, but forget the tongue job, today I just need to piss.” My heart froze. I had almost forgotten what I had been trained for the previous day and had been expecting to just orally satisfy her. Just do it! I told myself as I had yesterday. I crawled around to the foot of the bed and slipped under the covers. As I got closer to her spread legs and the crack of her pussy I realised the magnitude of what I was about to do. I had been utterly degraded, placed in a position that I was about to consume the waste product of another person to avoid certain punishment. Then the time for philosophical consideration was over and I placed my mouth over the pussy lips of her cunt. I used my tongue to push underneath her urethra so that hopefully the urine would stream into my mouth rather than the bed that would surely get me punished. Suddenly the difficulty of her requirements hit me. Could I actually drink it fast enough? It was only moments before my questions were answered.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Warm salty liquid flowed over my tongue. Not a huge flood, as I feared but a reasonable continuous stream. My mouth filled with her piss, today undiluted, and I nearly lost it and puked there as I experienced the full force of the rancid taste. I realised that I was going to have to swallow just by pressing my tongue against the roof of my mouth to let the pee continue to enter. Just the act of swallowing and not choking filled my entire mind, and it was not until after I had had swallowed several mouthfuls that the enormity of what I had done struck me again. Again I nearly puked, but I struggled and managed to hold it down.

I had to drink three whole mouthfuls until the flow began to diminish. Finally I could not feel any more coming. “A little lick now Dick” I was instructed. So I used my tongue to remove any drops of piss from Mistress Greens cunt. “Now go and run me a warm bubble bath.” I was told.

I slipped out of the bed and went through to the adjoining bathroom. This was much more in keeping with the grandness of the big house. The tub in the middle of the floor was the size of an Olympic pool. Again the decorator had favoured white, but in this case it was white marble and limestone. The trim on the taps and handles was gold, a deep gold colour I surmised meant that they really were gold the metal and not just the colour.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The necessary oils and lotions were neatly arranged and so I drew a warm bubbly bath. While I was doing this, Mistress Green came in. I immediately dropped to my knees, as I ought. She was dressed in a pretty pale blue camisole top and French knickers that matched the set that I had seen Mistress Benny wearing the previous day. Without a thought she removed her clothing, absent-mindedly handing the wispy silk to me to hold. I carefully laid her nightclothes on one of the many upholstered stools not knowing where they should go.

Standing there naked, Mistress Green was a fantastic site. I completely forgot about how much of a bitch she was as I enjoyed the curves of her body. Her hips were unfashionably wide, but they made her butt into a perfect heart shape. The rest of her body was as classically beautiful. I started day dreaming about screwing that perfect body, wondering when my duties as a sex slave would start, so far I had been more of a whipping boy and target for degradation.

Seeming to make up her mind, Mistress Green stopped the running water and went and perched on the edge of a toilet. “I think there is a drop left” she tells me as she sits there opening her thighs wide. Suddenly I realise what she means and blushing at the humiliation I crawl forward to again drink her urine. She squeezes a little out, and though I am revolted at the taste it does not automatically make me want to retch. She keeps me in that position, and instructs me to continue to lick her pussy. I notice that she is squeezing or pushing because I feel her cunt press against my tongue rhythmically. With horror and disgust I realise that she is having a dump and that as I sit here tonguing her pussy she is squeezing the shit from her asshole. Sure enough I hear the splash and plop as each turd falls into the toilet bowl. Naturally there is also rather an odour, when combined with the thought of her urine in my stomach causes feelings of nausea again.

I hold my feelings on a tight rein thinking that it would be hypocritical and undoubtedly pointless to complain to Mistress Green about her uncouth behaviour, especially as I am the one pressed to her pussy drinking her piss. She squeezes several more turds into the toilet bowl. There is a last dribble of pee for me to drink before she sits back and I back away a little. “Where the fuck do you think you’re going!” she angrily remonstrates. I am surprised and hold still. “Take some paper and clean my asshole as well as you can.” I nervously do as she asks, using more paper than is really necessary but reluctant to press too hard in case she decides that I am being too rough, and punishing me for that. The act disgusts me, though less than having to drink her pee, in fact I am more embarrassed to have to help a grown woman like this.

“Now a bath,” she tells me, probably just thinking aloud. “Lie on the floor face up.” I am puzzled by the request but obey. I think it is rather unnecessary to act all shy about her nudity while taking a bath since I have seen her completely naked, and even eaten her cunt. I lie down and stare at the ceiling, and drift off into another daydream about fucking her. Her rapidly descending ass suddenly obscures my view! I move to get up, but before my head is even an inch off the floor her weight hits me and knocks me against the floor again.

Her pussy is pressed over my nose and her thighs hold the top of my head. “Give me a bath now Dick!” she commands. “You did clean me properly didn’t you? So get that tongue out and give my little rose bud a nice tongue bath!” I am trapped beneath her butt and am again trapped in indecision. When should I rebel and demand to be returned to incarceration? I had not yet found any phone in the house so I was desperate to remain a little longer.

Tentatively I stick my tongue out, until I touch the right area. Immediately she shifts back and her asshole is covering my mouth. With my nose in her pussy and my mouth covered I cannot breath at all. Panicking I start to lick her ass vigorously, and as she shifts to get more comfortable I find that it is just possible to breath through my nose. As I stop being so worried about my air supply my current predicament intrudes. I feel deeply degraded to be doing this, and then I suddenly realise that there is a bitter taste in my mouth. Horrifically she had not been as clean as I had hoped and I could taste her excrement. Nothing could stop it this time and I felt the vomit rise up my throat. I thought I was going to drown and almost started to struggle against the weight of her on my face.

With an amazing amount of control I managed to avoid choking by swallowing the sick again. The very acrid taste of the vomit removed any trace of her shit from my mouth, and enabled me to continue to rim her tight little hole. She sat on my face like that for several minutes and I had to continue debasing myself. She started moving around a lot more, first of all presenting her pussy to lick and then moving back implying I had to lick her asshole again.

When she had had enough she calmly slipped into the warm bath water and started washing herself with soap, around her crotch and ass. As I struggled back to a kneeling position I was nearly in tears, angry and resentful over her treatment. If she was going to wash, then why not wash before I gave her asshole a tongue bath? Tears of injustice pricked at my eyes.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After the bath I helped Mistress Green dress. She selected her own outfit in the next room; a room devoted entirely to wardrobes of clothes. I wouldn’t have known where to start. I had to fasten the various straps and buckles, slipping clothes carefully over her skin. Making sure her stocking seams was straight. She wore her knickers over her stockings to make them easier to remove she informed me. I had to beg to be spanked one time when I let her bra strap snap against her skin and my bottom was warmed for the morning.

While Mistress Green and Mistress Benny were eating their breakfast I was informed that Mistress Green would be out of the house, and Mistress Benny would have her own chores and so could not supervise me closely, after breakfast Mistress Benny would provide me with a list of jobs. I delighted in this news because it gave me a chance to search for a phone. After watching the two Mistresses’ break their fast on many tasty and delicious things; my little breakfast of juice and buttered toast seemed very meagre. Another day I was going hungry, it seemed like I had always been hungry.

Mistress Benny was waiting in room 3 so I hurried along. When I entered the first thing I was informed was that I was going to have to wear a nappy! Mistress Benny looked at me and told me “After the mess you made yesterday, your toilet privileges have been removed. I will not have the time to whip your ass as you piss, so I have chosen a suitable alternative. The nappy will prevent you making a mess and when I remove it, you can be punished if it is dirty!” It seems pointless to argue and I meekly submit. I had decided the previous night that I was only going to satisfy my thirst last thing at night, and then only drink what I was given during the day. That way after emptying my bladder in the morning, the only time I would need to use the toilet would be if I had to drink a large quantity of Mistress Green’s urine. The piss and juice I had drunk did not seem to be causing me any trouble so far so I could ignore the nappy as another embarrassing thing.

I had to lie on a low level counter as Mistress Benny removed the uncomfortable leather strap that held my dick and balls available, she also removed the stockings which had the strange effect of making me feel naked. Then she powdered my hairless crotch and smeared some cream right in my ass crack. The nappy was a normal towelling nappy, and the last step was a pair of rubber pants over the outside to hold leaks. The whole procedure takes longer than I expect, it seems pretty silly, and the end result has me ashamed to be seen looking like a parody of a baby.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ten minutes later I was cleaning the floor of one of the numerous bathrooms when Mistress Benny comes into the room. “Nappy check” she informs me. I laconically inform her that I have not used it yet. I hope I sound humble enough and not cheeky, but that does not matter because Mistress Benny immediately launches into a fearsome tirade. “You aggravating Dick! You ungrateful slime! You pathetic male ass licker! It took me an age to costume you in the necessary gear so that you can satisfy your little depravity for messing yourself, and all you can do is sneer at me and inform me you don’t need it!” This calls for some harsh punishment.” I realise that perhaps I had sounded a little trite and hasten to apologise. Mistress Benny leaves the room and I scurry along behind apologising as profusely as I can.

She takes me to room 8 where I was whipped as I pissed the previous day, and again I have to hold the rings that depend from the ceiling. Mistress Benny removes the nappy and proceeds to whip my ass with the cane she used previously. She whips until I am approaching the point I cannot handle the pain anymore. My ass is painful. After the whipping we return to room 3 and a repeat of the process of putting on another nappy. The rough cloth irritates my burning ass as I return to my chores.

I try to put the embarrassing interlude from my mind and continue my work. The simple menial tasks allow me to forget the embarrassing and degrading situation and daydream of freedom, and sometimes fantasise about fucking Mistress Green. A little time has passed and again Mistress Benny pops into the room and demands a nappy check. She cannot be serious! Obviously I had not used it in the short time I had been wearing it, but again I am treated to the accusation that I am wasting her time.

It takes all my courage to hold the rings and let Mistress Benny hurt my already painful ass. It feels like I will never be able to sit again. As Mistress Benny places another nappy over my agonising bum I have an epiphany: I am meant to use the nappy, Mistress Benny wants to punish me for a dirty nappy, not having a clean one! The whole nappy rigmarole now takes on a new light as I realise this is another sadistic procedure to humiliate me and degrade me.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I again return to my chores trying to decide the best course of action. My ass is feeling so abused that I come to the conclusion I must use the nappy and take the risk the punishment for a dirty nappy is not worse than a clean one, and it couldn’t be, could it? As I kneel there contemplating this dilemma I realise the depths to which I had been forced. I was a grown man thinking of deliberately wetting himself. Putting my decision into practise was actually harder than I expected; the bonds of self control assumed as we grow up are not easily severed. Finally I miserably sat there and felt my piss fill the cloth of the nappy.

I continued to perform my chores, and Mistress Benny appeared as before. This time when asked I admitted that the nappy was full. With a gleam in her eye, Mistress Benny told me that I should crawl over to her feet and explain myself and beg to be cleaned. As I did so I felt so low. “Mistress Benny forgive me” I started. “This poor creature of a pathetic slave cannot control his own bodily functions. I have pissed in my nappy Mistress Benny. Please clean me Mistress Benny” We returned to room 8, the full nappy uncomfortable against my naked crotch, as it squelched and squashed around.

Mistress Benny obviously viewed the sodden nappy with distaste and I was the one that removed it. A bucket was provided for the soaking cloth. With a lot of trepidation I again clasped the rings. I did not know if I could stand much more pain inflicted on my ass, but Mistress Benny was merciful and the ordeal was over quickly. I had made the right decision; a full nappy was better than an empty one.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

When Mistress Benny had a clean nappy in position I returned to work. I knew that I was going to have to fill the nappy again, but my bladder was very empty. I ended up crouching on the floor straining to get any little drop out of my cock. As I continually failed to do so I began to get extremely nervous that Mistress Benny would appear. Moving around into a proper squat I thought that I felt the beginning of a possible trickle of pee. While doing this, I had a horrible feeling, and then just as the thought formed, I felt a bowel movement. The head of a turd was pushing from my ass; I could actually feel it against my ass cheeks. A consolation was that a small amount of urine did enter the nappy.

I did not know what to do about my half emerged shit and tried for a while to work with it where it was, but that was too uncomfortable, so that in the end I found it easier to squat and let the whole shit fill my nappy. I was highly conscious of the fact I had fouled myself, disgusted that I had to do it, but reassured that at least it was a dirty nappy and Mistress Benny would be happy. Though it was easier to work I was reminded of the shit coating my ass and insinuating itself in my crotch as I moved around.

Mistress Benny did not check on me again until a little before lunchtime. I had found that my bladder was full again and made the mistake of thinking it would be better in the nappy. The combination of faeces and urine in the nappy as I moved around had resulted in something that felt like thick diarrhoea. Mistress Benny looked really revolted as I crept towards her and explained my depravity, how I had been unable to control my own bowels.

In room 8, the nappy went into the same bucket, and Mistress Benny stood as far away as possible as she whipped my shit covered ass. This explained the fact she only used two strokes. She actually put the now shitty cane in the bucket too! Back in room 12 the purpose of the unusually large shower became obvious as I was literally hosed down with a painful jet of cold water. Mistress Benny perked up at this and used the jet to abuse my asshole as I bent over holding my ass cheeks apart.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After a small repast at lunch, I drank a lot of water, and I was equipped with a clean nappy. I easily filled the nappy but Mistress Benny did not check it until the end of the afternoon when my chores were deemed complete, by which time I had had to use it repeatedly to empty my overfull bladder. This nappy again joined the others in the bucket and Mistress Benny used a clean cane to give me the final beating of the day.

There was another indignity I was subjected to that revolted me, before I could finally clean up and perch, avoiding sitting on my painful bottom, and writing this journal entry.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

When Mistress Green returned home I had to explain that during her absence I could not control my bodily functions and had dirtied several nappies. Mistress Benny was directed to instruct me on the steps I should take to prevent myself making the same mistake. I could have pointed out that the mistake was a conscious decision to avoid a heap of pain but wisely held my tongue!

In room 12 I was given the fetid bucket containing the nappies and a shallow trough. Each nappy had to be scraped of shit and wrung as dry as possible into the trough, by hand. Sickened by the smell and the depravity of the task it took me a long time to clean them so that Mistress Benny was satisfied. She then showed me a special stool that enabled me to sit and wash the nappies in the sink. The stool was special in that the trough of my faeces and urine were placed on top and I sat in my waste as I cleaned the nappies. It was exceptionally disgusting and again it took a long time to get the nappies clean enough to please Mistress Benny. I was then hosed down again and the ordeal was over.