They gave me a hint as to their feelings and how they intended to spend our holiday by what they wore for the journey over there!

First of all the taxi driver who picked us up thought he’d died and gone to heaven as he held the door open and watched as four long legs parted to show off extremely small panties between them and then as we boarded the aircraft, the people behind us were treated to a mind blowing, cock stiffening view underneath two very small denim mini skirts.

Both of them wore almost the same kind of outfit, the only difference being that Mickey’s tee shirt was pink and Angie’s white, both of them left very little to the imagination however and even one of the cabin girls was very impressed with them!

“She’s coming to the party” Mickey whispered to me as the girl smilingly instructed us to fasten our seat belts in preparation for landing,

“With her partner”

“What party?”

She and Angie giggled and looked at me pityingly,

“The one we’re having tonight silly”

“Oh that party” I laughed, “Am I invited?”

Mickey laughed and taking my hand, eased it under her skirt,

“Only if you think you can stand watching Angie with her new friend before taking on all three of us”

It promised to be quite a night!

The villa was even more than we’d hoped for, set in it’s own grounds that backed onto it’s own little bit of private beach, it was a wonderfully imposing residence with lush green lawns at the side and rear and a large patio perfect for barbecues, a massive pool dominated the rear garden and I thought it was perfect, the girls loved it immediately and lost no time in exploring the house itself while I strolled down through the rear gardens to the beach, the only thing to separate our bit of the sands from the public stretch was a sign at either end and there were plenty of people who chose to ignore them, but it was a huge expanse of beach so I didn’t really see the point in kicking up a fuss.

It was baking hot and most of the people were naked, old, young, middle aged, none of them were the least bit self conscious and they all seemed to be enjoying themselves, so I thought why not? And walked down to where the sea lapped lazily at the shore line, a little girl ran past me, completely naked chased by her equally naked father and mother, all three of them laughing, the parents were quite fat but not in the least bit bothered by being naked so I stripped my shorts and tee shirt off and dived in to the warm, blue water.

It was my first experience of public nudity and I had to admit that it felt great, almost sexual and I swam quite a long way out before turning back again and swimming lazily through the crowds of holiday makers.

I noticed several naked girls sunbathing as I walked back up the beach to the villa and I just hoped that my manhood stayed in it’s flaccid state at least until I reached the safety of the gardens, it was a close call, particularly when I passed a young teenage girl who’d fallen asleep with her legs wide apart and her clean shaven pussy, complete with a little silver clitoris ring on open display!

“Oh yeah been checking out the talent have we?” Mickey laughed when she saw me coming up through the gardens completely naked,

“Not while I’m with the two sexiest girls in the universe” I laughed and kissed her lips,

“Hey you taste of pussy, have you been messing with my fiancĂ©e?”

“She certainly has” Angie giggled as she appeared on the patio, “She ravished me Dave”

Since both of them were wearing just minuscule bikini bottoms it didn’t seem that she’d put up much resistance,

“You should’ve shouted me Angie” I smiled, “I’d have helped you”

They wrapped an arm around each other’s waist and kissed tenderly,

“Oh no Dave” she giggled, “I was enjoying it far too much”

“If you’re going down to the beach, check out the girl on her own near to our wall, let me know what you think”

They raised their eyebrows at me but said nothing and turned away down to the beach, it wasn’t until they shouted at me and I turned back round again, that I realised each girl had a hand down inside the back of each other’s briefs!

In the kitchen I found milk and sugar to go with the coffee kindly placed there by the owners and I took the drink out into the garden to enjoy the afternoon sun, but after less than an hour my peace was shattered when they arrived back again laughing and giggling like two little school girls.

“How far is it into Nice Dave?”

“Not far why?”

Angie sat on my lap and kissed me,

“Because her name’s Sandy, she’s English and she’s told us where we can get it done, are you coming?”

Ignoring her naked breasts pressing into my chest, I asked, who, what and why?

“That girl you dummy” she giggled, “Her name’s Sandy”

“Oh ok then, do I take it then that both of you want a similar piercing?”

They nodded like a pair of bloody marionettes, “Yup”

“So you’re going to Nice?”

“Yup, come on then”

“No I think I’ll stay here and perhaps have another stroll on the beach”

I called for a taxi while they put on what they considered suitable wear for Nice which was yet another micro-mini skirt and almost sheer peasant type blouse,

“No panties look” Mickey laughed and flipped her skirt up as the taxi pulled up and the grinning driver got out to open the door for them, he got in with a smile on his face!

They were back in about two hours, laden down with bags and still giggling,

“What the hell are you laughing at now?”

“It’s her” they said in unison and pointed to each other, plonking the bags down on the floor they followed suit in the sofa,

“I’m bushed” said Mickey and they burst out laughing again,

“What she means Dave” Angie said in between fits of giggles, “Is that she’s not bushed”

“I can wait” I grinned, “I’ve got a fortnight”

“Well you know how your darling little sister gets when she’s excited?”

“I think so”

“Well the guy who pierced us was gay and Mickey was getting quite turned on by sitting there with her legs round her ears”

“No I bloody wasn’t you tart” and they dissolved in laughter again,

“Anyway” Angie continued, “In spite of the local anaesthetic he used, she was getting horny and as soon as he put the ring in her clit, guess what she did?”

“I’ve got no idea Angie”

She grinned and came over to straddle my lap,

“She bloody well came” she giggled and looked at my sister, who’d gone a bright shade of red,

“Is that it?” I asked, “She came, so what?” I was getting used to my sister and her sexy ways,

“You’re missing the point Dave” Angie laughed and as she wrapped her arms around my neck to kiss me, I felt the warm wetness spreading all over my groin,

“She didn’t?”

Angie nodded, “She did, she pissed all over him!”

“I couldn’t help it” Mickey protested, “He’d got me going”

I slipped a hand down beneath Angie, to where she was cheerfully soaking my shorts and eased a finger into her pussy, a gentle little tinkling sound told me she’d been pierced too, so at least he’d done them both before getting mad”

“So I presume he got mad did he?”

“Oh God, stop that Dave, I’m sore” she moaned, “But no he didn’t get mad at all, in fact he loved it”

Mickey’s face came between us and we both sucked at her tongue, I felt a finger joining mine in Angie’s dripping wet pussy,

“He loved it so much Dave, he’s coming to the party tonight!”

Mickey pulled both of our fingers out from Angie’s cunt and taking hold of my cock, held it against her lover’s pussy,

“Dave I’m so fucking hot, fuck her for me darling, fuck her while I watch, I want to see her face when she comes”

Well being ordered to fuck the girl I was going to marry wasn’t exactly a hardship, I was as turned on as they were, I lunged upwards through my sister’s fingers and together we brought her to a screaming orgasm during which she showed me exactly how Mickey had drenched the gay piercer!

Linda, the air stewardess was the first one to arrive at the party with another girl, but what a difference to the quietly efficient girl we’d met on the aeroplane, this one wore a white, floor length dress that fitted her like a second skin, the dark circles of her areole were clearly visible through the thin material, as was the tiny white thong which was her only other garment.

Devoid of all but the most basic of make up, her skin was clear and unblemished, her eyes bright and flashing, in short she was stunning!

“Oh my God Linda” came from my sister, “You look gorgeous”

Linda smiled shyly and introduced the girl she was holding hands with,

“This is Toni” she said and added coyly, “My best friend”

From the way they looked at each other, it was obvious they were more than good friends, but it was Angie who spotted the identical rings they wore and commented on them,

“We married each other last year” Toni said softly and the girls cooed,

“Was it a nice ceremony?” Angie asked, “All proper wedding dresses and the like?”

“Actually it was right here on this very beach” Linda explained, “We rented this villa from the agents”

“This villa?” I said and Toni smiled at me, “Yes this very one”

Toni had on a pink vest type top which just about contained her delightfully pert breasts but it was the pink shorts that caught my eye, they were cut high at the back exposing the cheeks of her sexy little bottom and at the front they were so tight that every little detail of her slit was displayed, together she and Linda were a walking wet dream!

While I poured everyone a drink, the girls sat chatting, Toni sat next to Mickey and Linda sat very close to Angie, the atmosphere was electric and I began to feel like the proverbial “spare” at a wedding, but a voice behind me changed everything.

“Hi everyone, am I at the right place?”

I hoped my relief didn’t show too much as I turned to greet Sandy, the girl from the beach,

“Hi Sandy” I said and every one else waved to her, “I’m Dave”

“Hi Dave” she grinned, “I think we met this afternoon”

“Er, yes” I stammered, “You were, er you were on the beach”

“Yes” she giggled, “If I remember right I was naked”

“Er yes, yes, I think you might have been now you come to mention it”

Mickey put the boot in by saying that I’d arrived back raving about a gorgeous girl lying naked with her legs open and a ring through her clitoris!

“Thanks Mickey” I grinned,

“Are you pierced down there Sandy?” Linda asked and when she answered in the affirmative, Toni said that she’d been thinking of having it done too,

“Did it hurt?”

The next half hour was a voyeur’s dream as they compared notes,

Sandy pulled up the denim mini skirt and hooked a finger under her yellow g-string to pull it aside as she displayed her piercing, then my sister did the same except that she didn’t have anything on beneath her skirt, neither did Angie and it seemed as if Linda was taking a long time to look closely at her newly pierced clitoris!

Leaving them to it, I took my drink and strolled down through the trees to the perimeter of the garden, even though it looked as if I was surplus to requirements, I was happier than I’d been in years, I found an old log that had been left where it had fell and sat on it while lighting a cigarette.

I heard her coming behind me but it wasn’t until a yellow g-string was dangled under my nose, that I knew who it was.

“You’re not feeling left out at your own orgy are you?”


“It is back there” she laughed, “The girl from the piercing salon’s arrived with her boyfriend and she’s inspecting her handiwork”

“Crazy” I laughed, “Just fucking crazy”

I patted the log beside me and she sat down, her drink in one hand and her g-string in the other,

“I feel silly now”

“Don’t feel silly Sandy” I said seriously, “You’re a beautiful, sexy girl and if I thought you wouldn’t storm out of here, I’d love to smell the aroma of that little g-string”

Smiling at me, she handed me the scrap of lace and I heard a kind of gasp as I held it to my nose,

“Beautiful” I said softly, “Absolutely beautiful”

“That’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen Dave” she whispered and I felt the warmth of her breath on my face, “Do it again”

I did and this time she inhaled her own aroma with me,

“I like it too Dave” she said as she wiped the g-string sensuously over my face, “In fact there’s only one thing I like more than the taste of pussy”

She wiped her own face with the fragrant garment and smiled as I stood up and stepped out of my shorts,

“And that’s a lovely, hard cock”

-To be continued…-