Yes I remembered all right!

“You look gorgeous in that darling” I said, “Far sexier than she ever did”

She giggled and twirled round again to show me the narrow white band separating her lovely firm bum cheeks.

“I always feel so fucking horny when I wear anything of hers daddy, especially her panties, do you think I’m a pervert?”

“Oh definitely baby, that’s why I love you so much!”

“That’s exactly what Sadie said” she laughed, “And Sharon!”

At the mention of their names, I thought back to the day my wife had gone to Paris with Hal, the atmosphere had been fraught when I drove her to the airport, hardly a word was spoken until we got there and she pecked my cheek

“Bye darling, I’ll see you in three or four days”

“Yeah bye”

And I drove away wanting to be rid of the bitch as soon as possible. Katie had stayed at Sadie and Hal’s house after the party, which wasn’t unusual she and Sharon had been inseparable since they’d met, but not until the previous night had I realised why!

Sadie answered the door wearing a short wrap around robe and immediately kissed me on the lips. I’d been worried in case she’d be embarrassed about what had happened between us but I’d worried in vain.

“Hi” she said simply, “I was worried in case you didn’t come”

“No I didn’t” I laughed, “But I enjoyed seeing you do it!”

“Oh God, I didn’t mean… , I meant I was… oh shit!”

She actually blushed, but her eyes were sparkling and I returned her kiss,

“Where are the girls?”

“Still in bed” she answered, “I just looked in on them and they were, er, shall we say busy?”

“We hardly spoke this morning” I said, “What about you two?”

She laughed bitterly, “Hell we just didn’t speak, period”

“I’m sorry”

She made us a coffee and we took it out onto the patio to enjoy the hot sun,

“I think before we go any further Paul, I should tell you a few things about myself, about us”


“Well we’ve been in a swinging group over ten years now” she waited and looked at me,

“Does that shock you?”

“No” I smiled, “Should it?”

She leaned across the table and kissed me again and her robe gaped open, I was beginning to enjoy her kisses more and more each time!

“You’ve got beautiful breasts Sadie” and she laughed again.

“Thank you, I take it you’re not shocked then?”

“By your revelation that you’re swingers, no and by your breasts, definitely not!”

“I think I’m beginning to like you Paul Halford” she said and made no attempt to refasten her robe!

“You’re not so bad yourself Sadie James”

“Anyway when you’ve quite finished trying to seduce me, as I was saying, we were swingers but Hal broke the rules every time”

“By screwing behind your back?”

“Exactly, so you know something about the swinging scene?”

“A bit” I conceded, “Only in our case it was her who broke the rules, as often as she could and it didn’t matter whether it was male or female, she wasn’t fussy!”

“Yes, well you’ll find that the majority of women swingers are bi sexual”

She looked at me from under her eyelids, “It adds to the fun!”

“Agreed I think two women together is incredibly erotic, it’s nearly my favourite thing” I smiled at her letting her know I was expecting the question,

“But it’s still cheating and that, I hate!”

“Yes me too” she smiled, “Go on then, I’ll ask it!”

“My favourite thing?” she nodded again,

“Eating pussy”

Standing up she held out a hand to me,

“Come on”

“Where to?”

“Bed you fool, where else?”

It wasn’t just a kiss, it was an attack, she wrapped her arms around my neck and ground her mouth against mine forcing my lips apart. Her hands tore at my shirt as her tongue snaked between my teeth exploring my mouth, seeking out and finding my saliva. We fell onto the bed, my hand between her legs finding her wetness, she was naked under the robe, nothing to stop me as I kissed her throat and each breast in turn, she came as my lips closed over a nipple and drew it into my mouth.

“Eat me Paul, quick darling while I’m still cumming, eat me!”

I nuzzled between her legs teasing the delicate skin between her anus and her sex, licking up the juices that had trickled down into her little rosebud. She moaned and arched herself up to me as my tongue parted the folds of her cunt, she was like a swamp in there, the thick tangy juices were like nectar on my tongue as they flowed copiously into my mouth.

She spasmed again when I licked all the way up her slit and sucked gently at the nub of her clitoris, her legs scissored around my neck and her hands gripped my hair. I’d never known a woman to be so wet, she squirted a deliciously fragrant fluid into my mouth as she jerked uncontrollably against my face, it may have been urine, I don’t know and at that exact moment I certainly didn’t care!

“That was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen daddy”

I scrambled to my feet and turned to see Katie and Sharon, arms around each other, faces flushed with excitement, eyes wide and staring at Sharon’s mother lying almost comatose on the edge of the bed.

“You shouldn’t have been there” I said angrily, but Katie reached up and kissed me on the mouth,

“I mean it daddy, it was beautiful”

Walking past me, she sat beside Sadie and stroked her naked stomach,

“She’s gorgeous daddy isn’t she?”

I stood mesmerised as her hand drifted lower until her fingers were gently caressing the swollen lips of Sadie’s gaping sex.

“Almost as gorgeous as her daughter daddy”

Sadie opened her eyes and smiled,

“Now then what are we going to do about those two in Paris!”


It was well into the afternoon when we finished talking, or rather listening because, as Sadie knew more about it, she did most of the talking.

She told me that Hal’s company had been set up purely to launder mob money about fifteen years ago, but whether by accident or design had grown into a very successful and hugely profitable concern. She readily admitted that Hal was good at his job, very good but he was also greedy and as the accountant she’d noticed very small sums of money had been going missing over a number of years, nothing much to worry about if looked at in the context of each sum, but the total over ten years was about £1000,000, a lot of money!

That wasn’t the end of it though, through a little persistence and a lot of digging, she discovered he’d set up another company dealing in land sales, using this money.

He’d used all of it in a massive gamble buying up an old quarry very near to an up and coming little tourist village in Cornwall (for our overseas readers, Cornwall is in the very south of England and is an immensely popular holiday area)

Two years after buying the quarry, the company had sold it for over £2,000,000, a rather healthy profit in anyone’s book! But Sadie also revealed that this bogus company shared banking facilities with the mob company making it almost impossible in the event of an audit for the deal to remain hidden and she also revealed that the bogus company had only two shareholders and two joint managing directors!

No prizes for guessing who they were.

Hal knew that it was only a matter of time before someone decided his little outfit was due an audit and the brown stuff would hit the fan- – and how!

Now on the face of it, although Sadie was entirely innocent, she would almost certainly be judged guilty by association as I would too! There was no doubt that as far as the lovers were concerned, we didn’t count, so that meant that they’d be making their move soon, very soon so we had to come up with something very quickly, not only to save our hides, but also, if possible to make a nice little profit into the bargain!

“Jeez!” was all I could manage when she finished, “I think I need a drink”

“Can I say something daddy?”

Of course baby, we all need to think, because from what Sadie’s told us, these guys don’t fuck about and we could all end up very dead if we don’t come up with something soon”

Then I realised that I’d sworn and said, “Sorry everybody”

Katie hugged me and kissed my cheek, “Don’t be silly daddy, after this morning I’m seeing a new daddy” A slight and meaningful silence, then she added,

“And I think I like this new daddy a lot!”

“Thank you Baby” I smiled, “But what’s your suggestion?”

“Just that you and I should go home, throw a few things in a bag and spend the next couple of days here, while we get our heads together!”

“Among other things” came almost inaudibly from Sharon and we all laughed uproariously!

-To be continued…-